Forever (Shifter Island Book 3) (11 page)

BOOK: Forever (Shifter Island Book 3)
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That seemed to deepen Aaron’s frown. Then he shook his head, the frown disappeared, and he wrapped an arm around her. “I’ve been told I dance like a crippled goat,” he confessed. “But will you—”

“Let you step on my toes?”

The noise around her sounded like a New Year’s Eve celebration: loud, confusing, out of tune… but wonderful. Everyone seemed to be happy; even the elders looked less annoyed than Abby had seen them up to this point.

She didn’t doubt there’d be problems in the future, that questions would arise, that she’d have some difficulty fitting in. But in every way she could think of, life in this place seemed like something she truly wanted to be a part of—with her gorgeous, devoted mate at her side.

Her eyes were misting up again as she wrapped her arms around Aaron and held him as tightly as she could, and she felt a surge of joy when he rested his cheek against the top of her head and embraced her in return.

He could step on her toes all he liked, she decided.

For the rest of her life.


* * * *

Shifter Island


Aaron and Abby have finally found their happy ending—but the story of Shifter Island continues!


Coming in June 2016…

Book Four: Quest


Years ago, during a visit to the mainland, Aaron’s brother Luca met a beautiful redhead named Allison and felt the pull of the mating bond. But Allison was a human, and even though she was in love with Luca, she refused to leave her home and family to join him on the island. Although his heart was broken, Luca had no choice but to accept her decision. Now, he’s seen his brother and Abby find love together… and he’s determined to find Allison, no matter where she is, and make her his mate.


Coming in July 2016…

Book Five: Healer


Being the healer of the pack is a very fulfilling life, one that keeps Deborah busy from sunup until late at night. Even though she lost her mate during a terrible winter almost ten years ago, she feels content and loved. Then the gruff and troublesome Jed begins to take special notice of her, and she begins to ask herself if there truly is something missing from her life—if it’s possible to find another mate she’ll love as deeply as the one she lost.


Coming in August 2016…

Book Six: Dolphin Cove


Choose your mate from among the pack, Ethan has been told all his life. But he can’t help thinking that he’s missing something—that there might be someone like the beautiful Abby in the place she came from, the island called Dolphin Cove. So, against the wishes of his family, he slips away one night and makes his way to that other island. It’s a dangerous place to be for a young wolf who’s not familiar with the ways of humans—and it’s also the home of a girl named Tricia, who lures him into a situation he may not be able to escape from.


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BOOK: Forever (Shifter Island Book 3)
11.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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