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BOOK: Edwards, Willa - Midnight Mirage (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Midnight Mirage

Lincoln and Gabe, best friends and the hottest new alt-rock duo Mirage, only want one thing. Mallory. They’ve been waiting a year for Mallory to open her heart to both of them and accept the alternative relationship they wish for.


Mallory’s flattered by their attentions but can’t believe they’re any more than sweet words. They’re rock stars, surrounded by beautiful woman. They can’t possibly want a plain-Jane reporter like her.


When a crazed fan forces their hand, their protective instincts take over. Gabe and Lincoln aren’t willing to wait for their woman any longer. They initiate her with intense pleasure, ringing in the New Year in the naughtiest way possible. But when they whisper words of love and forever in her ear, she runs away.


Will Mallory be able to open her heart and return their affection, or will insecurity keep her from the men who love her?


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
30,348 words


Willa Edwards


Siren Publishing, Inc.


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IMPRINT: Ménage Amour


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To all the strong, powerful women that have encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Especially the real
, my grandmother. Who encouraged me to write from the first day I started to bang on her typewriter. I wish you could be here to see me finally achieve my dream.



Copyright © 2011

Chapter One

“Is tonight the night?”

His best friend’s voice invaded his thoughts, distracting Lincoln from the round hips and long black hair of the woman bouncing in front of them. Her body swayed as she made her way through the crowd toward the backstage area where they stood.

“I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on, mate,” Gabe continued, unbidden, as always. “My bollocks are turning blue waiting for you.”

Lincoln cast his eyes to the side, catching a glimpse of his best friend in the semidarkness. From Gabe’s firm stance, his focused eyes, and the bulge in his pants, he was just as interested and desperate as Lincoln was.

Lincoln turned away from his friend, staring back to where the woman bounced to the music. It would be much better if she were dancing to their music, instead of the
Mötley Crüe
wannabes onstage, but her passion and interest were intoxicating regardless of the drivel ringing through the air.

“God, she’s gorgeous,” Gabe smirked as his eyes scanned her temptress form. “How can you stand waiting?”

Gorgeous didn’t even start to describe her. She was beautiful, sexy, vulnerable. She wore tight dark jeans that molded to her ass, a golden corset spread across her chest, pressing her breasts high, ready to greet him like the New Year. In the past year they’d known Mallory, they’d learned a lot about her. They both knew her looks were only the beginning of her beauty.

And Lincoln wasn’t doing any better at waiting than his friend was. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from telling her exactly what he wanted to do to her. And he’d gotten in the habit of fisting his hands at his sides any time Mallory was near, just to stop himself from reaching for her, or accidentally touching her, which he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop once he started.

From the first moment she’d walked into their lives as the new, ambitious reporter for
Alternative Beats
magazine, they’d both wanted her. She’d radiated a complexity that was intriguing and intoxicating in the same breath.

She wore her hardness on the outside, like armor. Her fierce exterior erected in an attempt to keep the world at bay with a surly disposition, quick words, and well-placed, cutting looks. But there was a sweetness to her as well, a vulnerability she hid beneath all that steely strength.

The bright stage lights streamed through the curtains into the backstage area, casting half her face in shadow. Yet through the din, her soft smile glowed stronger than the spots feet away.

Lincoln, and Gabe too, liked a woman with just a touch of sweetness. They both longed for a woman who cared for her friends and family enough to keep in touch with them regardless of the chaos on the road. A woman who would want them both enough to be content to spend hours simply kissing and caressing all night instead of attending yet another party or award show. They needed a lover who felt passion to her profession, and could understand their own devotion and dedication their careers.

But she couldn’t be too sweet. She had to be daring enough to consider their arrangement, permanently, not just as wild story she could tell her friends at the PTA after she drank too much. She had to be strong enough to enjoy the mind-blowing sex they had in store for her, resilient enough to reveal in the numerous orgasms they’d exhaust her with each night. And then again the next morning. And the night after that.

