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'Is he outside the
I asked in embarrassment, knowing if I
attempted to open the door a crack and Tristan was out there...I'd
have to face him. Something I'm not emotionally ready to do, at
least not right at this minute.


'I sent him to the guest room
around six to get some sleep. He looked exhausted.'
Rico's answer caused me to feel extremely guilty for locking
Tristan outside the room after such an intense night of battle.
Wow, such a great mate I am, huh?

'Thanks. Where are you, can I
come help?'
I offered, unlocking the door and tugging
it open a tiny slit. I used my one eye to peep out the crack for
any signs of Tristan.


'I'm in the kitchen making
breakfast, come cook. I mean help me cook.'


Satisfied that the coast was clear I made my way
downstairs to the kitchen where Rico had all the ingredients laid
out on the counter, but he stood there sipping on a glass of orange
juice. "Hey you're just in time." Rico joked giving me a hug,
though his eyes stared at me with a knowing look. The look of, I
know you haven't slept and cried all night.


Being the great sister that I am, I got busy
cooking breakfast for the pack. I decided I'd swallow my pride and
beg Tristan for forgiveness. No, he shouldn't have said the things
he did to me but it was out of jealous rage and yes I planned on
making him feel really guilty for it, trust me.


Within fifteen minutes of cooking, I suppose the
aroma of the sausage, bacon, eggs, and pancakes I had going on the
stove wafted upstairs waking all the guys up. Soon the entire
kitchen was filled with people coming to get their grub on.


"I see you took heed to my threat and made it
home in one piece." Anya's voice caused me to jump as she appeared
beside me out of nowhere. "I heard you got tricked into cooking
breakfast and I've come to help." She grinned, but that grin soon
turned into a frown as Anya got a good look at my face.


"What happened? Did someone die?" Anya grumbled
angrily under her breath as she took a step closer to me, not
wanting anyone else to hear. I shook my head no, basically asking
her to just drop it and forget about it, but Anya being Anya didn't
want to hear it. "Well if nobody died, who the hell made you


Anya's head snapped side to side looking over
both her shoulders around the kitchen. I don't know what or who she
was looking for, but soon enough she mumbled a "Be right back" and
took off leaving the kitchen like a bat out of hell. The look of
determination filled her big blue eyes.


I finished cooking enough breakfast to feed a
small country, leaving a plate on the side for Tristan. Yes, I may
be angry with him still, but I'd never be cruel enough to let him
starve. Just as I rinsed the last dish and placed it into the
dishwasher, Anya came back in grinning ear to ear innocently.


I could instantly tell she was up to no good as
I stared at him with a raised eyebrow. Anya just walked straight
past me to join Luke at the table. "Breakfast's delicious Lise,
thanks." Luke said appreciatively causing everyone else to shout
out "Thanks."


Grabbing a pancake off the stack on the kitchen
table, Anya stole a piece of bacon off Luke's plate and rolled it
into the flapjack. She poured some maple syrup on to a plate and
dipped her creation into it, taking a huge bite out of it. "Yummy."
Anya gushed with puffy cheeks.

"I think you should be designated cook for the
pack, considering Anya sucks at cooking." Luke began laughing at
his own joke only to have it turn into a choking sound when Anya
smacked him upside the back of his head.


"See if I'll ever cook for you again. No more of
my grilled cheese specials for you!" Anya glared at Luke hatefully,
but everyone knew she was only kidding. These two have such a
comical relationship, I don't ever see them arguing over anything


Suddenly the entire kitchen became quiet and I
could only assume what caused the silence as I felt all eyes trail
from me to something behind me. Tristan must've come down for
breakfast. Gee, how in the heck did everyone find out my business?
Guess word travels fast?


'Oh gosh, what do I
' I thought to myself as I faced the stove and
began tediously wiping it down. My hands were shaking nervously,
not knowing if I should woman up and turn around to face him or
feign like he's not there and continue ignoring him?


