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If you’re looking for a sweet romance, you’ll find none here. Davin is a rockstar. Davin is dirty. Davin is selfish. And most importantly, Davin is in love with sex itself.

He lives and breathes his music, but he couldn’t care less about the rest of the world. The groupies? They’re just a way to get his rocks off. They know it and he knows it. No strings attached.

If you’re looking for fast and dirty sex, you’ve found the right book. If not, I suggest you skip on to the next novel you’re dying to read. Maybe they’ll have your happily ever after.





I’m hard just listening to the crowd screaming out my name.
Davin! Davin! Davin!
I’m only a few feet away from them and they don’t even realize it. The curtains hide me as I drink in their love, their admiration. I love it. It’s the strongest drug out there. When I hear them chanting my name, I swear I’m soaring above the stadium. If I stood here long enough, I would probably shoot a load off in my pants. But that’ll have to wait until later. Right now, I’m going to blow their fucking ears off.

I hear our opening act announce us and then I’m walking across the stage in almost complete darkness. I know where I’m going though, I always do. Every show we play, the roadies setup the stage the same. As soon as I see the
white X on the floor, indicating where I should stand, I stop. And I wait. Mikey, Chad, and Brandon should be in place by now.

The roar is deafening by now as thousands of people shout my name. I smile when I think that one lucky bitch is going to be screaming it even louder tonight. I hope she’s a screamer. Maybe if I’m lucky, she will be a biter as well. If not, I’ll find someone else that can keep up with me.
It’s not like they aren’t lining up for me. I know I look the part of a rock star. My hair is a light brown. I keep it shaggy and just a little bit messy. My eyes are a hazel color. My arms and chest are covered in tattoos. I work out enough that my stomach is a tight six pack. Overall, I’m hot as fuck and I know it. Cocky? Yes. But I only speak the truth.

The lights come on and I’m temporarily blinded by them. I blink a few times before
I can finally see. Once my vision is clear, I stare out at the fans in front of me. They’re still screaming, louder than before if possible. I stay silent as I watch them. They’re all so full of life. Women sit on men’s shoulders with their tops already off. One woman close to the stage throws her bra up on stage. It lands at my feet. I smile as I pick it up and dangle it from one finger.

“Thanks, babe.” I murmur into the microphone.

I can see her screaming up at me, clawing at the stage as she tries to get closer. I drop the bra back onto the stage and turn my attention to the rest of the crowd.

“Are you guys ready to fuck this place up or what?” I finally scream out.

Their answering cheers are enough for me. I nod my head slightly, Mikey’s cue to start beating on his drums. We always start out with this song. We’ve been at this for over six years and have tons of songs, but this one is our baby. It’s the one that brought us together. When shit hits the fan, it keeps us together.

I wait until Chad and Brandon start into the song before I start singing. We’re perfectly in sync like always. With the exception of when we first started playing together, we always play perfectly. We’re just that fucking good.

I run my hands through my shaggy brown hair once just before I start to sing. Women love it when my hair sticks up like crazy. They always run their hands through it while I’m fucking them, so I do it onstage for everyone else that doesn’t get that privilege.

My voice is smooth at first as I start into the song. The first few verses are smooth, calming even. But once I hit the chorus, all hell breaks loose as I start screaming into the mic.
A roar rips from me and I let go. I let the music take over. It’s just me and the song. No one else is around when I’m in the zone like this.

Once we finish the song, I grab the bottle of Jack Daniels that is waiting for me on a stool next to the mic stand and take a
swig. It burns as it goes down, but I ignore it as I take another drink. I put the bottle back down and turn back to the crowd.

“How the hell is everyone doing tonight?” I shout into the mic.

I smile as they scream back at me. Their enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me.

“I’ve had a hell of a week, but it’s starting to look pretty damn good right now seeing all of you fuckers in front of me.” I turn to look at the other members of my band. “What do you assholes think?”

I see Chad laughing and Brandon rolls his eyes. I can only assume that Mikey is in agreement since the big bastard is hiding behind his drums.

