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Not really.” He shrugged, turning the car down a side road that ran next to a tall fence topped with high, barbed wire. “Just an excuse.”

Where are we?” Lindsey leaned forward, trying to see into the darkness past the reach of the headlights. There wasn’t much to see, just a bunch of small, blue lights, close to the ground.

You’ll see.” Zach smiled over at her, steering the car around a curve to the right. The ground sloped upward here, and he pulled off the road itself onto the grass, parking there. She smiled as he turned the key off, listening to the engine ticking as it cooled. It was so quiet she could hear crickets chirping somewhere in the darkness.

Pretty.” She breathed deep, stretching her hands up through the open top of the car, looking up at the stars. “Is this what you wanted to show me?”


She smiled, sliding as close to him as she could with the gearshift between them.
“Am I getting warmer?”

Actually, no.” He grinned, his teeth gleaming. She slid her hand up his thigh, leaning into his shoulder. “But I am.”

Good.” She kissed his neck, the soft spot right under his ear, licking in little circles. Her fingers danced over the zipper of his jeans, just lightly, feeling for a response, some sign of encouragement.

Not warm enough in here for you already, huh?” Zach swallowed and she felt it against her lips as she kissed her way into the dark hollow of his throat.

Nowhere near, to tell you the truth.” Lindsey breathed, trying to move closer, but she couldn’t because of the gear shift, so she settled for leaning over, one hand on each of his denim-clad thighs. Their eyes met briefly before she kissed him, moaning against the softness of his mouth, the tenderness of his lips on hers. His hand moved slowly through her hair, tilting her head sideways as he sought her tongue with his.

She had been kissed a hundred times, but this was different. Something thrummed through her, and she knew her own warning system well enough. That part of her wanted to bolt out of the car and never look back—but another part of her wanted even more of him. The latter won out, and she let the kiss deepen, twining her tongue with his, feeling the spread of his hand against her lower back as he tried to press her closer.

She felt a low rumble in her belly, as if the whole car were shaking, and she gasped into his mouth as he shifted her across the console, pulling her into his lap. She felt his response clearly enough now, throbbing against her behind. He moaned into her mouth when she wiggled there, wrapping her slender arms around his neck and giving herself over to his lust.

It was then that she realized the tremor running through her was real, the feeling growing to sound in her ears as they fumbled together in the little seat. She gasped, her eyes opening in surprise to meet his as the thunder grew, vibrating the gearshift against her thigh.

“Zach!” She clutched him, turning to look out the windshield, her eyes wide. “What is it?”

This is what I wanted to show you.” He said the words against her hair, pulling her hips into him snugly. “Watch.”

The sound crackled like a fire in the distance, something roaring in the night. It was too dark to see much, but a light grew brighter amidst the small blue ones on the flat ground a little ways below. The sound grew, too, the force and power of it making the whole car tremble. She clung to him, not even realizing it, her mouth dry and a heat growing in her middle.

It wasn’t until the fire lit behind the F-16 that she realized what she was seeing. The plane barreled toward them like a rocket then, the sound making Lindsey cover her ears and cry out. It was coming right for them! She turned her face to hide it in Zach’s shoulder and felt him shaking with silent laughter.

It’s okay, baby.” The term of endearment softened her and she looked up at his bright eyes in the dimness. “I wouldn’t let anything hurt you, I promise. Just watch.”

Lindsey gasped, looking up through the t-tops as the plane passed high overhead, gaining altitude fast, the sound still so loud it shook her to the core, the afterburner a streak of fire behind the plane for a moment before fading to a low, orange glow. It made everything in her body vibrate and her breath catch in her throat. The low rumble moved through her with building excitement and she laughed out loud, reaching her hands up to the plane as if she could touch it.

“Another one’s coming.” He nodded toward what she knew now was a runway.

Another?” She leapt off his lap and stood on her seat, poking her head up through the sunroof. Zach did the same, grinning over at her as the second F-16 came howling toward them. Lindsey stretched her arms to the sky as it began to take off, gaining altitude, burning fire behind. It was high above when it passed over them, and she screamed out loud in competition with the noise, her hands spread wide to the stars.

