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I already planned my method of attack. I wanted
to look that bitch straight in the eye and tell her exactly what I
felt about her before I killed her. We closed the distance between
us, approaching Maria and her goons from behind.


Shifting back to human form behind a few trees I
threw on Tristan's T-shirt that he made me bring along with me.
Yummy it smells like him. "Must be nice to run away, not having a
care in the world about your son." I sneered staring at the poor
excuse of a woman in front of me.


Maria is the true definition of a woman scorned,
pathetic. She spun around on her heels and glared at me through
wide eyes. Why was she so surprised to see me? "Y-you!" She
stuttered in shock. "You're supposed to be dead, Marco agreed to
kill you!" She shouted disbelievingly shaking her head in


Suddenly tears welled up in her eyes as she
thought of something. Next thing I knew the bitch was charging
towards me with her two goons at her sides. "Where's Marco? Where's
my son?" She cried out shifting on the spot.


Axel and Max intercepted her bodyguards, while I
quickly peeled off the shirt and shifted too. Evil witch thought we
killed Marco? Now she wants to play the woe is me poor mother I am
for losing my only son card?


Maria came barreling into me knocking me off my
feet as her sharp canines snapped viciously at my face. Damn this
bitch is strong, but my will is stronger. I thought as I flipped to
the side throwing her off me.

We circled each other carefully, she was
breathing heavily trying to plan her next move whereas I already
knew where I was going to chomp down on...her neck and snap it
clean in two. There would be no more manipulating of Marco, no more
would she have the pleasure of calling herself my dad's wife nor a
part of the Manzanares pack.


Hearing a yelp from one of her bodyguards being
killed by Axel caused her to lose focus for just a split second. It
was a grave decision on her part as I leapt in the air and closed
in on the kill. Suddenly I had second thoughts of killing her


With all the pain she's caused, this
disgusting vile creature deserved to die slowly. I knocked Maria
down to the ground tearing a chunk out of her
'that's for Mia's love that you
Standing up on my hind legs, I used my front
paws to claw her clear across the face,
'that's for being a crappy mom to Marco!'


Time for the final move
, 'This is for my sister Mia!'
I bit down hard
on Maria's neck, instantly tasting her bitter blood in my mouth as
I ripped a huge chunk out of her leaving a gaping hole. It was
enough to be fatal, but not enough to kill her


Maria crumbled to the ground in a heap as blood
squirted out her wound and she quickly bled out. Shifting back to
human form, I put my shirt back on just as Max finished killing the
other goon. I kneeled down next to her dying frame and leaned in


Her breathing was labored as she lay there
looking up at me helplessly from the corner of her eyes. "The last
face you'll see before you die is identical to that of the innocent
girl you single handedly killed. Remember her face as you burn in
hell for what you've done." I spat out as I watched Maria take her
last breath.

Chapter 8: Brand New

We managed to eliminate a majority of the rabid
pack outside before getting a hold of their Beta Julio. He was
inside the pack house with the wolves that decided against fighting
for Maria. Julio never saw eye to eye with Marco's way of running
the pack after losing his mind, but being his best friend he stood
loyally by Marco's side.


Just because he stood by Marco's side as his
Beta, didn't mean that Julio or any of the other wolves had to
listen to Maria or follow any of her commands. For some strange
reason she had her own little cult of followers, what I deemed to
be the 'bitter about love' clan.


A few of Marco's wolves decided since she was
Marco's mom they had a duty of sorts to protect her, but those were
the unwise wolves. Protecting evil wouldn't get them any brownie
points in Marco's pack. It would only sentence them to an early you can all see.


Rico shifted to human form and notified Julio we
had Marco and that he was safe now that we've eliminated Maria from
the picture. Upon hearing the news that 'ding dong the witch is
dead', Julio called off the wolves. It was like a switch was
flicked and suddenly the pack ceased their fighting, just like


After an extremely long steamy shower to loosen
my tense muscles, I managed to fall asleep in Tristan's arms.
However that was short-lived as I was disturbed from my peaceful
dormancy by the sounds of Marco's agonizing screams of pain which
seemed to echo down the hall.


Each wail that escaped his lips managed to cause
a spasm in my chest, like a dagger to my heart. My body reacted
before my mind registered what was going on as I jumped frantically
awake in Tristan's arms.


Tristan was spooning me from behind, having just
got in a few hours ago from the epic battle...all of us were filled
with exhaustion. His muscular arms coiled around my waist holding
me securely against him, as he cooed into the top of my head. "Its
alright baby, just let him be."


The simple vibrations of his chest against my
back with words of reassurance managed to settle my bundle of
nerves as I snuggled into him. "Is he ok, what's going on?" I
whispered turning in Tristan's arms to tuck my face into his


Tristan's lips caressed my forehead as his warm
minty breath washed over my face. "He had to shift back to human
form so his bones could reset properly. More than likely he's
feeling the effects of his broken arms, legs, and ribs resetting.
It'll be over soon, I promise."


Tilting my head upwards to stare into the same
smoky eyes I've grown accustomed getting lost in, I needed to be
sure Tristan was serious when he meant it'd be over soon. I don't
think my heart could take much more of hearing Marco's cries. I
really wanted to go and hold Marco's hand to reassure him
everything would be fine, but by the way Tristan had his arms
locked around me in a vice grip. I'm pretty sure he didn't plan on
letting me go any time soon.


"The doctor and Julio are in the room there's
nothing you can do for him, but let nature take it's course."
Tristan stated with a pointed look, giving me a slight nod to make
sure I understood. "He's gonna be fine."


All time froze while we lay there enchanted in
one another's presence. Tristan's eyes roamed across my face in a
loving manner as a sneaky smirk tugged at the corner of his lips.
"There's something you could do for me though." He teased softly,
the way his eyes lit up playfully tugged at my heart strings.


