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Authors: Carol Lynne,T. A. Chase

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Dracul's Revenge 02: Anarchy in Blood (8 page)

BOOK: Dracul's Revenge 02: Anarchy in Blood
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Aaron crossed his small apartment to the open kitchen and grabbed two waters out of the fridge. “I’ve known of him most of my life, but I only became friendly with him about seven years ago.”

He stripped off his tie and shoes and joined Gray on the sofa.

“You were cute,” Gray said, looking at a picture of Aaron and Rick.

“I was seventeen. Why? Are you saying I’m not cute anymore?”

Gray’s attention swung from the photographs to Aaron. He reached out and pulled Aaron into his arms. “Nope, no longer cute. Now you’re sexy.”

Aaron chuckled. He’d never been referred to as sexy. Gorgeous, he’d heard a time or two but never sexy. Gazing into Gray’s eyes, Aaron knew exactly what he wanted from the man. The fact that Gray was in his living room at almost two in the morning told Aaron he wasn’t alone in his want.

Taking the bull by the horns, Aaron moved to straddle Gray’s lap. Leaning forward, he placed several soft kisses on Gray’s neck while slowly unbuttoning the bigger man’s shirt.

“Are you staying the night?”

Gray scooted down on the couch and readjusted Aaron. He ground his cock against Aaron’s ass and moaned. “I’m here until you kick me out. I’ve got a couple of pooches at home, but I also have a doggy door.”

“Good thinking.” Aaron pushed the shirt off Gray’s shoulders and bit his bottom lip.


“I hope you’re not one of those guys who prefer their men waxed and plucked, because you won’t find it here.”


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


Aaron ran his fingers through the thick dark brown hair. He wouldn’t call Gray a bear, but the man definitely had more hair than Aaron had ever played with. The feel of the coarse hair sliding between his fingers was a major turn-on. Who knew?

“I like it,” he whispered moments before capturing one of Gray’s nipples between his lips. While he sucked and pinched, his hips began moving of their own accord. Yeah, he needed this man bad.

Aaron slipped off Gray’s lap to kneel on the floor between the man’s spread thighs.

“Are you like this everywhere?” he asked, running his hands down Gray’s six-pack abdomen.

Gray pushed down his sweat pants. “See for yourself.”

Aaron ran a hand over the bulge in Gray’s underwear several times before pulling them down to Gray’s ankles. As he stared at the perfect package, his hands were busy removing Gray’s socks.

He glanced up and smiled. “May I?”

“By all means. Consider my body your playground.”

Aaron chuckled. This was an entirely new side to Gray. Aaron found he liked it very much. He pushed Gray’s thighs further apart. The thick bush surrounding Gray’s cock had been trimmed, so despite what Gray wanted Aaron to believe, he did do a bit of landscaping.

Aaron decided not to call him on it, however. Instead, he leant forward and buried his nose in the coarse hair. If he wasn’t mistaken, he detected the faint odour of cigarettes mixed with cum. He inhaled deeper and sighed.
He was some kind of pervert who had suddenly developed a kink for cigarettes.

Pulling back, he gripped Gray’s cock by the base and bathed the tip with his tongue.

“Why do I smell smoke down here?”

Gray chuckled. “Probably because I was laying in bed earlier smoking and jacking off just thinking about you.”

Gray buried his hands in Aaron’s hair. “I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who actually enjoyed the smell of my filthy habit.”

Aaron caught a large drop of pre-cum on his tongue before it had a chance to stream down the length of Gray’s cock. “Which filthy habit is that? Smoking or jacking off?”

Gray chuckled and directed Aaron’s mouth back to his cock. “Smoking. Most guys enjoy watching me jack off.”


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


“Don’t blame them,” Aaron mumbled around the head of Gray’s cock. The large crown continued to treat Aaron with copious amounts of the slippery pre-cum as he pressed his tongue just below the ridge.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. Aaron reached down and began stripping out of his clothes while still laving his newest toy. He could well imagine many hours of enjoyment with his new plaything. With all the shit that was going on at work, Aaron was grateful Gray had come into his life.

Naked, Aaron pulled away from Gray and stood. “Let’s go to bed.”

Gray reached out and captured Aaron’s cock in his big hand. “Let me look at you for a minute.”

Aaron wondered if he came up lacking in Gray’s eyes. Unlike Gray, Aaron did wax.