Like it?” He smiled over at her, almost shyly.

She laughed, sliding up on the edge of the sunroof and swinging her legs over the side.
“I love it! Are there more!?”

Should be.” He followed her out of the car as she went to stand in front of it, hugging her arms. “Three more.”

Hold onto me.” Lindsey slipped her arms around his waist, pressing her cheek against his chest as the next one came growling toward them, the sound reverberating under her feet. His hands pressed her lower back, a little damp from dancing at the concert and now from the heat of the night, pulling her belly against his. She turned her face up to him, slipping her hand behind his neck and reaching up on tiptoe to find his mouth.

Their kiss grew hungry, and she squirmed in his arms, wanting more as the thunder of the plane grew closer, trembling her body against his. Her whole
being burned, on fire, more alive than she had ever felt before. She grabbed his hand, the one pressed to her back, and urged it between her thighs, pulling it up under her skirt.

Lindsey—” He broke their kiss, moving his hand away, but she insisted, guiding his fingers, pushing her panties aside. He groaned when he felt her smooth wetness, her lips swollen and parted in her excitement.

Please.” She gasped, her voice lost in the sound of the plane roaring overhead, but she knew he felt the urgency in her body as she pressed herself against him. The fire trailing behind the F-16 glowed for a moment like a beacon in the night, and she couldn’t see anything else. His fingers moved between her legs, slowly exploring the soft folds, and he caught her mouth again, kissing her back toward the hood of the car.

Yes, yes, yes!” She spread for him in excitement, letting him push her skirt up over her hips as she slid onto the hood of the car, pulling her own panties down. When she reached for the crotch of his jeans, aching to feel him, see him, taste him, he let her rub there for a moment. The outline of his cock straining against the denim was almost too much for her to bear, and she unsnapped his jeans, wanting to set him free.


She only heard the word he spoke because the next plane was still far off, a low rumble in the distance, a crackling fire, like the heat between her thighs. Then she couldn’t hear anything but the wailing sound of the F-16 heading down the runway toward them as Zach spread her legs and sank to his knees before her.

His mouth covered her mound and he kissed her pussy like he had kissed her lips. He drank her, breathed her, and she couldn’t hear the sounds he made, but they vibrated her flesh, sending delicious pulses of pleasure through her body. She threw her hands above her head, her own soft moans lost in the growing roar of the approaching plane.

When his fingers slipped into her, she bucked her hips up, meeting his hand, helping him bury first one, then two, then three into her flesh. She wanted even more and she rolled her pelvis, dancing against his mouth, her breath coming faster in the night. His tongue moved up and down in her wetness, teasing, making her arch and push against him.

His tongue finally found her clit, flicking back and forth there, and she groaned, the sound lost as the plane passed directly overhead. She watched the flaming bullet soar through the sky through half-closed eyes, the sweet ache between her thighs rising with it. Her fingers moved through his short, wiry hair, slipping her hand behind his neck and pressing him against her mound.

He opened his mouth wide over her, his tongue lapping, his fingers digging deeper. Her nails scratched over his scalp, the back of his neck, trying to press him harder, wanting more. Her body trembled on the hood of the car with her impending orgasm, and she fucked his hand faster, harder, her moans louder as she rocked against his tongue.

“Zach!” His name escaped her lips as she groped for something, anything, to hold onto. She found his other hand and squeezed it, hearing the sound of the last plane blazing toward them in the distance. “Oh god, Zach, don’t stop!” He showed no signs of it, but she knew he couldn’t possibly hear her anymore as the plane bellowed down the runway. She saw it mounting above her in the sky as her body sent her flying, too, twisting and shuddering with her climax.

She bucked under him, every muscle
taut as she spasmed again and again under his tongue, his fingers plunging deep into her swollen flesh. Her cries, nearly screams now, were lost in the deafening boom of the plane overhead, its fire burning hot and then fading as it found its niche and rode it.

Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she whispered to the sky, blinking at the stars left in the darkness, as if the plane itself had created them in its powerful wake.

