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Their gasps continued long after they stopped making love, their sweat drying on their fevered bodies. He kept his lips near to hers and whispered her name repeatedly, nuzzling his face into her hair and kissing her gently all the time.

He could barely breathe with the emotions surging through him. Never before had he been able to give in completely to his own pleasure, but Caroline had
moulded to him with more perfection than he could possibly begin to describe.


She sat astride his hips, her body dipping forwards giving him access to her delicious breasts, and then sat back, grazing her fingernails down his torso, sending him shuddering with unrestrained passion as she lowered herself onto him.

He watched her face carefully as she pressed down on his thick shaft. She was so tight she nearly sent him over the edge and he groaned aloud
, expecting her to pull away as she reached her capacity, but she had suddenly stopped and sat very still.

He reached forwards quickly,
knowing his size meant he had to be careful and ready to pull her away from him, dreading seeing the pain in her eyes if she had hurt herself on him.

But she pressed her hand to his chest, forcing him back down onto the bed, her breath coming in quiet gasps as her eyes told him to relax. She smiled down at him, lifting her hands to her breasts, flicking her nipples with her fingernails, making him gasp at the incredible sight of her enjoying her own body.

when he was expecting her to lift her body up from him, she pushed herself down over him, taking him deeply inside.

cried out in surprise as she rocked her body gently and took the whole of him. His thighs trembled, his heart slamming violently in his chest as she caressed him so deeply. She slid back up his length and moaned as she rotated her hips before she slid back down onto him again. She threw her head back, her long hair streaming over her shoulders as she impaled herself on him.

He fought for control, knowing he was losing the battle fast as she pulled up again, sending ripples of passion along the whole length of him.
He put his hands around her waist and lifted her, sliding her sideways as he flipped her onto her back and hovered over her.

He was barely hanging on to the last threads of his sanity as he entered her slowly, still unable to believe that she could take him so completely, but she met every long thrust fully, her legs tight around his slim waist, pulling him into her even deeper when he had been
still afraid that he might hurt her.

ventually he closed his eyes and allowed himself to give her his all, letting go of every last restraint as he pounded into her, his climax overtaking him with such intensity that he thought he was about to pass out while her own pleasure rippled over him as she took all of him. Every last long inch.


Their breathing slowed. She was completely silent as she tried to control the sensations that flowed through her exhausted body. It was as though he had branded her. She rolled onto her side and pushed her back into his hard chest. He clasped his iron arms around her, holding her in his embrace as he whispered her name in her ear.

“Caroline, I…
I never, My God! I never took a woman like that before. I’ve never been able to give in to that kind of pleasure.” His tone was almost awed.

She pressed herself into him and held tightly onto his arms. She turned her head slightly and let her lips run over his muscled bicep.

“It was just so intense, so overwhelming. I wanted so much of you, all of you. I’ve never felt anything like this before Adam.”

He put his cheek against hers and she felt him relax. His voice was husky with emotion.

“Me neither, I’ve never experienced anything as wonderful. No other woman has been able to take all of me. I’ve always had to hold back.” He gave a small groan of pleasure as he squeezed her into his chest. “I didn’t know I could feel so completely overpowered. I didn’t know feelings like this were even possible.” His voice was little more than a whisper as he breathed in her ear.

She turned in his arms and pressed her face into his warm chest, breathing in his fabulous scent and listening to his
hammering heart as she settled herself against him. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly as his fingers massaged her back gently. He buried his head in her mass of brown hair and drew in her delicious perfume as he relaxed beside her.


They woke in the early hours of the morning and showered together, washing the salty sweat from their bodies and caressing each other gently with soft soapy hands. Afterwards they slipped back into bed and he stayed close to her side, holding her gently, his lips against her still damp skin as he coaxed her response. They wrapped themselves in each other and made love once again. Adam threw his head back and roared aloud in a shout of pure pleasure as he took her fully, completely, abandoning any sense of restraint as they revelled in their release.



Chapter Nine



Adam was already dressed and drinking hot tea when Caroline eventually woke. He sat on the edge of the bed talking to someone on his mobile phone.

She looked hard at the clock as he smiled devastating at her. She squinted at the figures. It was past 10:00 am. She blinked sleepily at him and brushed
a tangle of dark hair back from her face, picking up the mug that he’d left on the bedside table. He put his mug down and spoke to his caller in a firm tone.

“Look, I can’t discuss this properly now. You’ll have to meet me at t
he office. No, not on site. My office in town. I want you to call a board meeting now.” Adam moved the phone away from his ear as a startled yell could be heard at the other end of the line. He moved the phone back to his ear when the shouting stopped and spoke again. “No, I don’t care that you’re busy. This is too important, it can’t wait.” His voice was exasperated as he twisted his hair back behind his ear and he raised his eyebrows at Caroline as she sipped her tea.

She could hear someone
shouting on the other end of the line again. Ignoring it, she put the tea down, slipped out of the bed and moved towards the bathroom to take a shower but Adam reached out with one arm and caught her naked body to him as she passed. He pulled her towards him, his hand hot on her soft skin, holding her tightly. He was still using the phone. “Okay. I’ll be on site for an hour and then we can talk. Yes, I do know how serious this is and no… I won’t change my mind.” He flicked the phone shut and put it back in his pocket before leaning forwards, his lips brushing over her stomach and then her breasts. He felt her warmth as he held her, his hard arms firmly around her back. He let her go as she touched her lips to the top of his head.

He glanced up guiltily
, his dark grey eyes searching her face.

“I have to go. They’re waiting for me up at the site
. Apparently they’re all as mad as hell because I disappeared for a few hours yesterday.” He looked a little uncomfortable as he added. “Look, I know this is bad timing but I’ve a load of things to do today and then tonight I’m off to Dubai. I’m not back for at least three, maybe four weeks.” He looked up at her unhappily. “It’s a really big deal and I must get it sorted out properly.” He finished glumly.

