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By A. Muse







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Copyright © 2013 by A.




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This book is a work of
fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places,
events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are
productions of the author’s imagination and used






To the best muse and beta
this writer could ever have!

I couldn't have done it
without you!


God bless our

Chapter 1

The flashing lights in the rearview
mirror made me groan. I pulled over and hoped the truck would go
around me. It pulled to my truck’s bumper. No such luck, I turned
off the truck and sat still. He got out briskly and I had to admire
his build in that uniform. Solid, but leanly built, with a dark
buzz cut his tanned skin looked dark against the blue shirt. I
rolled down my window and smiled at my reflection in his reflective

“Yes officer?” I asked as he leaned on
my door.

“Do you realize how fast you were
going?” his voice was pleasant but growly.

“The speed limit, I had my cruise
control on.” I sassed back, getting mad now.

“Mmmm,” he grunted. “Get out of your
vehicle please miss,” his abrupt order worried me.

“Why?” I demanded.

“Because I said so, do it NOW.” His
voice deepened and I got out quickly. He looked me over and I
looked down wondering what he was looking at. “I just got a
bulletin about your truck,” he stated and moved towards my truck
bed. I gasped and followed demanding to know what he meant. “The
bulletin says you have stolen property.” I stopped and my jaw
dropped open.

“Stolen property?” I parroted dumbly.
He turned and pulled off his glasses and I stared into the
prettiest pair of hazel eyes I had ever seen. He came to stand in
front of me and I noticed that we were eye to chin. I swallowed,
but didn’t break eye contact since I wasn’t guilty of anything. He
stared back then grinned.

“Are you a real redhead?” The switch
in subject confused me.

“Uhm yeah,” I answered and looked down
his body. He had a noticeable bulge in his pants. I looked back at
his hands as he removed his cuffs from his utility belt. I watched
the silver bracelets shine in late morning sun.

“Turn around Red, put your hands on
the tailgate,” I obeyed and then gasped louder as his large hands
frisked me a bit too slowly. “You have any weapons or drugs?” I
shook my head and stared at the tailgate handle. His hand holding
the cuffs rested on my lower back and as he leaned in to frisk my
breasts, his hardness nudged me. I moaned low and dropped my head
on my bracing arms. The cold metal on my wrist didn’t register
until the soft “snick” sounded as he closed it. He left it dangling
off my wrist and crowding me to the tailgate crushed me against it
as he grabbed my breasts. I writhed around and he grabbed me
harder. “Be still!” he barked and once more, I obeyed.

“Officer please!” I yelped as his
hands squeezed me harder and then ran down my front to my waist and
hips. I lifted my face and looked over my shoulder at him as he
grabbed my full hips hard. He pulled me back until I was leaning
with my ass in the air. He unbuttoned my jean shorts and pulled
them along with my panties down, to let them fall around my

“Step out of the shorts and spread
‘em,” I did as he directed. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and
spread them wide. I gasped and wiggled. “Maybe I need to do a more
‘in depth’ search here miss.” His voice was still pleasant and I
found myself getting aroused at his words and actions.

“Officer,” I moaned out as his fingers
buried in my slit and pushed deep. My wetness helped but his two
fingers were thick. “Oh my gawd!” I shrieked and released the
tailgate to lean more forward on the bumper.

“Nice and tight,” he complimented. He
pulled his fingers out and told me to turn around and get on my
knees. I did resting on my shorts. He stood in front of me and
gestured at his hard on. “Well, take it out and suck it,” I focused
on his uniform pants and nodded. My fingers fumbled and he locked
the other cuff over my free wrist, further hindering my ability to
do as he said. But, I took him out and wanted to taste the pre cum
on the thick head. I sucked him in slowly and looked up as he
touched my hair and cupped the back of my head. He thrust and began
to fuck my mouth. I relaxed my throat and took him to the balls. He
watched me watch him and grinned as my face flushed and my eyes
began to water. “Fuck Red, keep moving your tongue like that,” he
said softly and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the feel of him
in my mouth and throat. I moaned on my mouthful and he pulled out
quickly. I fell a bit forward and grabbed his muscled thigh to
balance myself.

“Am I free to go now sir?” I husked
out, clearing my throat.

“Not fucking likely,” he snorted and
pulled me by my hair to my feet. I didn’t protest. He used my long
hair as a tether and led me to his truck. He opened the tailgate
and gestured for me to climb up. I did, awkwardly, with my hands
cuffed. He stood between my legs looking at my red furred pussy.
“Nice babe,” he stated and pushed me until I lay back. He raised my
legs and put my feet on the tailgate. “Officer don’t!” I cried out
as he buried two fingers in my pussy again. He began to fuck me
hard and fast, holding my hip to keep me still.

“You need this or I won’t fit,” he
grabbed my breast and I jerked as he pinched my nipple. “Now stand
up in the bed.” I hesitated and he slapped my thigh hard. “NOW!” I
scrambled to get up. I looked down and he stepped back jerking his
dick and watching me. “Mmmm, not bad.” he sat on the tailgate and
lay back and demanded I “cowgirl up” since I was wearing boots. I
stepped over him and sat with my back to him. I guided his dick to
my slit and balancing on my toes, lowered myself onto him. He
stretched me wide and as I came to rest on his lap, he grabbed my
hips and began to move me fast. I leaned back and let him guide the
motions. He reached under my shirt and pulled my bra cups down
under my heavy breasts. He pinched and pulled at my nipples while I
rode him faster and faster. I moaned at his handling and he cupped
me fully pressing my nipples with his fingers as he mauled my
breasts a bit. I wiggled and moved to rest on my knees.

