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Authors: Nadia Nightside

Tags: #lesbians, #princess, #oral sex, #hypnosis, #hypnotized, #hypnotism, #mind control, #breeding, #impregnation, #multiples, #menage

Enslaving the Princess (Mind Control Breeding) (4 page)

BOOK: Enslaving the Princess (Mind Control Breeding)
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Mariana cut her off with a sizzingly perfect kiss,
melding their wet, thick lips together with ferocious passion. Their mouths, so
close to Master's cock, quickly latched onto it, making out with each other as
they ran their lips up and down his magnificent meat. They each adored
his massive length, their perfect lips overrunning.

Mariana loved her fellow slave Camille, loved how
completely in love they both were with Victor, loved how they both worshipped
him with everything they had. It was so utterly perfect.

Their tongues molded down on
Victor's cock, adoring it, loving it, loving him, loving each other. There was
enough of it for Mariana to suck and deepthroat the head while Camille went on
to suckle on his shaft, and vice versa.

Master's body tensed up. They
each moaned in their kisses, knowing he would gift them with his cum

And, just when it seemed like
he wouldn't, when it seemed like they couldn't live any longer without one more
second of his seed, he came. The hot, thick, brilliant white strands sprayed
deep into Mariana's throat, Master shoving her down first on his orgasming
member. Then he pulled her off and shoved the meat deep into Camille's perfect,
waiting mouth. The slaves moaned and shook with orgasm, their tits all mashed
together, their legs intertwined with their Master's, his cum soaking the mass
of their perfect, silky soft strands.

They swallowed it down
eagerly, loving the warm, perfect feeling of it oozing into their bodies, of
each perfectly crafted atom decorating their utterly beautiful beings. They
giggled and laughed richly, almost crying in joy.

"Thank you, Master,"
they cooed together. "Thank you, King Victor."

Mariana loved the feel of his
warm goo all over her, the blanket of wet hotness it provided.

Inside her belly, Mariana
could already feel her Master's seed going to work, filling her up with life.
Her belly swelling just slightly, her tits growing. His power grew within her,
just as it grew in the realm. For as Mariana went, so went the kingdom of

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Enslaving the Princess (Mind Control Breeding)
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Bound to Obey: A Dark Possessions Story (Mind Control BDSM)
by Nadia Nightside!

Unappreciated and ignored, geeky teenager David feels doomed to never have sex. Even with being a nice guy to every girl he encounters, they still treat him like the loser he was branded as in high school. The love of his life, blond and busty Amy, won’t even give him a second thought, and the arrogant, exotic beauty Catalina—who is responsible for his standing at the bottom of the social ladder—humiliates him every chance she can get.

But that’s all about to change. A gorgeous shop owner at the new antique store in town, Possessions, has given him a mystical set of ropes that will give him total control over anyone he chooses. Soon, he has Amy wrapped and constrained, under his total control, falling deeply in love with him and calling him Master…and Catalina is next.

For mature audiences only! This erotica short (~11000 words) features scenes of intense enslavement, hypnotic inductions, light bondage (hot babes bound by rope), enslaved babes happily enslaving other beauties, and hardcore rope-bound blowjobs and penetration!


Finally, she heard thumps behind the door. It opened up to reveal…David.


He was shirtless, wearing sweatpants. Had he gained some mass recently? She remembered him being incredibly scrawny, but now he was more…wiry. Ripped, really.

“Hey, good lookin’,” he said with a smile. “You look ravishing.”

She rolled her eyes. Maybe he couldn’t see it behind her designer sunglasses, or maybe he could, she didn’t care. Of course she looked ravishing. She was Catalina. Could there ever be any doubt?

“Um, yeah, whatever.” Catalina was confused. “Where’s Amy? I thought she and I were going out shopping for shoes?”

“Oh, she’s up here,” said David. “Just follow me.”

Before going into the apartment proper, they had to go up a narrow stairway. She followed him up the stairs. His back was layered with thick muscles, like he had been spending the past couple of weeks lifting and constantly staying in motion.

At the top of the stairs, there was a flash of movement, and she felt something tight and soft slip over her arms, binding them to her torso. She looked down. Was that…rope? She squirmed, thinking it was some joke, but the ropes only got tighter and tighter. She couldn’t move her arms at all.

“What…what’s this?” Her voice had just an edge of panic.

“Hey babes,” came Amy’s voice. The delectable blond slid her face forward, resting it on Catalina’s shoulder. “I’m like, so glad you decided to come over.”

“Wha…what is this?” Catalina straightened up, trying to power out. “If this is a joke, I am not laughing. Seriously. I do not like this.”

Except…some part of her did. The ropes felt…good. They felt like they were sliding over more than just her skin. Her brain, maybe. Hot little warm thoughts slid over her skin and into her mind.

“This isn’t a joke at all, babes,” Amy chirped. “We’re going to enslave you!”

The achingly hot blonde giggled, pushing Catalina into the living room...

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About the Author

For Nadia Nightside, everything is about sex, and sex is all about power and control. She spends all her time dreaming up hot new ways to delight readers with stories including these themes--whether they include science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or more realistic aspects.

If it involves hot, steamy submission, or one dominant personality asserting just exactly how dominant he or she is, she loves it, and she wants to write about it.

BOOK: Enslaving the Princess (Mind Control Breeding)
9.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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