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“We won’t just sit
back and do nothing,” I say to him

He gives me a look that says he is grateful.

Then his face turns regretful again.

He sits down on my bed.

This is
battle, he tells us.  He will find Rejon himself.

There is no use in all of us getting killed.

Angelica argues with him again.  He is being stupid.  No one can stop Rejon alone; he has hundreds of followers and amazing powers.

He takes a deep breath and repeats, this is

I am suddenly terrified of losing him.

He is everything to me.  I couldn’t bear it.

Angelica looks at him suspiciously, “Why are you so keen to do this alone?”

He states the obvious.  He doesn’t want us getting hurt.

“Are you sure that’s it?” Angelica asks in an accusing tone
.  “Or is it that you know you
get hurt.  Are you Rejon, Danny?  I’ve been getting awfully near to tracking him lately.  Is this supposed ‘threat’ a ploy to take suspicion off yourself, so I won’t find you out?”

I can’t believe she would say that.

Evidently Daniel can’t either.

His voice is quiet but you can hear how much her accusation has hurt him, “Angelica, I am afraid for my
here.  Could you please put your paranoia behind you, just for once, and be my sister again.  I kinda need her right now.”

She doesn’t answer for a moment.

Then she sits down beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

She has a plan, for tonight at least.

Daniel can sleep in her bed.  She will sleep in Daniel’s room.

This way if Rejon comes tonight he won’t find Daniel in the obvious place.

If Rejon comes she fully plans to kill him.

She begins packing an overnight bag.

No matter how much Daniel argues she won’t take no for an answer.

He finally resigns himself to the fact that her mind is made up, “What are you going to tell Greg Harshaw?”

I remember now that he’s Daniels room-mate.  Angelica just arriving in
for the night
probably would be a surprise for him.

She just giggles, “I don’t think he will be too upset to see me.”

Daniel and I glance at each other.  Perhaps this is a case of the less we know the better.

She leaves, telling Daniel
to be careful. 

The look in her eyes says a lot.  She obviously still cares deeply about her brother.

“Wow, that was strange,” he remarks when she’s gone.  “She didn’t even accuse
of being Rejon!  She just left me with you . . . It’s like she trusts you completely.  She doesn’t even trust
!  What did you do that I didn’t?”

I tell him that I have no idea why she trusts me.

I couldn’t even answer her question about how I woke up during Nate’s spell.

Yet she seems to trust me completely.

Maybe, despite everything, she knows that we’re friends.

This realisation makes me laugh softly.  She is, indeed, a very quirky girl.

Daniel gives me a heart-melting smile now.  He tells me that I have a cute laugh.

With that I suddenly become very aware that we are alone.

We are alone for the whole night.

This makes me begin to giggle nervously.

He pulls me
and kisses me.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the feeling of being helplessly absorbed by him.

I love it.

I really wish we could just do this all day.

I find myself wishing that we could do more.

My phone begins ringing.

Daniel pulls away briefly and tells me that I should answer it.

I ignore this and kiss him again.

He is all I want in this whole world.
I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

The phone doesn’t quit ringing.

In the end I have to answer it.

It’s my Mom.  She thinks
we left things on a bad note earlier.

She thinks I should
really talk
to her now. 

She wants to know that I’m alright with everything.

“Oh yeah sure, I’m fine with it,” I assure her, wanting to get back to Daniel.

This doesn’t satisfy her.  She knows me too well. 

I’m hiding my feelings again, she thinks.

Daniel has just noticed my diary on the bed.

He picks it up.

“Daniel, don’t read that!”  I shriek, trying to grab it from him.

My Mom’s voice sounds stern suddenly, “Daniel?  Katy, who’s Daniel?  Where are you?”

I assure her that I’m in my room.

Then I tell her that I have to go now.  I’ll call her soon.

I hang up and grab my diary off Daniel.

He looks at me amused, “What have you got in there?”

I give him the same answer I always give his sister.

There is nothing in there.  Nothing at all.

A sudden flash of light makes us both look to the window.

It was lightening. 

wasn’t forecast for tonight.

A horrible rumbling of thunder soon follows.

I sit down near Daniel again.

I am not afraid of thunder or anything.  It’s just nice to have someone around when it happens.

Daniel remarks that at least the electricity hasn’t gone.

Then the lights go out.

The darkness, coupled with the sudden storm, causes a lot of students to be afraid.  There is so much fear going around the place now that you can see it in the air.

I don’t know who it belongs to.

Daniels tells me to snack on some.  We won’t get to go to an Arachne meeting tonight now, not in this weather.  I will need to fill myself somehow.