“Fuck,” I breathed out leaning forward
and bracing my hands on his thigh. “So thick, so hard,” I chanted
grinding hard now about to come. “Yes yes yes,” I said and his
hands grabbed my hips hard as he thrust up into the

“Hell yes!” he shouted out and I felt
his dick jerk inside me. I tried to move off him but he held me
down hard and filled me full. This set me off and I came hard,
squirting out my juices and his, violently. He rolled us suddenly
and I found myself on all fours, at the edge of the tailgate,
staring at the ground. He began to really pound me then. He was
slamming painfully into my cervix on each trust. I screamed and
wiggled but he held me so tight I couldn’t get away.

“Please sir, please sir, please…” My
voice trailed off as he leaned over me and my legs spread more
under his weight. My body responded without thought and I began to
grind up and down as he thrust in and out of me. My pussy flooded
at the sensation and I grabbed the tailgate edge with my cuffed
hands and began to moan as his balls banged my clit repeatedly. I
dropped my legs wider and felt him rest his weight on me at the
drastic angle shift. His hands bruised my hips and made me writhe
as I continued to stare at the ground.

“Love to make you beg Red,” he stated
and pulled my hair back hard so he could nip my neck and ear.
“Don’t stop and I may go easier on you,” his breathed promised
chilled me.

“It hurts sir, you are too big to go
this fast,” I gasped out and he moved harder holding me tighter.
“Please, let me finish you off in my mouth now,” I continued to
plead with him as his pace increased to the point of jarring me
closer to the edge of the tailgate. “Sir I will do anything else
that you want to do…” his violent fucking increased and I felt his
dick shoot in me again. I fell to my elbows and he continued to
pound me for a few more seconds. I screamed and came hard at the
painful pleasure he gave me. I fell to my stomach then and he
followed me down still inside me and still hard. He thrust more
slowly. I went limp and he settled half over me. I finally opened
my eyes at the feel of him still throbbing inside me. I shifted and
he fell out finally. I moaned and rolled to my side. He patted my
up thrust hip and then pulled me back against him. I settled and he
rubbed my stomach and then my pussy hair.

“So you would do anything else?” his
voice teased me and I tensed but he soothed me and I went limp once
more. “I guess you aren’t who I was looking for after all Red,” he
said lazily still rubbing my pussy in small circles.

“Then I’m free to go officer?” I
quipped. His chuckle made me smile in this odd

“I love big tits and wide hips babe,”
his words soothed me for some reason.

“Well then lucky me!” I sassed

“Mouthy little thing aren’t you?” he
quizzed and patted my ass. I sat up and moved around a bit before
getting out of his truck bed.

“That’s the rumor,” I agreed wryly and
began to dress myself in my shorts. My bound hands made it
difficult to do but I managed to get them zipped and buttoned while
he watched amused.

“Shit Red, I like mouthy, especially
when it is that talented too.” I raised a brow and without another
word held up my wrists. He was slow to reach for his key ring and
slower still to unlock the manacles. I rubbed my wrists and noticed
the dull ache and the light bruising that showed. I shook my head
and looked at his handsome face one more time before turning away
to go to my truck. I got in and started it, pulling out while
watching him watch me in my rearview mirror. I shook my head and
smiled a bit. I couldn’t wait to get home and write this one down
in my diary. I sped up and was thinking of how I would title this
adventure. I looked up and noticed flashing lights in my rearview

Chapter 2

I looked down and sure enough, I was
speeding. I pulled over and the truck pulled in behind me. I laid
my head on the steering wheel, groaning. I rolled down the window
and saw a familiar, grinning face looking at me. He pulled off his
glasses and raised a dark brow. I just shook my head and started
giggling. He laughed a bit too but then his face got stern and he
gestured me out of my truck. I turned it off and got out. He took
my wrists and looked at the faint bruises then turned me to face my
vehicle and frisked me again. I let him, knowing that round two was
going to be completely different from round one.

“Do you know how fast you were going
this time?” he asked over my ear as he palmed my breasts. I turned
to look at him and grinned.

“Bout 15 over I’d guess.” I sassed and
his chuckle made me smile. His hands were insistent as he pushed
down my shorts and rubbed my clit. He groaned at how wet I was and
I moaned a bit since I was still sensitive. He ground on my ass and
I gasped. “You can’t be hard again.” His fingers delved deeper and
he panted a bit as I pushed back against him hard.

“Guess I am huh?” he grunted as I bent
my knees and rubbed up and then down over and over until he grabbed
my hair and barked “Stop,” as he pushed me harder into the side of
my truck. I stopped but grinned widely. He moved back some and then
turned me to face him. His eyes were so dark and his face so angry,
I couldn’t help but piss him off more.

“You gonna cuff me and stuff me
officer?” I purred and his face relaxed and I knew I was in big

“Oh yea, you’ll be cuffed… and
stuffed,” his voice growled and made me shiver a bit in fear. “See,
I recall you claiming to do anything if I stopped,” he continued
and I paled a bit, swallowing hard.

BOOK: Cuffed
4.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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