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BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
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But Phinova came along with that
taunting scent that snared me like rope around my neck and dragged me along
wherever she strolled by.

And now I’m here with you again.
voice filled my head.

up.” I frowned.

won’t.” Leeta glared.

not talking to you. I’m talking to the dead woman.”

shook her head. “Samuel and Brie are having sex every minute and you’re taking
none of this seriously. Perhaps I
the Quiet King’s side. At least he is serious and has all of his wits.”

wits?” I chuckled.

Nai has been listening to our Phinova
for all these years. No wonder he’s covered the land in blood, slavery, and
poverty. He was no longer my brother, just a shell of him that moved around
like a puppet at the command of a corpse.
And I feared I’d
be listening to her for even more years if I didn’t figure out a solution soon.

I’m not dead,
shrilled into my head.
I just need more
mage blood. Once I’m fed, we can make love.

Phinova.” I pulled out my metal binoculars and directed my attention at the
border. A large part of mage-vampire wars occurred here and destroyed the land.
Although my brother exhausted years in trying to cross over, he never succeeded
in and had lost hundreds of men each year.

line between vampire ground and mage territory was clear. On our side, the
rough, deserted land served as the ground due to their being more ash and
decayed vampire soldiers’ dust than dirt. It sunk in some places and hardened
in others. No animals existed in this area, not birds, wild tigers, coyotes, or
even vos snakes that slithered in the grimiest places like the sewer. No
sensible beasts ventured this way but us.

Clearly, Samuel, Brie, and I lost
our sensibilities a long time ago.

the mage’s side, lush grass grew high and leaned in the direction of the wind.
Tulips as red as cherries scattered along the field. On our side, various
scents lingered in the cool night air—the bitter odor of blue kotaki vines as
they hung from battered trees and the sweaty stench horses earned from riding
for a long time. In contrast, the aroma of magic and enchantments drifted from
their land whenever a breeze blew my way. It charged my nostrils and sparked
against my skin.

dusk arrived, I’d been monitoring the mage territory, waiting patiently for
Samuel and Brie to finish. Tribe Flame had been prepared for our arrival.
Hundreds of brown-skinned men and women wearing loincloths made of wolf hair stood
a mile ahead of us.

Flame commanded fire. Balls of raging fire hovered over their heads. They were
the worst tribe for vampires to approach in any manner, whether for diplomatic
reasons or battle. Vampires couldn’t heal burns and Tribe Flame guaranteed that
a blaze would result if they believed they were being disrespected. We could
have approached Tribe Stream in the west of this region or even Tribe Wind farther
north. But Tribe Flame ruled them all. They established mage law and supervised
the chiefs in each tribe, making sure the chiefs didn’t squander their power or
harm others.

If we convince Tribe Flame to
follow us into war against Nai, all the other mage will trail behind.

front of the tall men wielding flames were short men and women that stood
barely three feet high, holding rocks, sticks, and dirt in their hands. Tribe
Rock. Although they were the smallest ones, their ability to control nature’s
weapons placed them in a dangerous category. I didn’t fear their rocks or dirt,
but the sticks they could propel several feet away caused anxiety to raise in
my chest.

Rock just arrived.” I continued to scan the mage flanks for the other tribes. “I’m
sure Wind and Stream are either here or will arrive, but I don’t see them yet.”

never met a mage, but these don’t look friendly.”

wagons full of vampires and humans who serve vampires just approached their
border. They probably think we’re here to invade.” I hadn’t planned on them
being ready for us. They must’ve discovered the news about Samuel destroying
the Quiet King’s castle. And if the mages found out the news by dusk, surely my
brother knew by now.

are you to me?” Samuel roared.

queen,” Brie moaned.

We don’t have time for this. We
need to be dealing with whatever chief is ruling Tribe Flame and find out if
they’ll help us or not. If not, we need to run far away.

you going to tell them to stop?” Leeta turned to me.

in my time the easiest way to get your throat ripped away was to separate a
vampire prince or king from his queen. I would’ve never considered it unless it
was a serious emergency.” I set the binoculars down on a table Leeta had pulled
out of her wagon. “Now is definitely the time.”

Brie moaned.

Dear Ambi and Ressi. I’ll have to
get buckets of cold water and splash them with it before they’ll stop.

sat on the ground near the wagon and jumped up when he noticed me approaching.
I stepped around him and slid open the door. A cloud of red mist drifted out of
the wagon. Samuel’s hormones. They were drunk on them. Brie lay on her side,
facing me with her eyes closed. Those succulent breasts bounced as Samuel slid
in and out of her from behind.
She looks
so good. No wonder he’s not out here dealing with the oncoming war.
Both of
my dicks swelled into an erection. My breath lodged inside my throat. An animal
hunger unfurled within my chest. My claws exploded from my gums and ached to be
inside Brie’s pale white flesh. Symbols shone all over her skin.

What is this? She has more symbols
than the ones I saw before on her arms.

stepped closer as if drawn in by a string that pulled me to them. They were
letters from the old language, one many vampires had ceased using. I barely
made out all the words as Brie groaned and Samuel grunted.

as one and you will conquer all,’” I read.

opened her eyes. Samuel too. In that moment I noticed that my hand lay inside
my pants, groping my cocks.

there something I can help you with, Ian?” Samuel thrust hard into Brie. She
bit her lip, but still, a tiny moan escaped.

arrived.” I kept my hand in my pants. If he wasn’t going to stop, I wouldn’t
either. Frankly, he should count himself lucky that I didn’t try to kill him
for Brie right now. She looked so damn good—perky nipples that made my tongue
throb with want. Drops of her blood decorated her neck and breasts. I longed to
lick it off. It would’ve almost been worth Samuel ripping my throat apart, to
taste her again.

you just going to stand there and ogle my queen?” Samuel’s voice deepened. His
gold eyes transformed to crimson.

