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You too, hope you find your brother.” James shook Roland’s hand and they pushed the door open.

Chapter 6: I’m Sorry



Roland and Crystal ran for the blue Compass, a moan came from his right and Roland concentrated harder on getting to the Jeep clicking the unlock button watching as the lights flashed. As Roland and Crystal jumped in the Compass he passed the shotgun to Crystal and turned the key. As the quiet engine purred to life Roland glanced over towards the big Chevy and saw that the others had not been so lucky.


At least a hundred of the monsters had come around the corner of the mall only thirty feet from the truck, catching all four off guard. He saw James fighting the creatures with his bare hands, there was no sign of the other three and James was pulled down by five of the undead, Roland thought he could hear muffled screams as he put the Jeep in drive, several of the undead shambling towards the Jeep. “I’m sorry.” Roland whispered as he pulled out of the parking lot hoping Crystal hadn’t seen what happened.


Roland turned off the stereo as he turned north onto the highway shaking his head at the awful heavy metal that had been emanating from it. Lighting a smoke in an attempt to get the image of James being devoured by the creatures Roland offered one to Crystal and she accepted. “Thanks. Do you think the others made it?”


I’m sure they did that truck had some pretty good tires, hell they’re probably at the top of the hill by now.” Roland lied, something that came way too easy he found.


Yah, I suppose you’re right.” She didn’t believe him but she wasn’t going to argue.


Taking a thoughtful puff of his cigarette as they crossed the bridge Roland remembered something and took a left up towards Thickwood. “What are you doing? My brother’s in Timberlea!” Panic filled Crystal’s voice as she looked around worriedly.


I need to make a stop in Thickwood, we only have one shotgun and no food. I want to be prepared if anything happens between here and Edmonton.” He flicked ash out the wind as he tried to keep the Jeep in the center of the three lanes as he maneuvered up the big hill.


You’re crazy, your going to get us both killed by those things, why can’t we get my brother first.” She dropped her smoke out the window rolling it back up.


These things are attracted to the living right? Well if your brother and his girlfriend are trapped in a house surrounded by them, do you really think I could stop them all with just a shotgun?” He flicked his smoke out the window leaving it rolled down.


She thought about what he said, knowing he was right. “Fine but where are you planning to get guns in Fort Crack?”


Outdoor Essentials in Thickwood has guns and camping gear. It’s our one stop shop.” He tried to smile and forget the four people he had just watched die.


She glared at him and folded her arms. “Fine, but we better not get killed.”


They drove the rest of the way up the hill in silence Roland trying to come up with a plan to get them safely to Edmonton, praying the store hadn’t been looted, Crystal’s brother was alive, and the Hummer still worked. Pulling into the parking lot at Outdoor Essentials he got his first bit of good news, the store appeared untouched the door and bars still in place. “Guess the evacuation didn’t leave much time for looting.” He mused; backing up to the doors.


Wasn’t really time for anything for people in Thickwood, even less for those in Timberlea.” Roland could hear the sadness in Crystal’s voice, her optimism about her brother was fading.


Well it works to our advantage, now we just need to find a way to get that door open.” The door was glass with iron bars on the inside and a heavy lock, Crystal hefted the shotgun but Roland shook his head. “Won’t work on this door, unless…”


He spotted a padlock on the right side of the bars; one of the twelve-gauge slugs might be able to shatter the lock, allowing them access to the store. Putting the Jeep in park and grabbing the shotgun he unloaded the two remaining shells in the magazine and filled it with four of the metal slug shells from his backpack. Cocking the shotgun Roland opened the door, the storm wasn’t nearly as bad earlier he didn’t have to squint as he shut the door and headed for the entrance to the sporting goods store.


The shotgun’s heavy slug disintegrated the glass and the lock easily and the bar’s swung inwards, the store eerily quiet. Crystal was still sitting in her seat when he opened the hatch. “You gonna come help or you gonna guard the car? It’s up to you.” Roland said folding down the back seats.


She turned and glared at him but got out of the Jeep coming around to stand next to him while he looked around the store. “Alright genius, what are we here for?”


Camping gear; sleeping bags, a camp stove, fire starters, glow sticks, a hatchet, that kind of stuff. We don’t know what things are like south of here and I don’t want to be unprepared.” Roland lifted his heavy right boot and kicked the metal handle that ran along the middle of door knocking it into the store.


Was that necessary?” Roland began to wonder if the attitude was permanent as she stepped into the store shining the flashlight about.


No, but it felt good. You start loading camping gear; I’ll get us some guns.” Roland headed straight for the back of the store where he knew the door to the backroom was.


If Roland had thought to check, he might have noticed the front door was unlocked and if he had stopped to listen he might heard the strange noise coming from the other side of the heavy wooden door. Reaching the big door Roland looked it over and decided to try the handle first, it turned and the door swung inwards. Surprised the door was unlocked Roland didn’t have time to react as the creature lunged out of the dark room knocking him into a rack of hip waders.


The shotgun fell out of Roland’s gloved hand as every ounce of air was forced from his lungs as his attacker brought them both and the rack crashing to the ground. “Roland!” He heard Crystal scream as he did his best to keep the creatures face away from him, the duster protecting his arms from the hands clawing for his flesh. As Crystal’s flashlight bounced over to where Roland wrestled with the creature he saw that it had been an old man who if not for the yellowed eyes and the chunk bitten out of the spot where his shoulder connected to his neck. Leaving one hand holding the creature’s neck Roland tried to reach for the shotgun his fingertips brushing the stock to no avail.