“Alright, let’s get on with it then.” I cue the guys to start into our next song.

The next hour and a half fly by at warp speed as I sing and scream my heart out. My body is literally shaking from adrenaline by the end of the show. If I had my choice, I’d never leave this fucking stage. When I tell the crowd goodnight, I hear several boos coming from them.

“Ah, shut the hell up, assholes. You got to stare at me for over an hour.” I laugh into the mic before putting it back on the stand and walking away.

As soon as I get off the stage, someone hands me a towel. I wipe it down my face and across my neck before throwing it back to whoever handed it to me. The guys are right behind me as I head to the dressing room. I stink like a son of a bitch and I’m desperate for a shower.

As soon as we walk into the dressing room, I pull my shirt over my head and drop it on the floor. I unfasten my belt and start pulling my pants off as I kick my shoes off.

“Get your naked ass in the shower. I don’t want to see it.” Mikey shouts.

I laugh. “You love seeing my ass, Mikey. No need to lie.”

He grunts and I see something go flying past my head. When one of his shoes hits the wall and drops to the floor, I turn to look at him.

“You’re playing dirty, trying to take me from behind.”

“Shut the fuck up and go shower so we can get out of here. I’m beat.”

I ignore him as I grab a pair of jeans out of my bag. I don’t bother putting underwear on. There’s no point. I know I’ll have some chick with me in less than an hour. The way I see it, the longer it takes to get naked, the longer it takes for her to suck my dick.

I grab a towel off the stack next to the bathroom door and walk into the bathroom. There’s a huge tub in here, but I ignore it and head for the shower stall. I don’t have time to take a bath like some damn chick. I turn the water on and step in, wincing as the hot water burns my skin. I leave it hot though. What can I say? I like the pain.

I scrub every inch of my body and then wash my hair. It feels so fucking good to be clean. I love performing, but I hate sweating and smelling like ass. I rest my hands against the wall once I’m finished and just stand under the water. If I didn’t know that I was about to get laid, I might stay in here longer. Lucky for me, I know I’ll get laid tonight. I always do.

I shut the water off and towel my body dry. After pulling on my jeans, I spray some of my cologne on and head back out into the dressing room. The rest of the guys are hanging out on the couches, drinking beer and laughing. As soon as Brandon sees me, he hops up and heads into the shower.

“About time.” He grumbles as he walks past me. Guess I’m not the only one who needs a shower.

“I’m out. I’ll see you guys in a few.” I say as I walk to the door and open it.

They know the deal. After every show, the bus is mine for two hours. If they want to fuck a chick while I’m in there, they either fuck them in the venue or go somewhere with them. They usually stay at the venue, because if we leave, security has to follow us. Nothing like pounding a chick in the back of her car while two security guys stand outside.
And yes, if you’re wondering, I’ve done it before. I’m not ashamed of it, but damn, fucking in a car always ends up with me getting a cramp somewhere. I prefer a bed.

Two of our head security guys, Dave and Adam, stand by the back doors that lead outside. They follow me as I open the door and walk outside. As soon as our fans spot me, they start screaming. My eyes scan the crowd, looking for
the one.
I always find one out here and take her back to the bus. Most of my fans know this and if they’re here, they want to be fucked. There are always guys in the crowd too, usually hoping to get something signed.

I walk slowly, stopping to sign shit and take pictures. My eyes never stop scanning the crowd as I go. There are tons of beautiful women out here. Most of them are half naked and shouting my name, but I ignore them. I’m not looking for a bitch who has spread her legs for everyone. No, that’s not my type. I look for the ones that still have innocence in their eyes. They’re always the ones who are the wildest in bed. It takes a little coaxing sometimes, but I always get them to let go. In my opinion, there’s nothing hotter than a chick that doesn’t know how to let loose. I love the challenge of it. Plus, the innocent ones are usually tighter than fuck. The ones that are screaming for me now? They are the ones who have fucked everything with a dick and their pussy is in need of a retirement home.

