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Foreign Affair



By Amanda Martinez



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Amanda Martinez

Chapter One


There's always that moment where the hope of a first date turns sour. It starts off with someone getting themselves hopeful about a first date. Will I like them? Will they like me? Will this person be the one? Am I supposed to pay my way on first dates now? The hope goes along stead enough, maybe even increasing, until the realization that no, you don't like this person, don't care if they like you and this person is definitely not the one. The dread forces the hope to free-fall a little deeper after each bad date and the climb to hope is a little steeper. Kate was in the free-fall stage of this date.

It wasn't the location. Her date chose that well. An expansive speakeasy downtown with four rooms and a huge stage in the center of it all where diners in their sexy outfits could see burlesque dancers teasing the crowd as they walked down the grand staircase from the street. Kate and her date, James sat at a small round table lit by candlelight in the smallest of the rooms with a wooden bar at the back.

Just be polite, Kate. Then you can leave at the first chance and lay on your couch alone.

Kate smiled politely at James as he droned on and on about his job. There wasn't anything particularly off-putting about James. He was just slightly taller than her and his blonde hair was perfectly swept to the side. She even tried not to judge him harshly for his preppy outfit, khakis and navy blue jacket. But James was just boring. Someone Kate's mother would have chosen for her and, in fact, Kate's mother had chosen him for her.

"You know James Boudreaux? Frank and Elena's son? He just moved back to the city. You should show him around, Kate," her mother told her over the phone.

Kate rolled her eyes. "The kid who used to pull my hair and threw sand on me at summer camp when I was 12?"

"I can hear you rolling your eyes through the phone, Kate. But you should see him now. He is a venture capitalist now and moved back for this big job at a firm. He really has become a man and I think you two would hit it off."

"Are you sure, Mom? He doesn't seem like my type at all."

"Well he was at a dinner at the Boudreaux's house last week and asked about you. I gave him your card."

Kate blanched. "Oh Mom, no you didn't. Please tell me you didn't." She had very little interest in all of this.

"Just one drink, Kate. Go out with him. You're 28, all of my friends are about to be grandmothers. I need to see you marry before I die." Every time her mother would bring up this excuse Kate would be filled with guilt.

"Fine. Drinks and that's it," she agreed so she could get off the phone and away from the source of the sinking feeling that she wasn't good enough because she still wasn't married with no prospects on the horizon. When James called a day later, Kate was impressed that he had grown up and was even a little hopeful that the date wouldn't be that bad. But she should have trusted her gut. This guy was perfectly fine but perfectly boring. She had even slipped into her favorite dress, a burgundy v-neck dress that stopped just below her knees and hugged every curve of her. All thoughts of the dress being matronly were dashed when someone saw the back of the dress and the gold zipper down the center of the dress from nape to knee. Her peep-toe heels brought her to eye level with James but she didn't care. His amazement when she opened the door to see him was satisfaction enough. Never mind that she was barely attracted to him, as long as someone found her irresistible was enough. In the car on the way to the club, his arms wrapped around her shoulder and his fingers traced the exposed part of her neck with her long auburn hair curled and swept to one side. Normally this would be a move that she would find sexy, but with James she found in unnecessarily protective and a chance to preemptively jump over her walls.

Kate had tuned out his droning to see a group of men in suits walk in. Four of them. All tall and muscular, but impeccably dressed. She couldn't tear her eyes away as they all stood at the bar doing shots and flirting with the bartender. Looking around the room every woman had their eyes trained on the four boisterous men, same as Kate. Her breath hitched as one looked her dead in the eye and after a moment smirked and lifted his glass to her in a salute. His hair was black and pushed back like a woman had run her finger through it just moments ago and his eyes were dark, the center like two black discs. He was all masculine. The black suit constraining to hold his obvious muscles and the unbuttoned collar of his shirt showing just a tiny sliver of his chest. Dangerous, a man like that was dangerous in the best and the worse sense. The kind of man that thrilled Kate but her mother hated and would just die if Kate ever brought someone like him home. But with that look, Kate could hardly keep herself from crawling on the sticky floor to him, climbing up onto the bar and laying back to let him have his way with her.

"Did you hear me Kate? Kate!" Kate's vision snapped back to James. He was smiling broadly at her. By all means, James was someone she should fall for. Their life would be comfortable and reasonably happy. But he didn't make her toes curl and she couldn't imagine his blonde hair between her legs. She could still feel the intense stare of the man at the bar. "See someone you know," he asked searching the room for the source of her loss of focus. He looked back at Kate strangely when he followed her line of sight to the men at the bar.

"I'm sorry, James. They're just so... loud. Makes it hard to hear you," she said, making up any excuse she could find. She smiled, hoping that would placate James.

"Don't look at them. They look like a bunch of thugs. Do you want me to say something?" He rose to leave the table and confront the men, who definitely wouldn't take James as a challenge to fight. Kate rested her hand on James' to stop him.

