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For One Night Only!

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One Night Only!



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Mia sat
sipping a drink at the bar contemplating what to do as another
lonely evening stretched out before her. She had been on the run
for so long that she no longer had a home or friends to call her
own. Having witnessed her ex-husband murder a man in cold blood she
had fled and was still running; trying to stay ahead of him. She
knew if he ever caught up with her that he would kill her without a
moment’s hesitation. But just for once she wished she could share
the company of another, to ease this aching loneliness inside her.
She twisted in her seat to take the rest of the bar in and noticed
a man sitting at a table by himself reading a newspaper. No
companion, no wedding ring. Mia wondered what about him; her
curiosity piqued. It wasn’t like she had anything else to do, other
than stare at this gorgeous man and create a fantasy in her head
about who he was and what he did; whether he was married, involved
or single. Why was he here on business? Or was he here for some
personal business? Maybe he was here on holiday? As if feeling the
weight of her stare, the man looked up, straight at her. For a
moment he just looked at her; and then he smiled and took her
breath away. The man was absolutely gorgeous but when he smiled, he
was positively lethal. While maintaining eye contact, the man got
up from the table and walked towards her.

Kade was
bored. He had a whole lot of hours on his hands and nothing to do
with them. As he sat reading the evening paper he wondered if his
being here was just a wild goose chase or if his informant had
actually gotten him solid Intel this time. He and his partner were
due to relieve the stake-out team at the warehouse in question at
midnight. Unfortunately that was still hours away. His partner was
out visiting with family that lived in the area but Kade hadn’t
been in the mood for sitting making idle chit chat with strangers
so he’d opted to stay at the hotel until it was time to get to
work. Suddenly Kade felt a familiar prickle in the back of his neck
that signalled he was being watched. Slowly he let his gaze wonder
around the room looking for the source, without lifting his head to
make it obvious he was looking. He noticed a beautiful woman
sitting at the bar facing him. He lifted his head to get a better
look at her. He felt as if someone had sucker punched him when his
made eye contact. She was, quite possibly, the most beautiful woman
he had ever seen and she was looking at him almost as if she wished
he would join her at the bar. And to be honest, the idea appealed
to him; far more than going back to the room to watch some
mind-numbing television. Who knew, if he played his cards right, he
might find some entertainment that would keep him occupied for the
next few hours? Smiling, Kade picked up his drink and made his way
toward the beauty at the bar.

Evening sugar. Mind if I join you?” Mia smiled shyly at Kade
and gestured to the chair next to her, “Make yourself at home.”
“So, at the risk of sounding clichéd, what’s a gorgeous lady like
you doing all alone in a hotel bar?” Kade asked Mia. “I was passing
through town on my way to visit family in the next town when my car
broke down,” Mia lied. “How about you?” “Here on business for a few
days,” Kade replied. “Can I buy you a drink?” “Thank you,” she
smiled, “An Apple Martini would be great.” Kade ordered their
drinks and settled back to chat up his new companion. Before he
could utter a word, Mia turned towards him and said, “I’ve got an
unusual request.” “Ok, shoot. Let’s hear it then,” Kade replied. To
his utter delight Mia blushed. “I know this is going to sound
really bizarre but I have always fantasized about meeting a
stranger and just talking without the usual information exchange;
just idle chitchat; and nothing more substantial. Just to be
anonymous for a moment in time. Are you game?” “Well now, that
certainly sounds interesting. I guess I’m game if you


Kade and Mia sat chatting at the bar until their drinks were
finished. “I know it’s still fairly early in the evening but I was
wondering if you would have dinner with me in the hotel dining
room?” Kade asked. “That would be lovely, thank you.” He slid off
his chair and stood with his hand at Mia’s back to guide her from
her chair and across the room. At the entrance to the dining room
they were greeted by the hostess and they requested a table for two
out of the path of foot traffic. Seated in a quiet corner, Kade and
Mia placed their order and settled in to wait for their meal. Kade
leaned toward Mia and asked, “So tell me something about you that
you wouldn’t normally share with someone who know you.” Again, much
to his delight, Mia blushed and ducked her head. “Come sugar, you
got me intrigued now. What could possibly be so bad that you’re
blushing? Which I find absolutely charming; by the way.” “Promise
you won’t laugh or make fun of me!” “Cross my heart,” Kade grinned.
The waiter chose that moment to arrive with their food and he
almost groaned out loud. She had been about to reveal what was on
her mind. Mia smiled her thanks at the waiter and prepared to tuck
in. Talk about being saved by the bell, so to speak! They ate in
silence for a bit before Kade leaned forward and said, “Well sugar,
what’s on your mind. You have my curiosity piqued.” Mia put her
knife and fork down, gathered her courage in her hands and blurted,
“I was wondering if you wanted to come up to my room after dinner?”
Kade’s jaw dropped. Surely he couldn’t have heard her right. Surely
it couldn’t be that easy. Could it? Yes, he’d hoped that he’d be
able to talk her into coming up to
room this evening but he had
expected to have to work for it. Here was this drop dead gorgeous
woman asking him if he wanted to go up to her room. For a split
second he wondered if this was for real but then he looked over as
her and the blush staining her cheeks told him that not only was
she serious; but she was seriously out of her comfort zone. But not
one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Kade smiled, “Eat up sugar.
You’re going to need the energy.”