I’m nearly at the end of the line when I finally spot her. I smile as I watch her. Her eyes never leave mine as she gives me a shy smile. She’s gorgeous, but in a different way from the rest of these girls. Her face isn’t covered in tons of makeup and her tits are actually covered by a shirt. Hell, I think she’s even wearing a bra. I motion with my finger for her to come closer. Her eyes widen, but she moves forward, inch by inch. She’s having trouble getting through the crowd and I motion for Dave to come forward. I point her out to him and he’s gone. My eyes never leave hers as I wait for Dave to reach her. When he does, he takes her arm and starts shoving through the crowd. He’s a mountain of a man and parts them easily. Once he reaches the fence, he lifts her over and drops her onto the ground beside of me.

Now that she’s closer, I know for sure that she’s the right choice. Her eyes hold that innocence in them that I love. I scan my eyes down her body slowly, taking in every curve. Her breasts are decent, but not huge like most of the women here. I’d bet my tour bus that they’re real. Her eyes are a light blue and her
hair is dark brown. It hangs half way down her back. Her pouty lips are painted a pale pink. I smile as I think about where those lips will be soon enough.

“Want to come with me?” I whisper into her ear.

I see her body stiffen for a second, but she nods as I pull away. I smile as I take her hand and lead her away from the crowd. I hear women still shouting my name, but I ignore them. They’re not what I want. I want the woman that I’m practically dragging back to the bus.

Once we reach the bus, I open the door and pull her inside with me. Neither of us says a word as I take her to the back of the bus where the bedroom is. Once we reach it, I pull her inside and close the door behind her. I step away and look at her again. She’s nervous. I can tell by the look in her eyes and the way she plays with the bottom of her shirt. She looks around the room, at the wall, at the dresser, at the window. She looks anywhere but at me or the bed.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

She finally looks at
me. Her eyes scan my bare chest, taking in my abs and my tattoos, before looking into my eyes. “Uh, Jasmine.”

Her voice quivers, making me smile wider. I love this part. I love bringing the sweet innocent ones into this room and stripping away their layers.

“Jasmine? That’s a pretty name.” I say as I step closer to her. She closes her eyes as I lean down and run my nose along her jawline. Damn, she smells good. Vanilla and some kind of flower mixed together.

“Thanks.” She whispers.

“Do you know why I brought you here?” I ask as I pull away from her.

“I… Uh, I’m not sure.” She stutters.

“I think you’re lying.”

She stares up at me, her eyes wide. “I
.. I’m a huge fan of yours, Davin.”

“I’m sure you are. Why else would you be at my concert if you weren’t?”

She’s blushing now, embarrassed. “I guess you’re right.”

We stare at each other for a minute longer before she finally looks away.

“I picked you out of all the others, Jasmine. Why do you think that is?”

“I don’t know.” She whispers, staring at her shoes.

I reach out and press my fingers to her chin. I lift her head up so that she’s looking at me again. “I think you do.”

Before she can stop me, I lower my lips to her and kiss her. She sucks in a shocked breath, but doesn’t pull away. I deepen the kiss as my arms wrap around her and pull her closer to me. She moans and I slip my tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She tastes as incredible as she smells. I want to bury myself in her right now, but that will have to wait. I want a blow job first.

I pull away. She stares up at me, her chest heaving like she’s just run a mile. Her cheeks are flushed. I feel my dick twitch when her tongue darts out to lick her lips. She’ll be licking something else soon enough.

“I always pick one girl to come back onto the bus with me, Jasmine. Tonight, that girl is you.”

“Why me?” She asks.

“Because you’re beautiful and I wanted you.” I answer simply. “There’s an innocence about you and I want a taste of it.”

“You want sex.” Her voice is a little bit stronger as she states this.

“I do.”

She bites her lip before replying. “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I’m a huge fan of yours, but I don’t do things like this.”

“There’s always a first time.” I state as I run my hands down her back to her ass. I squeeze lightly, watching her eyes widen in shock yet again.

“I.. I can’t. I should go.” She says as she pulls away from me.

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