"No, no need James. Tell me more about your trip to Brazil again, would you?" Kate nodded at all of the right times during the story, finishing her drink, all the while feeling that same gaze still on her. She swore she could feel the burn as it traveled from her eyes to her lips, down her neck and over her breasts. Unlike James, this stare turned her on and she wished he wouldn't stop. But it also made her a little uncomfortable, like someone was seeing into her soul.

"Did you want another drink," James asked, full of hope.

Kate looked at his face. Trying to think of some reason where she might like this guy. But instead her mouth stretched into an involuntary yawn. "Oh God, I'm sorry. No, I don't think so. I have to be up early tomorrow."

James smiled and nodded, undeterred from the yawn. "Alright well, let me go to the restroom and I'll get you a cab." Kate nodded as he left the table and then immediately grabbed her compact from her purse. Opening it to check her lipstick. Still perfectly in place, as usual, the red accentuating her full lips. Closing the compact and putting it back in her purse when she felt someone sit down, she looked up to see not James but the man that was staring at her at the bar. His large form relaxed in the chair and his hand swiveling a glass filled with whiskey on the table.

"Uh... excuse me?" Kate asked raising an eyebrow.

"That one," the man said tilting his head in the direction James just walked, "is not the man for you." Kate had a hard time understanding him through his accent. British? Australian?

"What," she said narrowing her eyes.

"Your date, love. You need more danger in your life than that pansy."

Kate sat back and crossed her arms. "Really? And what makes an Aussie like you think that?"

The man smiled and shook his head. "Not Aussie. Irish." He took a sip of his drink. "And I think that because you're bored by him. Too smart, too sexy, too full of passion. I knew that the moment I saw you."

Kate was simultaneously annoyed and intrigued by the Irishman across from her who seemed to have her pegged to easily.

"I'm too smart and full of passion for most men."

The man smirked, "I'll bet you are."

"You need to leave, he'll be back any second," Kate hissed leaning towards him. She watched his gaze dip to her cleavage.

"You'll have to tell me your name first, love."

Kate shook her head at the gall of this man. "You don't need my name. You need to go back to your friends. Now."

He mockingly seemed to consider what she said and then shook his head. "Your name."

"It's Katarina. Or Kate. Now will you please go?"

"Katarina," he said seeming to examine how the name felt in his mouth before smiling at her. "I like it."

Kate saw James round the corner back to the table out of the corner of her eye.

"Great. Now leave please? Before you cause a scene," she whispered.

The man looked amused at Kate's panic. "But you didn't ask me my name. That's just rude, Katarina."

Kate rolled her eyes just in time to see James stop at the table, noticing a man taking his spot.

"Hey, Kate. What's going on?"

Kate bit her bottom lip nervously. "Umm... He," she stammered gesturing to the Irish man smiling across from her. He seemed so relaxed, like nothing was amiss in this situation.

"Niall," he said in his brogue, sounding to her like Nyle.

Kate narrowed her eyes at him "Niall... was just leaving."

James raised his eyebrows. He was definitely going to tell her mother about this and Kate would never hear the end of it. "Was he? And who the hell are you, Niall?"

Niall didn't tense, just took another drink of his whiskey and looked Kate in the eye. It would be as if James didn't exist if Niall hadn't replied "I'm the man that's going to make her fall in love tonight."

Kate's eyes widened in surprise. She would be put off, except she was so attracted to Niall. There was a very small doubt in her mind that he couldn't achieve what he just said.

"Really?" James looked to Kate and sternly grabbed her arm pulling her out of the chair. "I think it's time to go home, Kate."

Niall quickly stood and glared at James. "Whoa. Don't handle her like that. Why don't you let the woman make her own decisions?" James let go of her arm and Kate absently rubbed her arm where his fingers had dug in. Everyone in the room was watching them, but Kate couldn't tear her eyes from looking between James and Niall. The angel and the devil. Her resolve was slipping. Having some fun tonight, wouldn't hurt. She wasn't going to marry James anyway, who cared?

She couldn't conceal the ridiculousness of the situation and pressed her lips together to stifle a laugh. Niall towering over James saw her eyes light up and smiled. Wordlessly he stretched out his hand for her to take and pressed her to him. One arm wrapping around her waist and the other brushing through her side-swept hair finally resting on her cheek to kiss her. Kate let out a soft moan when his tongue dipped into her mouth, tasting her. It was a kiss of triumph for him and a relenting to everything for Kate. All of the pressure from her family to get married and fall for a boring man. When he pulled his lips away he held her face close, his thumb grazing the soft skin of her cheek and keeping her gaze in his dark brown eyes.

When Niall looked up to James, he smiled like a boy that has just won the best prize at the fair. Kate stood upright and looked back at James, only slightly scared of the consequences of this action.

"Wow. Screw you, Kate," he said without emotion before turning to leave.

"I'm sorry James. I just..." she started explaining before he waved his hand over his shoulder and not stopping for the door.

Kate might regret this in the morning, but when Niall bent down and whispered in her ear "Let's have some fun, love," she decided to worry about that later.


BOOK: Foreign Affair
2.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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