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‘You need to press charges.’

‘I can’t, people will find out what I do.’

‘Will you still do it?’

‘No.’ She sat up. ‘Of course not.’ She wiped away the tears with the back of her hand.

‘Then it shouldn’t be a problem.’

‘I can’t.’

‘You can’t let him get away with it.’

She shook her head.

‘Okay. If that’s what you want.’

They were silent. Faith’s strong presence was enough to make her feel better.

‘I think I’ll go home now,’ she said finally.

‘Okay. I’m here any time if you want to talk.’

She nodded. ‘Thank you.’ The doctor left.

‘What happened?’ asked Logan.

‘You’re not asleep?’ she smiled faintly.

‘No, how can I?’

‘Perhaps I’ll tell you in the morning. Now get some sleep.’

He laughed. ‘Yes ma’am.’


The next morning after rehab he was at her side. Faith couldn’t tell him, she’d promised Crystal, so instead they talked about other things. The more time they spent together, the more her heart yearned for him, but she wouldn’t let herself get attached. Not until she was sure she was what he really wanted.

In a few days time, the bandages would come off, she wasn’t sure she was up to it. What would she look like? The bandages had been dressed regularly by the nurses, but now they were coming off, she dreaded it. They’d offered a counsellor, but she had declined. She wasn’t even sure she’d have the guts to look into the mirror.

The days came faster than she would’ve liked. Mel, Ivy and Logan were all around her for moral support. She’d wanted to do it alone, but now that they were with her, she knew it had been the best move on their part. Doctor Patterson, a senior doctor and a nurse were at Faith’s bedside.

‘Are you ready?’

‘Not really, but they have to come off.’

The moment of truth! The bandages were taken off slowly. The surrounding energy was filled with fear, her own included. It took a while and then finally it was done. She shut her eyes. She didn’t want to see their faces. She didn’t want to know what their eyes would show.

‘Beautiful,’ said Logan. ‘Don’t hide your eyes.’

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked at her mother and friends.

‘Oh sweetie, you’re still beautiful.’

‘I agree,’ said Doctor Patterson. ‘You can never strip away true beauty.’

Faith smiled mildly.

‘What everyone has said is true. You’re still the most beautiful girl I know. And I’m still jealous,’ said Mel.

‘You shouldn’t be.’

‘How can I not be, you still manage to bag yourself a hottie.’

‘I haven’t!’ She felt a little embarrassed. ‘We’re just friends.’

‘Are we?’ asked Logan. ‘I was hoping for more than the friendship card.’

She looked at him a moment. There was no hesitance, he meant what he said.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Why would you ask? We connected on a much deeper level and you know it.’

She sniffed, tears surfaced.

‘Do you want to have a look at yourself?’ asked the senior doctor. ‘There will still be some skin grafts to do, so this isn’t the final result. We’ll do the best we can to get you as close to normal as possible.’

‘I don’t know if I’m ready. I spent the whole night thinking about this moment.’

‘You can do this.’ Logan took her hand gently. ‘It’s still you.’

She looked at the doctor and nodded. The nurse handed her a mirror. Faith shut her eyes and brought the mirror to her face. She took a few deep breaths and then slowly opened her eyes.

The woman who gazed back at her wasn’t her, not the woman she used to see every morning. The left side of her face looked like eroded soil, and on the same side, her hair had been burnt. She gasped as she looked at her image. It hit her. She felt horrible looking. She’d been so used to seeing a pretty woman in the mirror, but now she saw a monster.

‘Oh god!’ She burst into tears.

‘Oh honey.’ Ivy took her into her arms.

The doctors tried to console her with some good news that that wasn’t the final look. But that didn’t change how she felt. Faith felt physically ugly and resented it.

‘We’ll leave you for a bit. Our counsellor is on hand if you need her.’

She nodded and sniffed and watched as they left.

‘It might be good to talk to a counsellor,’ said Ivy.

‘Yes, I think I might. I feel…’ She started to cry again.

‘Oh sweetie.’

Logan put a little pressure on her gently to reassure her that he was serious about what he had said.

‘Everything will be okay,’ said Mel.

‘I don’t know. Look at me.’ She was in bits. ‘This isn’t me.’ She thought she’d be able to get past it, but she couldn’t. She’d been so used to looking at a beautiful woman, but what she saw now was ugly. She was certain everyone would see the same. ‘I can’t walk into meetings looking like this, I’m a freak.’

‘You’re not a freak,’ said Ivy. ‘They still know you as Faith.’

‘With half a face.’ She felt bitter. The person who had done this to her deserved a place in hell. ‘Why would anyone want to do this to me?’ This time she leaned into her mothers shoulder and cried.

Ivy rubbed her back gently and hushed her. She did the best she could to make it okay, but she knew there was only so much she could do.

‘What about my arms, will they look this horrible too.’ She tortured herself with the thought. ‘I hate myself.’

‘You don’t mean that,’ said Ivy.

Mel felt helpless. Her silent support was all she could give. Logan kept his hand firmly on her hand and squeezed gently from moment to moment. After a while, she pulled back and looked at them all.

‘I’m sorry I’m so miserable.’

‘Don’t be sorry,’ said Logan.

She smiled at him slightly.

‘You have a beautiful smile. I’d like to see more of that.’ He smiled.

The words kept the smile on her face. It was a hard day, but they got through it. Eventually, Ivy and Mel had to be on their way.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow,’ said Ivy.

Faith nodded.

‘You’ll be fine sweetheart,’ said Mel.