She scrunched her fingers in his hair, loving the thick silkiness.

“It’s okay, I understand, you did mention it last night and I’m going to be busy for the next couple of weeks anyway.” She hid her disappointment behind a small smile. “Phone me when you can, and I promise I’ll call you too.”

He stood up, towering over her agai
n, tilting her face towards his as he bent and kissed her. It was the most tender kiss she’d ever felt, long and slow, his lips soft as they moulded around hers. He put his hands on her bare shoulders and gently pushed away from her again, his mouth lingering on hers until the very last moment.

“I don’t w
ant to do this Caroline but I really must go. I’ll call you. I promise.” He put his forehead to hers for a few seconds, kissed that too, then turned quickly and walked out of the door.

Caroline stood very still. H
er mind was jumping from one thing to the next as she heard the front door click shut behind him. For a moment she thought the worst and wondered is she would ever see him again but she dismissed the idea immediately. There was no way they could have made love like that and it meant nothing. It was only his business getting in the way. She let out a long breath. He was going to Dubai. He’d told her that and she believed him. His eyes couldn’t possibly lie but her stomach plunged as she realized that she wouldn’t be able see him again for at least three weeks.

Three weeks! How was she going to be able to bear it? She could feel every plac
e on her body that he’d touched. She was glowing with his warmth, tingling deep inside where he’d filled her. She touched her naked breasts, they sprang up into delighted peaks again, and her heart skipped a beat as she thought about their lovemaking.

She turned once again to the bathroom thinking that perhaps a shower would help calm her but it was hopeless
; the water just made her skin more sensitive and she climbed out without feeling any better.

Without any enthusiasm, she returned to her bedroom, but the scent of their lovemaking was still there. She pressed her face to the pillow and breathed in deeply, filling herself with his spicy, manly
scent. She stood up again pulled on her clothes, walked out of the bedroom and slid between the boxes to the kitchen. Their cold tea from the evening before was still there where they had left it. She threw it away quickly, not wanting to be reminded that he wasn’t there to have another hot one.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and her heart lifted,
floated high as any doubts fled her mind.

He’d come back! He wasn’t leaving her after all!

She ran through the boxes to the door and threw it open with a glorious smile on her lips. It froze on her face, the disappointment almost knocking her backwards when she saw Cathy standing there. Her friend realized immediately that the wonderful smile hadn’t been meant for her. She rolled her eyes as Caroline’s smile slipped.

“Okay then, Miss Happy. What’s happened now? I want all the gory details.” She pushed pas
t Caroline and went to put the kettle on. She glanced towards the open bedroom door as she negotiated the boxes in the lounge and, noticing the rumpled covers and the double indentations on the pillows, she rolled her eyes again. “Actually, maybe I don’t want all of the gory details, but don’t tell me who it was, let me guess… Mr. Muscles himself? I thought that was his car that passed me down the road. Only six weeks too late, thank you very much. If you’d done this in the first place we might not have had to sort all this lot out.” Cathy gestured with an impatient hand towards the boxes.

Caroline let out a low laugh.

“Well better late than never, I suppose. Maybe I can negotiate a reduced rent in the new place. You know? For services rendered.” Caroline’s genuine smile was back as she joked. Nothing could spoil the fact that she and Adam had spent the most wonderful night together and hopefully there would be more of them in less than a month. A month! When she thought of it like that, it sounded so long. She put it to the back of her mind and took the tea that Cathy was now offering. She sipped the hot liquid and it made her lips tingle but it didn’t feel as hot as when his mouth had been on hers.

“He’s going
away for just a few weeks but it’ll be fine when he gets back. I can’t believe we wasted so much time.” Caroline’s face positively glowed with happiness.

Cathy frowned.

“I did suggest that you should have been a bit quicker on the uptake a few weeks ago. Where’s he gone to?”  She looked dubiously at her boss.

Nothing could wipe the smile from Caroline’s face.

“He’s finishing a deal in Dubai. It’s going to take a while, but when he comes back I think everything’s going to be fine.” She gasped. “Oh Cathy, I think he loves me.” She hurried on. “He didn’t say the actual words but it was so good, more than good. I swear I touched the gates of heaven and I know he wasn’t faking anything either. It was impossible to fake that.” Her eyes were wide and wistful.

Cathy didn’t look convinced.

“Well, I hope for your sake that you’re right.” She rolled her eyes at Caroline’s entranced expression. “But at least if he’s gone, it leaves you free to concentrate on this lot.” She stared round at all the boxes. “I never realized that we had so much stuff left. Wherever are we going to put it all?”

Caroline stared at the mess as though it had just appeared out of nowhere.

“Yes. Surprising isn’t it?” She agreed. “But don’t worry about it now. When we have all the shelving up and the packaging sorted I’m sure it will all fit.”

Cathy glanced back to Caroline’s radiant face.

“I hope he helped you with all this. It looks like it took you ages to pack and unpack it.”

Caroline snorted dismissively.

“Of course he helped. He’s not afraid of hard work, how could he be with all those muscles? Did you know he goes out with the lifeboat crew?” Caroline turned to watch Cathy’s reaction.

She didn’t disappoint.

“Really? Well, I can see why they’d want him. I bet he could probably row them out by hand if the motors packed up.” Cathy was impressed. “They’re going to miss him too then.”

“Yes I expect so, if they get a call out that is. He said that nobody has tried to drown themselves for ages. I bet someone does as soon as he’s gone.” Caroline’s shoulders drooped at the thought of the next three weeks, but then she straightened up. She was being silly
; they would speak to each other on the phone every day. Everything was going to be perfect.

BOOK: Delicious Desires
4.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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