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Foxfire (Nine Tails, 1)

BOOK: Foxfire (Nine Tails, 1)





Hiro didn’t think anything
could amaze him more than his brother’s revelation that their
family’s prosperity comes from the favor of the kami Inari. Yet
Hiro soon learns that Inari’s kitsune, fox spirits who act as
messengers, watch over his family in exchange for yearly
tribute—and this year, Hiro has been requested as an offering by
one of the mysterious fox spirits. Hiro’s brother takes him to a
strange mansion one night, and Hiro is left at the mercy of Masaki
Kitamura, who has yet to reveal what he has planned for his young



Nine Tails, Book




Yuki Edo








Twisted Erotica
Publishing, Inc.




Foxfire, Nine Tails, Book One

Copyright © 2014 by Yuki Edo


First E-book Publication: October 2014,


Cover design by K Designs

All cover art and logo copyright © 2014,
Twisted Erotica Publishing.


This literary work may not be reproduced or
transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or
photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express
written permission.


All characters and events in this book
are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is
strictly coincidental.



Some Definitions


– the Japanese kami (god) of foxes, fertility, prosperity,
success, rice, tea, and sake. May appear male, female, or


– (she who invites) a kami of both creation and death, as
well as the former wife of the kami


– literally “vampire tree”, a spirit tree that lives off
human blood


– a god or spirit, worshipped in the Japanese tradition of


– Japanese hair ornaments


– child-sized reptilian creatures with webbed hands and feet;
trickster figures. Their tricks can be harmless (farting) or
terrible (drowning, rape)


– literally, fox witch. These witches gain the
favor of kitsune by bribing them with food and then making deals
with them


– a fox spirit with transmutation abilities


Red string of fate
– concept similar to soul mates, a red string
ties two people who are destined to meet


– cherry blossom


– a traditional gate found at Shinto shrines and Buddhist


– traditional Japanese garment, usually worn over a short
kimono and divided like trousers


– generic, broad term for any supernatural entity


– land of the dead in the Shinto tradition, where the
deceased rot indefinitely






Masaki Kitamura sat at his desk going
through files on his laptop. Though he heard no door open or close,
he knew he was no longer alone. He felt the tingling on his skin,
the slight breeze in the room carrying a blended scent of tea and
sake. When he felt the presence behind his chair, he straightened
his spine in acknowledgment.

My lady.”

A strong hand ran over his shoulder
and down his chest. “My lord,” he corrected. Inari typically came
in the form of a man when he had seduction in mind, but Masaki
wasn’t in the mood, despite his love for his kami.

Inari came around the chair and sat on
the desk. Instead of wearing his usual white kimono underneath a
blue umanori, Inari wore western clothing, which was unusual. He
wore a simple white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to
the elbows over black trousers. His feet were bare, his long black
hair tied back in a low ponytail instead of a topknot.

Hello, Masaki.” Inari
reached out and ran one finger down his cheek. “I understand you’ve
requested your annual tribute.”

Masaki had known Inari would find out,
but he hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. “Yes, I

You seem to like human
life the most of all your brothers.” Inari slowly closed Masaki’s
laptop and pushed it aside, sliding over on the desk so he was
right in front of Masaki. He spread his legs and rested them
against the arms of Masaki’s chair. “I almost thought you might ask
the Ibuki family for a bride.”

Masaki smiled. “In a way, I

Inari smiled. “I meant a female one,
so you could have children. I know how much you love them.” Leaning
forward, he added, “Does your preference for a male have anything
to do with me, my little kitsune?” He ran one finger over Masaki’s
lower lip. “Hmmm?”

It’s always been my

Inari looked thoughtful. “I’m not
surprised, given your father’s luck with women.”

How may I serve you
today, my lord?” Masaki asked, assuming they would adjourn to his
bedroom. He did not wish to talk about the curse of his

I have a message for you
to deliver.” He set an envelope on the desk. “But I wished to see
you in person.”


A smirk spread over Inari’s face. “I
spent the day spying on him. He’s an interesting

Inari obviously meant Hiro Ibuki. “Do
you approve?” Masaki swallowed. Knowing Inari could deny him a
chosen tribute, he worried his request might be

You’re free to ask for
any tribute you like. I don’t see him as being submissive

I don’t want someone
submissive. I want … him.”

Inari toyed with the buttons on his
shirt, as if he would say nothing else, but Masaki knew better.
After a moment, Inari looked up. “What got your

Masaki studied Inari’s expression
before answering. “You watched him all day?”

Inari nodded.

Then surely you know, my

The god ran a hand up his own thigh,
letting it rest over the erection that was becoming more obvious.
“He’s beautiful.”

That’s not it, but yes,
he is.” Hiro was a handsome young man, his long black hair silky
and his brown eyes intelligent and thoughtful. He had a strong chin
and lean, firm body.

Inari chuckled. “It’s his art. I
approve, my little fox. He’s a good match for you. Your
appreciation of the arts will endear you to him.”

I saw one of his drawings
in Akira’s office. I’ve purchased many of them.” He pointed to the
framed sketches on the wall. “They…” He couldn’t find the right

Speak to you,” Inari
finished for him.

Yes. They do.” It gave
him confidence that Inari saw it so easily, but he didn’t want to
let it show and seem prideful to his kami.

And how do you plan to
woo him?”

Masaki weighed his answer. “Not sure.
I can be patient, of course.”

You do possess patience.
Yes, you do.” He continued to stroke himself. “I suppose your
thoughts are all of him now.”

His sexual encounters with Inari had
always been pleasurable, but Hiro filled his thoughts more each
day. “Once he’s here. Until then, as always, I’m yours to command.”
Masaki reached forward to touch Inari. Pleasuring the one he served
would never be wrong until he’d vowed himself to

The god held up a hand to stop him. “I
don’t want to be with you if you’ll be thinking of him.” He groaned
and stopped touching himself. “I believe I’ll go find one of your
brothers.” He leaned forward. “Though I will miss you,

Masaki looked into Inari’s eyes, which
were green in this particular incarnation. Their lips came
together, and his god favored him with a tender, undemanding kiss.
While Masaki still felt desire for the one he was bound in service
to, he silently thanked Inari as the god kissed him so sweetly. He
felt the approval, and the blessing, in the kiss.

Thank you, great kami,”
Masaki said as their lips parted. “Part of my heart will always
belong to you.”

So sweet and devoted.”
Inari solemnly place a kiss to his forehead, a more overt show of
his approval. “You’ll invite me for dinner, of course, once you’ve
made him yours.” Inari stood and smoothed his clothing.

Masaki stood and bowed with reverence.
“You’re always welcome in my home.”

Inari ran a hand into Masaki’s
shoulder-length hair and pulled him close. “Just remember, you’re
mine until you find the sacred candle.”

Their faces inches apart, Masaki
affectionately brushed their cheeks together. “Yes, I am.” Though
he and his eight brothers could not be free of their servitude to
Inari until they had each found a scared object lost long ago,
Masaki had never resented Inari. He loved serving his kami and
doing his will. Not all of his brothers felt the same, but Masaki
truly loved Inari.

The god smiled and backed away. “I’ll
be watching.” He vanished, leaving nothing but the scent of tea

Masaki glanced at Hiro’s sketches
before opening his laptop again. He clicked into a file, and dozens
of pictures of Hiro appeared on the screen. His glance swept over
them, and he sighed. Having Hiro in his home would not be enough,
yet he knew he might have to settle for the artist’s friendship. No
matter how many powers Masaki possessed, he could not make the
young man fall in love with him.

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