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“God, honey, you feel so good!” He grunted, their bodies wetly smacking together in perfect rhythm.

She couldn’t respond when every one of her muscles wound up to prepare for combustion. The delicious friction and his perfectly aimed assault on her most sensitive spots had her hanging over the precipice.
Oh God, she was so damned close
. Kat held his cheek to her breast, feeling him shake and falter beneath her. Everything snapped and she tightened around his cock, milking him of his orgasm and spiraling with her own as bright flashes sparked within her darkened vision.

Their harsh breathing bounced within the sanctity of her bedroom, bodies remaining locked as one. She continued to hug him even as he softened inside, not ready to relinquish what they’d found together.

His tongue flicked against her, pressing several kisses to her bare breasts before lifting her off to dispose of the condom. The emptiness was immediate and she longed to have that perfect cock of his filling her once more.
. It wouldn’t be long but in the interim…

Deliberately teasing, she took her time sliding across the sheets and sauntering from the room. A quick bounce of the bedsprings had Dom appearing behind her. She shook her head in mock disbelief when he waved another silver square in front of her.

“And where do you think you’re going?” He nipped at her neck, pressing himself against her.

“Checking for frozen surprises.” She blinked at the sensation of his semi-hard member against her ass.
Holy shit
, the man was insatiable. A giggle slipped out.

“Uh-huh.” He scraped her earlobe with his teeth. “You only want me for my sweet treats?”

is a loaded question!” Kat twirled in his arms, pressing her breasts against his muscular chest and merging her mouth with his in a tangle of heat and tongues. She pulled away and pretended she didn’t hear his disappointed groan.

Aware of his eyes following every movement, she pulled open the freezer door and squealed. “Tiramisu!” In her world, it
the perfect ice cream.

“Thought you might approve.” Dom swarmed behind her and nuzzled her ear. “But honestly, honey, I’m not sure I can wait until after dessert to have you again.” His voice lowered to gravel.

“What do you think about a two-for-one special?” Even when she said it, the blood rushed to her face, turning it scarlet. His mouth sucking at the juncture of her throat and shoulder had her mind fuzzing to static.


She forgot what she was going to say as he gave her a nip and his hardened cock stroked between her ass cheeks.

His fingers pulsed against her waist. “I want you again, honey.”

Stifling the moan erupting from her, she slid away from his embrace, smiling, her memory kicking in. “I still want my dessert.”

“Killing me here.”

“Of course bowls and plates are overrated.”

Giggling at his blank expression, she pivoted back to the freezer to rescue the ice cream, pulling out a few other items. Ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup quickly lined the counter. She leaned back and folded her arms under her breasts. “See anything you like?”

Dom tossed aside the foil square of condom in exchange for whipped cream and shook it slowly, eyebrows rising. “You sure you know what you’re getting into?”

She swallowed at his devilish twist of lips and yelped when he let loose with a spray of dessert topping. The chill shocked the heated flesh of her breasts. “Hey!”

Still shaking the can, he took a step forward, his grin huge.

Kat grabbed the syrup and darted behind the breakfast bar, flipping the cap open in preparation for defensive maneuvers. When he came within distance she squeezed the bottle with a
and he was hit with a projectile of liquid chocolate. It dribbled down the center of his toned chest to his navel.

“Direct hit!” Barely having time for a happy dance, she ducked when a spray of whipped cream split the air directly above her. The fallout floated down over her in a fine mist, but she shot back without giving him another chance to pull the froth-flinging trigger.

Dom side-stepped out of the line of fire and retaliated with a shot to her neck and shoulder. She blasted him with chocolate just below the ear in response.

With surprising speed for a large man, he ducked behind the bar and made a grab for her. She burst with laughter when she eluded his grasp with millimeters to spare and dodged behind him, squirting a trail of chocolate on his lower back.

Giggles and appreciation of his rippling ass slowed her down and the jig was up as he spun and caught her hand in his. He took aim with the whipped cream and let the topping fly to cover her breasts in white, snowy discharge.

