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Everything Changes

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Everything Changes

Copyright © 2014


By R F Greenwood



This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to actual places, incidents and persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2014 R F Greenwood










Everything C

Book O




R F Greenwood


















Chapter One




“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me” I mutter staring at my phone, Tate my best friend wants me to go to a club. Me! In a club! I sigh and write back.

What club?

The reply is almost immediate.

Pulse, it’s meant to be really good. I’ll love you forever if you come with me.

You should love me forever anyway... I’m your best friend and fine when are you coming to pick me up?

I walk over to my wardrobe and look for something that is ok for Pulse. My phone alerts me that he has texted me back.

I’m coming now babe.

I pick out a nice off the shoulder top and nice pair of jeans that make my arse look great. Looking through my shoes, there isn’t many to choose from, I’m not really the kind of girl to go shopping for hours, unless it’s for books. So I pick a pair of low heeled boots, about 2”. The heel isn’t high enough to do much of a difference to my 5’ 5” frame, but it will do.

I quickly run to the adjoining bathroom and freshen up. I leave my natural dark brown hair down so it falls in waves down to the middle of my back. I’m putting on a little mascara to make my brown eyes stand out a bit more and a thin layer of eye liner. I brush my teeth then walk back into my bedroom to finish getting ready.

Once I’m dressed I spray myself with Charlie Pink, I grab my phone and walk out my bedroom. My brothers are sitting in the living room watching TV when I walk in.

“Where are you going baby sister?” Jack asks, while still looking at the TV, I always wondered how they knew I was up to something or even if I’m in the room and hadn’t made myself announced yet.

Tate texts me, I glance down.

Outside sweet pea ;)
I roll my eyes and look back up.

“I’m going out with Tate to a club called Pulse, is that ok with you?” they both turn around with mild shock on their faces.

“You’re going to Pulse, with Tate?” Justin asks in a sceptical tone. I huff out a breath. The way they are acting as if I’ve never gone to a club before.

“Yes, I’m going to Pulse. I have to go, Tate is outside” Jack looks at me and raises his eyebrow.

“Yeah, yeah I know the drill” I say in a bored tone. I turn and walk out the front door. Tate’s car is in the drive way waiting for me. I climb in and buckle up.

“Hey babe”, he says as he leans over and kisses my cheek. I give him a forced smile.

“Hi, so why do you want me to come to Pulse with you? I’ll be a shit wing man”, I say.

   “You can have a Saturday night out for once, instead of s
itting at home reading”, I sigh. Tate’s obvious distaste of me being a bookworm is loud and clear. I was nearly finished with my book too, maybe I can sneak a chapter on my phone when he isn’t near. I smile at that thought.

   “I do go out on Saturday’s
”, I say crossing my arms over my chest.

   “Going to a book shop to browse at more books, you don’t need any
more; you have a kindle for Christ sake, isn’t what I’d call having fun”, he says with an arched eyebrow. I turn and scowl at him.

let’s just get this over with”, he smiles smugly, arsehole.

He lets off the hand break and reverses out of the drive way.

I pick up his IPod sitting in the little holder on the dashboard and start scrolling through his songs. I’m grateful that we have the same taste in music. I select
pendulum ~ watercolour.

I turn it up and start nodding my head.

I look over and see Tate is tapping out the beat with his thumb on the steering wheel.

When the song is nearly finished we pull up to the car park for Pulse, he finds a parking space. I climb out and wait for him at the back of the car.

We walk over to the entrance, I see a huge bouncer at the door.

“ID’s”, he grumbles out. Having thought ahead, I brought mine and tucked it in my bra. I hand it over to him; he looks at it, then back at me.

“You don’t look 21”, he narrows his eyes. He isn’t convinced, I glare at him. Every.  Fucking. Time. You would think I would be flattered that I look younger than 21, it gets old when this always happens.

He holds his hand out for Tate’s; he gives it over and looks. He nods and moves aside to let us in. Tate is 2 months older than me and he doesn’t even get questioned.

We walk through the darkened hallway, you can hear the music vibrating off the walls, I know I’m going to have a headache by the time we leave, and I just know it.

The first thing I look for is the bar. It’s on the far wall. I nudge Tate to let him know where I’m going, he nods and follow me over. I shove my way over to the bar, I finally make it over there with no concussion, and how I just don’t know. The bar is crowded with people so the bartenders won’t see me yet, well considering my size I wouldn’t even look like I was in the crowd. Seeing an opportunity to jump in, I take my chance.

I lose sight of Tate, but I know he will be around somewhere. I’m leaning up against the bar, trying but failing to get the bartenders attention, when a human wall knocks straight into me. I know I’m small but Jesus Christ, he makes me look like a bug compared to him. I crane my neck up and glare at him, he’s at least 6 ft 1 by my guess, he has black spiky hair, and his eyes look so dark they could be black. He raises his pierced eyebrow at me and smirks.

“Watch where you’re going next time, mate” I shout over the music to him.

He leans down, so he can talk in my ear. Saves having to shout up at him I suppose.

   “Sorry darlin’ didn’t see you standing t
here, being as small as you are” I glare at the handsome stranger. Ha! Did I really just say handsome? It really doesn’t do any justice for him.

   “Don’t let my size fool you,
I can pack a punch when I want to” He laughs; he actually laughed at me, the bastard! I scowl at him and turn my back to him. I can feel the heat of his body behind me but I do my best to ignore him.

I see the bartender near, so I wave my arm and finally get his attention.

