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Delta Recon (SEAL Team Phantom Series, Book 2)

BOOK: Delta Recon (SEAL Team Phantom Series, Book 2)
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Delta Recon

Seal Team Phantom Series

Book 2


By Elle Boon

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I would like to thank the men and women who selflessly serve or have served in our military. It’s because of you that we can rest, knowing you are protecting us near and far.

Of course I have to thank my hubby who is my rock, my kids who are the most patient in all the world, never complaining when they have to fend for themselves when mama is writing for hours on end.

I’d also like to thank my Naughty Girls...y’all are the best team a gal could ask for. Without you and the others who help me, like Debbie, Trenda, Jenna, Annette, and Janet... all y’alls are #AHMAYZING. I would be a total mess without you. Y’all rock soo effing hard. Love y’all so hard <3

Last but certainly not least my fans aka you readers who are more friends than anything else. Without you I’d just be that crazy lady with funky hair. Love y’all sooo hard.

Elle Boon

Chapter One


aqui Wallace swallowed the bile in her throat. She was an officer in the Navy for crying out loud. They didn’t throw up or cry. Although looking around at her prison cell, she may rethink the former.

A rat the size of her neighbor back home’s cat scurried across the dirt floor, its nose lifted, beady eyes looked at her as if she were its next meal, making her shiver. She fucking hated rats, but right then, she could imagine ripping its head off and eating it instead.

Again she swallowed, her hallow stomach had nothing in it to come back up, yet the image of eating the critter staring at her was enough to induce her muscles into spasms.

How long she’d been held without food she wasn’t sure, wishing it was like in the movies where she at least had something to mark on the walls when a day passed. The scraps they’d brought her couldn’t be classified as edible, but she knew it was only a matter of time before her survival instinct made her take what they offered. Each time she drank the dirty water they provided, her body paid the price in one or two ways.

“God, I no longer even smell the stench of my own shit,” she whispered.

Hearing the sound of the guard’s keys, she scooted to the far corner, close to where she’d been using as her makeshift bathroom. She may no longer smell it, but knew it was damn offensive to those who entered. Her body ached from the physical blows they inflicted, but she didn’t allow them to see her cower.

“Eat,” he said.

He held a bowl in one hand and a cup in the other, his one word demand came out in broken English. Jaqui kept her eyes on him, waiting for him to put the food on the ground and leave. It was the same every day, and each time she’d ignore the food, and water, until the gnawing was too great.

“Punta,” he spat.

Yeah, she’d been called bitch, slut, whore and so many other things in the time she’d been their captive. Their words didn’t hurt, not like the...she closed her eyes, not letting her mind go to what could and would probably happen when they got tired of waiting. She could feel the anticipation ramping up. For whatever reason they hadn’t raped her. Yet. Her body had taken a few hits, nothing she hadn’t expected. What she didn’t know was how they found her. She wasn’t even supposed to have been on the mission. The rest of the team had to know she’d been taken, even though they weren’t supposed to be anywhere near her, surely they’d have had eyes in the vicinity.

The sound of metal clanging brought her back to the present. She sighed, looking at the dish on the ground and the little rat nosing around the food. Her mind snagged onto the possibility of feeding the critter and seeing if he survived.

“I’m pathetic.” Survival of the fittest, and she was above the rodent. He almost fell into the dish, the greedy little bastard. When he finally stopped slurping at the slop, and didn’t immediately fall asleep or fall over dead, she watched him, hoping he didn’t go back out the way he came in.

Her stomach no longer growled in hunger, the pain a constant companion. “Alright you little fucker, the rest is mine. If it didn’t kill you, then I guess it won’t kill me.” She’d started talking out loud to herself several days ago, the silence too deafening.

Upon the first taste of the goo, she swore it was the worst thing she’d ever eaten, yet she made herself eat the entire dish. What meat was in it would definitely be on the list of don’t ask, don’t tell. The flavor more salt than anything else, making her need to drink more of the putrid water. Which she realized after she’d drank the entire cup, was her mistake. Her head became heavy, the world started to spin, and in that moment, Jaqui wanted to kick her own ass. She tried to lift her hand and make herself throw up, but her body wouldn’t obey her mind. The only saving grace was she had fallen far enough away from the bathroom corner. If she could have, she would’ve laughed.

She sent up a silent prayer, hoping her team found her before it was too late but a blessed fog came over her, then darkness.

Pain exploded in Jaqui’s head, bringing her out of the darkness. Opening her eyes, she jerked back as far as the binding holding her would allow, banging her head against the hard back of a chair.

“Ah, I see you’ve decided to join us.” A man said in heavily accented English.

She blinked a few times, the bright lights hurt after being in the dark for so long. “Who are you and what do you want?” Damn, even talking hurt. Her tongue felt three times too big, and drier than sandpaper, but she’d be damned before she asked for another drink.

