Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart

BOOK: Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart
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Heaven Between Her Thighs:

Stealing His Heart



Denora M. Boone



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© 2016

Published by Royalty Publishing House


All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Unauthorized reproduction, in any manner, is prohibited.



“Daughters of Jerusalem, do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Song 8:4

“REE!” Trinity yelled from her bedroom door.

Looking over at the bed where her on again off again boyfriend slept peacefully, she couldn’t stop the rage she felt on the inside. Trinity knew that she deserved better than what he was giving her but for the last three years, she had been settling because she really did love him. Today, unlike the many days before, she felt like they had finally come to their end, if he didn’t have a logical explanation for what she had just stumbled upon.

“QYREE! Get up ‘cause I know you hear me,” she yelled again. This time she moved closer so that she could get right over his head. There was no way that he was going to continue to sleep like he didn’t have a care in the world, while her heart felt like it was being ripped out of her chest.

“Man, Trin, go head on with all that yelling,” he mumbled.

All he needed was a few more minutes of sleep before he headed out to make his rounds for the day. The last thing he needed was for Trinity to interrupt that process and cause him to have a bad attitude for the rest of the day.

“Nah punk, you got some explaining to do. Who is Natalia? And don’t tell me she’s your cousin like Carmen, Kalina, and Teria!”

This bit of information got his attention. For Trinity to call out his new side piece’s name only meant one thing. She had gone through his phone yet again. Time after time he had told her to stop invading his privacy because he was a grown man, but for the life of her she couldn’t just play her position.

Instead of responding to her, he uncovered his head and looked her over. He had to admit that Trinity was a bad one. Her light skin complexion, big pretty hazel eyes, and stacked body was what caught his attention when he first met her back in the day. She kept a fresh hairdo and her clothes were always up to par. Right now, she was rocking her hair in a short cut with curls on the top and the ends dyed a deep purple. Lil mama was definitely a keeper; Qyree just didn’t want to be the one to keep her.

Qyree Reeves didn’t have a faithful bone in his body. When it came to women, he only saw them good for one thing and that was what they held between their legs. Other than that, they could kick rocks. Yeah, he may have filled up their heads with hopes and dreams of one day him being a one-woman man, but had they been able to recognize game, then they would have saved themselves the heartache that he was sure to give them. His ‘hit it and quit it’ game was strong!

Slightly pushing Trinity out of the way so that he could make it to the bathroom, he heard her suck her teeth from behind him. Whatever she had seen or heard about his new flavor of the month had her deep in her feelings and he just wasn’t in the mood.

Finishing up his business, he reached over to get his wash rag and toothbrush so that he could handle his morning ritual. Qyree looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help but to smile at the person that stared back at him. He knew why the women flocked to him, how could they not? Standing at an even six feet, his thick built frame was covered in caramel colored skin and was full of tattoos. His hair was cut low with waves spinning, and a long thick beard that he was known for. The ladies loved it so he used it to his advantage.

Qyree made his way back out to the bedroom that was attached to the master bath, and saw that Trinity had left his phone on the bed. Glancing over at his screen he smirked, noticing she left it on the message thread between he and Natalia, and shook his head. Women just couldn’t seem to mind their own business when it came to men’s personal items but then wanted to get an attitude when they found what they were looking for. He just didn’t understand them but nevertheless, he was still unbothered. If Trinity wanted to remove herself from the roster than she could most definitely do so. He would just get another one to play her position.

Instead of taking his shower there, Qyree decided to just get dressed and head to his house before hitting the streets. Redressing in his red Polo shirt, dark blue True Religion jeans, and his red and blue retro Jordans he grabbed his phone and keys to head out.

Trinity was sitting in the living room going off on her phone about him like it would move him. He already knew who she was talking to and what was being said on the other end about him. Tonya lived for the gossip that Trinity brought to her about him, but what Trinity failed to realize was that Tonya used that to her advantage. Everything that Trinity ran back and told, Tonya made sure to stash that bit of knowledge in her mind so that she wouldn’t do the same things Qyree hated. That’s right; Tonya was on the roster, too, and Trinity was clueless.