Hey!” Crystal yelled from just above his head and the creature looked up just in time to watch her bury a hatchet deep into its skull.


Roland shoved the now still corpse off of himself and looked up at Crystal. “Thanks, guess I owe you one.”


I killed him.” Was all she said as she reached down and helped Roland to his feet.


I think he was already dead.” Roland looked at the body lying on the ground no blood leaked from the wound in its head.


Without warning Crystal wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug then just as suddenly pulled back and punched him in the arm. “I told you, you’re gonna get yourself killed. Now be careful from now on.” She walked away leaving Roland to rub his arm.


His shotgun retrieved He saw the gun room was dark so Roland searched the shelves for a lamp, finding one across from where Crystal was packing large backpacks with various camping items. Strangely the lamp came with a battery, as it blinked into bright existence Roland took a second to look at Crystal wondering about the hug she had given him. When she paused to look over at him, Roland quickly looked away and headed for the gun room stepping over the body he now realized wasn’t much bigger than Crystal as he went.


Now brightly lit Roland had to stop himself from drooling, the back wall was lined with all manner of rifles and shotguns, while the counter was filled with assorted handguns. Putting the lantern on the counter he jumped over and found the cabinets under the long guns were filled with all types of ammunition, there was only one problem; he could smash the glass on the counter but each of the hand guns had a trigger lock and there was a long steel cable run through each of the long guns’ trigger guard.


After searching every drawer in the room Roland looked out the door at the body still laying on the floor, there was something shiny stick out of his right jeans pocket. Going around the counter and walking over to the corpse Roland leaned down reaching for the keys. “Don’t take this the wrong way buddy, believe me you’re not my type.” He muttered as he pulled the key chain out.


I knew you were gay.” Crystal’s voice came from directly behind him and he straightened involuntarily.


Ha, ha very funny, weren’t you just over there loading things into the Jeep?” He looked at the key chain hoping it had the ones he needed.


I finished and since you were take so long I figured I’d come help.” She held up a large red duffel bag with a maple leaf on the front.


All righty well let’s hurry we may not be alone forever.”


It took a few tries but Roland finally found the key to the steel cable running through the long guns, he was also pleased to discover that the same key worked on the handgun trigger guards. Following along the line of long guns Roland grabbed two more pump-action shotguns similar to his police special, an AR15, and at the very end of the row he found an HK 43. He threw the three shotguns and the AR15 into the bag along with spare ammo and magazines for the AR15 and HK 43, the HK Roland loaded and placed two extra magazines in his pockets.


Next he went through the hand guns he pulled out two 9mm Browning hi-power semiautomatics, an H&K USP, and a .44 Desert Eagle. He threw one of the Brownings and the USP into the bag along with more ammo; he guessed the bag probably weighed close to 75 pounds by now. The other Browning he loaded and cocked before presenting it to Crystal. “I don’t know how to shoot, don’t give me that!” She backed away as if it were a live grenade.


It’s easy, here’s the safety you make sure that’s off and then all you do is point it and squeeze the trigger.” He pointed out the safety and she was still backing away.


No I can’t” Her hands up as if the gun were aimed her.


Please take it; I might not always be there to protect you.” Her expression changed as if he slapped her.


Like I need you to protect me!” She snatched the gun from his palm and after insuring the safety was on placed it in her jacket pocket.


Roland just nodded and after loading the big Desert Eagle and some spare clips pocketed the gun and zipped up the bag. He had been right it did weigh quite a bit, he was thankful the Jeep wasn’t far away; he’d hate to have to walk carrying the bag for a good distance. “Let’s go.” He said shouldering the bag, Crystal already heading towards the Jeep. She climbed into the passenger seat while Roland loaded the duffel into the hatch pulling the cargo net over the whole lot just in case.


The hatch closed Roland was about to get in the driver’s seat when he suddenly turned and ran back into the store his rifle bouncing against his back as he went. Scrambling around a counter opposite the gun room he started pulling open drawers until he found what he was looking for; a white box about a foot long and four inches wide. Smiling at his prize he ran back to the Jeep pulling the rifle strap over his head and putting it on the dash as he climbed in. “Where the hell did you go, I thought something was chasing you!” Apparently angry was her normal state of mind Roland thought.


I wanted to get something.” He opened the box and pulled out a long, curved hunting knife.


Crystal shook her head. “You’re ridiculous you know that.” Roland just smiled.

Chapter 7: That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen



Roland lit a smoke as they exited the parking lot, handing the pack to Crystal; he was running low he’d have to get more before leaving town. The storm had slowed down considerably allowing for good visibility and Roland didn’t see any of the creatures as they entered Timberlea.


Okay, where am I going?” Roland asked keeping his eyes peeled.


Take a left at the Mac’s up ahead.” She pointed with her cigarette.


She never got a chance to finish the directions as something darted out in front of the Jeep. Without thinking Roland turned the wheel hard, the Jeep spinning sideways until the tires hit a curb buried in snow. What happened next took only a few seconds but felt like hours to Roland. He had been going faster than he should have and when the Jeep struck the curb it flipped upside down into the Mac's parking lot, sliding towards the gas pumps. Roland had forgotten to wear his seat belt and slammed hard into the roof a sharp pain coming from the left side of his face.

BOOK: Dead Cold
8.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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