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"No. But I won't leave you hanging. Promise," he told her, and then rubbed a little harder, just right, and she went over the edge, convulsing against him, biting and clawing at his chest and shoulders.


She was still in the throes when he pulled her jeans down more, and sank two thick fingers into her, fucking her with them while his palm continued to stimulate her clitoris. "Oh my gawd! What are you doing? Oh shit! Roman? Please? Oh shit!"


The vibrato of her second climax was more urgent, and she found her hips fucking his hand, while she licked and kissed his chest, begging him not to leave her like this.


Roman's other hand cupped her breast, which at that moment seemed to have been made for his hand, and then expertly found her nipple... then pulled.


She climaxed loudly this time. Her thrusts and convulsions were completely unrestrained. "Roman! Oh Fuck! Gawd! Fuck me! Oh shit!"


After her second climax, which was formidable, he petted her pussy, calming her down, and kissed her deeply. His other hand was on her bare ass, soothing and rubbing her down.


She had never experienced anything like this before, after a climax. It was so intimate, so fulfilling, so perfect, that she felt tears in her eyes.


Curious, she let her hand go down past his abs to find his cock. She found it without trouble. It was hard, and pressing against his jeans. It was also intimidatingly large. "I could take care of that for you?" she offered. "Just say the word, and take me to your hotel."


"I could just bend you over the hood of your car too," he said, with just a little growl to his voice.


Her eyes went wide, "Um ... I ... oh shit... here? Now?"


There were studio buildings all around. Everyone was gone. It was dark. No other cars around. "Oh gawd Roman, please don't. I can't ... I couldn't ... I wouldn't fight you, but please don't."


"Then get your hand off," he told her.


She reluctantly removed her hand, and rubbed his chest, and kissed him, placating him, "I'm sorry. I just... I just... I wanted it."


He took his hand from her pussy and then used both to rub, and knead her exposed ass.


"Oh, that feels so good," she told him, pressing into him. The euphoria of her climaxes rose with a warm, near hot, afterglow. "You can really make a woman feel good."


He didn't respond, but after a while he pulled her panties and then her jeans back up. She buttoned up, looking at him. "Night over?" she asked, a little sadness in her voice.


"You'll sleep well," he said.


"Don't bet on it," she said, glancing at his cock. "I feel like I'm leaving you hanging. Guilty even."


"Don't," he smiled, "I'm a grown man. I knew what I was setting out to do."


"You're a strange man," she said, feeling her legs regain their strength.


"Because I wanted you to enjoy yourself, but didn't bend you over the car, and fuck you silly?"


"Well," she said, and bit her lip at the thought, "yes, actually. I would have let you, you know." She kissed him, "I do want you, really."


"But not in front of Minion," he added.


"She's such a prude," Laura said lightly, and kissed him again.


"Maybe when she lightens up," he suggested.


"Please? Please don't make that the line in the sand! I'm begging you, please?" she asked. "My last boyfriend never saw the inside of my house, and he's an accountant. It isn't something that is easy for me."


"I wouldn't let an accountant in my house, either," he told her.


She laughed. "Alright, bad example, but please. Not that? Do I excite you enough to give me some time? Am I worth a week or two?"


"You're worth a lot more than that. I really like you. I liked you before, but after tonight, you really trip all the right triggers for me. But like I said, this is new ground, and I'm not good with new ground. I'm slow, cautious."


She ran her hands through his lush hair. "Alright, fair enough. We're both playing with new toys here. Neither one of us wants to be the first to jump. I get that. Can I have another night with you? A night where I get to give you the happy ending? Is that possible?"


He kissed her, "I'm a little ... well... nervous about that. And that is all new. Normally, I would take you home tonight, and never mind the bullshit, but ... well... it's not bullshit with you. But I don't know... can't know … if it is you, or the part you are into right now. Does that make me an asshole?"


She shook her head, "No, you were already an asshole for getting me off like that, remember? I mentioned that before my first climax?"


"Right," he smiled.


"But, well, touché, again. You really should take fencing. Cutting a heart seems to be your forte," she said sadly. "That was like a paper cut, because I got nothing to say back, and it really hurts right now. And this was just the first day on the set. I'm going to be more into the part as we go from here, so, like, I can't even say give me time. I mean, this is as close to me as you are going to see, for months."


"Sunday?" he asked.




"We won't shoot on Saturday or Sunday, right? Saturday you could chill, and we could take a ride on Sunday."


She looked thoughtful, "I usually spend Saturday, and Sunday practicing lines in my office, but, yes. I want this. So, I'll give that to you, yes? This weekend? I can't promise others, but this weekend I can."


"I would very much like that. At least I would have something to gauge you by, right?" He said.


"As much as I can give," she nodded.


"Alright, here's my number."


They exchanged numbers, and then kissed again, but when he broke from her this time, he walked to his bike and started it up.


"Tomorrow," he told her. She watched as he got his helmet on, and then took off through the buildings.


She listened to his bike as it reached the front gate, and then listened to the louder acceleration as he left the studio property, and ran out to the freeway. Once she couldn't hear him anymore, she listened to the quiet, and then got into her car.