That’s right, nephew. Get angry and
shift. Maybe you’ll stop fucking for a few seconds.

figured you were tired.” I smirked. “At the bare minimum, you may need some
help with her.”

Get her blood.
voice was thick with hunger.
Bring her
blood to me.

ignored Phinova as Brie’s gaze trailed to my hand moving inside my pants. A
blaze sparked in my groin just from her stare. She bit her lip again.
What are you thinking about, little one?
squeezed my hands against the rim of my closest cock. “Can I suck on that
pretty little blossom peeking out between your folds?”

Samuel bellowed, slipped his hand around her waist, and massaged her clit
himself. “You can’t.”

my king.” Brie rocked into his hand. “He’s trying to get you to stop…and…we

stop when you come.” He sped up, slapping into her behind. She cried out.

stepped closer. “I can help.”

Samuel’s eyes shut tight as he sank his fangs into Brie’s neck. He groaned and
moved his hands to those jiggling breasts, pinching her nipples and tenderly
pulling at them a little. My dicks shifted to rock-hard.
Dear Ambi, she must feel so divine. Samuel, you lucky bastard. If you
hurt her again, then she’s mine.
A moan slipped from her parted lips. Against
all logical reason, I closed the distance between us and placed my hand on
Brie’s pussy, right at the flower’s swollen bud.

she whimpered. Desire shined in her eyes as she directed her attention to my
hand. “Yes!”

You like my fingers. Don’t you,
little Queen?

slippery clit glided between my fingers. Her body spasmed under my hand and
against Samuel’s cock. He growled and increased his speed to an insane pace,
one that impressed me.
Don’t hurt her,
He rammed into her. She shrieked. Her breasts wobbled back and
forth in a blur.

He’s more powerful than I thought.
Why? Is Brie’s blood that strong?

Samuel howled. His voice rose in the air. I glanced over my shoulders to see a
crowd of dominas and guards behind me, watching in awe. Samuel’s mist of
hormones drifted throughout the group. Lust soaked the air. I was sure an orgy
would come soon if the situation didn’t finish immediately. I circled Brie’s

coming.” Her gaze remained on me. “Don’t stop. Neither one of you.”

snapped his eyes open. I winked at him. “Calm down. She is coming like you

looked from me to her and then whimpered as he pushed inside her just enough
for her to shiver in pleasure and ride an orgasm so strong I flushed with jealousy.

you come, my love?” Samuel lapped at the blood on her neck.


removed my hand and licked my fingers. Samuel pulled out and released Brie. She
rolled onto her back with a whine. I readied myself for his anger, surely he
wouldn’t forget my hand fondling the royal pussy. Within seconds, Samuel jumped
up into standing position and charged my way, soaring out of the wagon’s
opening toward me. I ducked and pushed out my claws. My horns slid out with a
snap. My muscles enlarged and ripped my shirt and pants. My hooves broke out of
my feet. I lowered to the ground on all fours, my claws dug into the dirt. I galloped
his way, seeing the expression of shock on Samuel’s face as I rammed the hard
curve of my horns into his stomach. Boom! He crashed to the ground.

leaped on top of him. “You’re going to need to calm down.”

pushed his own claws out. The sharp tips ripped through his fingertips. Flesh
and blood sprayed out. “You touched her!”

held his arms down. He struggled. I could barely hold him as he began to shift
and had to admit his king form was bigger than mine. “Listen! Do you want to
protect her from death or do you want to fight me for touching her?”

he said through clenched teeth.

over there.” I pointed a mile away to the hundreds of mages twirling fire and
wooden sticks. “While you’ve been making love to Brie, mages have gotten in
formation to kill us. Maybe we should agree to fight about her later.”

then.” He climbed out of my grip and punched me in the face. My jaw cracked and
reformed in seconds. The best thing about king form was that one could heal in

collapsed onto the ground next to him. “What I did was no disrespect, but—”

what was it?” Samuel sat up and brushed the dirt off his shoulders and arms.

need to get ahold of your hormones. They’re everywhere.” I gestured out the red
vapors moving along the dominas and guards around us. “You’ll have everyone
humping each other by dawn.”

did this?” Samuel’s horns drove back into his skull. His claws vanished. His
body decreased into his normal muscular body. “How do I control it?”

not to be horny so much.”

strolled out of the wagon and gave orders to Tote, pointing this way and that. A
red robe draped her slim body. Her hair flowed around her and merged so well
with the robe that it was hard for me to know where her hair ended and the robe
began. She captivated me.

not to be horny, huh?” Samuel laughed. “Look at her and tell me if there’s any
hope for me.”

I smelled Brie’s sweet scent on my fingers and stifled the groan that tried to
flee my lips. Jealousy mounted in my gut, but I shoved it back down. In the
end, Brie belonged to Samuel. I could not let my feelings get deeper. After
this war I should travel away from them. “You’ve probably planted your seed by

you think?” Samuel’s eyes glittered under the moon. A large smile spread across
his face. “When would we know?”

Dear Ambi. He’s trying to breed
with her. He’s definitely matured into a king.

know soon.”

rushed off after Brie finished and gathered dominas everywhere.
What is Brie doing?
Leeta went to her.
They whispered. A shiver of fear crept up my spine. Any time women joined
together and whispered, something foul was bound to come.

BOOK: Freed (Vampire King Book 3)
4.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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