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Finding Alien Love (SciFi Alien Romance) (6 page)

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Alexandra’s breath slowed gradually as she shivered in the aftermath of the incredible orgasm Sasha had given her, her nerves tingling and her heart racing in her chest even as the last spasms of pleasure started to abate. She opened her eyes and gasped as her gaze fell on him; he had already removed his shirt, revealing a broad, muscled chest, speckled with wheat-colored hair and lightly furred arms. A slightly darker pleasure trail shot down from his navel towards the waistband of his jeans—jeans that he was in the process of removing. Sasha stopped, looking at her with an intent gaze. “I can stop anytime,” he said, his voice ragged with desire. Alexandra could see the unmistakable bulge at the front of his pants, and in spite of the orgasm she’d already had, she felt her desire beginning to stir again.

“No—no, you don’t have to stop,” she said quickly, her gaze trailing down over his lean, muscled body. “I just—wasn’t aware you were—I mean…” she shook her head, uncertain of how much of the fog had come from the pain pill and how much of it was from the satisfied pleasure that still hummed through her nerves. “Don’t stop,” she said finally, unable to think of anything else to say.

Sasha chuckled, and Alexandra watched with growing interest as he slowly pushed the denim over his hips, guiding a pair of underwear down over his thick, muscled thighs along with the tougher fabric. His cock sprung to life—and Alexandra’s eyes widened at the sight of it. It had been months since she had been with anyone; and even if her experience had been more recent, Sasha’s endowment would have given her pause. He was large, thicker and longer than any other man she had been with, his erection flushed almost purple at the tip.

Sasha climbed into the bed next to her and Alexandra felt the heat rolling off of him in waves; he was practically a radiator, almost too warm to the touch. “You’re not ready,” he said as she moved to wrap her legs around him. He chuckled again, nipping playfully at her throat. “Give yourself time to catch your breath; I’m not going anywhere.”

“You said you’d leave if I told you to.”

“I really don’t think you want me to,” Sasha murmured, his voice a low growl in her ear. “Do you?” Alexandra shook her head. She didn’t want him to leave. With his body pressed so close to her, the heat of him, the hardness of his erection pressed against her hip, she couldn’t think of anything she wanted less. There was a musk-laden scent in his hair that was oddly appealing, something sharp and deeply masculine that seemed to make it impossible for Alexandra to focus on anything other than the possibility of feeling him inside of her.
I know you want me, but you have to wait.

Alexandra startled, pulling back from Sasha as if the heat of his body had been enough to burn her. She had heard his voice saying the words—clear as a bell—but in spite of the fact that his lips brushed along her throat, she hadn’t felt the telltale breaths of him speaking against her skin. “What did you say?” Sasha pulled back, holding her gaze for a long moment. He licked his lips, the furtive flicker returning to his eyes.

“What did you hear?” he asked. Alexandra pressed her lips together, narrowing her eyes.

“You know good and goddamned well what I heard,” she said. She saw Sasha flinch for just a moment.

“Don’t think about that right now,” he told her, claiming her lips for a hungry, deep kiss. He slipped down between her legs, pinning her carefully down onto the bed, and as he rocked his hips against hers, Alexandra felt the heat and hardness of his cock rubbing against her slick, already sensitive folds. For an instant, the well-trained instinct to remind him of protection flitted through her mind, only to dissolve in the heat of her rising arousal; Alexandra moaned as Sasha rubbed against her, the tip of his cock brushing her clit, sending a jolt of pleasure through her body that made rational thought impossible.

He shifted against her, claiming her lips with his own, and Alexandra groaned as he thrust into her slowly, pushing past the resistance of her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist, heedless of her injuries and pushed her hips down to meet his, wanting to feel him deeper inside of her, craving him as eagerly as she had ever wanted anything in her life. Sasha rocked his hips, slowly pushing deeper and deeper inside of her, rubbing along her inner walls, and Alexandra fell into his rhythm, twisting and writhing underneath him as her hands trailed over his body, eager to explore the lines and planes and ridges of his back. “Fuck,” she said, gasping as she broke away from his lips. “Jesus—God, you feel so good.” Sasha growled lowly, picking up the pace of his thrusts, driving harder into her moment by moment.

Every movement of their bodies sent a cascade of hot and cold tingles through Alexandra’s body, the pleasure mounting every second. She moaned out again and again, grabbing at Sasha’s body, threading her fingers in his thick, soft hair, touching him everywhere she could reach. Sasha kissed and nipped at her sensitive skin, claiming her mouth over and over. “You’re mine,” he growled in her ear. “You know it, don’t you? You can feel it.”
Give into me completely, give in and let me feel you come.
Alexandra didn’t question the sensations, the sounds that echoed through her mind as she moved closer and closer to orgasm, unable to think.