Inside her car, she visualized herself, bent over the hood, clawing at the paint-job, as he powerfully fucked her from behind. "I should have squeezed his cock until he did it," she whispered. It was a lie, but a sweet one. One worth playing with. It's what her character would have done.


That last thought hurt.


I wasn't in part! The whole night. It was just me, and him! Fuck!



Laura slept so soundly through the night when she got home that she nearly slept through her alarm. She was on time at the set, however, and in her trailer getting dressed when Mike Stevens came in after a brief pause on his knock. She was just slipping on the half-tee she was supposed to wear for the next scene. "Jesus, Mike!" she shouted at him.


He looked blank for a moment, and then offered, "Sorry. Wasn't thinking."


The fact that he really didn't think about walking into her dressing room, where she would obviously be dressing, was clear on his face.


"Yeah, alright, so, what? What do you need?" she asked roughly.


He looked her over, "You seem in focus today?" he said, but it sounded like a question.


"Yes? I am. Ready for the next scene," she said.


"I... well, I was a little worried."


"Worried? About me being ready? Mike, and I mean this as bluntly as I'm going to say it -- that is something you will never have to worry about. Ever. I'm not a debutante, or diva, or unprofessional. I'll argue, push, and cuss you out to get what you want from me, but I'll always be focused, and on the job." 


He looked into her eyes, "Yeah, alright. But, well, word is you were out with our expert last night."








He looked taken aback for a moment, and then shook his head a little, "I guess this is all on me. I'm projecting."


Oh, shit, he's gay, she thought. "Because if you were out with him last night..."


He laughed. He blushed, laughing to cover it up, "Yeah, well, that's a different matter."


She couldn't help teasing him, "You wouldn't be here at all, would you?"


He tried to be mad, but couldn't reach it, "Stop being a bitch. Alright? I'm sorry. I just... well... never mind. I'm glad I don't have to worry about you."


She nodded, "You don't. Ever."


"Good. Looks like you are ready. I like the look too. Your legs are perfect. What about the bra, you're perky enough, aren't you? We could lose it?"


She blushed a little, "I'm not wearing one, Mike."


"Oh, my, you are perky. Well, alright then, let's go."


"I still have to stop at makeup," she told him.


"No, you're fine. Let's go."


"Alright?" she said uneasily.


Last night's handling from Roman lasted all the way through her day. She fell into part, and picked up on Mike's direction much easier. She still had to press him, and yank from him what it was he wanted, but it didn't cause the frustration it did yesterday. True, she was expecting it today, and their little meeting in her trailer broke some ice, but most of it was the feeling of clarity she walked into the day with.


She didn't see Roman all day though, and after lunch, she asked one of the stunt guys where he was.


"Out on the bar fight set, doing his thing. He's quite a guy."




"Shit, he's great. Funny as hell, but really knows his stuff."


"His biker stuff?" she asked, more than interested in what his biker stuff input might entail.


"Well, yeah, but dialog, posture, where breaking points are in a shouting match. He's on the ball. Knows how to fight too. Guns, knives, chains, fists, whatever. I'm glad he's not waiting for me in a dark alley. I can tell you that," he laughed.


The following day she felt some tension coming back into her shoulders. She spent lunch in her trailer, and it wasn't long before she was thinking about Roman, who wasn't around again today.


Locking her door, she stripped down and got on the little bed, and began rubbing her clit, trying to feel how he made her feel. Soon she was using both hands, one with her fingers inside of herself, and the other rubbing with the memory rhythm he used on her.


The climax was full, and cleansing.


Afterward she took another page from Roman's handling notebook, and cooled herself down. Normally she jumped up, or curled up, as if what she was doing was something to get away from as soon as possible. She spent time just rubbing herself with soothing hands.


Relaxed, and glowing, she redressed, blowing Roman a kiss, whereever he was.


Her character, Julie Storm, is tough, hard, and takes sex as something like a job, not an act with emotional value. In this story, Julie Storm finds real love with the hard, tough, undercover cop, played by Brick Tanner, who is investigating a biker gang.


She remembered Roman objecting to that, saying that they were clubs, not gangs, but Mike told him that this was from the cop's point of view. Roman shrugged, said something about cops, and heads, and asses, and then let it slide.


Julie Storm falls in love with Brick Tanner when she thinks he's really part of the club. When it turns out that Brick is a cop, she is furious, and tries to kill him, but then love takes over. Instead, she fucks him, and then winds up helping Brick to bring down the club.


In the end, she is killed. Another girl in the club, played by Amanda Stewart, figures out what she is doing, and the club runs her down in an alley. Which, from the script, sounds like it is going to be a painful death for Julie Storm. Not as bad as being torn apart by zombies, but close.


After that, Brick discovers that he really loved Julie Storm as well, forgets about the law, and goes medieval on them -- only with guns, knives, and a flame thrower.


In the end, Brick leaves his badge on her grave, and rides off for the west coast to begin a new life.


All the while, the club is in a turf war with another club. So there is lots of action, with some emotional climaxes between her and Brick, which require her to show her tits, or be fully nude.


Basically, if she isn't bare chested, she's scorpion kicking someone in the head -- while wearing heels.


Ginger Rogers, eat your heart out.


BOOK: Deadly Sins: An MC Biker Romance
12.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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