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Yes? Come in.”

She walked in. “Mr. Weldon will meet you downstairs in an hour. He says to wear a sundress. You'll be going to the piazza to sightsee.” Her face was impassive.

Wonderful. Thank you.” I smiled, and she left, taking my empty tray with her.

I jumped out of bed, nervousness and anticipation warring inside me. A moment later, I heard something outside. An envelope appeared under the door. My first thoughts went to the mysterious caller from the night before, and my pulse quickened.

I approached the door with caution and picked up the package. When I opened it, frilly pink panties that had a slim box inside them met my fingers.



Wear these today. I have the remote that controls the device inside.


He didn't need to sign the missive.

I moaned under my breath in response. I'd never last with Rock controlling a remote on something like this. Biting back my dread and excitement, I took a quick shower and got dressed, careful to make sure the panties looked discreet. They did.

Best money can buy, no doubt.” I grinned and chose a gorgeous coral sundress from the clothes he'd bought me. It wasn't short, but the neckline dipped low. It was sexier than anything I usually wore. Sling-back sandals completed the look. I put my makeup on, picking dramatic colors Rock had never seen me wear. With a flourish, I secured my hair half up.

Glancing at my watch, I realized I would be early to meet him downstairs. I paced the length of my room for a while, trying to tamp down my excitement.

By tonight, I'll be engaged to Rock Weldon.

It was finally time to meet him. When I reached the foyer, there he stood, gazing out the window at an amazing view of the city. “Shall we?”

I took his arm, smiling. “Let's. You're looking quite mysterious today.”

We're very close, so we'll do like the locals do and walk.” Rock gleamed in an open-throat white polo shirt and khaki slacks. He looked like a local with his dark hair and eyes. Dark sunglasses and a jaunty hat completed the picture.

Really? You don't think we'll be harassed?”

He led me out the front door of the villa. “No, I had Luigi scare everyone off when he came by this morning. Plus, who'll ever recognize me now?”

I snorted with laughter. I loved this side of Rock—the playful, sweet side.

No one...not a chance.”

We walked the streets of Venice to joyful shouts of locals. Heat seared through my dress, and humidity clung to me.

Here we are. This is the spot Napoleon is said to have called the drawing room of the world.”

It's gorgeous.” We stood at the edge of one side of the piazza. St. Mark's Basilica was across from us in all its glory. “Look at those carvings.” Huge horses strode across its front, and arches drew the eye toward heaven.

I think so. The basilica is a marvel itself as are the people here.” Rock grinned, and all the shadows lifted from his face for a moment.

Something in my heart opened up. I quickly shook my head at myself.

What is it?” He scrutinized me as we walked past a shop on one side of the piazza, the scent of leather overtaking my senses.

Nothing.” I smiled, determined to soak up this day with him before the true craziness of being his bride-to-be, but not really, started.

Good. Pick something you'd like in one of the shops. All the leather and jewelry is of excellent quality.”

I nodded, my tongue caught between my teeth as he touched my arm in the lightest whisper of sensation. “Thanks. I will.” I browsed the leather handbags and goods, all the while inhaling the heady scent.

Rock looked at wallets and chose one quickly. He chatted up the cute sales clerk in Italian, and she blushed.

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I couldn't help but grin.

He is charming.

See anything you like?” He appeared at my side again.

Maybe jewelry instead. It will be tough to choose.”

That's Venice.” He winked, and we walked out of that shop back into blazing sunlight and heat.

We can tour St. Mark's after this and have lunch at the café if you'd like.”

I nodded. “I'd love it.”

A few people were pointing and staring at us as we made our way to the next store, and a crowd had gathered.

Looks like you've been spotted.” I laughed.

Yep, but we're still going to shop.”


Rock halted suddenly and froze. He sucked in a breath, and a pained expression painted his handsome features.

What is it?” I touched his sleeve even as red spread on his shoulder. I couldn't make out what it was at first, and then horror swept through me.

I've been shot.”

Chaos descended then, and the crowd pressed in as I struggled to hang on to Rock.

Please help us!”

Men ran, and people pulled out cell phones as Rock sank to the ground, his face as white as his shirt.

Hang on for me, Rock. Hold on.” I knelt , clinging to him, not caring who heard what I said as terror stole through me.

Who had done this and why?





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Thalia Frost writes erotic romance. Find out more at
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BOOK: Everything He Demands
4.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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