Not his chest, because Lord knew he’d never grown a single hair there, but his groin. “I can grow it out.”

Gray seemed surprised by the offer. “Are you kidding? You’re fucking perfect.”

Aaron wanted to jump on Gray’s lap and ride him until they both came, but all his stuff was in the bedroom. He stepped back and held out his hand. “Come on.”

Gray stood and pulled Aaron into his arms, capturing his mouth in a soul searing kiss.

Aaron opened himself completely to Gray’s questing tongue until his need for oxygen became too great.

“I’ve never let anyone fuck me on a first date,” he said, leading Gray towards the bedroom.

“It’s not our first date,” Gray grunted, running a hand over Aaron’s butt.

When Gray’s finger slid down the crease of Aaron’s ass, Aaron stopped walking and braced his hands on the doorjamb, shoving back into the touch. Gray’s hand disappeared for a few moments before Aaron heard the bigger man spit.

Gray’s wet fingers found their way back to Aaron’s hole. “How long has it been?”

“Little over a year,” Aaron gasped when Gray pushed a finger inside. “But…I…do it myself…sometimes.”

“Aaahh, fuck, that’s sexy,” Gray growled in Aaron’s ear. With an arm around Aaron’s chest and a finger still in his ass, Gray moved them slowly towards the bedroom. “I want in.”

Aaron nodded. “Need you.”


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


They reached the bedroom, and Aaron pulled open his bedside drawer. He climbed onto the mattress and presented himself on his hands and knees. Being coy had never been something he engaged in. He wanted Gray’s cock, so why pretend otherwise?

He rested his cheek on the bed when he felt the slick slide of Gray’s tongue against his hole.
A man who wasn’t too Alpha to rim
. Aaron thought about all the things he’d been too shy to do with men in the past. He wondered if Gray was as adventurous as Aaron wanted to be.

Gray pulled back and Aaron almost cried out in frustration. He heard the click of the lube bottle seconds before a large, flesh-coloured dildo was thrown onto the mattress beside his face.

“Is that what you’ve fucked yourself with lately?” Gray asked, inserting two fingers into Aaron’s ass.

“Sometimes. Believe me, it’s not as good as the real thing.”

“Or as big,” Gray added with a laugh.

Gray worked Aaron’s ass open with skilled fingers. “You ready?”


Gray tossed a condom beside Aaron. “Would you do me a favour and open that? My hands are shaking so bad, I’d end up making a fool of myself.”

Aaron grinned. It was nice to hear he wasn’t the only one shaking. He managed to use his teeth to rip open the foil, handing the rubber back to Gray. Moments later, Aaron felt the head of Gray’s cock press against his stretched hole.

Aaron grabbed at the thin bedspread as Gray rocked his way into the hilt. “Fuck!”

“Too much?” Gray ran his hand down Aaron’s spine in a soothing gesture.

“Just give me a sec.”

Gray’s hairy chest nestled against Aaron’s back as the man peppered kisses to the back of Aaron’s neck. Aaron’s body shivered as Gray’s fingers began lightly tickling his balls. In the span of a breath, the invasion to his ass went from pain to pleasure. He pressed back against Gray’s cock. “I’m okay.”

With his chest still against Aaron’s back, Gray pulled out before surging back in. “God, you feel good.”

Aaron turned his head to the side as far as he could. “Kiss me.”


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


Gray surprised Aaron by pulling completely out. Before Aaron could protest, he was flipped onto his back and pushed to the centre of the bed. Gray climbed onto the mattress and positioned Aaron’s legs over his shoulders, driving his cock deep.

Aaron ran his hands over Gray’s heavy, five o’clock shadow as their mouths met. Once again the taste of Gray drove Aaron’s passion even higher. “Fuck me.”

Gray’s dark brown eyes narrowed as he pistoned his hips, fucking Aaron like a man possessed. “Tell me this isn’t a onetime thing,” Gray ground out between clenched jaws.

Aaron moved his head from side to side. How could the gorgeous man even think such a thing? “God I hope not.”

He sucked in a breath when Gray’s cock began rubbing against his prostate. “I work weird hours though.”

“Me, too.” Gray sat up and fucked Aaron even harder. “I have a very addictive personality, and I think I’ve just found my new drug of choice.”

For some reason, the statement reminded Aaron of Gray’s alcoholic status, which brought forth memories of his drunk father. “No drinking. No cheating.”

