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Grabbing a hold of Tristan's hand to shake Rico
apologized as pulled Tristan into a semi-hug. "I'm sorry we can't
fly back to join you guys in festivities, but please know we'll be
thinking about you both."


"Thank you so much for everything." Tristan
smiled gratefully, "I know how busy you must be as Alpha so it's
completely understandable, but we'll definitely celebrate again
when you guys come to visit." I am so happy they all get along so
well, it's nice to see the one you love getting along with your
family. It spreads an unexplainable feeling of warmth throughout
your body.


After all of our farewells to everyone in the
pack the four of us climbed into the truck and a driver brought us
to the airport. Staring out the window at the passing trees, I
reflected on all the drama that occurred in the short time we spent
here; talk about craziness.


The next time I come to visit my family in
Spain, I will no longer be a member of the Manzanres Pack. I'm
still royalty and will always be their Princess, but I'll
officially be Luna of the Monhegan Moonlight Pack.


I woke up the next morning wrapped up in
Tristan's strong arms, the steady rise and fall of Tristan's chest
told me that he was still asleep. Not wanting to wake him up just
yet, I laid as still as I possibly could. Trying my hardest to not
get antsy and move around too much, I kept my face tucked away
under his chin and my arm on top of his washboard abs.



Anya and I planned on going shopping today, I
needed to get Tristan a gift and to be honest. I don't have the
faintest idea what to get him. Tomorrow's his birthday and the
celebration. What do you get someone who already has


"What's wrong baby." Tristan's voice came out in
barely a whisper causing me to stop breathing. How long has he been
awake? How does he know there's something wrong with me? "I can
sense your distress. You're body's all tense."


Tilting my head up to get a look at his handsome
face, I led a trail of kisses starting on his neck, over the
scruffy facial hair growing on his chin, then his cheek, until I
reached his soft lips. "Morning, just here thinking of what to get
you for your birthday." I admitted while shifting my body so that I
could access his lips better.


"I don't want you wasting money on me baby, want
to know what the best birthday present will be?" Tristan asked with
a glow to his eyes. I couldn't help the perverted thoughts that
crossed my mind, he's just so damn sexy.


"What?" I questioned curiously, playing along
with him. "Me officially becoming Alpha and having you as my my side forever." Tristan smiled crookedly. His hair was
messy from sleep, but that didn't take away from his good


The cheesiest smile spread across my face as I
bit down on my lip and stared at Tristan's perfect face. Taking the
tip of my index finger I traced a line from his perfectly chiseled
jaw all the way down his chest to the lines of his abs.


Tristan's body shivered underneath the touch of
my fingertip, his eyes stared at me hungrily causing my body to
heat up instantly. There was a fire Tristan managed to ignite
underneath my skin with something as simple as his stare.


It felt like he was searing my heart, branding
it as his own. He should know it already belongs to him and him
only. Tristan's jaw was clenched down tightly, like he was trying
to maintain control over himself.


Using his hand, Tristan guided my face back
towards his. Turning my attention away from tracing the outlines of
his body with my fingertip. "You're so damn beautiful." Tristan
stated with an adoring look in his eyes. "I love you so much, I
wish I could somehow show you how much."


Of course being the pervert that I am, I got one
thought in my mind and one thought only. "You can show me how
much." I flirted playfully, but I'm pretty sure it came out as a
failed attempt. I was never good at flirting or being any type of
sex symbol.


"Mmm." Tristan groaned using his top teeth to
bite down sexily on his bottom lip. Before I knew it Tristan rolled
over so that he was on top of me, the bottom half of his body
between my legs as he closed the distance between us.


We were in a heated make out session, getting
ready to allow one thing to lead to another when what else but a
knock sounds at the door. Pulling away and shooting a dirty look at
the door, Tristan glanced at me with a raised brow. Basically
asking if I was expecting anyone.


