Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)

BOOK: Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)
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To All The Readers Who Are Making My Dream Possible




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About Me


I'm Violet and thanks so much for taking the time to read my book! I've always been a strong curvy African American woman who isn't afraid to go against societies social expectations of us. I hope through my writing you can trying to break out of these expectations as well, and truly be who you want to be. When I'm not writing I'm a regular 30 something gal who loves reading about strong males who appreciate women in all their beautiful forms. I also have a loving husband, and two beautiful children that I am grateful for every day.

Really hope you enjoy the book!


About This Book

Meeka and Rick were finally ready to start their life together.

After everything Rich and Meeka had gone through, it was just so nice to finally be happy and they were both ready to start a family together.

With Meeka being far along in the pregnancy she had decided to move in with Rick along with her son Malik. After all they were set to be married in a few weeks. Everything was going her way, and even her boss Johnny, who treated her terribly in the past, was treating her much better and giving her the best sections at the restaurant. For a waitress, she was doing very well, and appreciated the extra money. But something inside Meeka just didn't seem right, and she still had her doubts. Maybe she just wasn't used to things going her way, but she kept her rent controlled apartment on the side just in case.

In preparation for the wedding, Rick had asked Meeka to only take care of one task while he was working at the hospital. He wanted her to head to the bakery and choose the best chocolate cake for their special day. This was his one request, and she knew how much he loved chocolate. But when speaking to the baker a beautiful blonde woman overheard her conversation and started asking about Rick. Her name was Marla and she claimed she was a college ex of Rick's from out of town and she was very surprised that he was getting married, let alone having a child. This encounter startled Meeka and got her thinking about how much about Rick's past she really knew about?

A few days later on her way home, Meeka texted Rick saying she was just about 10 minutes away. When she got home there was a red sports car in the driveway that she had never seen before. As she walked slowly up the stairs and into her bedroom her world shattered into a million pieces. There was Rick, making out with Marla, who she had met at the bakery a few days ago. Meeka was absolutely devastated. Her tears blinded her as she ran out of the room calling off the wedding while Rick screamed that he could explain.

Weeks passed by and their wedding day was just around the corner, but Meeka continued to ignore all of Ricks calls and texts, moving back in with her mom for support.

Sad and alone on what would have been her wedding day, Meeka decided go to the theatre alone. While deciding on what to watch, a familiar voice caught her attention. It was her boss Johnny, and he had convinced her to watch a movie together, her choice of course. They ended up watching a great romance, talked for hours over frozen yogurt, until one thing led to another and they were both alone at Johnny's place. Meeka's heart was elsewhere but would her body betray her?

Will Rick and Meeka get back together? Or will Meeka pursue raw passion with her boss Johnny?

This steamy BWWM romance is for adult audiences 18+ only

Chapter 1

Meeka looked over at Rick with love in her eyes. They had been living together for a couple of weeks and she still felt strange waking up next to him. She usually did as she did now, watched him sleep. He was so handsome and peaceful when he slept. There were none of the worry lines that appeared after he had a hard shift and she was able to just drink in the sight of him, without having to feel strange about it. Meeka didn’t have to worry about what he would think.

“Why do you always do that Meeka?”

Meeka stared a bit and hid her face in embarrassment for being caught. She pulled her face up from the pillow and then bent down to kiss his soft laughing lips. The kiss that was meant to be a peck was soon all-consuming and involved hot tongues and moaning. She pulled back after a moment. She had to get up and did not have time for another romp with him. Meeka was still tired from the night before and fully satisfied.

“Do what?”

Rick sat up and pulled her face to him. His pale hands contrasted well with her caramel tone. He rubbed her lips with his thumb and looked at her with his adoring blue wells.

“You watch me as I sleep.”

“How long have you known that?”

“Always I suppose. I find it adorable, I just wonder why. Am I more handsome when I sleep?”

“Even if you were, I wouldn’t tell you. You already have an ego that barely fits in bed with us.”

“Well stop squealing and moaning so prettily and I wouldn’t have so much to feel big-headed about.”

“That can be arranged I assure you.”

Meeka tried to look mad, but when she felt his hand slide between her thighs, her anger dissipated with a flick of his finger. She was debating how late she would be if she just rode him for a few minutes, but then there was a small knock on the door and her ardor was gone.


She gave Rick a look as she pulled her robe on and cinched it shut. She mouthed the words “later” and then went out to start breakfast. Whether she wanted to be late or not, her son was very sufficient in keeping her on schedule.

“Good morning baby. What are we having for breakfast?”

“How about pancakes?’

“Just plain old pancakes?”

“Mom, you know they are supposed to have chocolate chips in them.”

Meeka smiled and gave him a kiss on the head. He pulled her into the kitchen by her arm and then grabbed the stool from the pantry to set up next to the counter.

“Can you get me the eggs please?”

He pulled the carton out and set it on the counter. They talked for a while and Meeka felt herself smiling as she saw Rick coming down the stairs. He looked as handsome as he always did and her breath caught in her throat each time she saw him. Rick usually wore beige khakis and a button up shirt. Today it was white, which made his tanned skin pop. His blue eyes glistened with desire as he looked at her. If he always looked at her that way, Meeka knew that everything would be okay. Rick looked at her like she was the only woman in the world and she couldn’t remember ever feeling so loved in her life.

Going around the large island in the middle of the kitchen, he hugged her side against him and went in for a quick kiss. Her son, Malik made a disgusted noise and he pulled away a bit guiltily. He released her and walked towards her son.

“Sorry Malik.”

“Do you guys have to kiss? It's so gross!”