“What can I get ya?” he shouts, I lean on the bar. Funny, the music is so loud I can hardly hear myself think, but I swear I just heard a groan from behind me.

   “Two buds, please
” He nods and walks away to get them.

He returns a minute later, with the drinks. I hand him the money and tell him to keep the change, I thank him and turn to walk away. Seeing the sexy stranger still behind me, I don’t look at him as I walk past, but I feel his eyes on me.

Looking round for Tate, I don’t see him. Shit! How do you lose a person this quickly? Yes there are a lot of people but Tate isn’t exactly short. I sigh and spot a table at the back.

Sitting down with the drinks, I put them on the table and pull out my phone, sending a quick text to Tate.

Me: Got you a bud, found a table near the back

I press send. I look around properly for the first time and start noticing things I didn’t before.

There is a dance floor near the middle, I see a couple, I’m assuming attempting to dance, the girl is trying to grind her arse on him and he is having none of it, he looks like he wants to get as far away from her arse as he can.

There is a couple along one of the side walls dry humping, I roll my eyes. The girl looks like she is trying to maul the poor man’s face. The music doesn’t seem so loud back here. The music wouldn’t bother me, if they played something decent. I’m just waiting for a Justin Bieber song to come on next. I get interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

I look up and see the sexy stranger again, I should really stop thinking that. But calling him an Adonis seems a bit too much for me. Not saying that he isn’t because he is. I just think that sort of word is just made for books.

   “What’s a pretty girl, like you sitting alone?” I arch my eyebrow.

   “Maybe, I like sitting alone” I say in a bored tone, he chuckles.

He pulls out a chair and turns it around and straddles it. Such a man’s way to sit. I bet if I sat like that... who am I kidding, I wouldn’t sit like that even if you paid me. He leans his arms on the tops of the chair showing some of his tattoos, it looks like his has a full sleeve on one arm and a dragon twisted round his other forearm. How did I miss those earlier? His T shirt blocks the top quarter of his arms, so I can’t get a good look.

   “Take a seat, why don’t
ya, hulk” I say as I gesture my arm to him. He grins.

   “The name’s
Tyler. What’s yours pretty lady?” He winks at me.

Really! Did he just say that? And wink. Laying on the charm pretty thick, I’m getting strangled by it. I scoff like I would tell a random stranger my name, you see on the news all the time of these girls getting beaten and raped. Don’t think so buddy.

   “None of
your business” I say and cross my arms over my chest.

   “Well, how nice to meet y
ou again, none of your business”, he smiles; I see two little dimples appear. Well shit, I didn’t think he could get any better looking, but, fuck me sideways. I try and keep a straight face but I fail and smile.

Ah, she can smile. So far all I’ve got is glares” He points out.

   “I can always go back to glaring at you, if you’d like?” I ask. He shakes his head, still smiling.

   “So why are you sitting alone?” he asks, looking genuinely curious.

   “I came here
with my friend, but I lost him” And speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Cass. I lost you at the bar” I glare at him for using my name. He doesn’t know that I was trying to keep it from Tyler, so I can’t moan, much.

Cass huh? ” Tyler smirks. Turning my glare on him, hoping he will shrink under it, but no such luck. It’s not even affecting him. Damn it! I’ll have to work on my technique better.

So who’s your friend, babe?” Tate asks. He sits down on the chair closest to me and throws his arm over my shoulder; I turn my head and frown at him, he’s making some sort of invisible claim. He might as well piss on me too.

“Tate, this is Tyler. Tyler, this is Tate” I wave my hand between them. I pick up my drink and take a healthy swallow. Tyler zero’s his gaze on me.

Tyler nods his head towards Tate and takes a sip of his beer. Tyler looks at me with a raised eyebrow
and looks down at where Tate’s arm is resting.

   “Wanna dance?” Tyler asks. I feel Tate stiffen slightly but I shrug it off.

   “Sure but no trying to touch me up” I point my finger at him. He holds his hands up in surrender.

Wouldn’t dream of it, babe”, he winks at me. Looking down at Tate, I see him glaring at Tyler; his eyes soften when he looks at me.

   “See you soon
” I lean down and kiss his stubbly cheek. When I stand back up, I see he has a smug look on his face. I frown again, what the fuck is going on. I turn back to Tyler.

He leads me on to the dance floor and we start dancing. He twirls me around so my back is against his chest.

   “So, he’s just a friend huh? Looks like
he wants in your knickers, babe” Tyler says in my ear, I frown with confusion.

   “No, he doesn’t
” I tell him and shake my head.

   “Trust me, he does. I’m a man, every
man in this room is jealous of me, they want you too” I take a quick look round and see some men are staring at me. I tilt my head so I can see Tyler. “See, I want you too but I’m a gentleman”, he smiles, I roll my eyes.

   “Want to make your lit
tle boyfriend jealous?” he asks “To prove a point, in my favour” I glare up at him.

   “I told you, he’s not my
boyfriend. He’s my best friend”

   “Tell him that, then”, h
e nods towards Tate, I turn to look, and he looks really pissed off. I frown again, what has crawled up his arse, it’s just dancing.

Tyler pulls me close, if he was any closer to me, he would be inside me. That’s not a bad thought; I can feel his erection pressed against the bottom of my back. Gentleman my arse, if I offered, he would jump at the chance. He puts his hands on my hips and starts moving them, so I’m grinding on him. He moves my hair to the side so it falls down my front and over my right breast, my neck is exposed, I can feel his warm breath on me.

BOOK: Everything Changes
8.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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