"I know you two are awake in there, I can hear
your heavy breathing." Anya chirped in her sing song voice. "Now
hurry up and get a move on Lise, we've got a lot to do today. We
got to get an early start so save the lovey-dovey stuff for later."
Her voice ordered through Tristan's bedroom door. Her and Luke
slept on the pullout sofa in Tristan's living room area. Ah, what
are best friends for, always interrupting me from getting my grove

Chapter 12: Birthday With A Bang


Dropping my cluster of shopping bags on the
floor, I threw myself face forwards on my bed with my arms sprawled
out in exhaustion. I loved my best friend almost as much if not
equally to Tristan, but I could strangle her for the torturous six
hour shopping expedition she decided we should venture out on.


Who in the right freaking mind shops nonstop for
six hours straight? After the first two hours I was ready to fall
over and collapse. I had to practically beg Anya to stop for lunch,
as I began getting the shakes from low blood sugar since she made
me skip breakfast.


"Think he'll buy the excuse you told him?"
Anya's voice came from my left as I felt the mattress dip a bit
from her taking a seat next to me. Turning my face to the side, I
looked up at her tiredly. After shopping with Anya, I still had to
spend two hours getting Tristan's gift.


I finally thought of what I wanted to get the
guy who had everything he could possibly want. Bet you thought I
was gonna tell you guys what I got him huh? Hehe, of course I'm not
telling you, it's a surprise. You guys will know when Tristan


"I hope so." I answered breathing out a sigh. "I
thought I sounded pretty convincing when I told him Mom and Dad
wanted me to sleep at home tonight to spend some time with them."
Not wanting Tristan to come anywhere remotely close to his gift, I
used the excuse telling him my parents said they wanted to spend
one last night with me before turning me over to Tristan forever to
be Luna of the pack.


He agreed somewhat reluctantly, which urged me
to make him promise to not try and sneak into my window tonight.
Just to be sure, I got up from the bed and walked over to the
closed window flicking it to lock. There's no way he's ruining this
surprise, I'm looking forward to seeing his expression. Hopefully
it'll be a good one.


Gee, one would think I was getting married
tomorrow or something with the whole not seeing the bride before
the wedding thing. "You really think he'll like it?" I asked Anya
searching her face for any sign of dishonesty.


Her eyes lit up and a smile tugged at her lips.
"I know he'll love it." Anya winked with a smirk. "I'm thinking of
getting Luke the same thing for his birthday, just you watch." She
said with a wiggle of her eyebrows. My Mom's voice carried to my
room from the kitchen shouting out that it was dinner time.


Lying in bed, I stared up at the ceiling unable
to sleep. Anya was in a deep comatose state next to me. She
obviously didn't have any trouble dozing off without Luke. I on the
other hand didn't catch a wink of shuteye, I missed Tristan too
damn much.


I can't even begin to tell you how badly I
wanted to get up and sneak over to Tristan's just to be the first
to wish him a happy birthday, but I decided against it fighting
between my mind and body. Eventually my mind won staying put in
bed, I decided to text him instead. I wonder if he's still


Me: Happy birthday baby, I love u! <3


Tristan: Thanx beautiful, I love u more!
<3 Why are u awake?


Me: Couldn't sleep w/out you.


Tristan: Come over.


Biting down on my bottom lip, I stared at the
last text message for what seemed like an eternity. Did I want to
go over? I mean technically it's already his birthday, so it
wouldn't hurt to give him part of his give now, would it?


Discreetly sliding my way off the bed, I threw
on a hoodie and my slippers before tiptoeing out of the room as
quietly as possible. Upon pulling open the front door, I jumped and
opened my mouth getting reading to let loose a scream of terror.
Before the scream could escape a hand cupped over my mouth
silencing me.


"Shh, I'm sorry for scaring you. I didn't want
you walking over by yourself in the dark." Tristan whispered
pulling me out onto the porch and shutting the door. He looked way
too sexy for his own good standing there in a black tee and blue
basketball shorts.


I raised my eyebrow at him and smirked. "How
were you so sure I was coming over?" I asked curiously. Confident
much, how'd he know I wasn't just going to ignore his last text and
try to roll over to get some sleep?


