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Authors: Nancy Brockton,Julie Bosso,Jane Kemp,Debbie Brownstone,Cindy Jameson

HAPPIEST WHEN HORNIEST (Five Rough Hardcore Erotica Shorts)

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Five Hot Slut Wife Erotica Stories

All rights reserved copyright 2012 by
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A Reluctant Anal S
ex With Doctor Short
Nancy Brockton
All rights reserved copyright 2012 by
Naughty Daydreams Press

“So, Mrs. Johnston, why are you—”

“It’s not
anymore, Doctor Ashton.  Thomas and I finalized the divorce this week, and to answer your question, I’m here for that reason entirely. “

“You’re getting a physical because you got a divorce?”

“Yes.  I’ve been with one man in my life, Thomas.  Now that I am free to be with other men, I want to make sure I’m in tip top shape. I—”

“Did Thomas have an affair?  Are you worried about a sexually-transmitted disease?”

I laughed.  “Doctor, we didn’t touch each other for the last year of our marriage.  I don’t care if he fucked every maid, babysitter, and college student in town.  It couldn’t have affected my health.  I’m starting a brand new chapter of my life and I want to start anew.  I’m thirty-three and free.  That’s old enough to know what I want and young enough to get it.”  He nodded.  “Is there some reason you don’t want to give me an exam?”

…um…look, Constance.  I’ve been your doctor for four years.  I’m just making sure you’re okay.”  He reached for the phone on his desk and pressed a button.

“Yes, Doctor?”

“Maureen, please take Mrs.  um.. Constance Johnston into examining room four and have her change into a gown.  Go ahead and get the basics done for me and let me know when she’s ready.”  It was amazing when I watched him give an order.  He was a handsome man, about forty and very fit.  He had a wonderful nose, a strong jaw, and very expressive brown eyes with flecks of gold.  I was surprised as I felt a thrill of attraction run through me that I hadn’t ever noticed how attractive he was previously.

The nurse on the other line said she’d take care of it and four minutes later she knocked on the door and gathered me up.  She took me to a nurses’ station where she made me step on a scale, took my temperature and my blood pressure and generally went about making me feel like a patient.  Finally, she took me to an examination room, gave me a paper robe, and ordered me to strip.  I had just finished tying a bow on the little string that held the silly pale blue gown in place when Doctor Ashton walked into the room.

He didn’t waste any time, but he brusquely lifted the gown up and began groping my right breast.  I was shocked, but when he said, “Okay, no lumps or problems on this one,” I relaxed.  He pinched a nipple softly and asked if there was any pain.  I didn’t want to tell him about the thrill of excitement that coursed through me at the touch, and since that was the only sensation his soft pinch elicited, I told him it didn’t hurt at all and he moved to the next breast.  He repeated the performance, and it took an astounding effort of will to keep from telling him I wasn’t sure about that one and I needed another pinch.  I resisted, though, and he began touching my stomach, pressing fingers against me and asking about discomfort.

When he finished, he pulled the gown back down and started on my neck and throat and then using those strange lighted instruments to check my nose, my throat and my ears.  I have to admit to another thrill when he put the depressor on my tongue and told me to say, “
.”  Then, he checked my pupil dilation and moved to my knees to bounce the little hammer and check my reflexes.

When he finished with all that, I was glad to be finished.  I waited for him to tell me I was done, but he didn’t instead, he told me to step off the table and then climb back onto it and hold a position there on my hands and knees.  It was a strange request, but I obeyed.  I climbed up onto the table and held onto the guardrail that would have kept patients from falling out of bed at night if this were a hospital and not a doctor’s office. 

Doctor Ashton walked up behind me and lifted the gown, exposing my ass in the tiny thong panties I wore.  I started to turn my head to ask what he was doing and he said, “
, relax.”  Then, he moved the thong away and in one quick movement, pushed two fingers into my pussy.  I was shocked but I was also amazed because they felt so incredible.  I turned my head.  “Doctor, what are you doing?”  He shushed me again and began to move his fingers in and out of me.

I was in shock.  Part of me wanted to scream at him, tell him to stop what he was doing, but a stronger part of me felt every thrust of his fingers and the way that they brushed over my sweet spot and the way that they made me feel.  He kept moving for a while and, finally, he pulled his fingers out.  I turned my head back around and asked, “What the hell was that?”  And I was shocked because his pants were open and his cock was out and it was big.

He reached forward and grabbed my head and began to pull me down off the table and onto the floor.  I was on my knees in front of him and his cock was right up near my face.  I started to talk again and the moment my mouth was open, he pushed his dick against my lips.  I don’t know why I did it but I opened up and I began to suck on his cock.  His cock was so nice, thick and throbbing and I took him as deep as I could, reaching my hand around to grasp his thighs, to hold onto his ass as he plunged his cock into my mouth.  He kept me there for a while, holding onto the back of my head, pushing into my mouth.  It was amazing and then, he pulled me up and brought me back to the table.  He lied down on it.

I straddled him, thinking that he wanted to push into my pussy, but he turned me around, brought my face back down to his cock and brought my ass up to his face.  He pulled on my thong, actually tore it right off my body and then, he pulled me down and my pussy was suddenly overcome by the sensation of his tongue sliding into me.  From this position, I could get deeper onto his cock and he helped me along by putting his hands on the back of my hand and pushing in hard.

