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“He’s right, she uses that girl like a ten dollar pump.” Track paced the kitchen like he was deep in thought. After that little stunt with the cops I was seeing him with new eyes. I don’t know that many high school kids who can call shots on the law like that. I get away with it because of who my family is, but somehow this seemed different.


“The cops questioned all of them in the beginning I think.” I forgot he wasn’t here when this all went down and I might’ve missed a few steps in the retelling.

“Are these the same cops who were just at your door accusing you of attacking that twit?”

“No dad got rid of them but you’ve got a point. If we want this thing solved then we’re gonna have to do it ourselves. We know her, so we won’t be so easily fooled by her wiles and who knows what else she’s gonna come up with next.”

“Jace stay the fu-stay out of the damn hospital.” Track glared at me like I was his kid and he was about to go to town. “You don’t need to give her a chance to take any more shots at you, she feeds off that shit. The more time the department wastes on her, the less they have to devote to Sian and who really tried to kill her.”

“Fine, but I’ma kill that bitch as soon as she gets out of there.”

“Take it easy son, those idiots are just waiting for you to screw up so they can lock you away. You go around talking like that is just giving them wood for the fire. Let’s be grateful this thing turned out the way it did.” Dad clapped me on the shoulder on his way to the fridge to grab a beer.

“Yeah about that, Track, you never did tell me, time to fess up bro. How did you know his boss and what exactly did he say to him to get them out of here so fast?”

“I know this guy that knows this other guy.” Smarmy fuck, I knew there was no point in pushing because he won’t budge.

The evening turned out entirely different than I think Mandy expected, with all of us around the kitchen table laughing and pigging out. She was long forgotten in the midst of our reverie as we enjoyed something she never could.

I had one moment of sadness at the fact that one of ours was missing. Until Sian had come along and befriended the younger girl, I wouldn’t have known how to approach Cassandra. The guilt I felt over the secret I was keeping about her father and Mandy ate away at me, but seeing her with Sian and the others here lately had gone a long way to easing some of that.

Chapter 8




don’t trust the cops to get me what I want. Why should I? I’ve seen enough B-movies to know that they’re nothing but a bunch of underpaid goons high on their own power. You couldn’t pay me enough. Then again, they don’t make shit for putting their lives in danger. Still, they have their uses.

Now that things had been set in motion I had time to reflect. There was so much that could go wrong with my plan. I had acted in haste and let my anger lead me. Something I hadn’t done since mom was a street walking trollop who left me behind at night and sometimes for days on end while she did her thing. There were a few loose ends that I hadn’t factored in.

Like Jace’s father. I didn’t think of him when I put my little plan together at the last minute. I know he would stand in front of his son. My accusation had been weak at best, but it was all I’d had time to work with at the time.

No, this won’t do. I need insurance. There has to be some way to make this stick. Why hadn’t I thought of this before calling the detectives? Oh well, better late than never.

Already a plan was forming in my head. I’m nothing if not innovative, ask the men in my little black book. I felt my body heat up as my next move formulated in my head. I couldn’t ask the nurse for this one. No, I didn’t want anything to tarnish that innocent little girl view she had of me. I needed that.

But she wasn’t the only one I’d caught in my web since being holed up here, not by a long shot. My other conquest I was sure, would be only too happy to help. After all, he did help before, and what I had planned would be way more pleasurable for him than the other had been.

I looked around my room as I plotted in my head. The good thing about a private room is the privacy and my dear old stepdad had been very generous in getting me the best. I guess mom still had it if she could get him to spring for my cushy digs. I knew he wasn’t too sure of me after that situation with his whelp, but he had no real proof. There was still room to work him if I was so inclined.

I wonder which one of us he’d prefer if I did go after him? There’s a thought. That’s for another time though, now I have to concentrate on the here and now. I checked my watch, five minutes ‘til change of shift. “Perfect.”

I fished my phone from its hiding place and headed for the added privacy of my own smaltzy little bathroom. I’d put the flowers from mom in there, right on top of the tank. It would be easy enough to nab them on her next visit and pretend like I’d been watering them or something.

I couldn’t believe the woman still didn’t know who I was. That she’d even think that her sudden show of interest in my wellbeing would sway me was a joke. She’s been so wrapped up in her new family, her new life of wealth, that she seemed to have forgotten where we both came from, and what hell she’d put me through as a young girl while she went off selling herself to the highest bidder. I couldn’t fault her though, at least she’d hooked herself a big fish in the end.

