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Flesh for Fantasy

BOOK: Flesh for Fantasy
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Heartbroken from a failed relationship, Jacob isn't ready to go
back into the meat market, yet he can't ignore the loneliness
inside. He turns to a cybernetic lover at the urging of one of his
friends.  What seems like the perfect escape from reality
turns into a nightmare when Jacob has to tell the machine every
single step in the lovemaking process.  To make matters worse,
Jacob wants to
, not a master. 
Instructing his
over is
just too much work.
A freak accident shuts Cal down and when the cyborg reawakens, he’s
changed.  Jacob gets what he wanted in the first place, but
fear and unease hold him back from taking his lucky break. 
Then Jacob's walls are then shattered and he has to face the hurt
he's held on too long.
Cal becomes everything Jacob could ever want but can Jacob accept
the love he deserves?


Flesh for Fantasy















Twisted Erotica Publishing,




Flesh for Fantasy

Copyright © 2013 by KELEX


Edited by Marie Medina


First E-book Publication: August 2013,


Cover design by K Designs

All cover art and logo copyright © 2013,
Twisted Erotica Publishing.


This literary work may not be
reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including
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without express written permission.


All characters and events in this book
are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is
strictly coincidental.






To M





Flesh for Fantasy




Chapter One



Cal, tie me to the bed
and use the leather cuffs to bind my hands,” Jacob instructed while
resting back against his pillows. “And don’t make them too tight
like you did last time.”

Yes, Jacob,” the cyborg
said in the echoing metallic voice that always reminded Jacob
exactly what his lover was—fake.

Jacob sighed, knowing he was starting
to sound like a sniveling whiner, but he was becoming irritated
with the cyborg. After his horrific break-up, he’d opted for the
organic robot in hopes he’d feel less alone without having to jump
back into the dangerous meat market. Now, he only felt more
ostracized and lonely, reminded he was replacing a real live person
with a machine. “Don’t talk. Just nod or shake your head. That
voice of yours pulls me out of the mood.”

Cal nodded, prepared to follow Jacob’s
orders. Jacob lowered the light beside the bed as the cyborg
slipped into the bed beside him. Jacob had paid a pretty penny for
the cybernetic male, at his best friend’s insistence. Declan had
led the team that had rebuilt the computer brain that went on to
become the integral part of Cal. After the newest release had been
made, Declan had assured Jacob that Cal was exactly the lover for
the job. The cyborg was outfitted with the best components and
looked as human as Jacob did. If it weren't for the voice and the
dull look in the thing’s eyes, Jacob would never know the cyborg
wasn’t human.

Jacob’s Cal, or Cybernetic Automated
Lover 2.0, was made to Jacob’s precise specifications. Exactly six
foot six with a physique of a pro spaceball player, the
brown-haired, blue-eyed sex god was pretty near perfection in
Jacob’s book—at least when it came to looks. The company that had
sold Cal to him needed to learn a thing or two about the science of
sound and a human’s reaction to it—as well as a few other issues.
Perhaps Jacob needed to have a talk with Declan.

Trying to imagine it was a real man
tying him down and not a thing he’d paid for, Jacob closed his eyes
and relished the feel of the cuffs being wrapped around his

Master, I am sorry to
speak, but I must ask if the cuffs are too tight. My programming
requires I do no harm.”

Jacob opened his eyes and looked at
the cyborg, a sigh escaping his lips. What Jacob wouldn’t give to
have a real, strong male to demand his due, without questioning
every move he made. Yet the thought of having to be intimate with
another human was something he just wasn’t prepared for. And it
wasn’t the cyborg’s fault; it’s the way it was programmed. “They’re

Without another word, Cal pulled
Jacob’s right hand to the corner of the bed and affixed it to the
special latch, one which Jacob could ultimately get out of in case
there was a malfunction with his cyborg. After securing Jacob’s
other hand, Cal then rested back on his knees and appeared to wait
for his next instruction.

