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Content warning: this book contains pseudo incest, adult situations, explicit sex scenes and strong language. This book is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active persons are 18 or older.


This book was previously “Lovely.” Certain parts have been rewritten and it has been given a new cover and title as part of a PR and publisher agreement. Please enjoy.


Copyright 2013 Alexia Stark



Alexia Stark


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any informational storage retrieval system without prior written permission of the publisher except in the brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.




“I’ve got this weird issue with people, you know?”
Evaleigh slurped the last of her Long Island iced tea, the gurgle of the vanishing liquid around ice frustrating her more than it should have.

She glanced up at her dark haired, dark eyed date. He sat, elbows on table, chin on hands, lips p
ursed in an expression of worry, confusion and more than a hint of exasperation.

Evaleigh had no idea why.
She let the straw go with her lips, the words popping out. “I mean, that’s not first date stuff, I know. Not that I’m saying this is a date or anything.”

Her date shook his head. “No, no, of course it isn’t. Would you like another drink?” He reached out and plucked the glass from her hands and she realized she was trembling so hard the ice was rattling.

She nodded her head, the quick jerking sending a painful twinge through her neck.

“So,” His eyes met hers as he set her cup down on the table and signaled the waiter. The soft flickering of the candle at their table did nothing to calm her frayed nerves. “What do you do?”

“Like… my job?” she asked, and he nodded, infinite patience in his eyes.

“I, oh, uh…” A nervous laugh broke from her lips and she caught the offended glances of the people at the table next to them. “I, uh, yeah. I’m a coroner. I cut up dead people for a living.”

The clatter of silver wear on plates and the groans of the people from the next table brought a grin to her lips. “I get that reaction all the time. See, dead people are easy to read. Living people ask questions then turn green at the answer.”

She caught the horrified expression on her date’s face. “Oh, don’t worry, I washed my hands.”
She took the drink from the waiter that stopped at their table. “Oh, and I’m on forced leave because I lost a body. Like, it got up and walked out of the morgue. Cool, huh?” She smiled at her date, who pressed his face into his palms, his shoulders tight.

She realized how her words must have sounded and attempted to fix the situation.
“He’s not a zombie or anything. It’s actually impossible, the whole zombie thing. I’ve written in medical journals about it.”

He lifted a hand, and she shut up to suck down half her drink. “Well, it’s been fun…” he started, but she flinched when a hand clapped on her shoulder. Turning, she exclaimed in surprise.

“Declan!” She smiled up at her step brother, catching his tense posture.

“Evie, why aren’t you answering your phone?” Her brother’s s
erious eyes darted to her date and she waved at the guy, who glanced around the restaurant with an exasperated glare.

“It’s rude to talk on the phone when…”

“Are you on a date? Right now? Are you kidding me?” Declan’s glare darkened.

“It’s not a date. I was just telling him that, actually. How funny!” She grinned at her date, who jerked his shoulders up and grabbed his jacket
off the back of his chair.

“I should be going.” He dropped some bills on the table and she glared at her brother.

“You scared him off. Damn it, Declan.”

Her brother let out a sharp sigh. “Yeah, I’m sure
scared him. Look, I told Dad and Lanie I’d keep an eye on you. What are you doing dropping off the radar?”

“Aww, Mom and Dick told you to keep an eye on me?” She stood as he took her arm and hauled her to her feet. “Seriously, though, I’m twenty five. I don’t need to be babysat.”

“Your lack of social skills aside, yes, you do. Evie, you got suspended from work because a body disappeared.” He led her toward the door amidst gasps of patrons.

“It’s not like I stole it and hid it under my bed. Seriously, they checked my house already.” The buzz of voices trailing them made her want to laugh, but she tamped down the need.

Damn it
, Evie, this isn’t a joke.” Her brother halted and turned to glare down at her. At six foot three, he towered over her five foot four frame.

Needing to tease him, she widened her eyes. “Language, brother.
And you have to admit, it’s kind of funny.”

With a muttered curse, he dragged her out into the cold night air. She shivered, crossing her arms over her chest. The silk dress she’d worn did nothing to protect her from the biting air. Without a word, her brother released his death grip on her arm and pulled off his jacket. Whisking it around her shoulders, he put an arm around her, holding her close to his warmth.

“I was worried about you.” The anger in his words surprised her.

“I’m okay.”

He stopped beside his dark grey Jag, his hands on her shoulders. He studied her face for a few moments, as if words settled on the tip of his tongue but refused to roll forth. When he released her, she turned, running a hand along the shiny XK180.

“You love this car.” The words were only to fill the uncomfortable silence he’d let hang between them with his inability to speak his mind.

“It’s just a car, Evie.” He got into his side and leaned over to open her door. She got in and the engine roared to life, the thick chorus of
Tear You Apart
prompting her to sing along.

“I’m taking you back to my place.” Her brother pulled out of the lot a bit too quick. She loved his driving. Everything was a bit too fast, too abrupt, too sharp. There seemed to be no answer to his words, so she focused on the town whizzing by.

“I didn’t like him,” he said, his voice thoughtful.

She glanced over at him. “Really? I don’t think he liked me either.”

“Nah, I’m sure he thought you were a doll.”

She shook her head
with a grin. Declan’s hand left the gearshift to come to rest on her knee, and she put hers on it. They pulled up in front of her brother’s cute little place on the edge of town, she glanced at him.