Shaking his head. he didn’t even bother to let her know he was leaving, he just swaggered his way to his Benz and hopped in. By the time Qyree had the car in reverse, Trinity must have realized he was no longer in the house because she stepped out on the porch yelling and carrying on. She knew he hated when she made a scene in public especially since she lived in the hood. It was always some birds lurking around waiting on something to pop off.

Turning up the demo of an up and coming artist in the area, he headed down the street towards the stop sign. He didn’t know what made him look in his rearview mirror but when he did, he couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from his body. Trinity was running full speed ahead down the sidewalk, yelling and cursing him out he imagined. It was definitely time for her to go on punishment yet again, and after a few days he knew she would get her act together. The only reason he even entertained her was because of what she offered and it wasn’t her mind. Out of all of his women her heaven, as he called it, was the best he had ever had. But that still wasn’t good enough for him to be with only her. Unlike his father, he was never getting married and if none of his women understood that, they could kick rocks.

Looking into his rearview one last time he shook his head and hit the gas. It was time to get to the money and playing around with Trinity wasn’t adding to his pockets.


Sitting in her office, Cheynese Broadus took a sip from her coffee mug as she went over the file of the parolee that she had just been assigned to. Cheynese loved her job as a parole officer, regardless of how difficult some of the people were that she interacted with on the daily. Some received her and some didn’t, but instead of her casting out judgement, she tried to see things from their points of view in order to try and help them. If they didn’t learn anything from her, she was sure to learn something from them.

She had just moved back home to Valdosta to be closer to her family. California was nice and all, but it just didn’t give her that homey feeling she was longing for. It was a blessing that she could just transfer her job since there was an opening and she wouldn’t have to be out of work long, searching. God was always on time and she was grateful for that.

Turning the page in the file, she came across the mugshot of the woman. Vonetta Simms had been locked up the last five years for being a co-conspirator and accessory to the rape of her then best friend, Nivea Davis. She was only 17 at the time of her conviction and she would have been out on her twenty-first birthday, had she not gotten into so much trouble the first two years she was locked up. It seemed like she racked up more charges behind bars then when she was out on the street. Now at 27, she had finally learned her lesson and was tired of living the life that she had been for so long.

Reading over the file, Cheynese started to understand the reasons behind why Vonetta carried on the way she had. The life she was accustomed to wasn’t one that she would have wished on her worst enemy. The things that girl faced at the hand of the people that were supposed to protect her, caused her to lash out the way she did. Not giving Von an excuse for what she had done, but Cheynese was now able to understand where she went wrong.

“Ms. Broadus, your next appointment is here,” her assistant spoke over the intercom.

“Thanks, you can bring her on back.”

Not even a full minute later, Rosalin opened the door and ushered Von inside. The woman looking back at her was not the same girl she had just seen in that mugshot. Instead of an angry, mean, and hurt child, there stood a strong, healed, and beautiful young lady. Chey could tell that this change was only one that could be done by God Himself, and she silently thanked Him for doing a new thing in this woman.

Von had put on a significant amount of weight from what she could tell, but it wasn’t in a bad way. Her hair was natural and sat on top of her head in a cute twist out style. Her cocoa colored skin was blemish free and her dark brown eyes and button nose brought out her other facial features. Dressed down in some dark blue jeans, a red sweater, and some black flats, she didn’t look a day over sixteen.

“Good morning. I’m Cheynese Broadus,” Chey said as she walked over to shake Von’s hand.

“Cheynese? Like the food and language?”

Chey couldn’t help but to laugh because there wasn’t a day that went by where she got the same reaction from people when she told them her name. When she was younger, she hated her name and even went home crying on quite a few occasions, because the kids were picking on her name. But now that she was older, she embraced it because it was just who she was.

