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Although there’s only one name on the cover,
would never have seen the light of day without the generous help of an entire team of people.

Shannon Pallone and Jesse Vernon, my tireless editors, made the prose sing and didn’t let me get away with anything. Josh Anon helped brainstorm a dozen different ideas that incubated
and gave notes throughout the entire creative process. Tim Erickson zipped up innumerable plot holes and inconsistencies. Brad Feld, Tim O’Reilly, Lucas Carlson, Craig Lauer, and Katie Moran read early drafts and contributed invaluable input and feedback. Kevin Barrett Kane did a fabulous job designing the entire book, inside and out.

My wife, Drea Castillo, is my constant creative partner. She was a source of tireless support and tough questions that improved the story immeasurably. Our dog, Claire, kept me company and provided much-needed distractions at every opportunity.

Finally, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to you, my fans and readers. It’s hard to describe how much your attention and enthusiasm mean to me. You’re a brilliant, quirky, and diverse bunch. I love reading your reviews and hearing what the stories make you think and feel. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing.








Eliot Peper is a novelist and strategist based in Oakland, CA. He’s helped build numerous technology businesses, survived dengue fever, translated Virgil’s
from the original Latin, worked at a venture capital firm, and explored the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Mustang. When he’s not writing, he works with entrepreneurs and investors to start and run companies. He loves getting lost in books, climbing rocks, surfing waves, eating chocolate, and traveling the world.


To find out more, visit his blog (
). You can stay in touch via his author newsletter, Facebook (
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BOOK: Cumulus
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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