Sweat began to drip down Gray’s face to land in the thick matt of hair on his chest. “I know what I have. There’s absolutely no reason to go searching for something better.”

Aaron noticed the way Gray skimmed over the alcohol issue. He wondered if the man was afraid to make the promise, or was embarrassed by it. Reaching down, Aaron took himself in hand, pressing his thumb against the slit on the crown of his cock. He hoped there would be plenty of time to get to know Gray.

That Aaron felt like he did after only one evening together was a puzzle however. What was it about Gray that pulled him in? Aaron had gotten quite good at keeping an emotional distance between him and his sex partners. His life was far too busy for an actual relationship.

Another hard assault on his prostate and Aaron’s cock erupted. “Uuuhhhh.”

“Fuck! Aaron!” Gray howled as his body began to jerk out of rhythm.

Aaron pulled Gray down against his chest and slid his legs from Gray’s shoulder to wrap around his waist. While they both tried to recover, Aaron kissed Gray’s sweaty face, licking the salty skin.

Aaron definitely wanted to continue seeing Gray. He’d just have to find a way.


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


Chapter Five

Dropping his keys on his desk, Gray sat in his chair and sighed. He’d gotten back to his house in enough time to clean up and head back to the office. God, he was getting too old for all-nighters, though he couldn’t complain about what he was doing to keep him up.

Kissing Aaron goodbye almost distracted him enough to make him late, but he managed to break away, promising to call the younger man later to set up a time for them to meet for lunch. He needed to tell Aaron what they found out about the other two victims.

Kaplan strolled in with two cups of coffee in his hands and a file stuck under his arm.

“You look like you either had a very rough night or you got lucky. I’m going out on a limb and say Baker might be good for you.”

Gray took one of the cups and inhaled the scent of coffee. He needed the caffeine more than he cared about being harassed by Kaplan about Aaron. Before Kaplan could say anything else, Gray’s cell phone rang. He pulled it out and saw Bobby’s number on the screen.

“I have to take this. I’ll come find you when I’m done and we’ll talk about what else you’ve found.”

Kaplan nodded and left.

“Hey, Bobby, can’t get enough of me, huh? Nik might get jealous if he knows you’re calling me again,” he teased when he answered.

“Bullshit. Nik knows I’ve only got eyes for him. You’re in some deep shit down there, aren’t you?” Bobby cut to the chase.

“Deep shit? What are you talking about?”

He leaned back in the chair and set his feet on the edge of his desk.

“My partner, Jablonsky, pointed out the murders you’ve had on the Mall. Two victims, blond, young, and male.”

“Three. I thought the news channels would have a field day about that one.”

“Three vics? Same M.O. and everything? Where did the third body turn up?” Bobby’s interest ratcheted up.


Carol Lynne & T.A. Chase


Maybe Gray shouldn’t be discussing the case with his friend, but he trusted Bobby wouldn’t talk to the press about any of it. One thing Bobby was good at was keeping his mouth shut.

“On the South fucking Lawn of the White House. Young blond guy with all the blood drained from his body.”

Bobby cursed softly. “Fuck. I was afraid this would happen.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Does this have anything to do with that case you worked on where you met Nik?”

“I’m afraid it might. I hate to say this, but if your perp isn’t caught soon, there will be more bodies and young men will continue to die.”

“Why young blond males?”

“Okay, here’s the story. There’s a secret society still around known as the Knights of Paiderastia. It was started way back when Vlad the Impaler was around, only Vlad wasn’t a member. His half brother, Radu, was. The Knights think they can achieve religious fulfilment through loving young boys, though they’ll take young men as well.”

“So this is a group of paedophiles?” His stomach roiled and he pushed away his coffee.

“They started out that way, and for all I know, some of them might still be. The assholes we ran into took young men from the clubs or rent boys and killed them.” Bobby paused.

“Were they all blond?” Gray started typing all the information he received from his friend.

“No. That might be a quirk of your killer. I don’t know about that. I can tell you the killings I dealt with were violent and bloody. Not neat and clean like yours. It sounds like your killer has figured out how to control his urges well enough to make it harder for you to discover who he is.”

Gray stopped and stood, strolling over to the window to stare out at the Washington monument at the end of the Mall. Christ, Bobby’s news didn’t sound good, and Gray wasn’t sure how he could manage to stop more murders.

BOOK: Dracul's Revenge 02: Anarchy in Blood
5.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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