Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides

BOOK: Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides
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Fix-It and Forget-It

Holiday Main Dishes and Sides

Phyllis Pellman Good

Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides
is based on
 Fix-It and Forget-It Christmas Cookbook: 600 Slow Cooker Holiday Recipes
published by Good Books, 2010.

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Welcome to Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides
Main Dishes

Welcome to
Fix-It and Forget-It

Holiday Main Dishes and Sides

If you’ve invited your family or your special friends or neighbors to your home for a holiday meal, you might be caught somewhere between anticipation and dread right now.

Who doesn’t like to have loved ones around the table? But which of us hasn’t panicked on the way to that lovely moment?

Or maybe your energy and your cooking ideas left you before your holiday guests did. How do you prepare without running out of time—or graciousness?

Never fear. You absolutely can make holiday-worthy dishes in a slow cooker. Here are 50 easy-to-make, manageable recipes, ranging from elegant to comfortable.

Now you can join the parties!

—Phyllis Pellman Good

Main Dishes

Wine Tender Roast

Rose Hankins

Stevensville, MD

Makes 8-10 servings

Prep. Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 8-10 hours

Ideal slow cooker size: 4- to 5-qt.

2½-3-lb. chuck roast

1 cup thinly sliced onion

½ cup chopped apple, peeled,

3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 cup red wine

salt and pepper

  1. Put roast in slow cooker. Layer onions, apples, and garlic on top of roast.
  2. Carefully pour wine over roast without disturbing its toppings.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  4. Cover. Cook on Low 8-10 hours, or until meat is tender but not dry.

Machaca Beef

Jeanne Allen
, Rye, CO

Makes 10-12 servings

Prep. Time: 5-7 minutes

Cooking Time: 10-12 hours

Ideal slow cooker size: 3½-qt.

1½-lb. beef roast

1 large onion, sliced

4-oz. can chopped green chilies, undrained

2 beef bouillon cubes

1½ tsp. dry mustard

½ tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. seasoning salt

½ tsp. pepper

1 cup salsa

  1. Combine all ingredients except salsa in slow cooker. Add just enough water to cover meat.
  2. Cover cooker and cook on Low 10-12 hours, or until beef is tender but not dry. Drain and reserve liquid.
  3. Shred beef using two forks to pull it apart.
  4. Combine beef, salsa, and enough of reserved liquid to have the consistency you want.
  5. Use as filling for burritos, chalupas, quesadillas, or tacos.


After living in New Mexico for the past 30 years, I get homesick for New Mexican cuisine now that I live in Colorado. I keep memories of New Mexico alive by cooking foods that remind me of home.

Pot-Roast Complete

Naomi E. Fast
, Hesston, KS

Makes 6-8 servings

Prep. Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 6½-7½ hours

Ideal slow cooker size: 4-qt.

3-3½-lb. arm roast, boneless

2 large onions, sliced

½ cup brown sugar

⅓ cup soy sauce

⅓ cup cider vinegar

2 bay leaves

2-3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp. grated fresh ginger,
¼ tsp. ground ginger

1 cup julienned carrots, matchstick size,
baby carrots

2 cups sliced button mushrooms

2-3 cups fresh spinach leaves,
2 10-oz. pkgs. frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry

2 Tbsp. cornstarch

  1. Place meat in slow cooker. Top with onions.
  2. Combine brown sugar, soy sauce, and vinegar in a small bowl. Spoon over beef.
  3. Scatter bay leaves, garlic, and ginger over roast.
  4. Cover. Cook on Low 6-7 hours.
  5. Spread carrots, mushrooms, and spinach over beef.
  6. Cover. Cook on High 20 minutes.
  7. In small bowl, mix cornstarch with ½ cup broth from slow cooker. Return to slow cooker.
  8. Cover. Cook 10 minutes more.

Serve over


I can’t count how many times I have used this recipe over the last 15-20 years as a guest meal.

Stuffed Flank Steak

Renee Baum

Chambersburg, PA

Makes 6 servings

Prep. Time: 30 minutes

Cooking Time: 4½-5½ hours

Ideal slow cooker size: 4- to 5-qt.

8-oz. pkg. crushed cornbread stuffing

1 cup chopped onion

1 cup chopped celery

¼ cup minced fresh parsley

2 eggs

1¼ cups beef broth

5⅓ Tbsp. (⅓ cup) butter, melted

½ tsp. seasoned salt,

½ tsp. pepper

1½ lbs. flank steak

  1. Combine stuffing, onion, celery, and parsley in large bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, beat eggs. Stir in broth and butter. Pour over stuffing mixture. Sprinkle with seasoned salt if you wish, and pepper. Stir well.
  3. Pound steak to ¼”- thickness.
  4. Spread 1½ cups stuffing mixture over steak. Roll up, starting with short side. Tie with string.
  5. Place steak in slow cooker.
  6. Wrap remaining stuffing tightly in foil and place on top of rolled steak.
  7. Cover. Cook on Low 4½-5½ hours, or until meat thermometer reaches 165 degrees.
  8. Remove string before slicing.
BOOK: Fix-It and Forget-It Holiday Main Dishes and Sides
9.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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