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Double the Trouble

BOOK: Double the Trouble
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Double The Trouble


Tiffany Lordes

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All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1


Okay, so try to follow along here with this convoluted story. My cousin who isn’t really a cousin, okay yeah she’s like my fifth cousin once removed or some shit if that counts.

Anyhow, when I was like twenty-three she adopted these two little girls from Russia. No, they weren’t sisters but had been raised in the same orphanage or some fuck like that. One was ten and the other was nine going on ten. Whatever, they were like two months apart.

Now, I don’t know what the fuck they teach these kids in the good old motherland, but these two little bitches were trouble from the get. Color me scared, I stayed as far away from them as possible because my name is not Joe Dirt and I do not like jumpsuits.

Anyway, I moved away from home after college, not a great distance but I had a very good paying job in the city that paid so well I could afford a nice plot of land in the country.

I had a good ten acres or more give or take and no neighbors on either side. It was a good place to cultivate my nudist tendencies, among other things.

Now me being a successful businessman who wasn’t too hard on the eyes, at six-four, muscular without being overgrown and a nice head of curls and eyes the women tell me they can get lost in, I’m not hurting for pussy, but I am choosy.

It had been some years since I’d heard from my cousin, like I said; We were so far removed as not to be even considered family. It was a Thursday morning and of course, I couldn’t find my keys when the phone rang.


“Hi John this is cousin Madelyn.”

“Who?” I wasn’t really paying attention I was too busy trying to locate the wayward keys. “You know, your cousin Madelyn from town I have a huge favor to ask.”

She rattled off some shit that gave me a clue as to who she was, and I finally caught up, just when I located my keys in my briefcase, just where I’d put them the night before.

“Hi Madelyn what can I do for you?” I rolled my eyes as I got into my car. My relatives only hit me up when they needed money so I wasn’t expecting much from this conversation after I told her the prerequisite no. I had stopped being their personal bank a long time ago.

“Well, you remember Anna and Stacia, my two little girls? I was wondering if they could come out for a couple of weeks.”

“Uh, there’s no one here to watch them.” In my mind I was still seeing the two little precocious kids she’d brought home from the airport. “No silly they’re old enough to look after themselves they’re both eighteen.”

I wasn’t sure about this shit. I liked my freedom, liked coming home to my empty house and stripping as soon as I hit the door.

Having two young girls around the house might cramp my style and the weekend was coming up too besides. I might find me a hot piece of ass to fuck. There was this new office temp that had been giving me the eye.

Her voice droned on in my ear about some trip she had won and she and her husband were dying to take it. But since they hadn’t had any time alone since they adopted the girls, she thought it would be great if they came and spend time with family. This was my problem how?

She hadn’t seen me in years and here she was foisting her teenage daughters off on me. I didn’t have a good enough reason for telling her no, so chump that I am I agreed.


Chapter 2


That night, when I got home there was a strange car parked outside my gate. Shit, I had all but forgotten the promise I’d made earlier. After the day I had I really wasn’t looking forward to riding herd on two brats.

I schooled my face best I could so as not to show my inner feelings as I pressed the button on the console to release the gate and let them follow me in.

The driveway was long and winding so it was a while before you saw the house itself. So for the first five minutes or so all you saw was the lawn.

I got out of my Mercedes Benz and closed the door, slinging my suit jacket over my shoulder. I just wanted to relax in my hot tub with a cold beer and unwind from the day from hell.

The back door of the jeep that pulled in behind me opened and for a second I thought someone had come to the wrong address.

The young girl that stepped out from behind the passenger side, which was the side closest to me, was a fucking knockout and she dressed to show off that fact very nicely.

She had to be a thirty-six DD with the tiniest fucking waist and an ass shaped like a perfect peach. She was wearing a short flirty summer dress. Nothing too risqué, but her tits were straining the material across her chest.

My cock, who was never one to behave, jumped in my loose fitting slacks and started up an incessant thumping.

From the other side, came another exotic beauty, who was dark to the other girl’s blonde good looks. This one was gorgeous, but her attributes were a little less pronounced.

I’d put her at a thirty-two B, a nice mouthful. But what she lacked in the top department she made up for with legs. I’m a legs man myself and this girl had a mile of them, fucking supermodel material both of them.

Next, came this matronly looking woman who wasn’t too bad to look at herself. But in the presence of these two, who the fuck would see her?

I had the fleeting thought that she should never leave them alone with her husband if she wanted her marriage to stay in tact, but then I reminded myself that everyone wasn’t a pervert like me.

“Hi cousin John, I can’t thank you enough for doing this. We’re running a little late so I have to rush. Girls you mind your uncle John and do everything he says ya hear.”