Her hand remained firm in his, but her lower belly quivered at his eyes darkening in hunger. His tongue ran across his bottom lip, his hand reaching behind to drop the can on the counter. “Maybe it’s finally time for dessert.”

Kat’s heart pounded in her ears, her body warming, melting sweetness sliding down her breasts to dribble onto the floor. He’d lost his playful edge and the pure lust rising in his face had moisture flowing into the apex of her thighs. Something else edged into his expression and her heart fluttered at the intensity.

She was so beautiful with her perfect, flushed skin, luscious lips and silky hair. He brought his hand to her face, catching her jaw in his palm and brushing a thumb over her parted mouth. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

Her lithe fingers reached between them and curled around his swelling member. “Yeah, I think so.”

He chuckled, shaking his head, sobering. “Aside from that.”

Kat tilted her head, frowning slightly. “Dom?”

Hand firm against her cheek, he brought the other one up to cradle her face. His eyes penetrated deeply into hers, insides quivering all the while. “I just wanted to say that I love you. I have for…so damned long…”

His heart and belly froze at her sob, but melted at her smile. She gasped out another sob, tears trickling, eyes beaming. “It’s nice to know…I’m not alone…”

All tension burrowing inside flew outward and he was sure he was going to explode in happiness. His grin threatened to split his face but he couldn’t care less when he dipped his head for a searing kiss. Her hot mouth and quick tongue had him groaning, but he didn’t want to make it about him. He lowered his face and ran his tongue across the length of her collarbone to the hollow of her neck, the cream decadent, her skin salty for a perfect blend. He clasped her upper arms and licked and sucked melting froth off each breast, taking his time, smirking at her shudder.

He circled his tongue around her nipple and the taut flesh puckered in response as he sucked gently before turning his attention to the other one. Her hands laced through his hair, holding him to her chest when he lapped and teased, loving the little noises and movements he elicited from her.

He dropped to his knees, his lips coasting down her belly, fingers now digging into her hips. He turned his eyes upward to her pink face and heavy lids, which gave him permission to continue. Kat clutched the edge of the bar when he crooked her leg over his shoulder to reach her epicenter, her warm musky aroma exciting and inviting him for a taste. With languid strokes, he ran his tongue up her channel to her clit several times before sucking on the little bud, smirking against her when she gasped and shuddered. He pushed against her clit with his tongue and moved his fingers to caress her opening before plunging first one finger, then two, into the silk of her dripping heat. Kat’s moan was long and achingly sweet as he established a rhythm of sucking and penetration that had her tensing and pushing against him. Her lovely feminine perfume wrapped around him, inciting him to propel her higher, his cock turning to steel.

Gazing up at her, he sighed. A rush of warmth made his heart flutter as the overwhelming knowledge of her love brought profound contentment. Her lips parted and her breath accelerated, an even blush coating her face, throat and chest. He pressed his stubbly upper lip to her clit for more sensation, and gave it another firm suck, his fingers curling forward to press against her G-spot. She gasped, her muscles tensed and a throaty cry carrying his name echoed in the little kitchen.

Dominic rose to his feet and wrapped his arms around her trembling and glistened form. Her eyes were squeezed shut in recovery from her climax and he pressed his lips against each lid, each cheek, her nose and her mouth. “You okay?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Kat studied him with a hooded gaze and a smirk. “How was dessert?”

Laughter burst from between his lips and he thrust his hips forward, his cock pushing against her belly. “It was delicious.”

She giggled and rested her palm over her eyes in mild embarrassment, but Dom shook his head and peeled her hand away. “You don’t need to be like that.”

“It’s just so much.”

A thread of fear trickled into his heart, but she must have seen it because her eyes softened and she squeezed his fingers between hers. “It’s a lot but it’s not like it wasn’t expected. I think we’ve been heading this direction for quite a while, don’t you think?”

He nodded, but couldn’t safely say anything.

Kat’s eyes flicked between his. “I love you. I’ve known for a very long time, but was a little afraid…it’s just…you mean so much and I was just worried that
might mess things up.”