I could feel the warmth of his muscular body
heat up my back as Tristan's hand came down on top of mine,
stopping me from wiping the counter. His breath tickled the side of
my face when he leaned down slightly to say, "You've been cleaning
the same spot for the past couple minutes."


My entire stature stood frozen, I was unable to
move. Surprised at Tristan's daring attempt of getting so close.
Wasn't he scared I'd turn around and slap him in the face for the
stunt he pulled last night? Obviously Tristan's confidence level
was high on the meter.

Noticing that it seemed unusually empty in the
kitchen I turned my head slightly to the right towards the tables
to realize that it was just Tristan and I left. Rico must've made
everyone leave so we could have privacy, what a sweet brother.


"Maybe the spot isn't clean enough." My voice
quivered as I tried to answer Tristan in my strongest tone. Epic
fail, I hope he doesn't hear the forgiveness in my voice, I want
him to feel guilty for a bit longer.


"I think..." Tristan spun me in his arms to face
him, I stared straight at his chest refusing to meet his gaze. Once
our eyes meet, I'm done...there's something about those gray eyes
peering into my soul and melting me from the inside out. "Maybe
you're avoiding me."

His fingers moved up to caress my face softly as
Tristan unknowingly guided me towards the corner, pushing my back
against the counter. I was trapped, not able to escape if I wanted
to. "Please don't be angry with me baby, I'm so sorry for being an
insensitive jealous jerk. I know it was an innocent hug, I just saw
red when his arms were wrapped around you."


I was slowly but surely cracking, I could just
feel my anger dissipating. Soon, very soon I'd be wrapped around
Tristan lovingly. Tristan took a hold of both sides of my face,
tilting my head so I'd look him straight in the eyes. He always
made me look him in the eyes, so I'd know he was telling the


"I'll do anything..." Tristan pleaded with tears
evident in his eyes. "Anything...for you to forgive me. I'm sorry
for disrespecting you as my mate and my Luna." Ok guys I think he
groveled enough, it’s time to speak my peace and let this be done
and over with, no?


I hate fighting with Tristan, makes it feel like
a part of me is missing! Swallowing deeply, I began my apology.
"I'm sorry for being such an inconsiderate bitch. There's a lot I
need to work on first and foremost being respecting you as my mate
and my Alpha." My words got caught up in my throat as I took a deep
breath in to fight back the tears. I love him so damn much it hurts
if that's even possible.


Never again will I do anything to jeopardize the
well being of our relationship. "So we agree to not disagree
anymore? No more jealousy on my part and no more making me jealous
on yours?" Tristan asked in a playful tone.


"Yes." I answered throwing my arms around his
neck. "I love you." I uttered into the crook of his neck as my body
shook overcome with emotions. Never wanting the thought of not
being Tristan's mate to ever come up in conversation again.


"I love you too Lise. You belong to me and me
only." Tristan all but growled as he lifted me onto the counter and
our lips collided together sealing our agreement to stop fighting
over dumb things. It was time for us to get our priorities straight
and grow up. To focus on being the best Luna and Alpha we

Chapter 11: Home


All the guys from back home who were only
supposed to be visiting for the weekend ended up staying for a
week. They returned home the next weekend after the battle when all
the excitement began to simmer and everything settled down going
back to normal.

The only ones who remained in Spain with my
family were Tristan, Luke Anya and myself.


Our remaining time in Spain was spent relaxing
at the house, doing things with my brothers and dad, or fun
activities with the pack. Last I heard Marco's been doing extremely
well, it's like he's a changed man. Going home after recuperating
from his injuries, he began running his pack the way an Alpha
should. I've spoken to him on the phone a few times, but we haven't
seen one another since he left.


Tristan gave me the 'ok' to speak to him on the
phone and text one another. He thinks it'll be good for Marco to
have someone to turn to in case he goes through a rough time again.
Isn't Tristan just the sweetest thing since cherry pie? Wait, is
cherry pie even sweet?