I put thoughts of her aside as I sent off my message, ‘come see me before you go’. I waited until the message was sent before deleting it. I wanted no trace of any of this. Wouldn’t want to be caught in my own web.

I checked myself over in the mirror. Mom had bought me some very nice silk gowns to replace those ghastly hospital things, ugh. I fixed my hair and studied my beauty. Who can resist me? No one. The stray thought that one person had was squashed before it had a chance to form completely. That was a mistake, and as soon as I got him back I’ll make him see.

There was no room for failure so I didn’t even let myself think of what-ifs. One day Jace Sanders will rule this town, and I am going to be the woman on his arm. That little ‘nobody’ was not going to stand in my way. I might’ve failed this time at getting her out of the way, that’s what happens when you send an idiot to do the job. Next time she won’t be so lucky, because I will be the one wielding the knife. A gunshot was too good for her. Bitch.

I took a few pain meds for what was coming and was in bed waiting when my visitor arrived. He was a like a basset hound in his eagerness to please. Pitiful!

“Lock the door lover.” He took a deep gulp of air before turning to do as I said. I planted one foot in the bed, making sure that my gown rode up high on my leg, while letting the other leg fall open wider on the floor beside the hospital bed.

“Come ‘ere, don’t be shy. I did promise to reward you remember?” He was by no means my usual fare. Late thirties would be my guess, unless poor living had aged him. But his age wasn’t my problem I’ve had older. It was the fact that I imagine he was living in sneezing distance of poverty on his minimum wage bullshit hospital job.

His eyes were glued to my leg as I reached a hand out for him. “Is your girlfriend at home waiting for you?” My pussy throbbed at his nod. There was nothing more exciting than taking someone else’s dearly beloved, except my bank account of course. I always get an extra high knowing that some poor deluded female was sitting at home waiting for her devoted significant other while he was busy laboring away between my young thighs. Yep, I was starting to juice already. I guess it’s true what they say. The brain is the biggest erogenous zone.

I gave him my best pout. “But I’m so lonely, don’t you want me?” I released the satin bow at my neck and leaned forward just enough to give him a glimpse of the tops of my tits. I knew that would do it. If he swallowed any harder he’d inhale his tongue.

I took his big hand and kissed the palm before pulling it through the open neck of my gown and onto my hot flesh. He cupped my tit and I slid my hand under my gown to tease myself. His breath sped up and his hand tightened. This was going to be quick work he’d probably last all of six seconds. But it will be the best six seconds of his life.

I ran my hand up and down his fly. “Umm, not bad.” He had about nine inches, not bad, that ought to make up for me having to debase myself by lowering my standards. There was always a silver lining you just have to look for it.

“Let’s get you out of these shall we?” I pulled at his belt as I smiled up at him and he stepped out of his pants hurriedly. I took his cock in my hand as he tried to tear my tit off in his excitement. “Take it easy, I’m not going anywhere.” Leaning over I licked the head of his cock before sucking him into my mouth.

“Umm, looks like somebody’s happy to see me.” I teased his cock with my tongue until he was all but hyperventilating. His eyes were already glazed over and his jaw had gone slack.

His cock thumped on my tongue and I squeezed him off to stop him from cumming too soon. “Don’t you dare cum yet.” I gave him one of my glares and he swallowed hard. Like a little boy being scolded.

I took him back into the wet heat of my mouth once it looked like he had himself under control. I rolled my eyes at the sounds he made, as he tried to drill a hole in the back of my neck. I had him exactly where I needed him; now to put my plan in motion.

“I want to play a game.” I looked up at him and licked his cockhead as he breathed like a stadium bull. His eyes followed my tongue and the string of pre-cum that hung there.

“What…what kinda game?” His voice broke. Pitiful. Releasing him, I laid back on the bed and drew my gown up my thighs and over my belly, exposing myself to him. I thought he would have heart failure.

I pushed my fingers inside my pussy and pulled them out again, putting them in my mouth and licking. His face turned red and I swear he was going to drool. “I want you to hurt me.”

“Hurt you, how?” He didn’t seem too put off by the idea but he was going to need a little incentive.

“Come on over here and I’ll show you.” He almost tripped over the pants he’d left on the floor getting to me. I pulled on his plug a couple more times bringing him down to me. “Put it in me.” He was only too happy to comply.

Not bad. If he wasn’t a minimum wage making halfwit I might have kept his number in my phone after this was all over. I let him pound away inside me as my mind went to the end result.

