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Who it was, I honestly can't tell you. What I
can tell you however is never to assume you know whom the drink
comes from. Gulping it down greedily due to my sudden thirst from
dancing, I was feeling fine for the first five minutes afterwards,
that is until I started getting extremely hot.


My entire body felt like it was burning from the
inside out as the sweat beads began developing on my forehead. "I
don't feel so good Anya, I need to go sit down." I complained,
turning around to make my way through the crowd towards the


Anya looked at me and smiled, "Want me to walk
you over there lightweight?" Her blue eyes twinkled happily as she
leaned in so I could hear her better. She was having such a good
time dancing with Luke, I didn't want to ruin it. Maybe there are
too many people out on the dance floor or I could be coming down
with something.


Shaking my head no, I uttered loudly. "No, I'll
be fine. I'm gonna go find Tristan." I answered turning around to
go back the way we came. My sense of direction sucks enough to
begin with, so I literally had no clue which way that was.


The strobe lights were doing a number on my eyes
causing me to blink numerous times in order to refocus. Shit! I was
beginning to see double of people as I lost my sense of direction.
Being shoved left and right wasn't helping my situation much


Let's just safely say chips, a sandwich, and
alcoholic beverages didn't mix well together as they swirled around
viciously in my stomach making me want to barf. Looking around at
the faces in front of me I couldn't recognize a single soul as I
prayed that I'd see a familiar face.


Have you ever pushed rewind missed the spot you
were on and then hit fast forward, that is exactly what I felt like
I was going through right now!! I wanted to scream out 'help me',
but I knew for a fact no one would hear my cries above the


Not able to think clearly for the past ten
minutes, I finally realized, Idiot! You're a wolf, you can mind
link Rico, Alonso, or Tristan.
where are you?'
I thought trying to get a hold of
Tristan, if I can't find him I’d stay still until he comes to find


'Tristan, I need you.'
I called out
again, but didn't get any type of response back. What the hell's
going on? Why isn't he answering me, I stood still swaying slightly
on the spot. From someone else's view, they'd probably think I was
rocking to the beat of the song. No people, I don’t have any
control over my bodily functions.


Letting out a breath of frustration, I
decided to try for my brothers
'Rico...Lonso...where are you guys?'
I mind-linked
getting an instant answer from both of them within


'We're at the bar where you
left us.'
Rico answered then Alonso chimed in,
'Where are you?'


'I don't know.'
responded helplessly, feeling like a lost child in a mall. Should I
raise my hands above my head and jump up and down in the crowd in
hopes that they'll catch a glimpse of me?
'I feel funny after someone gave me a drink.'
whined to my brothers in hopes that they'd feel sorry for me and
come to my rescue.


'What, who gave you a
Alonso's voice shouted extremely loudly,
giving me an instant headache.


Ugh, I thought grabbing at my head with
the palms of my hands
. 'Sensitive to loud
noises Lonso!'
I groaned.


'Put your hands above your
head and stay put.'
Rico ordered in a no nonsense tone
of voice.
'Don't go with anyone no matter
what and if anyone tries to grab you. Scream at the top of your
lungs, drop all your body weight down, and sit down on the floor
Indian style.'
He prattled off giving me his
techniques against battling abduction.


As sick as I was feeling I couldn't help the
small smile that tugged at my lips. My brother's are hilarious!
Who's going to try and grab me? Maybe I just had one too many
drinks, legal drinking age over here is eighteen versus twenty-one
in America.


I'm not a drinker, so I think I've surpassed way
beyond my one drink limit with the three drinks I've already
consumed. What I was wondering was where's Tristan through all
this? As I stood there with my arms above my head like a moron
waiting for my brothers to find me, I turned my face slightly to
the side. Needing to desperately make sure that my Secret deodorant
wasn't telling on me and that I wasn't killing everyone around me
with my body odor, I nonchalantly inhaled a deep breath. Ah, still
tropical fresh, no worries here!


Spinning around in circles, I searched the area
around me for the person who just said that. Is it one of the guys
playing jokes on me or am I hallucinating? A deep monotone voice
whispered into my ear and it quickly disappeared. "Soon
Princesa...we'll be coming for you soon."


As soon as I whipped around to the right a
muscular hand came down grabbing my upper arm. Being scared out of
my wits I did exactly what my oldest brother advised me to and
began screaming at the top of my lungs, "Help! Stranger danger,
stranger danger!" As I threw myself down onto the ground and sat
down Indian style, boy I need to stop drinking!


The assailant was trying to fight against me, I
was thrashing around violently as he tried to grab a hold of my
shoulders. Dammit these are my favorite pants and they're going to
be filthy.


"Mirar, calm down. It's me!" Lonso shouted
annoyed as his face popped into view causing my thrashing to cease
immediately, he had Axel at his side. Somehow, Axel could sense I
was in danger so he went looking for my brothers. Where's


A guilty look overcame my expression as I let my
brother help me to my feet. Whew, that was a close call. "What's
gotten into you?" Alonso asked concerned. He led me back towards
the bar area where I spotted Rico.


My heart was pounding against my chest a million
miles a minute as I tried the best I could to calm myself down
enough in order to inform my brothers of what occurred. What
happened next caused my heart to feel as though it was going to
fall out dead on the ground.


This is where he was the entire time? Instead of
hearing my cries for help and worrying about me...his mate...he was
standing at the bar with a hot Spanish beauty practically draping
herself all over him? Tristan's eyes looked glossed over and he
didn't seem like himself either as our eyes met and I gave him the
dirtiest glare before demanding to Lonso, "Take me home."