He could already imagine Mallory coming beneath him. Her soft lips parted in a screaming moan, her strong white teeth gripping his flesh. Her face pressed into Gabe’s neck, holding tight, as Lincoln slammed into her from behind. Mallory would love it. He knew it. He could sense it, and his cock was already hard, ready to show her exactly how much she’d enjoy being sandwiched between Lincoln and his best friend.

The pound of the band’s drum filled the stage area in perfect time with the sway of her hips. Mallory’s hair swayed in the wind as she walked closer toward them. The tips traced across her cheek, neck, and collarbone, making Lincoln groan with need.

Gabe and he had been sharing women for a couple of years now. It had started as a novelty to break up the boredom and monotony of months on the road, but had slowly grown into an obsession that neither of them could escape.

Lincoln wasn’t gay. He had no sexual interest in Gabe beyond the women they shared. But there was something about having a woman together, enjoying her moans and screams together, making her come over and over again until she begged them to stop. It was intoxicating, and over the lonely stretches of the tour, they’d become addicted.

They tried other experiments, but they continued to return to their shared experiences, their communal pleasure Now all they wanted was Mallory. And they didn’t want her for only a night. This time they were determined to make the arrangement permanent.

It was only that possibility that had convinced Gabe to wait for her. The promise of never having to wake up to the woman they wanted having fled in the middle of the night. The prospect of never having to be denied again because the woman they chose wasn’t interested in being shared, or didn’t understand how they could care for her together.

But to create such a relationship, Lincoln knew they needed time for Mallory to become comfortable with them, uninhibited enough to accept their offer and submit to her feelings, as well as their desires.

“Please tell me I’m starting out this year right. I’ve been dreaming about those tits for a year. I can’t believe I’ll finally get to touch them,” Gabe whispered as she turned, the stage lights silhouetting her ample curves.

Lincoln’s cock rose higher in his pants, until the bite of zipper rubbed the sensitive head to painful proportions. Her tits would feel fantastic in his hands, warm and heavy, her hard nipples rubbing against his palms.

But he rather preferred her ass. Round, generous, filling out her jeans with its sweet swells, it made Lincoln’s mouth water. He’d be more than satisfied loving that ass all night long, pounding between her thighs, the tight muscles bouncing against his stomach. Gabe could have her breasts.

Lincoln stole his eyes away from the goddess form before him only long enough to nod at his best friend. Tonight was the night. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“But are you sure she won’t reject us?” Gabe asked with concern, even as his eyes darkened with arousal.

Lincoln paused. It was hard to ever be sure how any woman would accept them, especially one as defiant as Mallory. Just another of the qualities they loved about her. She’d never give in to them. She’d never submit to everything they wanted because they asked, or were famous rock stars. She’d fight them. She’d push them to their limits. She wouldn’t give in unless she wanted whatever they asked for as much as they did.

“She wants us,” Lincoln responded, deciding to accentuate the positive instead of the uncertain.

At the edge of the boundary between them, a thin blond bouncer stared at her press pass, refusing her entrance. After several moments of staring at the laminated card hanging from her neck along a thick, braided string, he unhooked the red velvet rope, making a hole in the barrier for her to walk through.

Mallory pulled back to look at him indignantly, making Lincoln swallow back a laugh. What had the bouncer said to their Venus? From the shameful look on his face, he was regretting it now.

Mallory moved past him in a huff, her steps exaggerated by the high heels of her boots. Lincoln’s resolution increased with her haughty display. Tonight was the night they’d finally have her. Tonight was the night they’d make her theirs.

Only feet from where she stamped toward them, the band screamed, “Time to rock in the New Year!”

* * * *

“Ready for your interview?” Mallory asked, her voice rumbling with unease as she took the final steps to meet Lincoln and Gabe, the duo who made up Mirage, the band she’d been sent to this New Year’s extravaganza to interview. The ground vibrated beneath her feet from the bass of the band still onstage. She looked up to meet their eyes, the focused heat of Lincoln and Gabe’s gaze burning her like a laser. Mallory tried to ignore the warm fluttering in her stomach at their stare, and the heat climbing up her face.

There was something different about the way they looked at her today. The way they’d watched her approach. Her reporter sense tingled.