“Put your hands around my throat and choke me as hard as you can.” He seemed a little worried at first until I squeezed my pussy around him and dug my heels in his ass. “Come on.” He responded better to commands. I must remember that.

His hands came around my throat and squeezed. “Harder, I want you to mark me there.” I wasn’t surprised that I actually enjoyed the sensation of being strangled. It’s something I’d done before, just not to this extent, and certainly not for this purpose.

“Fuck me harder, that’s a good boy.” He was lost after that and I had lost interest. I’d already got what I wanted but since I might need him again I didn’t think it wise to leave him high and dry.

“Cum on my face. Pull out.”

“Oh shit.” I know this asshole didn’t just release one of his little inferior tadpoles in me. He was finally able to pull out and I let him spray my face. I have yet to meet a man who didn’t like that.

He dropped like a stone next to me on the hospital bed. “That was great but you have to go, my parents will be here soon.” He came in for a kiss and I withstood it. “Thanks a lot.” I like a man with manners.

To reward him I wiped some of his jizz from my face and licked it off my fingers while looking into his eyes. “You know what would be hot? If you went home right now and made love to your girlfriend with my scent on you. Just ease up on her from behind and she’ll never know.”

That was another favorite of mine. Sending some poor deprived man home to his wife with my juices still on him. He seemed to like the idea since his dick came back to life. “I’ll see you soon.” That was my not so subtle way of saying goodbye. Get the hell out.

He was like a little well-fed puppy as he hopped back into his clothes and blubbered all over his face about when he could see me next. “We’ll see. We have to be careful. Don’t want anyone catching on now do we.” I endured one last slobbering kiss before he made his exit.

As soon as he left I headed for the shower to clean up and get back into character. I have to be ready for act two. The more I think of it, this was a much better plan. There’s no way I can be thwarted now, not with the evidence of Jace’s abuse which I had no doubt I could sell the two hapless detectives.

My wounds were starting to pull as the painkillers begun to wear off. I took a nice hot shower doing my best not to wet my bandages before changing into another one of mom’s offerings.

This one was a little more virginal and perfect for my purposes. Not something I would’ve chosen for myself and it made me wonder who the hell my mother had been living with the last couple of years that would make her think I’d even like this frilly shit.

Back in the room I sprayed on some of my Angel perfume. Couldn’t have my room smelling like a fuck. Then I called that idiot Liz to see how well my earlier plan had worked.

“So tell me, was he surprised when they put the cuffs on him?” I was feeling much better than I did after my confrontation with Jace and his hag of a girlfriend. Sex always did that to me. Even mediocre sex and anything that had no added benefit for me was considered just that.

“I don’t know they weren’t here.”

“What do you mean? I sent those stupid cops after them as soon as they left here. I wanted it done at school where everyone could see.” Why can no one do what I ask?

“ I don’t know and now I can’t reach Shayne it says my number was blocked.” Does she think I care about her stupid high school drama? My life is unraveling as we speak. I asked for one thing and nobody can get it right. To top it off I’d just given myself away for practically nothing and the stupid cops hadn’t even done their job.

I hung up the phone in the middle of her pity party as I tried to think. If the cops didn’t arrest Jace then I’d just wasted my charms for no damn reason.

I’m going to have to come up with another plan, but somehow he was going to pay for what he did to me today. And then after I take him back I will be sure to make him suffer for putting me through this.

Now I was feeling down again, that high I was riding only a minute ago was gone with the wind. I pounded my fist against the mattress forgetting the pain in my side from the hole some asshole had put there. “Ouch.”

I retrieved my little black book that I had conned my idiot mother into bringing to me here. If this fell into the wrong hands I could be in a lot of trouble, along with quite a few of our town’s more upstanding citizens. But no one knew what was in here. Mom thought her little girl was just worried about keeping up with her schoolwork, little does she know.

I heard footsteps approaching and snuck it back into its hiding place before getting back into character. Lying back against the pillows I let my face go slack and my eyes water just as the detective entered the room.

“Did you get him?” That was really good, just enough fear in my voice to be convincing. Maybe after this little stint I should look into an acting career after all. I’m pretty good at it. So far I’ve been able to fool everyone around me, everyone except Jace that is.

“We have some more questions. Are you sure that Sanders was the one who attacked you outside your room?” He took out his little book and looked at me expectantly.

“Why are you asking me that? I already told you what happened. Didn’t you arrest him?”

“No we couldn’t, there wasn’t enough to bring him in.”

BOOK: Eden High: Series 2 (Eden High #2)
11.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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