Chapter 4: Taken



Lonso and I managed to reach the exit of Mondo,
before I was grabbed roughly by my upper arm pulling me to abrupt
stop. I jerked around in anger and shot Tristan a filthy look, one
that was filled with hurt and disgust. I mean, who cares if he's
been shouting out my name asking me to stop for the past couple


Obviously he wasn't concerned with my wellbeing
before I caught him doing whatever it was he was doing! That
gorgeous tramp is so darn lucky I'm not completely with it right
now, because I'm pretty sure I would've given her a good beat


"Lise, wait." Tristan grunted in exasperation as
he came to stand in front of me blocking my way out of the club.
"What's going on? Where are you going?" He asked with a look of
pure confusion taking over his concerned expression.


Staring up into his eyes, I could see that
he had no idea what the hell was going on, let alone why I was
angry with him. Lonso cringed slightly, shrugging his shoulders in
'what do you want me to do'
type gesture before walking off to give Tristan and I some


"Two minutes." I shouted at my brother, holding
up two fingers to show him that was all the time I was allowing
Tristan to explain himself. The look of seriousness on my face made
Lonso's eyes widen as he nodded in agreement and stepped off to the
side not daring to go any further. I still wanted to go home, my
night's officially ruined anyway. How much worse can it get?


"Did you not hear me calling out for you for
help?" I spat out ensuring that Tristan was able to hear me over
the music. "Or were you too busy flirting up a storm with that!"
The tone of my voice raised an octave higher as I nodded my head
pointedly at the brunette standing by the bar watching us


Tristan inhaled a sharp breath, "You called for
me for help? When?" For some reason his perplexed demeanor only
pissed me off even more .Is he really that clueless or was he
whacked over the head with a stupid stick? Aren't mates supposed to
be able to sense when one is in danger or experiencing distress?
What happened there? Why was he brushing off the fact that I caught
him allowing Miss bionic boobs and butt over there to maul all over


"When?" I shrieked, my voice cracking a bit
sounding like a teenage boy hitting puberty. By this point I was
absolutely livid. I could feel my face heating up as the venom
traveled through my blood stream, I was ready to strangle him.


He's lucky I was now in full control of my wolf.
With the rage I'm feeling I could've very well shifted in the
middle of Mondo! "Let's see, I'm just gonna take a wild guess here
and say WHEN you were busy with her!" My hand shot out and my
finger pointed directly at her accusingly.


"Baby, I swear I didn't hear you calling for
me." Tristan uttered in a panicked tone as he tried to reach out
for me. I shook my head at him in disbelief. How could he not hear
me, but my brothers did? Obviously, he was occupied with something
or shall I say someone way more important.


Did he kiss her? What could they have possibly
been standing there conversing about? What would possess him to
allow her to get that close, for what reason? It's not like he's
here at Mondo alone, the whole gang of us is here, including my
older brothers. It's blatant disrespect!


"Don't...touch me." I mumbled under my breath,
taking a step backwards away from him with tears springing to my
eyes. I felt betrayed. I'm surprised Tristan even heard me over the
music, but he did as he stared at me with a pained look in his


"Please don't be angry. I don't know what's
going on right now." He murmured helplessly taking a step forward,
to be closer to me. "Let's leave, we'll go home together, ok?"
Tristan voice was filled with desperation, I've never seen him this
way before.


But then again, I've never experienced another
girl who was able to capture Tristan's attention the way the tramp
did. I'll admit she's got the body of a voluptuous woman, where I'm
still growing into mine. He's never allowed any other female,
besides his mother and mine the opportunity to get close to hug
him, let alone feel up on him.


Not able to say anything else to him in fear
that the tears would spill over, I directed my attention towards my
brother who was standing off to the side. His arms were crossed
over his chest leaning with his back against the wall. Lonso's eyes
were focused on the dance floor, but I know he heard every word
exchanged between Tristan and I.


Pushing himself up off the wall, Lonso glanced
over at me with a raised eyebrow. "Ready to go?" He questioned,
making sure that I really wanted to leave. I nodded my head yes in
response as Lonso came to stand in the open space between the two
of us. "I think it's best if you stay, give her some space." Lonso
advised patting Tristan on the shoulder.


Without a second glance, I stepped around
Tristan and made my way towards the door. I could feel the
intensity of his gaze burning into the side of my face as I walked
away from him. It felt like pieces of my heart and soul were being
ripped from me with each step I took away from him, but I had to do


I needed to prove a point; that point being I'm
not one to be disrespected. I'm a princess for heaven's sake...his
mate...the future Luna of his pack and I won't tolerate being
treated that way. Not by him, nor by any other person or wolf.

The first fifteen minutes of the car ride home
was spent in complete silence, as I sat in the front seat glaring
daggers out the window into the dark night sky. Do I have a valid
reason for being so pissed off or am I overreacting? Thankfully,
Lonso allowed me to sulk in my misery as he listened quietly to the


Clearing my throat I glanced over at my brother.
"How long did it go on for?" I asked in curiosity, surely he
witnessed the whole thing with Tristan only being at the other end
of the bar.


His deep brown eyes flickered to me quickly
before landing back on the road ahead. "For like five minutes. She
approached us with a shot in hand, said her name was Evie and asked
Tristan to take a celebration drink for her birthday." Lonso
admitted deep in thought.


"At first Tristan kept graciously declining, I
felt bad for him so I offered to drink with her, but she adamantly
refused. Said she always wanted to drink with an American." Lonso
finished almost like he was choosing his words carefully.


BOOK: Evince Me
7.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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