The man laughed. “You do not ask the questions.”

Giving him her best fuck off look, Jaqui shut her mouth, then wished she hadn’t. The pain that had woken her had obviously been from someone hitting her in the face, splitting her lip open. She licked at the offending thing, and tasted her own blood.

“Now, tell me why you were asking questions about me?”

Her heart nearly stopped. She had been on a mission in Barranquilla, Columbia with a group of SEALs. Her job was to hack into the computers, not get into the thick of things. The last thing she remembered was watching the parade, and thinking it reminded her of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, only on a much much larger scale. She wondered where her team was, and if they were all being held like she was, or if they had escaped.

Her head rocked to the side as the man backhanded her. She couldn’t help but wonder why men always resorted to backhanding, then decided a backhand was better than a fist to the nose. Her jaw hurt from the latest attack, making her wonder if he planned to permanently shut her up after making it impossible for her to open her mouth.

“I asked you a question, Miss Wallace. I suggest you answer, before my patience runs out. A pretty thing like you wouldn’t want to have me as an enemy.” He smiled, showing off a set of perfect white teeth, unlike the men who’d been her jailers for the past few days.

“I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her words came out a little garbled. She looked him in the eye, hoping he’d see honesty in her face.

He bent down, pinching her chin between his fingers. “Wrong answer. Do you know I am the only thing that is keeping you alive?” He squeezed harder. “Me. Look at you.” He released her, walking away a few paces. “You won’t survive the sport my men will play with you. What are you five foot two, maybe three? A hundred and ten pounds soaking wet? You won’t last more than a day once they are through with you. Is that what you want?” He spun around and glared.

Jaqui shook her head, the pain had her stopping the motion at once. “I came here for vacation, to see the Carnival. It’s known to be the largest in all the world. Me and my friends planned this vacation well over a year ago. How was I to know you’d be here?” She hated the tremor in her voice. It was why she was not a field operative, but a computer tech.

He laughed. “That story has more holes in it than you will have. I’ll tell you what. Since I’m in such a giving mood, and you stink worse than the pigs on a farm, I’ll let you get cleaned up, then we will discuss this again.” He wrinkled his nose. “Not even the lowest of my men would touch you in your present state. Diego, take her to the showers. If she gives you any trouble...knock her out and shower her clean yourself.”

The man named Diego cut her arms loose, the burning sensation from having been tied up had her crying out before she could stop herself.

“Up, punta.” Diego shoved the end of his rifle into her back.

Jaqui wobbled as she rose, the effects of the drugs, and sitting too long made her feel as if she’d just gotten off a spinning roller coaster.

“Oh, and Jaqui, don’t get any ideas about running. This building is surrounded by my men, and the rainforest outside is filled with wild animals that are hungry for their next meal, even if you stink like they do.” He turned and dismissed her.

In truth she had no idea where she was, let alone how to get out of her predicament. Her only hope was the men of Phantom Team were aware of her location, and they were launching a plan to get her back. It was a weak plan, but the only thing she had.

God, how she wished Tay were...she cut her thoughts off before they could form. He was the reason she was where she was. Having offered up her expertise when he’d been taken out, she knew the risks, sort of. In her naïve mind she’d assumed she’d be safe from the more dangerous aspects of a mission.

As they’d walked, she hadn’t seen any other guards, her ears strained for voices to let her know how many more men or women were there. If she could get the gun from Diego, which in her present state she wasn’t a hundred percent sure she could, she wasn’t sure how many more she’d have to take out. Her next problem was knowing where she’d go if she succeeded in escaping.

The shower facility he led her to had three walls, and a concrete floor with a drain in the middle large enough she feared her foot would fall in it, or something large would crawl out.

Diego stood back, his eyes daring her to tell him to leave. Her filth was a layer of protection, but if she didn’t clean herself, she knew without a doubt the bastard would.

Resigned, she turned the faucet on, putting her hand out to feel the water. Her mouth watered at the clear liquid coming out of the spout. She cupped her hands, catching some in her palms and drinking, uncaring her clothes were getting wet. Hell, she was filthy and going to be getting naked in front of this man, the last thing she was worried about was him seeing her with her clothes stuck to her body.

When she realized she could shower with her clothes on, she smiled with her back to Diego, using the little bar of soap on the ledge. Hell, her hair was a ratted mess, hanging to her ass that no amount of washing was going to get clean, or untangled, unless she had a good conditioner. She hoped her looks repulsed the fuckers, but at least she wouldn’t smell like she’d rolled around in a pig’s pen.

“Take off your clothes. You don’t shower with them on,” Diego ordered.

Jaqui froze with soap lathered up in her hands. She’d washed her face and under the tank top with the stuff, her hand reaching for her legs. “He didn’t say I had to take my clothes off. I don’t see a change of clothes.”

BOOK: Delta Recon (SEAL Team Phantom Series, Book 2)
2.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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