Zach pulled her to sitting, and she laughed, dizzy, resting her cheek against his chest, still panting. He held her close and she felt his heart beating hard, and smelled herself on his breath. She tilted her face up to him in the night and kissed him, tasting the sweet musk of her own pussy on his tongue, sucking at it.
When her hand slipped between his legs, feeling an incredible throb there, he groaned against her mouth, stepping back with a sigh.

I told you, baby.” He leaned over to pick up her panties off the ground. “I didn’t take you out to have sex with you.”

Um, what do you call that, then?” Lindsey grinned. “Bill Clinton’s version? Oral sex isn’t sex?”

He grinned back, handing over the sheer black material of her panties.
“Well… okay, so I slipped a little.”

Let’s slip some more.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, tossing her panties onto the hood of the car. “Slip and slide and… ”

Nuh-uh.” He pulled her off the hood of the car and she stood, wobbly, letting him hold her and pull her close. “Come on. It’s almost one… and I promised your father I’d have you home.”

He’s not my father.” She couldn’t help smiling as she pulled her panties on. He let her hold his arm for balance. “Are you for real?”

You tell me.” He went around to the passenger side of the car and opened her door, waiting. She came to stand in front of him, still feeling shaky.

I don’t know.” She sighed, swallowing and looking up at him.

You will.” He smiled, tilting her chin up, and kissed her softly. “Let’s get you home.”




Chapter Five

“I’m afraid you can’t top Kenny Wayne Shepard and an orgasm under the flight pattern of an F-16.”

She loved making Zach laugh—it was deep and genuine and made her feel as warm and wiggly as a happy puppy every time she heard it.
He’d called every night this week, and she couldn’t seem to get enough of him, or vice versa.

At least give me a shot at it.”

Maybe.” Lindsey twisted coils around her finger. Hers was an old-style phone, the kind with a twisty white cord. She wasn’t supposed to have a phone in her room at all, and had to keep coming up with new places to hide it. “What did you have in mind?”

I’m not doing anything tonight… ”

She smiled, remembering her parents’ reaction when Zach dropped her off last Saturday night.

You’re so easy.”

She snorted.
“You have no idea.”

Oh, I think I do.”

The pause that followed hung there, and she pulled the cord tight, making the tip of her finger turn so red it was almost purple. Downstairs, she heard the side door, and knew her parents were home from shopping.

“I’ve gotta go.”

Tonight at seven?”

See you then.” She didn’t even bother hanging up the phone—she just unplugged it from the wall and wrapped the cord around it, looking around her room for a place to hide it.

Lindsey!” Her stepfather called from the bottom of the stairs. “Come help us carry in groceries!”

Coming!” She shoved the phone between her mattress and the wall, putting her pillow there and pulling the covers up. He was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs and frowned as she padded down in bare feet.

You should put some clothes on.”

clothes.” She rolled her eyes, looking down at the red bikini she put on before Zach called. Her plan was to walk down to the community pool, because it was hotter than an oven in the house, especially upstairs in her room, even with all the windows open. The air conditioning had been on the fritz for three days.

Lindsey, I got you some Twizzlers.” Her mother came in the side door, carrying two plastic grocery bags. “They were on sale.”

Cool!” She slipped by her stepfather and took the bags from her mother, going to put them on the kitchen table to sift through them. “I’m going to walk down to the pool.”

Good day for it.” Her mother wiped stray hair out of her eyes and reached into one of the bags, pulling out a package of red licorice. “Why don’t you just go? Your father and I can handle this.”

He’s not my—”

Lindsey.” Her mother sighed, holding the package of red candy out like a peace offering. “Please. Just go.”

She looked between the two of them, her stepfather now looming in the doorway. Then she shrugged.
“Okay, whatever.” She got a beach towel out of the linen closet and slipped on her green clogs, heading out the door. Her stepfather dug bags out of the trunk of the car and she didn’t wave as she walked past.

It was a short two blocks and around a corner to their community pool, a big outdoor affair with a diving board at the deep end and a hundred kids playing in the shallow water. You were supposed to shower before going in, but no one ever did. Lindsey went through the women’s dressing room, the tile floor perpetually damp, the smell of chlorine strong already. There was a small steam room near the bathroom stalls that she never saw anyone use, but she peered in as she passed just out of habit.