Her pleasure crested and Alexandra cried out, struggling to hold back as wave after wave of orgasm racked her—sensation so intensely pleasurable that it might as well have been pain. She was so lost in her own pleasure that she barely felt Sasha’s cock twitching inside of her, barely heard his growling roar. She felt the hot, slick gush of his orgasm rushing into her body, intensifying the climax that washed through her. Alexandra clung to what consciousness she could maintain, clinging to Sasha’s body as if for life itself, and reeling in the pleasure that crackled and buzzed through her body. “Yes—yes, I’m yours,” she mumbled weakly, pressing her body helplessly against Sasha’s. Darkness welled up around her and she gave into it, burying her face against Sasha’s neck as she drifted into a satisfied doze.



“Okay,” Alexandra said, wincing as an ill-advised movement sent a twinge of pain through her body. “Let me get this straight.” She swallowed, trying to work what Sasha had just told her through her mind.

“It’s a lot to take in, I know,” Sasha said, smiling slightly. Alexandra resisted the urge to pull away from him; he was no different from the person she had just finished having sex with only a half-hour before.
But you didn’t know the person he was when you finished having sex with him,
she thought. “No, you didn’t know; I probably should have told you.” Alexandra flinched.

“Could you—could you please not do that right now?” she asked him. As soon as she had come out of her reverie, the first thought that had filled her mind was about the curious experience of hearing his voice—in her mind, instead of in her ears.

As her breath had slowed, she had opened her eyes, looking at Sasha sharply in the yellow morning light that filtered through the window. “You read my mind. And I—I heard your thoughts, didn’t I?”

The question had opened the floodgates, and as Alexandra lay in bed next to Sasha, she tried to understand the information he had given her. “There are a few things you need to know,” he had told her, holding her gently. “The first is—yes, I did read your mind, and you were able to hear my thoughts. I probably…I probably should have warned you that it could happen.”

“How—how is it possible, and what is going on?” Sasha had kissed her lightly.

“You’re my mate.” Before she could ask just what he had meant by mate, Sasha brought his finger against her lips to forestall her. “The bears you saw in the forest—one of them was me.” He explained that he was—in his words—a werebear. A shape-shifter. That the fact that she could hear his thoughts, and that he could read her mind, meant that they had bonded. “So, you see,” he had told her finally, “You are—unless you decide against it—part of my life now, and if you decide to move forward with me, part of my clan.”

Alexandra closed her eyes for a moment. “This is going to take a lot of thought,” she said finally.

“I can appreciate that,” Sasha said gently. “Take all the time you need.”

“You’re already in my head,” Alexandra said, smiling weakly.

“If you decide not to join the clan, that will go away in time.” Alexandra nodded slowly. “You can meet the rest of the clan. Spend some time recuperating from your wounds. I’ll even sleep in the living room if you want.” Alexandra raised an eyebrow, looking at him.

“No you will not,” she said tartly. “You are not going to go from getting me off twice in less than thirty minutes to sleeping on the couch.” She shook her head. “You’re staying right here, and as soon as I work my head around the fact that you can become a bear, you are going to get me off again.” Sasha chuckled.

“As many times as you want,” he murmured.
I will get you off as often as you can stand.
Alexandra pressed closer to him; while she hadn’t decided, she thought that unless there was something even more off-putting than turning into a bear in Sasha’s life, she would be happy to at least see how this mating arrangement could play out. She had never had better sex in her life; she wasn’t about to just cast it aside when she could have as much of it as she could stand. “You are so impatient,” Sasha whispered. “At least let me make sure you haven’t pulled any stitches before you climb on top of me.” Alexandra blushed. At least, she thought, very privately, if he could read her mind—he would always know what she wanted.



Taken By The Wild Werebears


Ben fell onto his front paws as he scented the air, seeking something interesting to eat without having any particular goal in mind. A few feet away from him, he felt the mental presence of Dov, one of his oldest friends within the Nita clan.
Someone in the woods.
The thought came to him in something less than words but more than instinct, a suggestion—an impulse between animal thinking and human. Ben snuffled, shaking his head from side to side. Someone in the woods—unless it was a hunter—represented very little trouble to him in the form he had taken on; there weren’t many people either in the town of Green Tree or in general who would deliberately trouble a pair of fully-grown brown bears in their nocturnal search for food.

So what?
He sent the thought in Dov’s direction, sniffing the air once more. He caught a fleeting scent—berries, sharp and sweetly pungent in the humid night air of the forest—and turned in that direction. He coughed, alerting his friend to the proximity of food as he approached the bushes, illuminated faintly by the waxing moon’s light.

Dov had been his friend for as long as Ben could remember; the two of them had undergone their first, ritual transformation together, they worked on the logging crew together, and even when the rest of the clan was busy with other things—spending time with family members, going out to take in the few diversions that the little logging town offered, or, as was the case with their Alpha, staying in for the night with a mate—he and Dov found their way into the woods together, exploring what the night held for inquisitive animals that had no need to fear predators.