Uncle? I’m not that old. She rushed back into her car after the girls grabbed their bags and turned to me with the most innocent looks on their faces.

I was beginning to think that what I’d thought of them years ago was not true; they seemed nice enough.

“This way ladies let me show you to your rooms.” There were a lot of oohs and ahs as I led them through the house to the two guest bedrooms upstairs. I was feeling stifled in my clothes so I told them to make themselves comfortable while I changed.

“Thank you uncle John.” The blonde one Anna I think, still had a tinge of her accent and that gleam in her eye. “Yes, thank you uncle.” Stacia twirled her hair around her finger as she smiled at me.

“Yes well okay, I’m gonna go take a quick shower and then we’ll heat up the grill and throw some steaks on it, looks like a nice night for grilling.” They squealed and rushed me in a melee of tits and ass as they kissed me all over my face.

It seemed innocent enough but I could’ve sworn one or both of them had mashed their crotch into my twitching cock. When they exchanged grins, I was almost certain of it but I dropped it for now.

In my shower, I let the water run down over me to cool me down some, but it was no use. I kept seeing Anna’s tits and Stacia’s legs and my dick was hard as fuck. I soaped up and with my head back stroked my cock to visions of both girls sucking me off.

I heard a noise and looked over the shower door, but there was no one there. I went back to stroking my cock faster and faster, feeling no guilt that I was jerking off to thoughts of my two little cousins. Well at least they were old enough.

I came a fuck load against the wall but my dick was still semi-hard. In my mind, I kept thinking there’s no way I’m gonna make it with them two in the house without somebody getting fucked.

I put on a pair of shorts and a tank top before heading downstairs. It was a warm southern evening as I went out back to fire up the grill. I turned on the hot tub while I was out there figuring I might as well.

The girls came down, both in bikini tops and the tiniest shorts imaginable. I swallowed hard as I took in their flat tummies and their tit flesh bulging out over the too small stringy tops.

“You girls going for a swim?” The pool had just been serviced so it should be no problem. They nodded and grinned as they made a beeline for the lounge chairs next to the pool.

My cock, which I had finally got to calm down after that better than good jerk in the shower, was making waking motions again at their tight asses as they dropped the miniscule shorts to reveal even tinier bikini bottoms.

They dove into the water splashing and giggling while I stood like the village ass with prongs in one hand and steak in the other. I shook myself out of it and decided my best course of action was to go grab that beer to help cool me down.

I wasn’t in there five seconds before I heard little feet behind me. As I reached into the fridge to grab my beer I felt a wet body press into my back. Looking over my shoulder I came face to face with Stacia who was leaning in as well. “Can I get you something?”

She smiled and reached past me for a soda, rubbing her tits into my back. I almost groaned out loud but caught myself in time and stood.

She didn’t move back right away and my cock poked her in the tummy. She gave me one of those secret smiles as she tipped the can to her head.

“Can I have one of those?” She pointed to the beer in my hand. She was eighteen, at home with an adult, I didn’t see why not. “Sure.” Before I could reach her one of her own she took mine and downed it.

“Thank you uncle John.” This time I was sure she rubbed her cunt into my leg on purpose. What the hell was going on here? It wasn’t like it was overt.

The move could be easily excused away so I left it there. But when she let her hand brush against my cock as she passed on her way back out the door I knew it was deliberate.

I grabbed another beer and downed it in two swallows hoping it would cool me the fuck down, before snagging a third. I went back out to the grill and every once in a while I would take a peek at what was going on in the pool.

They seemed to be doing a lot of whispering and giggling but I thought nothing of it that was usual teenagers for you I guess.

“Food’s ready girls.” They both came out of the water, soaking wet, nipples poking at the wet fabric of their bikinis and pussies perfectly outlined in the wet tight bottoms that weren’t really hiding anything.

I swallowed and then lifted my now lukewarm beer to my lips. I plated their food of steak and potatoes and got myself a glass of wine, which they both begged to share.

I didn’t see why not and poured them each a glass. The giggles intensified and I figured I was in for a night of that bullshit, until I felt toes going up the legs of my shorts.

I was too shocked at first to say or do anything. When I looked over at the girls they were both concentrating on their meals, like nothing was going on beneath the table.

Then I felt another foot on the other thigh. They both reached my cock at the same time, like perfect synchronicity.

I can’t recall the last time I got a foot job but these two nymphs knew what they were doing. One foot went up while the other went down. Still there wasn’t even so much as a blush on their faces as they bit into their steaks and sipped their wine.

Stacia caught my eye and did one of those things with her stalk of asparagus. You know, imitating sucking a dick, the little cock tease.

My cock was hard as a fucking pike in no time. I cleared my throat. “Girls…” they giggled and the foot massage intensified. I decided what the hell and sat back to enjoy.