He made another face, his lips curled up. Rick laughed and rumpled his hair. Meeka saw the look in his eyes when he looked at Malik, just like his father had. She put her hand to her stomach and felt the life inside of her move.

“Here come feel.”

Rick put his hand where she instructed and she watched his face fill with wonder when the baby kicked against his palm. The moment was priceless and she never got sick of his reaction to it. As a doctor, she would have thought he would have been clinical about things, but in reality he was just as nervous as any other father to be.

She was content with everything the way it had turned out. She knew that everything was somehow going to be okay. Rick was going to be a great father and her oldest son would have a father to call his own as well. Meeka got Rick and he was perfect for them all. Nothing would change that. That much she knew. She squeezed his hand and felt the hint of a tear threatening to fall. She blinked it back, asking herself daily how she got to be so lucky.

Turning away almost reluctantly, she got everyone a plate and they sat down to eat before everyone started their daily routine. Malik had school. Rick and Meeka had work. Though he had tried to convince her to leave her job, it was a lot more pleasant than it had used to be and she liked staying busy, so she stayed. As she grew bigger, she knew that she would have to quit eventually, but she had yet to give it up. She didn’t need the money anymore, but she still kept her apartment rented, just in case. There were always those “what ifs” in her mind that she couldn’t shake. It just seemed like everything was going too well and she was waiting for the rug to be pulled from underneath her.

Meeka walked her son out to the front to wait for the bus. She waited until he was seated and waving at her through the small school bus window. Meeka ran back upstairs to get dressed and squealed when Rick grabbed her from behind when she reached their bedroom. He picked her up, her legs kicking in the air in surprise. Rick threw her onto the bed and covered her body with his own. Her robe opened up and his hands became needier, seemingly touching her everywhere all at once. Meeka moaned and giggled.

“Stop Rick, we're going to be late for work.”


Meeka kissed him again, while her hands pushed back against his chest. He growled and his blue eyes darkened as she succeeded and got up. Her robe was wide open, tantalizing the man. Her stomach was starting to bulge a bit, but he found her glowing caramel skin more enticing than ever. He stood up and grabbed her stomach.

“I can’t wait till you are my wife. How are the plans going?

The man kissed her gently, his hard knot in his pants pressing up against her, making her forget why she had stopped him to begin with. She pulled back remembering, his hands fondling her naked breasts, the perky flesh tightening up as he touched it.

“I can’t be late again. I already have two warnings.”

“Quit, I’ve been telling you to just quit. You don’t need that job anyways baby. I make more than enough for anything that you and Malik could ever want. You barely ask for anything. I want to take care of you. I hate thinking of you having to wait on people and deal with that boss of yours. On your feet all day pregnant, it’s just not right.”

Meeka was touched that he cared and though they had the same conversation numerous times before, she was not prepared to let go of her independence just yet. After her husband was shot and killed, Meeka had learned that life can change in a heartbeat, nothing was guaranteed. She was not ready to put her life in another man’s hands again. Not yet. She was still waiting for the bottom to drop out and for her to be alone again. While Rick promised forever, it was hard for her to believe him and to believe that there would not be a time that it all changed again.

When Meeka had first married her first husband, she was fresh out of high school. She did not have a job for most of the time she was married, letting her husband Malik, who they named their son after, handle all of the finances. When she lost him, not only was she devastated emotionally, but financially as well. She did not have any real skills to offer a company and the only jobs she could find were low paying jobs. Waitressing was a life saver and the only job that she had that could even pay all of her expenses.

“I can’t Rick. I know you want to take care of us and you already do. Let me keep this job, at least for a little while longer. Soon I will have a newborn and things will change. I need things to just be the way they are for a while. It’s still a big change. We moved in here and now we've taken over your place.”

“Our place.”

“Well nonetheless, I think we should slow down.”

“How can we slow down when we are getting married? You don’t want to get married? It's a month away!”

Rick’s voice heightened a few octaves and he held her close. His blue eyes searched her brown ones, trying to figure out what she meant. The very idea of losing her was too much for him to bear and it physically hurt him to even think about it.

“No Rick. I'm just saying this is all a little fast for me and I need to hold on to a few things that I am used to. Your house is lovely and so are your friends. I just have to get used to it is all.”

Rick relaxed slightly and pulled back. He did not want to hold on too tightly and risk pushing her away, but he couldn’t imagine things any different. Rick realized that he had just been going through the motions before she had come along. Working and dating a little, but his life was worth something now. People depended on him and he was about to bring another human being into the world as well. He couldn’t love her more than he did and he couldn’t desire her more than he did then. His hardness twitched against the tight confines of his pants. He tried to go to her and pull her to him, change her mind, but she backed away and retreated to the bathroom when she saw the desire in his eyes.

“Nu uh Rick. Be good or you are going to make us late again. Mom’s watching Malik tonight, so we'll have hours after work to make love.”

His eyes darkened with the way she said it, her eyes hiding behind her small braids that covered her head.


“Of course.”

“Can I have one more kiss?”


Meeka laughed and shut the door. If she let him have another kiss, they would both be incredibly late and showing up to work all flushed. It wouldn’t have been the first time that Meeka had showed up more tired than when she left. Rick was insatiable and it seemed like the more she gave him, the more he wanted. She heard his voice holler through the door.

“I love you Meeka, I will see you in a few hours. Don’t work too hard.”

Meeka touched her side of the door and sighed. Everything was perfect.

BOOK: Doctor's Soul - BWWM Pregnancy Romance (Doctor's Love Book 2)
5.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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