"Well..." Tristan answered sheepishly. "I wasn't
going to give you a choice. I was actually on my way over to get
you....kidnap you....same difference." He shrugged with a cheeky
grin. Taking my hand in his, Tristan led us over to his place.


For some reason unbeknownst to me, I began
fidgeting nervously. What if he doesn't like part one of his gift.
Yes, I have a part one and a part two to his presents, don't judge
me. Tristan glanced over at me in wonderment with scrunched up


"What's wrong baby?" Tristan asked as we entered
his place, turning to face me he pulled me into his arms. His
muscular arms are my safety-zone, whenever I'm entrapped in them I
forget all my worries. "Why do you look so nervous?" He


Looking up into his deep gray eyes, I instantly
smiled and shook my head slightly. "I wanted to give you the first
part of your birthday gift." His eyes warmed at my words and a
playful grin tugged at his lips. What a pervert, hope he's not
thinking what I think he is. "But I'm afraid you won't like it." I

"Baby whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it. You
could give me a piece of lint from your hoody pocket and I promise
I'll treasure it like gold." Tristan said seriously, causing me to
giggle. Seriously, a piece of lint?


Breathing out a sigh, I huffed. "Here it goes."
Unzipping my hoodie so that I stood before him in just my tank top
and yoga pants, Tristan's eyes lit up in amusement. "No..." I
began, cutting off his thought process even before it began.
"You're gift is not me." I joked not wanting to disappoint him.


"You already are a gift to me, everyday I get to
wake up by your side and see your beautiful face is all I could ask
for in life." Tristan whispered sweetly, taking a step towards me
to close the distance. I managed to my force an 'aww' from my lips.
How much sweeter can this guy get? "If you're not my gift, then
what is?"


Turning around to show Tristan my back, I stood
dangerously still as I heard an audible intake of breath from him
as he took in my gift to him. I was afraid to turn around to see
his expression in case it was one of disappointment or anger.


Next thing I knew I felt the tingly sensations
of his soft fingertips trailing over my entire back right shoulder
blade area. I let out a surprised gasp, because following the
feeling of Tristan's fingertips was the warmth of his moist lips as
he placed kisses along the tattoo that sat on my back.


"Tristan's Luna..." Tristan's warm breath washed
over my shoulder as he continued his trail of hot kisses up to my
neck area, where he stopped and uttered into my ear. "I love it
baby, thank you." Tristan's arms snaked around my waist pulling my
back flush against his front.


I closed my eyes and cherished the feeling of
him pressed up against me as he placed his chin on my shoulder and
peppered soft kisses along my neck causing me to shiver. A huge
weight was lifted off my shoulders as I let out a sigh of relief.
He loves the gift. Two hours of pain I endured sitting in the
tattoo shop, but his reaction was well worth every second. I got
Tristan's Luna tattooed on my right shoulder blade, surrounded by
intricate tribal designs. Just my way of showing Tristan, I
belonged to him.


Tristan turned me in his arms, grabbing a hold
of the back of my neck he tilted my head upward to face him. A look
of pure lust was evident in Tristan's eyes as they flashed quickly
from silver back to gray.


Tilting his head lower to come to my level,
Tristan never broke eye contact with me. Neither did I, it was
almost as though we were entranced, our bodies drawn one another.
Tristan closed the distance quickly, capturing my lips in a
passionate kiss.


He let out a tiny grunt "Mmm" which managed to
set me off. My hands latched around the back of his neck as I tried
desperately to pull him closer to me. Bending his knees slightly, I
felt as Tristan ran a fiery trail with his hands down my sides
until he reached the back of my thighs.


In one swift movement, Tristan picked me up
wrapping my legs around him. The gasp of it all caused me to open
my mouth, which allowed Tristan to deep the kiss. It felt like the
entire room was spinning, moving...that's how alive the kiss
between us was.

BOOK: Evince Me
6.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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