“I forgot Sandra left.” She hated herself for saying it, but control wasn’t her strong point. Her brother looked out his window, refusing to look her way and she sucked in a deep breath.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“No, don’t be. I’m used to you, you know?” He got out of the car and she couldn’t help but feel the words were a jab, though she doubted it. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body.
She got out, walking up the walkway behind him. They hesitated at the door, and he stood, an air of dejection pressing his shoulders down.

She reached out and touched his arm, needing to offer comfort. His hand came up to cover hers and he pushed the door open. They walked toward the living room, but he grabbed her and tugged her toward his room.

“I told Dad and Lanie I’d keep an eye on you, and I’m serious. No sneaking out.” He looked down his nose at her, and she stifled a grin. He had no idea how fun the challenge in his voice sounded.

“I wouldn’t do anything like that.” She pressed her palms to her thighs, the silken dress smooth under her fingers.

He stopped in his doorway, turning a quizzical expression to her. She jerked a shoulder up, keeping her face as innocent as she could. The gentle bounce of her breast under silk reminded her she hadn’t worn a bra.

“You know, the parents might fall for it, but I know better.” He hauled her into his room and shoved her onto the bed.

Sprawling across his blankets, she struggled to get her feet back under her. “You know, I know how to dispose of a body.” Kicking her shoes off, she settled into a more dignified position.

He let out a laugh. “I’ll be careful not to tell the authorities. I bet they’d really love that bit of info.” He turned on the mounted TV, tossing her the remote. “Familiarize yourself with some shoddy evening shows.”

Undaunted, she flipped through, until the familiar strains of laughter and silly quips let her know
was on. He crossed the room to the bathroom. As soon as she heard the shower, she got up with a grin.

He should know better.
Before she could draw a breath, she was out of the room and racing down the stairs. Holding her skirt in one hand and the railing in the other, she reached the bottom in time for a hulking force to tackle her.

On her belly in the front hall, she glanced up over her shoulder at her brother. His body pinned her in an intimate position, and she swore she could feel an erection
pressing against her ass.

“Did you really think I’d fall for that?” he asked, and she nodded, a grin tugging the corners of her lips.
In a graceful motion, he got to his feet. His fingers locked around the flesh above her elbow, unforgivingly tight. He jerked her to her feet and brought tears to her eyes.

Tight lipped and angry, he hauled her upstairs. Not wanting to struggle or fight, she let him believe her complacence, enjoying the game. They’d played as kids too, when he’d sneak out and she’d be waiting for him when he got home with threats of telling if he didn’t do her favors. Favors that usually consisted of checking out books
from the library she herself couldn’t get.

He wrenched her into his room, and she readied herself to be tossed on the bed, but instead, he pulled her toward the shower.

“I really want a shower, darling, and since you want to sneak out…” He ran his free hand through his ebony hair, his blue eyes sparkling at her. “well, you’re coming with.”

social skills are lacking now? You never shower on a first date,” she muttered, and he let out a tense laugh.

“When did you get so mouthy? Is this what alcohol does to you?” He whisked her dress off, pausing as if shocked she wore nothing underneath.
Well, nothing but perfume.
Watching his shocked expression, she arched a brow and ran a hand up her arm and over her shoulder, looking away with a coy smile.

“Stop it.” He stumbled back, then undressed with finesse despite trembling fingers.

“Aww, brother, you seem tense. Want me to rub your shoulders?” She turned him, rubbing his neck with skillful fingers that knew their way around nerves and muscles.

He groaned, then pulled away. “Enough,

She wondered if the emphasis on
was a warning to her or a reminder to himself, but when he turned, she studied his erection with curious eyes.

“Want to take a picture? Jesus.” He propelled her to the tub, holding her firm while she stepped over the lip.

“Why? I could see you naked anytime I wanted.” She stood, hands splayed on tile, water raining on her chest.

“Is that so?” he asked, pushing her forward to claim the spray.

“Yes. You’d be easy to seduce.” She turned to him, moving the shower head to focus on her neck.

“I’m your brother. I think there are laws about that.” He moved the silver apparatus back to cover himself and stood under the hot water.

She turned the knob and waited. “Actually, the laws only apply if you’re blood. At least, in this state, anyway. Besides, did you know most mammals indulge in incest, if only to teach their young about mating?”

“Fascinating.” He turned, yelping as the water went cold. When he darted out of the water, she turned the knob again, claiming the spray for herself. She turned her back to him, letting the heat warm her face. Running her hands through her hair, she tried not to think about his naked proximity and how good he looked.

“You know, honestly, you’re rather attractive—“

“No.” He cut her off, and she gave him a sharp glance over her shoulder.

She faced him, pulling him into a hug. He went tense, his body so taut she imagined describing him as steel under skin, but her mind rejected such silly conjecture. Before he could avert his face, she pressed her lips to his, willing him to respond to her advances. Her tongue explored his lower lip and she sensed the struggle in him.

She dug her nails into his back, a moan leaving her lips to penetrate his. He responded, the spasm involuntary, she was sure, but she ran with it, moving her lips, pressing her whole body to his. His cock dug into her
belly, hot and pulsing, and she carefully nestled it between them.

He jolted, as if that delicate consideration was his undoing. His arms flew around her, powerful
and desperate. His lips parted and his tongue swirled around hers in greeting before exploring her mouth.

BOOK: Evaleigh
6.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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