She’d meant to bring a book, but had left the house so quickly she forgot. She signed her name and address on the clipboard on the table and looked around for a sunny spot. Forgoing the wooden lawn chairs stacked in a corner, she spread her towel out near the fence, away from most of the moms and kids, and stretched out on her belly, opening her Twizzlers package.

Already, beads of sweat ran in little rivers down her sides and between her pale breasts. She glanced down at them and smiled.
I can definitely use the color.
That made her think of Zach—not that she wasn’t already thinking about him, always thinking about him lately, in the back of her mind. Just remembering the concert, and the night they spent afterwards, when she spread herself out on the hood of his car under the stars and watched the planes take off, made her whole body feel even warmer.

She had to admit
she liked Zach, and part of her really didn’t want to. All sorts of bells and whistles went off in her head about him. He was dangerously safe, someone she was entirely too likely to get close to, and she didn’t need that. She liked her relationships—if you wanted to call them that—loose, fast, and with no attachments. Hookups, that’s what they were. She hadn’t ever really “dated” anyone before like she suddenly found herself doing with Zach. She didn’t know if she liked it.

Rolling over onto her back, she sucked on the end of her red licorice, closing her eyes against the brightness of the sun. No matter what she did, she could still feel Zach’s hands pressing her thighs open and the delicious attention of his tongue. She also remembered the way he held her, and told her he wouldn’t let anything hurt her. That made her feel warm in a different place.

“Hey there, sexy girl.”

Lindsey shaded her eyes, blinking up at the figure dripping over her. The cool droplets of water felt good on her skin, but she didn’t recognize him at first. When he sat beside her on the cement, he shook his head like a dog and sprayed water over her belly and legs.

“Hey!” She half sat, meeting his eyes, and then she remembered—Ralph, the dark-haired senior from Xavier from the tree fort that day. She recalled the way they had taken her, forced her, made her do things, and her body burned with the memory.

It’s hotter than fuck out here.” His eyes moved over her body, down over the tiny triangles of her bikini top, over her smooth, taut belly, to the red material that disappeared between her legs. He lowered his voice along with his eyes. “Well… maybe not hotter than fucking

Lindsey grinned.
“Aww, you know all the right things to say to a girl, don’tcha?”

I try.”

She eyed him, licking the end of her Twizzler, back and forth with her tongue.
“Been here long?”

I dunno.” He shrugged, hugging his knees and looking over at her. “Hour or so I guess.” His eyes kept falling to the slope of her thighs and the bright red shock of cloth between them. Lindsey shifted on the towel, spreading her legs slightly.

Water warm?”

Colder than a whore’s heart.” He gave her a wink and then grinned. “Wanna go in?”

Not if it’s that cold!” Lindsey put a knee up and let it fall to the side, drawing his eyes again. “Maybe I’ll lie in the sun for a while and then just go home.”

Aw, don’t go.” He turned toward her, sitting cross-legged, his knees touching her thigh. “You’re the first interesting thing that’s happened here today.”

What’s so interesting about me?” She took a bite of her licorice, chewing thoughtfully.

I can think of one thing right off the top of my head.”

She raised her eyebrows.
“Just one?”

Okay.” He grinned back, his eyes dark as they moved over her body. “A few.”

She moved the red end of the licorice back and forth over her lower lip, watching his eyes follow it like a dog watching each bite of his master’s dinner. Experimenting, she trailed the wet end of the licorice over her bikini top, tracing circles down her belly and around her navel. His gaze followed it.

“Do I make your cock hard?” She bit her lip, slapping the licorice strand lower across her belly.

His eyes moved between her legs.
“As a fucking rock.”

Good.” She rolled to her belly, pushing herself up into an arch and stretching before gathering her towel and moving to stand. “Wanna meet me in the little girls’ room?”

Yeah.” He licked his lips, and the lust in his eyes made her pussy ache. She remembered his cock—how big and hard—the way he grabbed her when he fucked her. His eyes followed her as she walked away. She could feel them, and put a little extra swing into her slim hips.

