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Shifters Unleashed

Five Volume Box Set

By Gabrielle R. Demonico

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is purely coin


Seduced by Bears
A Virgin in the Den

It had been just about six months since Allie had relocated from the warm confines of Arizona. She'd come to a tiny town in Oregon to care for her ailing aunt, Valerie. After the loss of her parents at a yo
ung age, Valerie had stepped in to care for her and raise her as her own. Considering the situation, Allie felt duty bound to return the favor her aunt had so unselfishly taken on years ago.

And actually, although the first few months had been tough, her a
unt's health had begun to improve of late. That gave Allie some hope for the future. The last thing she wanted in this world was to see her suffer and she had been prior to Allie's arrival.

Luckily, Allie had managed to land a job in human resources as a b
enefit specialist at the town's largest employer, Reeves International. Owned by
gods among men
, Victor and Nicholas Reeves, the company was the largest lumber concern in the region.

The business had been handed down through several generations, but since
assuming control over nearly ten years ago, the brothers had taken the company's success in the stratosphere. As ruthless as they were handsome, Allie lusted after the pair each time they passed her way.

But, as far as she could tell, the duo was completel
y unaware of her existence at the firm. She'd seen them a number of times in the office and hadn't gotten any acknowledgement from them, positive or negative. It was as if she was simply invisible in a sea of faces.

Even so, Allie was nobody's pushover eit
her. Her aunt had instilled self confidence within her and it showed. She thought of herself as a capable employee who had the intelligence and wherewithal to handle any situation that came up. On a personal note, she considered herself modestly attractive.

But, like so many other men, it appeared as though the Reeves brothers simply saw Allie as an introverted chubby young woman who hid behind glasses and a mass of thick, dark hair. To be honest, when she really considered the situation, it wasn't all surp
rising that neither of the brothers had taken a whiff of interest in her.

After all, they had hundreds of employees and
just in human resources alone. Closer to the truth would have been that Allie was simply another cog in the great wheel that was Reeves International. If all of that wasn't enough, it was a well known fact that the brothers had huge appetites in life -
when it came to beautiful women.

Never married, the brothers instead had led dating lives almost as impressive as their l
ong list of business conquests. Although many had tried, none had managed to permanently capture the hearts of either brother and so, unattached they remained.

After lunch, Allie was buried in her work when she looked up for a moment to see that Victor's g
aze had caught hers. He was speaking to her immediate supervisor, Margaret Watkins. As their eyes locked, her entire body flushed a crimson hue from head to toe.

Allie's deepest places tingled and she let out an uneasy breath laced with pent up frustration
. Oh how she longed to see what lurked under that tight fitting crisp white collared shirt. She imagined deep crevices of hardened muscle running the length of his abdomen. Was it completely inappropriate that she wanted to rip his shirt like a wildcat in heat and run her tongue along the tanned, tight skin underneath?

But, no matter…

Allie knew full well that she was not in the running for such an honor. Of the women that Allie had seen the brothers with; most of them looked liked sticks with hair than women with curves. Of course, if that's what they preferred, that was certainly their own business but it was clear to Allie that she would never be in that league.

Eventually she dropped his gaze and returned her attention to her work - holding it wouldn
’t have amounted to anything anyway. Besides, she still had claims she had to process before the weekend officially got underway in a few hours. It could be dreary work, but it did pay well. In the end, it was all about her aunt anyway so Allie always did her best to remember that when tedium struck.

She'd just settled back into the rhythm of her tasks when a deep, masculine voice permeated her consciousness. "Mrs. Watkins tells me that you are doing exceptional work." Allie pushed her thick framed glasses up h
er nose and looked up to see the aqua eyed man candy that was Victor Reeves standing before her.

Her pupils widened, her mouth drifted open slightly and she sat in wordless wonder as he looked down upon her. "Cat got your tongue?" he smirked.

Panicked, Allie fashioned a nervous smile and replied, "I… Yes, I do like cats. I mean, thank you sir. Mrs. Watkins is very kind to say that. I enjoy working for her and for your company very much. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and…"

Oh my God Allie!
Shut up already!
She closed her eyes for a moment and said calmly, "What I meant to say, is thank you sir."

Obviously amused, Victor let out a wry chuckle. "You're very welcome. Thank you for all that you've done for us." He then patted the top of her cubi
cle and headed back towards his office. As he left, Allie's eyes closed and she craned her neck forward to catch a hint of his cologne. It was a strong, masculine scent of clean citrus and a whiff of honey.

Then for a brief moment following their encounter
, Allie allowed herself to daydream a bit. Was it
unreasonable to suppose that he could be interested in her? Besides a few extra pounds, what did all of those other women have that she didn't? She watched him and continued to wonder until he eventually disappeared behind the confines of the great oak doors that framed the entry to his office.

Although that may have been true, the fact was that Allie wouldn't actually know
to do with him, or his brother or
any man
, for that matter. Allie was still a virgin. Before they'd passed away unexpectedly, her parents had instilled in her that her gift should be meant for the man she was to spend the rest of her life with and not shared unforgettably in a trivial fling.

thought had been enough to sustain her willpower during her teen and college years. But whether it was the stress of the past six months or the overwhelming presence of the brothers, her resolve been sorely whittled down. For the first time in her young life, Allie was all but consumed with sex.