Jacob observed the robot for a moment.
He’d paid to have a top of the line half organic being, one with
all the bells and whistles. It was one that was supposed to be
intuitive and know what it was expected to do next. Cal had done
this particular sex act with Jacob about five times now and still
did not seem to get that Jacob wanted Cal to insert tab A into slot
B. “How many times do I have to tell you what to do next,

But each experience so
far has been slightly different, so there is no true way to
calculate what it is you want me to do next. I need specific data
in order to determine what it is you desire. The first and third
time we experienced sexual intercourse, you instructed me to suck
your cock. The second and fourth time, you asked me to insert my
phallus into your rectum immediately, without precursor. And the
last time, you had me force my phallus into your mouth to quote
“face fuck you as hard as I could”. So which will it be this time
or do you have new data to enter into my memory banks?”

Jacob looked at the thing,
thunderstruck. He’d thought having a sex cyborg would’ve been the
most incredible experience in his life. After Jacob had broken it
off with his last boyfriend, Declan had urged Jacob to get back out
there. But Jacob wasn’t ready quite yet. He needed time before he
gave his heart away to another. That didn’t change the fact he had
needs, darkly sexual needs that not just anyone could

Declan had regaled Jacob with all the
incredible work he’d done to upgrade the systems on the new cyborg.
After watching all the commercials for the CAL 2.0, seeing the
marketing and promotional materials, Jacob had been duped into
thinking he was in for a world of sexual satiation like nothing
known to man. Two weeks later and he felt as if he was instructing
the village idiot on how to have boring, clinical sex. There was
nothing sexy or completely gratifying about anything they’d done so
far. He kept at it, in hopes it would improve, as the salesman had
assured him that once the cyborg was accustomed to Jacob’s desires,
it would improve.

Jacob was starting to lose hope and
was slowly starting to lose his hard-on. “Just take the cuffs off
me and lie on your back.” In the least, Jacob could use the cyborg
as a gigantic male-shaped dildo and get on top for a nice, hard
ride. A very expensive, hard ride.

Cal rolled to his back and lay still,
his large cock the exact measurements Jacob had requested. The fat
head was a delicious, spongy mushroom cap that was a lovely shade
of purple, matching the veins running along the long, wide shaft.
It was a cock any human male would be envious of on another human,
one both women and men would flock to touch. Jacob couldn’t get his
palm completely around the girth, his fingertips about an inch

He rolled his tongue over his lips,
wanting to run them over the shaft, but there was no point in that.
Cal was there for Jacob’s satisfaction, not the other way around.
Jacob straddled the cyborg’s hips and slowly impaled himself on
that perfect cock. While he slipped down the length, a groan shot
from his lips. At least this part of Cal was

Cal’s cock was perfectly rock hard
whenever Jacob wanted it. And it was hard for as long as Jacob
wanted it and as often as he wanted it. If there was a way to get
Cal up to speed regarding the domination factor, then the robot
would be perfect.

Jacob pulled Cal’s hands up to Jacob’s
hips. “Hold me here, tightly.”

Cal gazed at the spot and gripped
Jacob tightly. “Like this?”

Yes, that’s it,” Jacob
said on a sigh as he moved up and down over the cyborg’s pole. “Do
you feel that tempo? The pace I’m setting?”

Yes, Master.”

I want you to help me
maintain that same rhythm. Help me fuck your cock. And lift your
hips to meet my thrusts,” Jacob added. “And then stay quiet so I
can get off.”

Yes, Master.” Cal did as
instructed after agreeing.

Jacob looked down at the cyborg as he
fucked him, taking the fat cock deep in his ass. Cal turned his
head slightly to gaze up at Jacob. The thing really was gorgeous,
the kind of male Jacob would love to meet in real life someday. And
with a shaft that pushed Jacob over the edge, even if Jacob had to
give blow-by-blow instructions.

It was like assisted

Jacob needed more than

He continued to pump his hips over
Cal, his heartbeat escalating while his breathing grew shorter and
shorter. Jacob closed his eyes, running his hands over the
silky-smooth skin that covered his cyborg. It was warm, so
lifelike. When Cal was quiet, Jacob could nearly believe it was a
real man under him.

With each stroke, Jacob drew closer
and closer to orgasm. He opened his eyes to stare down at his
robotic lover, taking in the sight of all that male perfection.
Jacob leaned in to kiss Cal. That was one thing Cal seemed to do
well enough, although he seemed to still follow Jacob’s lead. As
their tongues warred, Jacob began to come, spurting his cum all
over his cyborg’s stomach. He reached down to pump his hand over
his shaft, milking the last of his seed from the tip before he
slowed his motions.

BOOK: Flesh for Fantasy
5.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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