Faith smiled, never being beautiful again was a hard pill to swallow. They left them, Faith felt as miserable as could be. Logan took time to get onto the bed.

‘Hey.’ He kissed her face gently. ‘Don’t ever think you’re not beautiful.’

She pursed her lips to hold back the tears.

‘It’s hard now, but give it time.’

She gazed ahead and tried to let the words sink in.

‘Things could have been worse. You could’ve died, but you’re here. The accident taught me just how lucky I am to be here. The things that were once so important, like looks, money, mean nothing when you don’t have your life.’

‘I know. It’s just hard.’

‘It would be. You spent your life looking a certain way, now you have to get used to looking a different way. It’s up to you how you will get through this. I can tell you you’re beautiful until I’m blue in the face, but until you believe that, it won’t mean a thing. I’m hoping you will believe it.’

She shifted down the bed and leaned into his chest. It felt good to know that he hadn’t bolted when the bandages had come off. It was great to know that she had people who loved her. That was the most important thing, and she wanted to try to focus on that.

‘Can I ask you a question?’ asked Logan.

‘What’s the question?’

‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

She laughed.

‘Is that a funny question?’

‘Yes it is? Why would you want me to be your girlfriend?’

‘Because I like you and I’ve never had a girlfriend before.’

‘You’ve never had a girlfriend? I find that hard to believe.’

‘I’ve had flings, and short relationships, but I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve never seen the need.’

‘You see it now?’

‘I do.’

‘Why’s that?’

‘Well for starters you referred to me as your friend, and I don’t want to be just your friend.’

She giggled.

‘I see this is funny for you.’

‘You’re a silly man.’

‘I know and I want to be your silly man.’

‘Do I have to give you an answer?’

‘Of course you do. I don’t like to be kept hanging.’

She looked up at him and searched his blue eyes. He smiled. He wanted her, everything about her made him buzz. Her beauty still lay in her gorgeous eyes, and he couldn’t resist that. They’d built a connection, something he’d never taken the time to do with a woman. He’d learnt a lot in a short space of time.

‘Okay,’ she said.

‘Okay? Does that mean I have a girlfriend?’

‘That means you have a girlfriend.’ She laughed.

‘Can I kiss her?’ He touched her chin gently.

‘I thought you had a girlfriend.’

‘I do.’

‘Then why do you have to ask to kiss her?’

He laughed, brought her forward. He pressed his lips gently on the side of her face, against her healing skin. He travelled to her lips and kissed her gently and then pulled back. She smiled.

‘How was that?’ He asked.

‘Okay for a first kiss,’ she teased.

He brought her forward again and kissed her with a bit more passion.

Chapter Six

Daniella stretched with a broad smile on her face. She opened her eyes and turned to her left. She smiled. It took a moment to slip out of bed, put on something decent and then go downstairs. There was the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the warm air. The radiators buzzed, and the house felt cosy and safe. She loved everything about it. She stepped into the kitchen and beamed.

‘Morning,’ he said.

‘Morning, it smells fantastic in here.’ She walked towards the kitchen table, leaned forward to give him a kiss.

‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Like a baby,’ she laughed. ‘Though, I’m not sure babies sleep that well, so that cliché is a bit distorted.’ She giggled.

‘I agree.’ He smiled. ‘Coffee?’

‘Oh yes please.’ She pulled out a stool and sat down.

‘I’ve made some scramble eggs and sausages if you’re interested.’

‘Sounds tempting.’

‘Go on, you’re allowed to pig out once in a while.’

‘Yes I know, but it’s just that once, and then it spills over.’ Daniella knew how that worked. The minute she indulged in something she’d forbidden from her list, it would be the end of her hard work.

‘It can’t be that bad.’

‘It is.’ Daniella had been the fat kid, and she’d hated it. She’d worked hard, and soon she was slim, beautiful and bright. She wouldn’t let some fried eggs ruin that.

‘Suit yourself.’ He handed her the coffee.

‘I’ll just have some fruit. I’ll be fine.’

He nodded. They continued their breakfast in silence. There were a few moments of small talk, but nothing important.

‘Will I see you tonight?’ she asked.

Just as he was about to answer that question, the doorbell rang.

‘Hold on a minute.’ He stood up.

The ringing turned to loud banging.

‘Okay, okay, hold on.’ He rushed for the door and opened.

‘Jacob Sparks, you’re under arrest for the attempted murder of Faith Hutton.’

‘This is ludicrous!’

They turned him around, he dropped to his knees and his hands were cuffed.

‘You have the right to remain silent, anything you say – ’

‘I didn’t do it! This is nuts! Why would I want to hurt her?’

They continued to read him his rights. Daniella rushed to the front door to see what the fuss was about.

‘What the hell?’

‘I didn’t do this!’ He fought against the arrest.


‘On my mobile, call my lawyer. I didn’t do this!’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Just call my lawyer, Paul, he’ll know what to do!’ He shouted as they dragged him away.

Daniella watched as they dragged him away.


The police walked into the ward while Faith and Logan were deep in conversation. Logan wondered if they’d come to see him.

‘Miss Hutton,’ said an officer.


They looked over at Logan. That was his cue to move and give them some privacy. They waited until he’d left them and then the same officer spoke.

‘We’ve made an arrest.’

‘You have?’ She swallowed back hard, did she want to know who had tried to murder her.

‘Yes, Jacob Sparks.’

‘No, it can’t be!’ Her stomach turned.

BOOK: Fallen (Beautiful Book 1)
10.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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