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The sense of urgency in his voice had my eyes
snapping open to stare up at him in fear. Why did he out of all
people sound scared? He's the one orchestrating this entire
kidnapping, isn't he. What's he possibly in fear of?


"Wh-what's going on?" I stuttered as my heart
began beating at an accelerated pace. I could hear the swooshing in
my ears as I began panicking. Either he's planning on moving me
elsewhere because the guys are coming to get me or he knows I was
pretending to sleep earlier.


"I need to get you out of here. My mother's
caught wind that Tristan and the Manzanares are coming for you. She
thinks killing you will end all this trouble." Marco's deep voice
had an undertone of regret in it. "I won't let her hurt you. I
should've never listened to her. You don't belong to me."


It was almost as though he was sorry for
involving me. What's going on here? I'm so confused, Marco wants to
help me? Wasn't it his idea to take me in the first place? "We need
to hurry." Marco sounded frantic, helping me up from the bed to
stand. He led me quietly towards the door, poking his head out the
door before swooping me into his arms bridal style.


Before I knew it we were out the back door and
Marco was off running at full speed into the woods surround his
pack house. During the run I felt the need to confess what Mia told
me. "She forgives know." I breathed out causing Marco to
stop completely, almost dropping me on the ground.


His eyes bore into the side of my face as a look
of understanding washed over his expression. "She came to me. Mia
came to me." My voice shook as I admitted it out loud, hoping he
doesn't look at me as if I was insane. Then again, we'll be in the
same boat.


"Thank you, I needed to hear that." Marco nodded
his head in understanding, his eyes tearing up a bit before he
advised me what to do next. "We need to shift. I'll run across to
the next territory until we reach the start of the Manzanares land,
but that's as far as I can take you."


Does Marco have multiple personality disorder?
Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for his sudden change of heart,
but how do I know I'm not being set up? If he isn't setting me up
I'll be sure to get him the best psychological help I can find and
that's a promise.


We shifted together and ran through the
neighboring territory, as we got midway through we became
surrounded by wolves. Some of the wolves were strangers, a few I
recognized as members of my own pack, others my friends.

‘They came for me.’
Is all that crossed my mind, the next thing occurred in slow
motion as Tristan came charging out of nowhere along with Rico and
Alonso. The three of them together collectively pounced on top of
Marco in a fit of rage, snarling and snapping at him viciously. He
didn't stand a chance.


', you're killing
I screamed out in my mind praying they'd hear
me, but it was to no avail. They kept on attacking and the sad part
of it all was that Marco wasn't even fighting back. Doing the only
thing I could think of, I shifted into human form and threw myself
down on top of Marco's limp and bloodied wolf screaming. "Leave him


"Lise baby, what're you doing? Get away from
him!" Tristan snarled standing stark naked in human form. His chest
heaving up and down in anger as he glared at me shielding the
enemy. Shaking my head vigorously I managed to breathe out a


Turning my attention back, I stared down at
Marco with tears trailing from my eyes. Yes, he kidnapped me and
injected me with black ice, but I think it was all at the hands of
his mother. Deep down inside there's got to be a good person. He
did help me escape after all. I couldn't feel his heart beating
under my body, nor could I see the rising and falling of his chest
from breathing. Please don't tell me it's too late for him, please
tell me there's still hope.

Chapter 7: Redemption



Tristan's POV


We were preparing to take off again to finish
what we started, after personally bringing Lise back to the
Manzanares territory I entrusted her safety to Axel. I advised Axel
that his duty as protector, which is to keep Lise out of harm's way
was far more important then joining us in the fight.


Ensuring that Axel comprehended my direct order
of Lise not being allowed to leave his sight no matter what, I
finally managed to peel myself away from her side. I've been
following her around like some pathetic lost puppy and I'm not
ashamed to admit it either.


"I'll be back as soon as I can." I promised,
pulling her tightly into my arms. My face buried into the side of
her neck as I inhaled her scent deeply. I've missed her so damn
much, I don't know what I'd ever do without her.


The thought of having to let go of her only made
me wrap my arms around her waist even tighter. "I love you, baby."
I murmured, hoping she heard me as I was overcome with emotions.
Never in my life did I ever imagine one single person would be my
entire world, the reason for my very existence.


In a way I could relate to Marco, Lise and I
were only separated for four days. It was the longest four days of
my entire life. I can't imagine losing your mate, the love of your
life, never being able to see their face again. I seriously think
I'd end up going crazy too.


Lise stood flushed against me with her arms
wrapped around my neck loosely in a stubborn stance. "I love you
too." Lise responded quickly. She was angry at Rico, Alonso, and I
for the damage we did to Marco. Can you blame us though? He's been
nothing but trouble since losing Mia. I can't honestly say that I
liked the guy, he was a threat to that I was dead set on


Fortunately for us, he's still alive. He was
barely breathing when she landed on top of him. I don't think Lise
would ever speak to us again if we ended up killing him. I still
can't grasp the fact that she threw herself over Marco, shielding
him from us. It only made me wonder what the hell happened between
them during her four days of captivity?


What possessed him to suddenly have a change of
heart and help her escape, when it was his doing in the first
place? It took every ounce of control in my body to not throw Lise
off of Marco and snap his neck! It was her broken expression that
stopped me in my tracks.


I haven't been able to get much out of Lise,
she's been pretty much giving the three of us the silent treatment.
Her main concern focused on Marco and his well being, making sure
he survived. We carried Marco back in his wolf form, the pack
doctor is tending to his wounds.