She knew these men better than probably anyone else did, beside their mothers. In the year since she’d met them, they’d become the constant in her new, relentlessly-moving life spent searching for new stories and bands. Since she’d started her career last January she could only recall a few instances when she’d gone more than three weeks without running into Gabe and Lincoln. She’d interviewed every one of their opening acts, reported on the same award ceremonies and benefits they attended, and even ended up at the same hotel as they were during their vacation, which she’d arrived at to interview a different musician entirely.

At first it had seemed odd to her, too coincidental, but after a few months on the road she’d started to look forward to these chance meetings. Enjoying each moment with these men, basking in the attention they showed her, the flirting words and accidental touches of Gabe, and Lincoln’s deep eyes focused on her as he quizzed her about rock history.

“Of course.” Gabe’s British accent made him sound overly polite as he spoke. Though she knew he was anything but. He took a step closer to her, so she could smell the aftershave and warm sweat from his performance dabbled on his skin.

“Let’s start with what you two are planning.” Mallory looked back and forth between them, trying to determine the direction of their thoughts.

“We were trying to determine how to get you into bed with us,” Gabe stated matter-of-factly. He glided closer to her, fitting into one side like a key in a lock, while Lincoln circled around to the other, making her feel like she was being surrounded by hungry sharks.

She smiled, the twirl in her stomach increasing, as if she’d swallowed three of the helicopters she could hear circling the musical extravagance in the sky. They’d been flirting with her since the moment they’d meet her. Every time she bumped into Lincoln and Gabe, they’d whisper wickedly seductive nothings in her ear that made her pussy gush with need. But there was a purr to Gabe’s voice today that held more promise than they usually did. As if this time he planned to make good on his flirts.

It wasn’t professional. She knew that. But it wasn’t uncommon for rock-and-roll journalists to get involved with their subjects. She probably should put a stop to it, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the attention of two gorgeous rock stars who could have any woman they wanted.

It wasn’t like they really meant any of it. Like all the other musicians she’d met, they were all talk and no follow-through.

“Right,” Mallory huffed. “That’s not enough to shut me up.”

“We don’t want to shut you up.” Gabe’s hand traced her left side, the touch combined with his lyrical accent made her shiver, regardless of the almost-January, cool air. His bleach-blond surfer boy looks contradicted his British heritage. “We want to make you scream in the New Year with us.”

Lincoln nodded. His dark eyes watched her, gauging her reaction. She wished she knew what he saw. Her legs shook beneath his intensity. Her panties dampened as his eyes darkened almost to black.

She’d been having dreams of these two men for months, what it would feel like curled between them, screaming out their names, filled to the brim with their cocks. The way Lincoln looked at her, it was almost as if he could see those fantasies, the erotic images that flicked across her eyelids even now. Their combined male scent tantalized her senses.

But they were only dreams. Things like that didn’t really happen. Definitely not to girls like her. She could rarely get one man to hang around long enough to end up in her bed, let alone two.

“Spend the night with us,” Lincoln whispered into Mallory’s ear, making her quiver at the warm gust. The heat of his body radiated through the mere inches between them to bathe her skin.

It would be so easy to give in to her desire. All her friends thought she lived this crazy rock star life filled with drugs, wild sex, and raging parties. Mallory wished she had half the fun and excitement everyone assumed. In truth she was more a visitor to this music mania world than a citizen. She spent more time in her hotel room at the computer than at any party. It made for a very lonely life.

She hadn’t even had sex in six months. He’d been a member of the stage crew, not a rocker, or a drummer, just an average run-of-the-mill roadie. She’d thought maybe he’d want to see her more, but he’d never called her again. In the end, it didn’t matter. She was fine on her own.

“Stop kidding around.” Mallory shifted her weight on her too-high stiletto heels, trying to separate herself from Gabe and Lincoln. If she got far enough from their body heat she might be able to think clearly again.

“We’re not joking, love,” Gabe whispered directly into her ear, his lips so close they were almost on her earlobe.

“I’m here for the interview,” Mallory conditioned. “Nothing else.”

BOOK: Edwards, Willa - Midnight Mirage (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
12.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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