When she stopped at the edge of the pool, she glanced over her shoulder and winked, dropping her towel and licorice and diving into the deep end. The water was an incredibly cold shock to her system, making her shudder as she came back up, reaching for the ladder. Water fell off her in sheets as she pulled herself up, adjusting her bikini straps when she reached the top of the ladder.

“You were right.” She reached for her towel, giving him a small half-smile. “Colder than a whore’s heart.” He grinned, his eyes bright as he watched her dripping body stretching in the sun. She leaned in toward him, rubbing her hair with the towel, and whispered, “But her tight little cunt’s still nice and hot.”

Don’t I know it.” He adjusted himself in his swim trunks.

Don’t be long.” Lindsey grabbed her licorice and slung the towel over her shoulder, padding toward the ramp that led down to the bathrooms. Her body tingled in anticipation, and she sat on one of the benches in the women’s room, waiting. The door was propped open and she sat in line of sight of it. She sighed when a woman and her two kids came down the ramp, turning into the women’s room.

But I don’t
to go home!” The little girl pulled on her mother’s arm, whining. The boy was pouting, too, but not being vocal.

We’ll stop and get McDonalds.” The mother gave Lindsey a weary smile.
Way to bribe them, Mom!
It worked, though, and the kids perked up. The mother’s eyes lingered over Lindsey’s bikini, and she wondered if the woman even knew she was doing it. Lindsey saw Ralph glance in and gave him a little shake of her head. She was afraid the kids were going to say they had to go to the bathroom or something, but the mom pulled them along, giving her another tired smile, before going out the exit.

When Ralph passed by again, she crooked her finger at him and he slipped in, glancing around surreptitiously.
“Are we alone?”

For now.” Lindsey stood, leaving her towel and candy on the bench. “Come on.”

He followed her around the corner, into the cubicle past the women’s bathroom stalls. She pulled open the door to the steam room and gasped at the heat.

“In there?”

She shrugged, slipping through the door and motioning for him to follow.
“No one ever uses it.”

Fuck!” He gasped, too, waving uselessly at the steam rising around them. “It’s hot in here.”

I think that’s the idea.” Lindsey reached behind her neck, untying the red strings of her bikini top and letting them fall. “But I think it might get hotter.”

He watched as she reached behind her to unhook her suit in back, letting it drop. He eyed her breasts as she tweaked her nipples, making them stand up.
“I’ll say.”

Her whole body felt wet and sticky with steam.
She tugged at her bikini bottoms, but they stuck at her hips and began to roll down. Ralph’s hand moved under his own suit as he watched her struggle with the material. Finally she got them down, kicking them aside and putting one foot up on one of the slatted wooden benches.

God, you’ve got a nice pussy.” Ralph watched as she slid her fingers down to show him her pink, and he moved closer to get a better view in the rising steam.

You like it?” She slipped up onto the bench, putting her other foot up and spreading her legs wide. Her fingers moved up and down her slit, teasing her aching clit. His hand moved faster under his trunks and she wanted to see his cock. “Do you want it?”

You have no idea.”

Oh, I think I do.” She slid a finger inside, then two, fucking herself slowly. “Show me that hard cock.” He didn’t hesitate, sliding his swim trucks off and letting his dick spring free. It rose high out of a dark thatch of hair, throbbing in his hand. It made her mouth water just looking at it.

Will you suck it?” He moved close enough so she could see the veins pulsing along the underside as he stroked it.

Her narrowed eyes moved up to meet his and she frowned.
“Don’t ask me.”

He looked confused for a moment, cocking his head at her, and then a light came into his eyes.
A slow smile spread over his face and she gasped when his hand gripped her hair, pulling her head back.

Suck my fucking cock.” He shoved it between her lips and she moaned, her fingers moving faster in her pussy as he began to fuck her mouth. His fist tightened in her hair when she struggled against him, trying desperately to catch her breath in the steam heat. It was like trying to breathe through a wet washcloth, and his cock throbbed as he slid it deep into the back of her throat. “God, you’re a hungry little cock whore, aren’t you?”

BOOK: Hussy
6.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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