It seemed like an
eternity but finally they were finished with dinner. All that
remained was to sign the bill and head on upstairs. The
anticipation had been building up over the meal. Touches and looks,
innuendoes and subtle suggestions had been bandied back and forth
and now the moment had arrived. The waiter brought the bill to the
table and Kade put his hand out to take it. “My treat,” he smiled.
“Then, again, thank you.” Mia replied. “I just have to head up to
my room for a moment but I won’t be long. What’s your room number?”
The moment of reckoning had arrived and Mia almost lost her nerve
but she thought of how safe she felt in his company and volunteered
her room number before she did, indeed, lose her nerve. “I’ll be
there in 10 sugar. Count on it!” Kade told Mia as he rose from the

herself into her room, Mia's heart was beating so hard she thought
it might literally come right out of her chest.  What had she

out her room number to random strangers was not something she would
normally do but somehow she'd felt safe around Mr Tall, dark &
delectable.  And safe was not something Mia was used to
feeling.  Yet when he looked at her she felt like he was
someone she could trust not to hurt her.  Shaking herself out
of her momentary panic, she raced into the bathroom to freshen up
before her nameless visitor arrived at her door.

brushed her raven tresses until they gleamed, rolled some lip
gloss on and went to the dresser to find something decadent to
wear.  As Mia pulled the strap of her lace bra over her
shoulder a knock at her door told her time was up.  Pulling a
sheer negligee on she went to answer the door.

When Mia
opened the door Kade almost swallowed his tongue.  He had
never seen a more beautiful woman.  And he had to have her.
 He shoved away from the wall and stepped inside the room.
 Closing the door behind him, Kade stalked forward and grabbed
Mia up for a kiss that could have melted tar.

I wondered if you would chicken out while I was gone,” Kade
murmured. Truthfully Mia replied, “I almost did but then I realised
just how much I want this, want you.” “I’ll make you feel so good
sugar that you won’t regret it.” Kade reached out to cup the back
of her neck in his palm as he laid his lips on hers. Licking his
tongue over her lips he slid his hand down Mia’s back to mould the
soft, plump swell of her ass. Mia parted her lips and allowed his
tongue in to taste and explore. As the kiss deepened Kane palmed
her breasts plucking at her nipples as they beaded beneath his
hand. He leaned down to replace his hands with teeth and tongue,
licking and sucking first one then the other through the thin
material of the negligee. Mia reached out to rub her hand over the
hard ridge of Kade’s erection straining at the zip of his jeans. He
groaned as she rubbed her hand up and down, teasing him through the

walked her backwards toward the bed, his fingers working to get the
negligee off.  "Gorgeous," he muttered against her mouth.
 "I have to have you ... now."  You're wearing too much
clothing," Mia answered.  Kade backed up a step and began to
rip his clothes off, in a hurry to get back to Mia's delectable
body.  Mia watched as first Kade's shoes and socks came off;
and then his shirt.  Damn but the man was built and Mia itched
to get her hands on that glorious body.  Her breath hitched
and caught as Kade's fingers went to unbutton his fly.  He
popped the button open and pushed hurriedly at his jeans and boxer
brief.  As his erection sprang free Mia licked her lip, her
eyes going wide; wondering how she would fit him all in.  He
was a big man, with a cock to match. “Oh it’ll fit sugar. Trust
me.” Mia looked up at Kade, wondering how he’d know that’s what she
was thinking.

naked, Kade reached for Mia. Gently, he guided her down on to the
bed and sank to his knees. Running his hands up the inside of her
thighs Kade hoarsely said “Open for me sugar.” Mia did as he asked
and he reached out to run his finger down her slick folds. “So
beautiful,” Kade murmured. He ran his finger over her clit and Mia
arched up off the bed; already wildly aroused. She moaned softly as
Kade continued to rub her clit. He replaced his finger with his
tongue and gently nibbled, driving Mia even higher. She felt
herself wind ever tighter but when he slowly slid first one finger
and then two into her Mia felt like she was going to blow apart.
“Please … I need you.” “I’m right here sugar. I’m going to take
real good care of you. I just need to get a condom.” Kade retrieved
the condom but Mia held out her hand. He handed it to her and she
ripped the foil open. Placing the condom on the very tip of Kade’s
cock, Mia used her mouth to roll it down taking him deep. Kade
groaned at the pleasure, winding his fingers through her hair. She
swallowed and he almost lost control.

BOOK: For One Night Only!
13.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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