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Find A Way Or Make One (26 page)

BOOK: Find A Way Or Make One
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Ken’s desire to make Wyatt pay for hurting Kye


Chapter 5

Looking at Her Face
—Tyrone Wells

Wyatt remembering Kye the morning after their first night together


Who Are You When I’m Not Looking
—Blake Shelton

Wyatt fears that Kye loves someone else


Chapter 6

Here I Go Again

Kye after realizing that Wyatt hasn’t changed


Chapter 7

Bad Girlfriend
—Theory of a Deadman

The song Kye plays with the
Jagged Pill


—Kidd Rock and Sheryl Crow

The song Kye sings with Ethan from the
Jagged Pill


I Still Think It’s Me
—Eli Young Band

Wyatt’s determination to get Kye back


Chapter 8

Best I Can
—Art of Dying

Kye thinking back over how she got over losing Wyatt


Chapter 9

Out of My Head
—Theory of a Deadman

How Wyatt feels about Kye when he is talking to Crow


Chapters 10 & 11

Little Smirk
—Theory of a Deadman

How evil Sable and Zandoville are


Chapter 12

Best I Can
—Art of Dying

How Kye will get through working with Wyatt


Chapter 13

Get Me to You
—Lila McCann

Wyatt thinking about all that he is going to have to do to get Kye back.


Chapter 14

Better Off
—Art of Dying

Kye trying to make herself believe that she is better off without Wyatt


All I Ever Needed
(acoustic version)—Brett Michaels

Kye and Wyatt when they finally get back together




Chapter 15

Cocaine and Gin
—Kidd Rock

The crazy way Wyatt feels after he sees Kye with her sons, goes off to get drunk and runs into Sable


Chapter 16

I Saw Red

When Kye goes to Wyatt’s door and when he opens the door and has lipstick and has on his face and Sable comes out in his shirt


Drink a Beer
—Luke Bryan

Sable on the pier letting go of the hope of being with Wyatt and drinking a beer with Cale


Chapter 17

Let Her Cry
—Hootie and the Blowfish

Wyatt’s feelings toward Kye after finding out about her sons.


Chapter 18

Better in Time
—Leona Lewis

Kye realizing that even though Wyatt has hurt her she will make it, she has to


Chapter 19

Love the Way You Lie
—Eminem (feat. Rihanna)

Wyatt’s feelings of animosity for Kye


Chapter 20

Rumour Has It

Sable spreading lies and rumors about Kye


Chapter 21

There You Go

Cale’s belief that Wyatt deserves to feel miserable for how he has mistrusted Kye


Chapter 22

I Would Have Loved You Anyway
—Trisha Yearwood

Kye telling Tiarnan that she would have loved him no matter what


Chapter 23

She Could’ve Been Mine
—Keith Anderson

Christien’s regret over losing Kye


Chapter 24

Over and Over
—Tim McGraw and Nelly

Wyatt’s feelings about what he thinks happened between Kye and Tiarnan


Chapter 25

I’d Lie for You (and That’s the Truth)
—Meat Loaf

Kye’s willingness to do anything for those she loves


Chapter 26

Never Let You Down
—The Verve Pipe

Kye’s determination to save Tiarnan


Short Change Hero
—The Heavy

Kye getting ready to get Tiarnan away from Zandoville


Chapter 27

Get Thru This
—Art of Dying

Tiarnan’s desire to get away from Zandoville to protect his family


Never Say Never
—The Fray

Tiarnan leading the others to save Kye


Chapter 28

Everybody Down

Tiarnan’s fear for Kye that he directs as anger toward Wyatt


Chapter 30

—Art of Dying

Sable’s feelings about how she gave it all to Zandoville


Chapter 31

The Man I Want to be
—Jay Ollero

Wyatt’s feelings as he leaves


Chapter 33

More than a Memory—
Garth Brooks

Wyatt’s two months without Kye


You Saved Me
—Kenney Chesney

The song the Tiarnan, Seamus, and Cian sing to Kye


Give into Me
—Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester

When Wyatt is begging Kye for another chance

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough
—Patty Smyth and Don Henley


Chapter 34

Please Don’t Leave Me

Kye as she is chasing to catch Wyatt before he leaves


Last Breath
—Brett Michaels

Kye and Wyatt finally reunite


One Year Later

Bless the Broken Road
—Rascal Flats

They had to work for it, but Kye and Wyatt get their happily ever after


Wyatt’s Letter to Toby

I’m Gonna Love Her for Both of Us
—Meat Loaf

Wyatt’s unspoken promise to Toby

BOOK: Find A Way Or Make One
13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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