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Deny Me If You Can

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Deny Me if You Can

Copyright © Nellie C. Lind 2014

Cover and layout: Nellie C. Lind

Editor: Jennifer Brock

ISBN: 978-91-980980-9-9




This e-book may not be reproduced or shared in any way without the author's written permission. The e-book is a work of fiction. Characters, names, places and incidents are the product of the author's imagination.


Book Description


Megan's sister is dying, and the only one who can save her is the Vampire King Jaromir. His blood can heal, and Megan will do anything to get her hands on it, even agree to be his prey for one night. If Megan can stay away from him the whole night, she will get what she came for, but if she fails, she must give in to him.
Losing doesn't sound so bad, especially when the Vampire King is one of the most attractive men Megan has ever seen. But if she loses, her sister will die. So now Megan has to make a choice. Her sister's life, or the Vampire King's passionate embrace. 
Please note that this book is not suitable for readers under 18.

Chapter 1


The club was not easy to find.
She had no address and no one to ask for directions. Humans rarely wanted anything to do with vampires, and asking would be like telling people that you were weird. Vampires were considered unpredictable, sneaky and only after one thing - your blood.

Megan had never met a vampire, she avoided them. There were too many bad rumors circling around them. Some said that vampires were evil and would suck you dry if they got their hands on you. Other rumors said that young women, like herself, were their main target. Many women disappeared around vampires according to the newspapers. Megan didn't know what to think about that, but for her own safety, she kept her distance.

But now she needed help, and
only one vampire could help her. Not just any vampire. It had to be
- their leader and King - Jaromir. Only he could give her what she needed, so she had heard. His blood was unique. According to her sources it could heal, and Megan's baby sister Stacey was dying.

swallowed and for the hundredth time regretted ever coming to this place. She had searched for almost two hours, and now when she stood outside the club, she wanted to run home where she would be safe.

The club was hidden in a
dark alley with barely any lighting. The entrance sign said “Dark Sun”. That was an interesting name for a club. The night sky made the atmosphere heavy and scary. Two men stood outside the entrance to the Dark Sun, letting some people in while others were told to leave. When she approached many heads turned her way before she heard sniffing sounds coming from in front of her. People looked at her with mixed emotions. Some looked at her as if she were nuts before laughing and shaking their heads. Some stared, while others got something dark in their eyes, obviously not pleased with having her here.

wasn't surprised. They were all vampires, and she was the only human nearby. If anything went wrong, she would turn into a buffé within seconds, that she was sure of.

When she came closer
, the two men who stood outside the entrance ogled her from the bottom up. Their gazes told her that they couldn't believe that she was there. They were both big and attractive guys, but they were also scary looking with their red vampire eyes and tattoos on their necks. Megan's heart raced, but she stood her ground. She had to do this. For Stacey. 

“What the hell are you doing here, woman?” One of the men
growled. “Have you lost your mind?”

Megan tried not to show
that she was scared, but knew that she failed miserably.

“What's your name?” she asked the guy who had
growled at her.

He blinked and surprise crossed his handsome features. “Shane.”

“I'm Megan.”

“You should leave, Megan.”

Megan shook her head and tucked her thin coat closer around her. It was cold outside. It wasn't one of the warmest summer nights, and she wished she had put on something more.

“I can't. Not before I get what I came for.”

Shane exchanged a gaze with the other guy.

“And what did you come for?” the other guy asked.

Megan took a deep breath. “Blood.”

remained serious while the guys laughed. She didn't move a muscle. Instead, she waited and eventually her serious expression silenced them. They stared at her when they realized that she meant what she said.

Shane finally spoke. “No one here is going to give you any blood, so forget it.
Go home, Megan. This is not the right place for a human. There are too many not trustworthy vampires here, and I can't stop them from draining you if they decide to go for it.”

“I know,” she said. “
But I only want one vampire's blood.”

“What are you
talking about?”

Megan swallowed and prepared herself.
“Jaromir. I need his healing blood.”

The men's gazes went dark and anger crossed their features. They looke
d pissed. Megan take a step back, but she refused to let them have the last word. She clenched her knuckles and tensed. She was determined to get what she came for.

should really leave, Megan,” Shane said with a threatening voice.

Megan lowered her head and
tried to remain calm. “Please. He is her only chance. If I lose her ...”

Silence filled the all
ey. Everyone stared at her. She felt it even though she was looking down. Minutes seemed to pass by. Megan said nothing more, but she heard Shane talk with the other guy. After a while, he disappeared inside.

Megan didn't know what to do. She just remained where she stood while the othe
r guy had a watchful eye on her. From time to time, he either let people inside the Dark Sun or rejected them.

Shane finally came back. He had a serious look on his face.
“This must be your lucky day. Jaromir wants to meet this human woman who is either very brave or very stupid to come here willingly. Follow me.”