Ben began to mine the bushes for ripe berries, his keen nose and keener instincts tugging him away from those still green. After a moment, Dov joined him, shifting down onto his rump to eat in comfort. They exchanged soft growling chuffs, enjoying the sweet-tart taste of the fruit as eagerly as any bear could. The only thing better would have been honey; but Ben had no interest in dealing with bees that night, and he knew Dov didn’t either. Unlike real bears, they had the advanced thinking skills and the money to buy honey if they wanted it; there was little sense in raiding a hive when there were jars and jars of honey at the local market.

I smell her. That woman—the new one.
The fragmented thoughts, filtering through Ben’s mind from Dov’s, were accompanied by a faint image; a short, curvy woman, who had moved into town only a few weeks before, hired by the logging company to do administrative work. Ben had met her briefly; he had been careful not to get too close to the woman—her pheromones, feminine and possibly fertile, would have been nothing but an incitement to him, and he knew, as everyone in the Nita clan did, that the animal instincts had to be kept in check amongst the “normal” humans of the town. She had honey-colored hair kept tightly in a bun dead center at the back of her skull, and a slightly tightly wound air about her that put Ben on alert.

Of course, Ben thought as he meditatively munched on wild berries, sinking down onto his hindquarters in the filtered moonlight, there were plenty of members of the clan who were not quite so careful; they went out to the bars every night, picking up whatever girl would come home with them and showing up the next morning as likely as not with a hangover. He let out a snort of disgust. Since the few women who had been born into the clan were closely related to its other members, they had been married off—a decision by the Alpha, though not one that had met with universal approval. Ben himself could feel the low, pulsing animal lust inside of himself on a near-constant basis: the need to mate, to claim a female as his own. For werebears such as himself, mating was a permanent attachment. The less steady members of the clan, slightly younger—some of them just old enough to drink—were willing to slake that desire as best as they could with one-night stands, taking care of the physical problem.

But Ben held himself back, and Dov had taken the same cue; when they had first been inducted into the Nita clan formally, as teenaged werebears, they had agreed that they would follow their Alpha’s edicts as long as they weren’t harmful, and Ben had never gone back on his word in his entire life. He didn’t intend to start doing it just because he had the mating itch.

Next to him, Dov let out a soft trill.
Coming our way.
Ben sighed; they would have to decide whether it was worth it to risk the panic of a woman encountering two bears in the woods at night, or if it would be better to vacate the area, keep away from the stranger. The Nita clan had lived in the town of Green Tree for as long as it had existed; the original shape-shifters who had formed it had been loggers, just like the majority of the town’s men. Their existence was precarious, however. None of the normal humans in the tiny town knew the true nature of the members of the clan. There were occasional murmurs about some of the stranger behaviors of the “local bears,” but in spite of the occasional sighting of someone coming out of the woods, transformed back into a human, the members of the community seemed content to turn a blind eye; but if they were confronted with the true fact of the Nita clan, there would be consequences—deadly ones.

Move on?
Ben rumbled, turning his head and scenting the air, trying to catch the trace his friend had noticed. In his human form, he had better-than-normal senses of smell and hearing; but in his animal form, Ben’s senses were even more acute. He caught the scent that Dov had found: richly female, with the sweet, slightly musk-laden undercurrent of fertility, it was enough to briefly make the promise of even the sweetest, ripest berries pale in comparison. How the woman had managed not to attract every human male in the town—along with the unattached Nita clan contingent—was beyond Ben’s ability to comprehend. A jolt of fiery need shot through him at her smell. Breathing deeply, trying to settle the hormones surging through his body, Ben picked up the answering scent of Dov’s pheromones; he was beginning to respond to the smell of female fertility as well.

Better leave,
Dov’s hurried, not-quite-panicked thought reached him, and Ben let out a grumbling growl to confirm his agreement. They moved deeper into the woods together, and as they moved further away from the alluring, distracting smell, Ben felt his thoughts beginning to clear. If they could just keep downwind of the woman, he thought, they would be okay. He sniffed at the air, sorting through the scents that painted crystal-clear pictures on his ursine mind, identifying each one. There was carrion nearby, but he was unmoved by it; there was a tree somewhere close to them that had—to his keen nose—perhaps a few ripe fruits for the picking. He ambled off on all fours, meandering through the underbrush and putting the new woman out of his mind as completely as he could. She was not for him—even if she smelled appealingly like she should be. He would not fight Dov over the right to take her; he would rather lose the opportunity to mate completely than be in opposition to a man he considered his brother, his own flesh and blood. Ben barked a quick sound in Dov’s direction, heading towards the appealing smell of more food.

BOOK: Finding Alien Love (SciFi Alien Romance)
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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