Dominant Deception [Black Ops Brotherhood 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) (2 page)

BOOK: Dominant Deception [Black Ops Brotherhood 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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“Oh, it is, sexy. Believe me, it’s hard,” he responded huskily.

Joe was beginning to think he was dreaming because no woman this attractive had ever made herself so available to him.

“Let’s get going then. Coming?” She turned.

“Don’t worry, baby, I will.” Joe hastily paid his tab.

She was waiting outside the door when he stepped out of the club and she looked up expectantly at Joe. “I drove here with friends, so can you take me back to my place?” she asked, reaching for the green beads again.

“Anything you want, sexy.”

She smiled again. Joe took her hand and led her to his Jeep. As he started the engine, she reached in between his legs.

“Let’s get busy. I really want those beads,” she said.

The drive was a short one, less than two minutes and when they reached her place, Joe’s dick was so hard he was barely able to walk. As she led him to a ground-floor condo, she reached into her tight shorts and pulled out a key. The door swung open and she pulled him inside. Leading him to a room in the condo, she pushed him onto her bed and began a slow striptease for him. He’d managed to find out her name on the short drive, Lexi.

Joe was so excited and playing hell to catch his breath because his heart was slamming in his chest. He’d only read about things like this and knew this fuck was would be something out of his wildest dreams.

With one hand reaching behind her and the other rubbing up and down her belly, Lexi danced until the bikini top shook off her shoulders and her breasts fell free under the beads. Joe’s eyes almost burst out of his head at the first glimpse of her breasts. Her tits peeked for a second before she turned her back to him. Lexi looked over her shoulders with a devilish grin and lowered her shorts to the floor, now only leaving her in a G-string. Lexi shook her ass in front of him. Instinctively, Joe reached out and cupped her ass, and she jumped playfully out of reach.

Lexi hooked her fingers in the G-string and teased it down, revealing a freshly shaved pussy. Joe looked at her naked body and realized the fantasies he had of her didn‘t compare to the real thing. She continued to dance for Joe, dry humping his leg. Joe started rubbing his cock for her. She traced a finger down his arm until it rested on the end of his shirt. Quickly, he lifted his arms and she raised his shirt.

Lexi dropped to her knees with a grin and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock out of his boxers. She glanced up at him with the same grin.

“Mmm this looks yummy…” Lexi stroked his cock.

She traced the outside of it with her fingertip and Joe started moaning as she rubbed his cock. He looked at her with a smile on his face.

“That’s right, baby, suck my cock…” Joe said, guiding his cock to her mouth.

Joe looked down to see her kissing and licking his shaft. She took him in and he felt his cock hit the back of her throat. He reached down through the beads and fondled Lexi’s breast, pinching her hard nipple. She moaned softly around his cock. Joe opened his eyes and looked at the pleasure etched over her beautiful face. She was enjoying herself and as much as he was enjoying her.

Lexi stood up and turned around, shaking her ass one last time for him before disappearing down the hall. Joe sat there, stunned. He glanced down at his cock, looking at the combination of her spit and the pre-cum that dripped from him. He needed a release so he grabbed his dick and stroked it.

Joe felt someone watching him. He looked up and saw Lexi standing, still naked, watching him masturbate. She walked slowly to him, tearing open a condom package, and slid the condom over his erect cock. Without a word spoken, she straddled his legs. Joe grasped her hips as she impaled herself on his cock in a reverse cowgirl. He helped her raise and lower on his dick, pushing her along. Lexi whimpered as they moved together. Joe alternated quick, steady movements with slower ones. Joe would slip a hand from her hips to her breast, squeezing it softly.

“Oh, Lexi…” he moaned as he felt her ass rubbing against his crotch.

Lexi bent over, exposing her ass bud to him. Joe quickly decided taking her ass would be next and continued bouncing her on his cock, moving her faster. He bit down on her shoulder as she thrust against his hips. The sounds coming from her were animalistic. Her voice was soft, and her moans had become throaty as he plunged his cock deeper into her dripping cunt.