The only thing Lise disclosed to Alonso was that
Maria is behind all this and plotting to kill her. That's as far as
Alonso got with her before the pack doctor emerged from the room
with Marco's prognosis. The doctor's expression was grim, causing
my heart to drop to the pit of my stomach.


As much as I hate the bastard, I was praying for
his survival for the sake of my relationship with Lise to survive.
She's a stubborn little mule and knowing her, Lise will never stop
hating us or blaming herself if Marco died.


He was going to live, the doctor announced
causing a huge weight to be lifted off my shoulders as I gushed out
an enormous sigh of relief. At the moment all four of his legs were
broken, he has three broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. Marco was
also bleeding out from numerous wounds, which required a blood
transfusion, but overall only time would help his wolf heal. The
doctor has him heavily sedated so he can heal properly.


"C'mon we need to get a moving, Max says Maria's
getting ready to make a run for it." Luke's hand came slapping down
on my right shoulder as I watched Lise listening intently, hanging
on to each and every word the doctor uttered. Some of the guys
moved forward to keep watch of Marco's pack, but they were under no
circumstances to make a move until we arrived.


Lise's got a heart of gold, even after all
Marco's done to her and she still didn't want him to die. As soon
as Lise heard Luke's announcement her head snapped in our direction
instantly. A determined look washed over her expression as she took
a strong stride towards us.


"I'm coming along, that bitch is the reason why
my sister's dead and no one...I mean no one...kills her besides
me!" Lise ordered taking her power of being Princess to an entirely
different level. I've never seen her so angry or determined before
and it was a complete turn on.


By the tone of her voice, not
Rico...Alonso...nor I dared to deny her. Not that she was going to
let us say no anyway. Lise was already on her way out the door
before I could open my mouth and suggest that it was a bad idea and
that she should stay here with Marco. Guess she's coming along with
us then.



Lise's POV


There was one thing on my mind as my paws
pounded relentlessly on the ground,
I was running alongside
Rico, Alonso, and Tristan as if I was leading the team into battle.
I loved the fact that none of them tried to fight against me on my
decision to tag along.

The only thing Tristan made me promise was that
I'd stay back out of harm's way with Axel at my side until they
secured the premises. I didn't argue with him on that, I've heard
that Marco's pack is just as vicious as the rogues. I’m in no way a
trained fighter.


Tristan's taught me how to fight and defend
myself, but not in the same extent as Marco trained his wolves. I
wouldn't be able to fight off a male wolf, but I could do some
damage. I knew how to go for the kill and I guess that's what
matters most.


As we approached the Marco's territory, Tristan
stopped beside me nuzzling his snout against mine. He licked me
once causing me to smile internally. I love him so damn much I
can't stay mad at him for long, but I needed to stand my


I understand why he and my brothers did what
they did, but none of us are ruthless beasts. There was no reason
to kill Marco, I know deep down in my heart they knew he wasn't an
evil person. He was just misguided and lost. They had to know he
was helping me escape, I think they just acted off of anger and
adrenaline when they attacked.


'Promise me, you'll stay here
until I tell you it's safe.'
Tristan's eyes bore into
my face as his wolf stood towering in front of me. Thank god the
effects of black ice weren't permanent as I regained my ability to
mindlink about a half hour earlier.


That pretty much explains why Marco kept
reinjecting me with it, Rico says our wolf blood burns off the
drugs quickly.
'You're not to join us a
minute sooner, got that?'
Tristan's voice commanded,
damn he knows me too well.


'Ok, I promise. Be
I responded, wishing I could kiss him. So, I
did just that as I pressed my mouth against his. Not as effective
as a real kiss, but it'll have to do. I decided it was time I stop
being so angry with them, they were only doing it for my own
'Love you.
' I answered
with cheeky grin as I bared my teeth at him, turning around to head
to Axel's side I wagged my tail excitedly.


'I love you too baby.'
Tristan thought back as he bit down playfully on the tip of
my tail causing me to yip in surprise.
'Behave yourself.'
He commanded before getting
into Alpha mode and becoming serious.


'You guys be careful
I sent out to my brothers, members of the
Manzanres pack, and friends. Realizing how lucky I am to have such
a wonderful group of people surrounding me, I made sure to utter
'Thank you all for coming to rescue


Axel, Max, and I were perched up on the mountain
that overlooked Marco's territory. Yes, the same mountain the guys
kept watch from. We were waiting for Tristan to give us the sign
that it was ok for us to join them.


I could hear the pitter patter of their paws as
they charged onto the territory. It was complete mayhem the way
they attacked, as wolves jumped on wolves. The terrifying sounds of
snarls ripping through the air followed by a chorus of whimpers and
howls of pain.


Shutting my eyes tightly I prayed for the safety
of our guys. Please don't let any of them get seriously hurt! Anya
reassured me, she'd stay by Marco's side to make sure he was ok.
She told me she'd kick my butt if I got hurt.


Reopening my eyes, I watched as Tristan, Rico,
Alonso, Troy, Andre, and Luke snapped with precision, each wolf's
neck they came in contact with. Scary how good they are at going
for the kill, but it's how they were raised...Alpha's and


Movement coming from the back of Marco's house
diverted my attention away from the battle before us as I watched
Maria and two of the men that helped in my kidnapping trying to
sneak off into the night. Like hell she's getting away. They were
far away enough from the fighting to be considered not in the
danger zone, so Tristan couldn't really get mad at me for breaking
my promise.


'Guys we need to get to her
before she escapes.'
I looked between Axel and Max.
Their ears perked up as they attention focused on what I was
staring at. Nodding his head once, Axel led the way as we descended
the mountain.

BOOK: Evince Me
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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