Shaking his head, he slowly reclaimed responsibility of his voice. “Not gonna happen, Katherine. I won’t allow it.” He hovered near her lips once more, but concentrated on communicating with his eyes. Kat
to know he was serious. He wanted this with everything he had.

“I know.” All semblance of embarrassment disappearing, she grabbed his cheeks to bring him down those few inches, White hot heat exploded as their tongues danced and wrestled. Her mouth was soft, luscious and addicting and he caught the back of her head to keep the connection until the throbbing of his shaft reminded him of other velvety parts of her body.

Grabbing her shoulders, he twirled her around. Kat clutched the edge of the counter. He smirked as her surprised gasp dissolved into a low moan when he peppered kisses across her upper back, avoiding the new ink. “Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”

She acquiesced and pushed her ass against his hard rod. He groaned when her teasing snicker reached his ears.

“Quite the little minx, aren’t you?” He reached past her to grab the condom off the counter, taking the barest of moments to roll it onto his willing and ready member.

“You have no idea.” She smiled at him over her shoulder, making his knees a little weak. “What are you waiting for?”

Sliding his cock between her thighs Dom cupped her from the front and ran a finger down the crevice of her nether lips. Her juices and his saliva still had her soaked and ready. Dominic moved her hair aside to kiss the back of her neck, feeling goose bumps form and spread beneath his lips as he stroked himself against her ass cheeks.

She wriggled against him, panting with need.

With one quick thrust, he slid deep inside, grunting when she clenched, moaning when she rippled around him in sensuous squeezes.

“You keep doing that and I’m not going to last five seconds.”

Her giggle floated around him but there were no apologies. She did it again.

Growling, he pulled back. “You like it from behind?”

Her ass wriggled in response and pushed back, attempting to incite him.

Dom fought to control his shaking, holding onto her hips, hoping he wouldn’t leave any marks but determined to draw out the sweet anticipation.
What is it about this woman that turns me on so damned much? That makes me picture taking her in every room, in every imaginable position?

“Please.” She mewed in desperation.

He trailed his tongue over the back of her shoulder, but kept himself from pulling out and driving himself in once more. “Bet you’re sorry you teased me.”


“You really want to be fucked now don’t you?”

She pushed back against him and he narrowed his eyes, clenched his jaw and concentrated to keep from coming.

“Dominic.” Her breathy pleas were edged with wanton desire and it sent lust and a burning passion spiraling through him. Ending the game, he pulled out before slamming back inside, her satisfied purr spurring him to drive into her with deep, strong thrusts. His balls slapped against her, striving to bring her to climax yet again.

“I want to feel you come around me.” His voice was hoarse and he continued to impale her, the slickness of her juices running down between them.

Her moans pulsated through her and into him as they merged again and again.

Darkness peppered behind his eyes. His climax ignited at the base of his spine and threatened to radiate outward. Clenching his jaw, he hung on and continued to power into her until she tensed around him before shuddering with her orgasm. Kat’s long vibrating cry embraced him and, with one final thrust, he emptied himself, grunting low in his throat.

Panting, Dominic collapsed forward and rested his cheek against her back. Eyes drooping in languor, he reveled in her soft but firm body pressed against his and how he could happily stay with her forever. Reluctantly, he pulled himself from her warm center and she pivoted toward him. Her eyes were filled with love as she wrapped her arms around him in a tender embrace.

Dom welcomed the hug and rocked gently, pressing several kisses to her temple and cheek. “Now what?” Her question trembled ever so slightly.

“Well, we take a shower and wash all the goo off and then get some sleep.”

“Is that it?” Her voice slurred in drowsiness and he smiled.

“For now. And then we get up, make love again and have breakfast. How does that sound?”

“It sounds absolutely wonderful.” She sighed. “And Dom?”

“Hmmm?” He inhaled the aroma of their love making and it brought a peace he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

“I still want my ice cream. Don’t think I’ve forgotten.”

He smoothed the back of her hair and hugged her just a little bit tighter. “Would never dream of it, honey.”

BOOK: Friendly Temptation
12.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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