Lexi’s pussy held him tight as she shifted her weight. He glanced between her legs to see himself entering her. Joe began to slow their rhythm but that wasn’t her plan.

“Uhhh,” she breathed.

Lexi’s juices coated his dick as she eased back down on his cock sliding herself up and down. Lexi shuddered as she came, her pussy milking his cock coaxing him to join her. Joe was surprised at his own longevity because he wanted to come the instant his dick sank inside her dripping cunt, but somehow he managed to keep going. She leaned back so her back rubbed against his chest and continued to rise up on him. Lexi’s pussy muscles flexing around his cock was too much and after three tight squeezes of her cunt, his body tensed. He bit down on her shoulder blade as he filled the condom inside her. Despite the mind-blowing orgasm, Joe was still hard as a rock as he picked her up and moved her off of him. He slowly pulled the used condom off his cock.

“I need a new one,” Joe demanded.

Lexi rolled over and reached for a new condom inside the nightstand. After getting himself adjusted, he flipped Lexi on to her belly and moved in between her legs.

“Turn around and get that ass up,” Joe ordered.

Lexi turned around as commanded. He moved closer behind her and rubbed his rock hard cock against her slit. Dipping two fingers into her sopping pussy, he lubed her ass.

“Oh…” she started.

“Oh yeah, sexy, shaking that ass all over me gave me all kinds of ideas.” Joe pushed the head of his cock inside her sphincter.

Joe slowly slid his dick inside her ass. It helped that the condom he wore was prelubed. He pushed slowly until he was all the way inside her ass. He felt Lexi relax as he started a slow rhythm. He reached around and started playing with her clit. He heard Lexi’s carnal moan as she started pushing back. He increased his thrusts and his pressure on Lexi’s clit. He felt her clench once more as she screamed. He couldn’t hold out any more and showed her no mercy as he slammed into ass her and came again.

Joe was exhausted. He relaxed against the pillows and drifted off to sleep. Lexi was lying next to him, also sleeping. It seemed as if he’d just shut his eyes and let soft velvet blackness envelop him when suddenly he felt a sting under his arm. He was so tired that he simply brushed it away.

“Damn bugs!” Joe muttered.

Joe turned and reached out for Lexi and found her gone. He opened one eye and tried to focus. For some reason, he was having a hard time opening his eyes and moving. It was an awkward and scary feeling not being able to move so Joe started to struggle.
What the hell is going on?
Joe was starting to have difficulty breathing. He thought maybe he was having a panic attack. He tried to talk but couldn’t get anything out. Was he allergic to what had bitten him?

Joe had to get out of there and get some help, but he couldn’t move. Where the hell was Lexi? Joe felt himself being lifted. He was having hell opening his eyes or trying to speak, but he could hear and his mind was working.

“Get him to the pier,” Joe heard a man say.

Where the hell had this guy come from? Someone was carrying him outside and he could distinctly hear people around him partying. In this atmosphere he probably looked like someone who had just overindulged and was being helped along by some friends. He wanted to call out for help, but it was no use. He figured they’d leave him on the beach. Joe couldn’t move because the drug had taken its full effect and his body was shutting down. He wanted to scream when he was unceremoniously dumped into the backseat of a Jeep.
Where the hell are they taking me!

“We’re lucky he didn’t go down to Fort Sam instead.” One of the men chuckled.

“Yeah, he could’ve gotten laid there instead.” The other snorted.

“Next stop San Antonio. We’ve got one more to deal with,” the first man said.

Just breathe…
He reminded himself. This was an awful experience. He was fully aware of what was happening around him and what was being said he could process, but he was helpless to do anything about it. Something one of men the said struck him.
Fort Sam? How did they know about Fort Sam? Contracts? I was right!
Joe thought about the events over the last week as he was being taken to his unknown destination.