He disappeared inside again, and Megan held her breath.

This was it.

Chapter 2


The club looked nothing like she had expected. On the outside everything had been dark, gloomy and scar
y, but on the inside everything was in bright and gentle colors with expensive renaissance furniture that made her feel like she had traveled back in time. She had expected to see unfortunate humans lying on the tables while hungry vampires flocked around them. She had expected fear, tears and bloodstained walls, but there was nothing like that anywhere. Instead, it felt like she had walked right into a club that belonged to some snobby millionaire. She had barely paid any attention to the vampires on the outside, but in here she did. The men were dressed in elegant tuxedos while the women wore beautiful dresses that made her feel out of place with her jeans and t-shirt.   

When she entered the big room heads turned her way and sniffing sounds
were yet again heard. There was no hiding who she was. All the vampires had to do was sniff and they would instantly know. Many of them looked at her with surprised expressions while others looked suddenly hungry.

Megan felt that
the panic wasn't far away. She almost spun around to run out, but remembered at the last second why she was here. She took a deep breath and made her legs move forward, following Shane.

He never looked back once while he led her through several hallways and a staircase that went down. They came to a halt in front of a
huge closed door. Shane grabbed the door handle, but didn't open the door. Instead, he turned toward her and gave her a serious gaze. 

“I recommend that you think things through before you open your mouth.”

Megan nodded and nervousness swept over her. “I understand.”

Shane opened the door and let her through. He closed it behind her, and Megan felt suddenly
alone. Upstairs there had been laughter, music and talking. In here it was quiet. Only faint sounds were heard from the party above.

Megan looked around. She was in some kind of office
that was bigger than her apartment. It was decorated in a modern style, and everything seemed expensive. She didn't doubt that a designer had been involved. The walls were bright, the desk in dark mahogany and the chair cushions were in leather. Beautiful paintings decorated the room along with large plants.

Her gaze was
drawn to the man who stood near the desk with crossed arms over his chest. Megan gasped. In front of her stood a man whose beauty took her breath away. He was at least a head taller than her. He had a muscular figure with broad shoulders and long legs. Obviously, he spend a lot of time at the gym. Bright, wavy hair fell on his shoulders and his almost white vampire eyes watched her with suspicion. He had a strong jaw and wide lips. That alone made her believe that he had a beautiful smile, but right now his facial expression was as far away from a smile as it could get. His lips were pressed together in a straight line and everything about him screamed that he wasn't in the mood for stupid little humans, but there was also a hint of curiosity in his eyes. It made Megan tense. Everything about him told her that this man was not to be taken lightly. He radiated power, confidence and money, but also danger.

She had never seen Jaromir before, few humans had
according to the newspapers, but there were many rumors about his appearance. Most said that he was a scary and ugly looking villain that had to be avoided by all means. Other rumors said that he lacked an eye or an arm. Obviously, those rumors were wrong. He was so handsome and good looking that Megan had a hard time pulling her gaze away from him.

“Megan, I assume,” he said with a dark voice.

She nodded. “Yes.”

He remained silent for a while, just studying her before he sighed and nodded to himself. “Very well.” He came closer and grabbed her hand. The touch made Megan jump. His hand was warm and he held her hand firmly, but gently. He looked straight at her and his strong gaze made her feel like he could see right through her. She could hide nothing from him. “Never once during my five hundred years as a vampire has it happened that a human has approached me willingly, so you have my respect for being this brave. As you most likely already now - I am Jaromir.” He let go of her and took a few steps back. “What can I do for you, Megan?”

Megan blinked and kept staring at him before she
finally managed to snap out of the spellbinding effect he had on her. It wasn't the easiest when all she wanted was to throw herself at him and make his world spin. She blushed when that thought crossed her mind. She was grateful that the light was dim inside the room. Hopefully, Jaromir didn't see the effect he had on her.

put her hand in her pocked and pulled out an empty plastic vial. She handed it to him and got a confused look back.

“I need your blood
,” she said.

Silence filled the room
while she watched him with a lump in her throat. She had no idea what would come now. Either she had just pissed him off enough for him to kill her, or he would make her leave. But she had never expected what she got instead. He grinned and revealed his fangs. Something flashed in his gaze, something dark. It was almost as if she had just given him a challenge.

“Just like that, huh?” he said.

“It's for my sister.”

“And why does your sister need my blood?”

“She's dying. The
doctors said that she has only a few weeks left to live. The cancer has gone too far.” Megan took a step closer to him, not really sure why. “Please, she's everything I have left. I've heard that your blood can heal.”

“I see.” He
placed the vial on his desk and came closer again with excitement in his eyes. Megan gulped. Her words seemed to have given him an adrenaline kick because he looked like a hunter who approached his prey. “And what are you willing to pay?”

BOOK: Deny Me If You Can
8.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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