Summer was almost over and we're returning home
in time for a big bash Tristan's parents are throwing in
celebration for his twenty-first birthday. Not only will it be a
party to celebrate his birthday, it's also to welcome us home as
the new Alpha and Luna of the pack.


"Promise you'll come visit?" I mumbled with my
face buried into Rico's chest as I fisted the back of his blue
button up. I can't believe our time in Spain flew by that quickly.
Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday when we first
arrived, now it's time to go back home to Port Clyde.


The vibration from Rico's chest against my cheek
told me that he was laughing at me! Narrowing my eyes I pulled my
face away to glare up at my brother. There's nothing funny about
this situation, I won't be able to go anywhere for a solid year
once I become Luna.


We needed to stay put in order to adjust to all
of our newfound responsibilities and duties. That meant no more
vacations and goodbye to the mini getaways for the weekends. It's
time to put on my big girl pants and become a responsible adult.
Wah, I'm not ready for this.


"I promise we'll visit for all the major
holidays." Rico said in his most reassuring voice as a smile tugged
at his lips, trying to hold back his laughter. "We'll even bring
Dad along." He said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. "You'll do just
fine, you're going to make a spectacular Luna." Rico said giving me
a kiss on the forehead.


"You really think?" I asked quirking my head a
bit to the side as my face scrunched up in thought. Rico's a
phenomenal Alpha, so a compliment in that caliber coming from him
was mind boggling. Not unless he's just saying that because he has
to since he's my big brother.


"I don't just think so Lise, I know so." Rico
grinned giving me a wink. "You may not look like it, but you're one
tough cookie. You truly are a Perez at heart and I have nothing but
respect for you. Aside from you, there's only two other women in my
entire life that I've known to be so strong and determined and
that's mom and Mia."


Being the emotional train wreck that I am, I
couldn't stop the tears that welled up in my eyes from falling down
my cheeks. From all the things I've heard, my Mother and Mia seemed
like some pretty amazing women and to be put in a category along
side them was an honor.


"Aww no." Rico whined pulling me away from him
by my shoulders. "Don't turn all soft on me now. You're ruining my
favorite shirt." Rico joked trying to lighten up the situation, but
I could see the emotions were getting the best of him too as he
fought back tears.


I pulled away from the hug and pointed my index
finger directly at Rico in a threatening manner. "You're to call me
every day; no if's, and's, or but's." He just shook his head and
chuckled at me. Next, I turned my attention to Lonso who stood
there with the saddest expression, almost similiar to one of a
small child who's pet hamster Spunky just died.


"And you Mister are to facetime or skype me
daily." I sighed softly, wishing we either lived closer to each
other or that I could take them along with me, but neither of those
two things were bound to I had to settle for the next
best thing. "I'm gonna miss you Lonso." I admitted stepping into
his open arms.


"I'll miss you too short stuff." Lonso responded
with the biggest bear hug ever. "You know, Rico may have
responsibilities here, but I can always sneak over for a surprise
visit here and there." He whispered getting me all excited. "Sounds
like a plan." I murmured back turning my face to plant a kiss on my
brother's cheek.


I had to admit I've gotten a lot closer to
Lonso, maybe because it was less of an age gap between us or it
could be his carefree personality, but I still loved them both
equally. Closing my eyes I embraced my brother, god I'm gonna miss
them so much! I'm so thankful they've become a permanent part of my
life, I don't know what I'd do without them!


We already said our goodbye to my Dad yesterday
night, he hated to see me go so he didn't want to be around to see
me off. It made him way too sad, so instead he was out on the lake
fishing with some friends.


He was more furious than hurt by Maria's
actions, he took her death pretty well considering I was the one to
kill her. Dad told me he never really loved Maria. He enjoyed her
company and companionship, but my Mother was his true love and
nothing could ever replace that.

BOOK: Evince Me
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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