Soon enough Joe discovered his destination as they carried him to a lonely private pier. He felt the water surround him as his mind wrapped around and understood what was happening. He was going to die. Funny, whatever they gave him seemed to relax him. He briefly fought the invasion of the water into his lungs but knew there was nothing he could do.

Chapter 3


Schertz, Texas

1436 Lone Star Boulevard

July 24, 2008/0400 Zulu


The computer screen glowed against the rain-cooled night, unusual for San Antonio, Texas, at this time of year. Esteban Ramirez-Merles stared at the screen and connected a flash drive to a computer. The server he’d hacked into had been challenging, but this virus outbreak would be too easy and not his style. He’d been told this was just a test run. He looked over the e-mail list one more time and frowned. This wasn’t the way he liked doing things because the attack was
too easy
and leaving too many bread crumbs.

This attack was very specific in nature and that was the danger. Just so he could make this attack look random, he grabbed several other addresses off the e-mail server making it look more like a hit-and-miss outbreak. The fake e-mail he was sending was pretty corny, too, but Esteban didn’t change what had been written. The virus had been planted within the e-mail and it would not let the user delete it until they opened the message, launching the virus. He recalled the laptop he’d been brought and remembered there was one email in particular that was being targeted.

He shrugged as the virus-riddled e-mail was gone in an instant. Esteban shook his head. It would be caught instantaneously, but apparently that was the plan. It would simply reside on the host computer and feed them information. He’d orchestrated a similar hack that had been caught quickly. But the backdoor he’d opened to the servers was still in effect and feeding his bosses information. It had been almost three years since he’d accomplished that hack in Virginia. This new boss wanted to test the technicians that were working on a different military base. How would they stop this attack? And were they vulnerable? These two new bosses thought too much and acted too little. Minister Bakri was getting careless.

“Tontos!” he spat out with disgust.

Esteban’s primary bosses told him to create this backdoor so they always had a way in and access to information that could prove useful. He would seal his place in M-22. The more computers that this server was connected to, the more the virus would spread and even more backdoors would be opened. He shut down the computer and walked out into the darkness. Esteban froze in an instant. Growing up in the slums of Mexico, his senses had been sharpened. Someone was watching him. Turning slightly, his beady brown eyes scanned the yard in the suburban neighborhood. Technology had become his obsession and his ticket out of the
ciudades perdidas
or slums, of Mexico City
. In order to survive he’d turned to a life of crime. He’d excelled at technology and all it had to offer.

Hearing nothing but a couple of barking dogs in the distance, he resumed his walk toward the house.

Esteban never heard the shot that killed him.

Chapter 4


Randolph Air Force Base, Texas

Building 1534, East Runway Hangar

July 25, 2008/1205 Zulu


Anna stepped out of her car on a humid Texas morning and felt as if she could barely breathe. It was early morning in mid-July and already it was eighty degrees with ninety-five percent relative humidity. She felt as if she’d just stepped into a sauna. The powers that be had just parked her computer group in a converted hangar because of its high security. This branch of the 1427th Communications Group shared the building with a newly created Navy outfit stationed, of all places, on an Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. Anna stepped into the newly renovated entryway as her BlackBerry buzzed. Pulling it out, she noticed she had some mail, meaning a support ticket had already been generated.

Anna groaned. She’d been on call all week and was ready to be done with all the late calls and constant interruptions. She continued reading and walking. As she made the sharp right to her office she came to an unexpected and sudden stop, her BlackBerry flew out of her hand and landed in pieces on the hard hangar floor. For a second she thought she’d run into the cinder block wall that held up the building.

Anna paused a moment as something staring at her caught her attention. It was the oddest thing she’d ever seen. It was a gold emblem of an eagle holding a trident and a gun on an anchor. She blinked and realized what she was staring at was pinned onto a very solid khaki chest. She looked up into a set of surprised emerald-green eyes and noticed something else. Eagles on his collar.

BOOK: Dominant Deception [Black Ops Brotherhood 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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