"Oh yea? What would that be?" I breathed out in
a hoarse whisper, my heart pounding against my chest at a staccato
pace. I'm pretty sure you guys would be just as nervous when
perfection is staring you straight in the face.


"Promise me you'll stop blaming yourself." His
voice was deep and husky sending chills up my spine. He knows me
too damn well. "It's not your fault, never was." Was I blaming
myself for Marco getting hurt? Deep down inside I knew none of it
really had to do with me, but I couldn't help but feel guilty.


Tristan's face moved closer to my own as his
lips captured mine in a soft passionate kiss. For a split second I
forgot that it's been four days since I've last been in his arms.
The softness of Tristan's tongue brushed against mine as it delved
into my mouth.


My hands were placed firmly on his chest while
we faced one another. Tristan''s left hand slithered under my body,
wrapping around my back and pulling me impossibly closer as his
right hand tangled into the back of my hair.


He let out a throaty moan as our legs tangled
together, Tristan rolled so that he was hovering on top of me.
That's when a knock sounded on the door interrupting our moment of
intimacy. "Who is it?" I couldn't hold back the smile from my lips
as Tristan growled out rather annoyed.


"It's Lonso, is Lise awake? Marco's calling out
for her." Alonso's voice carried through the locked door.
Childishly Tristan rolled his eyes and let out a disappointed sigh
while he rolled off me, but not before he gave me another peck on
the lips. Standing up from the bed, I made my way over to the door
and unlocked it.


My brother stood there with a guilty expression
pasted on his face, I'm pretty sure my messed up bed hair gave away
what we were in the process of doing! Chewing down on his bottom
lip fighting back a smirk, Lonso uttered quickly. "Sorry."

I followed Lonso down the hall towards the guest
room where Marco was. "Is he awake?" I asked timidly glancing over
at my brother. In a way I wanted Marco to have a speedy recovery,
but then again I was worried how he'd react when we told him I
killed his Mother.


Would he fly off the handle again and go on a
rampage? After all he was a Mama's boy, so there's no telling what
the future holds. Shaking his head slightly, Lonso offered a small
smile. "He's been in and out of consciousness. When he woke up this
last time, he called out for you."


Why would he call out for me of all people?
Opening up the door I was faced with pack doctor along with Julio
who was standing off to the side. Julio's face held concern for the
condition of his best friend.


"The worst of it's over now." The doctor
announced to no one in particular. "His wounds have all healed up
nicely, all the bones reset properly, now all he needs is rest." I
was grateful to hear the good news. Staring down at Marco's
sleeping form, he looked good as new. Now let's just hope his
mindset is the same.


With that said the doctor, Julio, and Lonso
decided it would be best if they left me in the room with Marco,
alone. What may have possessed them to do such an outrageous thing
is beyond me. Who says he's not gonna wake up and blame me for his


As I sat in a chair next to the bed, he seemed
so peaceful. Feeling guilty for what Tristan and my brothers did to
him, I picked up his hand in my own and held it. "I'm so sorry for
what happened to you." I mumbled quietly as my eyes began filling
with tears.


I know I promised Tristan I would stop blaming
myself, which I did...but that didn't mean I couldn't be sorry.
"You don't owe me an apology Princesa." Marco's voice croaked, his
eyes remaining closed and his breathing was steady. The only thing
that proved to me I wasn't hearing things was the tiny squeeze of
his hand against mine.


Marco's eyes snapped open staring up at the
ceiling as he let out a huge sigh. "I'm sorry for all I've put you
through." His head turned slightly so that he could look at me. I
managed a small smile to let him know I wasn't angry at him.


As we sat there in a comfortable silence I
thought of something that I've been meaning to ask Marco as soon as
he woke up. "Wh-why didn't you fight back?" My voice quivered, not
that I wanted him to fight and injure Tristan or my brothers, but I
needed to know why.


"I was ready to deal with my punishment for the
things I've done..." Marco let out another huge breath, "Ready to
accept my fate and maybe I could be with your sister again." He
admitted sadly a single tear trailing out the corner of his eye.
His Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he tried to fight back his


"She came to me..." Marco's voice broke off,
getting choked up as he shook his head in disbelief. "My Mia, she
came to me and told me I needed to hold on. To live my life and be
the best Alpha I can possibly be...for her honor." A look
of newfound determination overcoming his sad expression as Marco
wiped away the tears that escaped.


I could only sit there in silence and listen to
the things he was saying, nodding my head here and there to let him
know I was still paying attention. "What's become of my pack...of
my...Mother?" Marco asked hesitantly, his eyes burning deep into
the side of my face.


Oh god, do I have the strength to tell him the
truth? I wrung my hands together as they began shaking nervously. I
wanted to get up and run straight out of the room, back to the
safety of Tristan's arms. "Tell me..." Marco begged, reaching over
to grab one of my hands in his.


Knowing he deserved to hear the truth from me, I
cleared my throat. "All those who decided to fight were ultimately
killed. Once we assured Julio of your safety, he called the others
off." I told him as my eyes darted anywhere and everywhere.


Thinking of my sister and the unjust fate she
faced, I somehow got a surge of power. Maria wasn't a good person
at all and she deserved everything she got. "As for your Mother..."
I allowed my hazel eyes to meet Marco's chocolate brown ones. He
held his breath, waiting for me to break the news to him. "She
tried to run, when I confronted her she attacked. I had no other
choice, but to defend kill her."


Marco stood quiet for what seemed like an
eternity. He still held onto my hand, which I took as a good sign,
right? I mean if he was going flip out, wouldn't he have done so by
now? Not unless it was taking a long time for the information to
process, did he have a brain injury?

BOOK: Evince Me
3.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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