Her mother, Brenda had named her that for two reasons. One, was because she loved Chinese food and when Chey was born, her eyes were so slanted that she looked Asian. Her long thick hair that stopped in the middle of her back, along with her light skin often made people think she was mixed, but both of her parents were African American. As genetics would have it, she took after her late grandmother in the looks department instead of either of her parents.

“Yes. Just like both,” Chey laughed.

Once Rosalin left the two alone, Chey decided to get right to everything. She only had a few things to discuss, to make sure that Von was ready to go to the halfway house and understood all of the terms of her release.

“So… you ready to make this transition?” Chey asked her.

“More than ever. I’m so excited to be able to see my son, Amir,” Von beamed.

Chey had read that Von had a young son and had been praying that Von was one of the mothers that got out and really took her freedom seriously this time. She had run into so many cases where the mothers were ready to get back to their kids and declared that they would never return back to what caused them to be taken away in the first place, only to go back months later. It always broke Chey’s heart when that happened, so she tried her best to be as much support as she could, especially to the women that didn’t have any. Good support was one of the most important things that a person could have returning back to society, and the ones who didn’t always ended back up at square one.

“I’m glad to hear that. If there is one thing I would suggest would be to think of him every time you get tempted to do something that you know isn’t right. You wouldn’t believe the women and men that come through my office ready to get back to their families, only to leave them again. And not all are lost to jail either,” Chey told her, praying that she got her drift.

“I understand what you’re saying. There have been a few women that I was locked up with who got out and came right back. Every time that would happen, I prayed harder that God wouldn’t let that be my fate. I already have something else that may take me away from Amir before he’s an adult.”

Hearing that she was a praying woman made Chey happy, but as soon as she saw the tears forming in Von’s eyes when she told her something else could take her away from her baby, it made her feel bad as well.

“What could possibly take you away from him besides you getting caught back up in the system again?”

“I’m HIV positive,” she said.

Chey was pretty sure that information was in her records but by her just getting the file not too long ago, she hadn’t had the chance to go through it all. It was scary how true it was that you couldn’t tell if a person was sick just by looking at them. Just from Von’s appearance, you couldn’t tell she was sick, but none of that mattered to Chey. To her, Von was another human being who deserved another chance at life, and she was going to do all that she could for her in order to help her succeed.

“Well, we will pray and I will touch and agree
that you will be here long enough to see even your grandbabies,” Chey smiled as Von thanked her for that.

“So what all do I need to do in order to be able to see him while I’m at the halfway house?” Von wanted to know. The both of them were getting misty eyed and the last thing she wanted to do was waste time by crying. She had spent too many days and nights crying, so now it was time to celebrate.

After another 45 minutes of getting Von everything she needed for her transition to go smoothly, she was ready to go.

“So do you have any more questions for me?”

“Just one,” Von said looking a little nervous.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Would you mind being with me when I get to see my son for the first time?”

Chey was shocked that she wanted her there for such an intimate family moment, but after getting to know Von a little more, she understood. It was going to be tough to see her son after all of these years, and the fact that the same woman she went to jail behind was the same one who was raising her son, had to be tough.

When Von told Chey that Nivea and her husband, Terrance were raising her son, along with their other two children, to say she was shocked was an understatement. It could only be God that had their hearts open to receive that precious little boy whose mother was behind bars for violating in the worst way. Chey definitely needed to be there to not only be that support she needed, but to see exactly who these people were. Things like that were just unheard of.

“I wouldn’t mind at all. Just call me with the details and I will make sure that I am there,” Chey told her.

Once Von left, Chey skimmed over the rest of her file to make sure that nothing was left out. She only had one more appointment for the day, but that wasn’t scheduled until after lunch. That was right on time because the way her stomach was set up, she was being disrespectful by not feeding it, and she knew just what to get to please it.

“Rosalin, can you order me some lunch, please?”

“Shrimp fried rice, sesame chicken, two egg rolls, and a sprite?”

“You got it,” Chey laughed. Thanks to her mother, she had it bad for all things related to China and their cuisine.

BOOK: Heaven Between Her Thighs: Stealing His Heart
7.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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