Somebody’s toe was in my cock-slit, pre-cum was oozing like crazy and making its way down my thighs. I was afraid that I was gonna blast off in my shorts for the first time since I was about fourteen and got my first whiff of pussy.

Just when I was about to paint both their toes with cum, they retreated making me groan out loud. “Why don’t we try the hot tub uncle John?” Stacia’s voice was a little more cultured than her sister’s with barely a hint of an accent, but it sent tingles down my spine.

I got up from the table and left the dishes as we headed to the heated tub. I’d forgotten all about it truth be known. It wasn’t exactly comfortable walking behind their swaying asses with a dick that was halfway down my thigh.

My jaw dropped when both girls pulled their bikini tops off and wiggled out of the bottoms. I wanted to get my hands on their firm asses but even with the foot play I didn’t want to go too far. Let the make the moves for now.

I shed my clothes as well, when in Rome and all that, and climbed in behind them. They both moved in closer on either side of me and it wasn’t long before I felt a little hand wrap around my cock beneath the roiling water.

I deciphered that since it was coming from my left that it had to be Stacia, and when she turned my face to hers and stuck her tongue in my mouth, I had no doubts.

I felt the bounty of Anna’s breasts pressing into my other side as she took my hand and pushed it between her legs.

I couldn’t believe this was happening, these two hot little nymphs were hungry for cock. Her pussy was tight as fuck, as I forced two fingers up inside her while her sister stroked my cock faster and faster.

I used the fingers of the other hand to play around in Stacia’s pussy while she worked my cock and fucked my mouth with her tongue.

Anna pulled my mouth away from her sister’s and soon the two of us were tonguing each other’s mouths like starving beasts.

I wanted my mouth on her tits in the worst way, but she seemed to be having so much fun with our tongues mating, that I decided to hold off for now.

The hand on my cock sped up as I drove my fingers deeper into the pussies of the young girls next to me.

“Ooh uncle John you’re so big. Wouldn’t you like to fuck us with your big cock? You can even take my young tight ass if you’d like.” Stacia whispered her lewd suggestion in my ear and brought me to the brink.

Now that the surprise had worn off, I was more than ready to step up to the plate. If these two young hotties wanted my ten- inch cock, who was I to deny them?

“You sure you can take my cock little girl? This is no high school cock. ” She ran her thumb over my cock slit and nibbled my ear.

“I’d love to take your cock deep inside my hot little pussy.” Anna got tired of me talking and sucked my tongue back into her mouth. Meanwhile, Stacia was giving my cock the best hand job ever.

Her sister screamed into my mouth when she came on my fingers. I pulled them out of her cunt and sucked them clean before giving her sister my tongue to suck.

As Stacia sucked my tongue, I finger fucked her to orgasm. She wasn’t quite as noisy as Anna. She came with more of a squeak than a scream as her body shuddered in ecstasy.

“Let’s get out of the tub girls, we should take this inside.” I stood with my cock sticking out in front of me hard as it ever was and helped them down from the tub before turning it off.

They never stopped rubbing their hands all over my body as I felt their asses and pussies. In the living room Stacia once again took the lead, turning my face to hers to share a lover’s kiss.

It was hot and nasty as fuck, our tongues going deep into each other’s mouths slobbering all over each other’s lips. My cock had a long string of pre-cum hanging from it by now and I felt Anna’s tongue for the first time, reach out to lick me.

I thrust my hips forward telling her without words what I wanted. She licked all around the head of my cock before taking me in hand and stroking my cock into her mouth as she sucked my cock in deep.

Her nose pressed against my groin and I could not believe this little eighteen year old was taking my cock so well when grown women have been known to have trouble with my length.

I hit the back of her throat repeatedly and she never complained, and each time I got close she’d squeeze me off at the base. In the meantime Stacia had started rubbing her cunt against my thigh, which was now soaked as I fondled one of her apple sized tits and tongue fucked her mouth.

“I want to taste your pussy?” It felt sexier whispering the words to her while her sister was sucking my cock, like it was our own little secret.

I pulled my cock out of Anna’s mouth and helped her to her feet. We shared a kiss that was just as hot as the one I’d shared with Stacia, before I took them both by the hand and led them to the rug in front of the unlit fireplace.

I threw some pillows on the floor and the girls got down on their backs and spread their legs. I kissed each of them lasciviously one after the other, before bending my head to Stacia’s sweet young cunt.

She fucked my face immediately as I licked her insides with my tongue. Her pussy was sweet the way only a young girl’s can be. I lapped at her like a dog before moving over to her sister for more of the same.

Anna held the lips of her pussy open for my tongue and there was something so nasty about this girl, that I stuffed two fingers up her cunt while licking her clit.

BOOK: Double the Trouble
2.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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