She wanted to honor the wishes of her parents but things had gotten so bad that now, even the relief of self pleasure could no longer quench her thirst. She was desperate to the point that it ached. But, the world
being the way it was, she thought it unlikely, no,
that the man who would take her virginity would be someone like Victor or Nicholas Reeves.

That just didn't happen to women like Allie.

Allie's shoulders slumped at the depressing realization of it all. She only hoped that somehow she would meet someone worthy of her gift…
and soon
. She felt as though she was driving herself mad obsessing over the unattainable brothers and it needed to end.

Dejected, she worked late on Friday night in the hopes o
f making what was sure to be a busy Monday a little less overwhelming. She was exhausted early Saturday when her cell phone started to ring.

Who the hell is calling me at seven o'clock in the morning?

She slapped at the nightstand next to her bed and groped for the offensive device as it vibrated incessantly. Through squinted eyes, she could see it was her boss, Mrs. Watkins.

What's this all about? It better be important…

Allie quickly slid up into a seated position in her bed and answered with a sleepy moan, "H… Hello?"

Mrs. Watkins replied, "Good morning, Allie. I'm very sorry. Did I wake you?"

Still half conscious, Allie gathered her wits and answered, "Ye… I mean, no. It's fine. You're fine. I mean, is something wrong Mrs. Watkins?"

She said, "Allie…
Victor and Nicholas Reeves have requested you come to their residence today."

Allie was sure she must have misunderstood. She attempted to clarify and asked, "Wait, I…
I don't understand. They want
to come to

"Yes." Mrs. Watkins replied without a hint of emotion.

"Why?" Allie asked.

Mrs. Watkins answered, "They would not say. They only requested that you come to their home by no later than five o'clock this afternoon."

Allie's inner adolescent bubbled with excitement. Her body sizzled with electricity at the thought of being alone with them. She attempted to slow her mind and took a deep breath. After a few moments of silence, Allie finally said, "I… uhhh, okay I guess. Is there something I need to bring from the office? Something personnel related?"

Mrs. Watkins said, "No. They only asked that you come to their home by five p.m. today. I will e-mail you the address once we are finished."

"Alright. Thank you for the call Mrs. Watkins." Allie said with a hint of confusion still in her voice.

She hung up the phone and leaned back against the smooth texture of her headboard. Her cat, Smuckers, had jumped on the bed as she talked. It sat in Allie's lap looking up at her and purring loudly. She stroked his smooth, silk
y fur and wondered what in the world this could possibly be about.

Whatever it was, Allie was nervous…
and excited… and if she didn't find a way to calm herself down before seeing the brothers, well, there was just no telling how things might go. And, it didn't take long for Allie to realize exactly what she needed. It was the only way for her to extinguish the tiny embers burning within her core before they raged into full-fledged forest fires.

So, she gently shooed Smuckers off the mattress and then she q
uickly slipped back underneath the cottony comfort of her bed sheets. Allie found a relaxing position, closed her eyes, pressed her head into the pillow and exhaled. Her velvety slit beckoned the touch of her fingertips and Allie was all too eager to oblige.

Topless, her nipples budded hard against the wispy fabric of the sheets. Allie moaned at the sensation and her skin rippled with erect hairs. She wrapped her hands around her ample breasts and started to knead the great orbs of flesh. Her lips folded in
ward and pressed together while her back arched reflexively as the moment unfolded.

Without any prompting, Allie's mind immediately flooded with visions of Victor and Nicholas. She envisioned herself afloat in a sea of hands and lips and…
other parts
. She'd dreamed this dream so many times in the past six months. Each time the visions became more graphic, intense and

Allie was ashamed to admit the depths to which her depravity had driven her mind. Of course, she had no way of knowing what it wo
uld feel like -
what it would finally feel like
to be taken by men like this. She yearned to submit, just once, to see if the seed of her imagination would flower into wondrous splendor in real life.

She imagined that there was nothing that she wouldn't do
to please the brothers. Her deepest desire more than any other was to be taken by both of them,
at once
. Allie felt so terribly inappropriate for wanting that to happen but she just couldn't deny it. Besides, it was
a fantasy. And certainly, no harm could come from fantasizing,
could it?

After a moment, she drew her hands together between her engorged globes and then began to traverse the mid line of her torso until she reached the gossamery outline
of her black lace panties. Her pulsed thumped against the thin skin of her neck as her left hand hooked inside the elastic band of her underwear. Deftly, she pulled it back and ever so carefully slipped her right hand inside.

Without delay, her fingertips
raced towards the slickness of her puffy folds. The thoughts of Victor and Nicholas had already soaked her sex and sent her mind racing on a wistful ride. She could see them there, surrounding her, consuming her and pleasuring her.

Nimble fingers flicked a
t her clit and began to stroke it feverishly. The first touch of them against her swollen flesh caused her teeth to instinctively bite into her full lower lip. She held it there and began to quicken the ravishment of her budded raspberry.

She was desperate
for release and the quicker she maneuvered her fingers, the more certain she became that the moment of truth would soon be upon her. She slipped deeper into ecstasy's grasp as her hips rose and fell in rhythmic anticipation of the moment of truth.

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