Suddenly, I was all the way on him, his balls were up against my nose, my chin was up against his abdomen and his tongue kept pushing in and out of me inexorably like a little cock.  I knew I was going to come soon, but he wasn’t ready for me to come that way and he pushed me off, bent me over the table again and, this time, I finally got to feel his cock in my pussy.

When he pushed in, it was overwhelming, his cock was thicker than any I’d ever had before and it pushed into me, expanding my pussy and stretching the lips and almost immediately driving me crazy.  He began pushing in, harder and harder and harder.  In a moment or two, I knew I was approaching the point of no return.  He thrust hard into me a few more times, his hands trailing over my back and sending chills through me and when that happened, I began coming hard, crying out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming!”  And then, he began to fuck me even harder, thrusting furiously inside my clenching slit.

The whole table was shaking underneath me.  Then, he pulled out and my pussy felt so empty and I moaned.  He put his cock back up against me and I thought he was responding to my obvious need to have my pussy filled again, but he didn’t position his cock against my slick folds.  Instead, he put it against the tiny little opening of my virgin
asshole.  I started struggling, trying to let him know that I didn’t want it there.  I’d never done anal sex with Thomas, and my ex-husband was too much of a limp dick to ever ask for it.  I knew for certain, though, that I didn’t want that massive thing in my virgin hole.  I turned my head around and said, “Doctor, don—” but my words were cut off because but he held my waist tightly and just pushed forward.

I was amazed that it went in as easily as it did, but in one thrust, he was all the way inside. Even though he slid it in
a single thrust, don’t think it felt good.  It hurt like hell. Even though my resistant little ring couldn’t hold him back, pain erupted over me.   It felt like I was being ripped apart completely and all the pleasure of the orgasm disappeared in the wave of agony that crashed over me.  It was so painful that I couldn’t even say anything.  My breath was taken from me and my voice caught in my throat as he began to push hard, in and out, in and out, in and out.

He reached around and grabbed my nipples, pinching them hard and sending more pain through me.  I still couldn’t talk, still couldn’t breathe.  I was so shocked by everything that was occurring.  He began fucking me harder and harder in my ass and I felt like my body was being torn in two, the shocking lightning bolt of pain was so intense as it traveled from my little abused hole and up my back and over my body.  It was overwhelming.  I was shaking.  Tears were filling my eyes and I still couldn’t stop, still couldn’t protest.  My voice and my breathing seemed to have completely left me.

Then, something changed.  As he pounded into me, shoving my body hard against the table as he filled my little puckered asshole over and over, I began to realize how desperately I was aching for something to fill my pussy.  It still hurt, but for some reason, the emptiness in the hole I wanted filled was a greater pain than the way the hole I wanted empty shot shards of hurt over me.  I reached over, behind and underneath me to push fingers in my throbbing needy pussy and the moment I did, my orgasm ramped up again.  It came back full force and all of the pain of the last few minutes disappeared completely in a wave of pleasure.

He kept pushing into me, thrusting hard into my tight hole over and over again until, finally, he cried out and I felt him slam forward hard one more time and then, he was coming, filling me with his load.  I could feel its thick sticky warmth streaming into me.  It made his thrusts easier and yet, more wild.  He pushed in four or five more times and I could feel him shuddering, feel him shaking around me.  I shuddered as well. The
orgasm hadn’t slowed at all and as he kept his cock fully inside of me, I kept moving my fingers, feeling my pussy clench and spasm around them until, finally, the sensations got to be too much and I pulled them out. 

Doctor Ashton took that as his signal to pull out, and I felt my ass painfully spasming back to its normal size.  The aftereffects of the orgasm were still strong, and I lay over the table shaking while he pulled his pants up and smoothed his rumpled clothing.  Finally, he pulled me to my feet and gently helped me gather my clothes and get myself presentable.

I looked at him in wonder, and he smiled.  “Looks like you’re fine, Constance.”

I smiled and kissed him.  “For three years I wouldn’t let you touch me.  Even when Thomas stopped, I wouldn’t.  You couldn’t have waited until after our date tonight, Brandon?”

He smiled and pulled me close and I thrilled at the way his hands on me still thrilled me.  “When you filed for divorce, Constance, you told me the moment it was final I could have you.  It’s final.  I had you.”

I smiled and kissed him again.  “Better not look so smug or you might not have me again.”

In response, he reached down and squeezed my ass cheek.  When I moaned against his ear he chuckled.  “Now that’s a threat I don’t think you can keep.”


Gangbang Revenge on a Slut Wife
Julie Bosso
All rights reserved copyright 2012 by
Naughty Daydreams Press

I was busy in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.  My husband was with his three buddies, watching a football game and I was whipping up another batch of my famous potato skins for them.  I heard my husband open the door, sign for something and walk into the kitchen.  Meanwhile, I was adding some sour cream, some chives, and some chopped bacon.  I brought the platter out and set it on the coffee table.  The boys were excited.  Daniel, Matt and Carman were whooping at some play or another, looked up and thanked me and I smiled in return.

I had to admit, my husband had some attractive friends.  They had been friends all through high school and had managed to remain friends since.  Even now, in their early thirties, they still had the football player physiques that they had had in high school, just as my husband did.

Then, Bill shouted from the kitchen, “Holy fucking shit!” and my thoughts were interrupted.  I was glad I’d already set the tray down, though I did drop some of the trash I’d picked up from the living room after dropping off the skins.  I stooped down to pick up the mess and when I stood back up, Bill was right in my face.  “What the fuck is this, Michele?”

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