I think about it and decide to leave it until later.

I rest my head on his shoulder, “I’m glad you’re here.”

I feel his arm wrap around me. 

It feels like pure comfort, the
kind I’ve been after for a long time

He kisses me again.

This time we end up going a bit further.

ore long I am lying down and he
is kissing my neck.

I can only see him when lightning flashes across the room.

Every time this happens I am taken by how attractive he is.

I love what he is doing to my

We are so close.  I wonder if he can feel how fast my heart is beating.

He begins to remove my top.

Now this is getting dangerous.

Daniel is seeing how far he can push it.

I shall have to be the one to say ‘stop’.  I know it.

He isn’t strong enough.

Every instinct in me is screaming just to go with it.

Still, I know the consequences, “Danny, you should probably go over
your own bed now.”

I push him gently away.

He looks disappointed, “Why?  Things are a lot more fun over here.”

He makes an attempt at kissing my chest.

Again I stop him, despite wanted him to continue, it takes a l
ot of strength, “Daniel Knight
, get to your own bed now!”

He sighs and looks into my eyes, “I am not getting lucky tonight, am I?”

Lightning flashes across the room again.

I am once again dazzled by his looks.

“You are not getting lucky until I find a cure,” I say, wishing this situation could be different.  “Now Go!”

He takes my instruction and leaves for the other bed,
mumbling about how life sucks sometimes.

I can’t help being amused by how forlorn he looks all the way over there.

He is just staring at the roof, blankly.

“Danny,” I say, projecting my voice over to him.

“What?”  There is a bit of the spark back in his voice now.

“I’m so lonely over here,” I reply dramatically, in my best damsel-in-distress voice.  “I sure wish there was a man around here who would hold me!”

He bursts out laughing.

When he recovers he is over in a flash.

He gets in under the blanket with me and I lie on his chest.

He tells me to go asleep.

There is a dream he wants to send me.

He guarantees that it won’t be a nightmare.

With the security of his arm around me I soon fall asleep.

The dream he sends me is amazing.

He starts with the past.

He shows me snippets from his childhood.  It seemed so happy.

After he became an Arachne things changed.

He hasn’t been happy for years.

Not until now.

He moves onto the future.

He sees us as being together.

He thinks will have a daughter named Charlotte, or Char for short.

She won’t be an Arachne.  She will be human, happy.

He can see her so vividly, her black hair and distinctive green eyes.

I wake up, completely speechless.

“Did you like it?” he asks hopefully
.  “It was just a few thoughts I had.”

I assure him that I loved it, and kiss him just to prove it.

Then I tell him to go asleep.  I want to show him something.

Eventually he does fall asleep.

He looks so calm
in sleeping
, the complete opposite to earlier.

I put my hand on his head.

I giggle.

He is going to like this dream.

In it we do all kinds of naughty things I couldn’t even mention to you.

I just let my imagination run free.

Eventually he wakes up, “And I thought you were an innocent girl!”

I find myself giggling again.

Tonight has been pretty awesome.

He thinks the same.

I know by the way he is looking at me.


The next morning is Sunday and it’s quiet around the school.


All the Arachne
s are up.  Nate has called an emergency meeting.

We all convene in the gym.

It isn’t good news, our leader announces.

He got a letter from Rejon yesterday.

There are a few gasps; this is not an average occurrence.

Daniel looks worried, so does Angelica.

Nate has bags under his eyes.
He didn’t sleep a lot last night.

He reads out the letter to us.  It is his opinion that we all deserve to know the contents.

It goes like this,


Dear Weaklings


Many nights I have stayed up wondering why you wouldn’t join my army.

We are lovely people,
you know, behaving how Arachne
s should.

I don’t know why you insist on acting like humans.


When you refused to join me, in my quest against the Mayrons, it annoyed me.


I got a tad ‘upset’.

Then I got angry.


Therefore I have decided that my vendetta against the Mayrons is dated.

They don’t fight back.  They are no fun.


My new vendetta is against you.


I shall destroy you all at will.





P.S. You Weaklings
should have joined my army.

It’s too late now.  You’ve already hurt my feelings.


There is sheer panic when Nate finishes reading.

I’ve never seen collective fear just spike like this.

It’s practically glowing in the air, blue and red.

Daniel grabs my hand.

He promises that he won’t let Rejon hurt me.

Honestly, I’m more worried about my boyfriend than myself.  Rejon didn’t send me a
message after all.

BOOK: Elysium's Love Triangle
11.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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