INEVITABLE: An Alpha Bad Boy Contemporary Romance Book (8 page)

BOOK: INEVITABLE: An Alpha Bad Boy Contemporary Romance Book
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“Of course not, but why do I have to choose?” I tried to sit up but the effort was painful. He turned back and his look pinned me in place.

“I can’t be a part of that…circus…I won’t be… Jackie I’m sorry. It sounds like you've made your choice. To leave. Again.” He spit the words out. We both knew that this wouldn't be the first time I had disappointed him.

“No Charlie, you’re the one making that choice. I was looking for a compromise.”

“I’ve waited for you for ten years. I don’t want to compromise.”

My anger flared, heightening the throbbing in my head.“Do you hear yourself? Do you hear how selfish you’re being?”

“Me? I think you have that market cornered.”

The nurse came in to discharge me. I could barely look at him as we rode silently to my house. It had started raining again, the gloomy skies opening up like a bad wound.

Charlie helped me up the stairs and placed my hands in Amelia's who stood on the welcome mat waiting for us. I turned to face him when I realized that he was already on his way back to the truck. The rain blurred his large body as I hopped in and pulled away quickly. I stood there dumbly as Amelia tried to usher me over the threshold. A rumble of thunder jolted me awake. Was he really done with me?

I tried to call him three times over the weekend and he rejected my calls each time. I finally felt strong enough to accept the truth. I'd lost him.

My mother found me crying over my suitcase, a few hours before my departure.

She took me in her arms. “Your father and I have made one compromise after the other our entire lives. If Charlie truly loves you…he’ll come around to realizing that’s part of it. If you don’t follow your heart honey and you stay here…I’m afraid you’ll end up resenting him.”

She was right. I had to do this and all I could hope for was that Charlie would come to his senses. It was with a heavy heart once more that I boarded that plane. This time I wasn’t running away from anything….except maybe my one chance at happiness.


              When I arrive home to my house in Hollywood Hills I was immediately assaulted by staff who needed direction - my assistant was having a heart attack about social engagements I was supposed to be attending and my stylist was saying something about an award and how I only had a few hours to get ready…my head was spinning.

              “Wait!” I raised my voice…I rarely ever did that. It seemed to frighten them and they all got silent at once. “What is going on…

              “Your nomination,” Kelli, my assistant said. “Didn’t you listen to your messages?”

              “Honestly? Not a single one.”

              Kelli looked like she might faint. Brooke, my stylist took over.               “You’re being honored tonight at Grauman’s Theatre. They’re giving you Breakout Actress of the Year!”

              “Wow, that’s…amazing.” Somehow I should feel happier but my heart ached hollow inside.

              “Yes, it is! What are you going to wear?”

              “Um…I guess I…”

              “It’s a good thing you have me,” she said, shaking her blonde head. “Have a seat in the living room. I brought dresses.”

              She looked at Kelli then. “Call the team and get them over here. We only have a few hours.”

              I felt like I was in a fog as I sat there at my kitchen island and looked at dresses and listened to the excited chatter around me. I was honored…but at the same time all I wanted was Charlie.

              “By the way, who are you taking?”


              “Tonight!” Kelli said, frustrated with me. “You need a date. That scum will be there too and you know he’ll bring a date.”

              “Matt will be there?”

              “Yes. He’s getting the breakout actor award.” She winced regrettably.

              I curled my lip. “Stop that, your lips will wrinkle,” Brooke said. I rolled my eyes.

              “Who should I call?” Kelli said again.

              “No one…I’m not taking a date.” The hole in my chest widened.

              “Jackie! You cannot go there alone the media will tear you up…”

              “I’m not taking a date, Kelli! That’s it!”

              She sighed frustrated and went to get the door. She ushered a team of stylists and disappeared again. A while later she brought me my phone. “It’s your mother.”

              Mom's face light up on the video screen and Kelli held the phone up in front of me. “Hi honey! Kelli told me about your award. I’m so proud I could burst!”

              “Oh…thanks Mom.” I looked at Kelli. She looked guilty.

              “So, should I call Charlie?”

              “No! No Mama…he’s not going to care. I have to go now Mama. I love you.”

              “We love you too honey! Congratulations!” I hung up.


              “I’m sorry. I just hate to see you go without a date.”

              “I do not need a date. I’m fine alone, okay? I'm over it.”

              For the next three hours my team fussed over me. Finally when they thought I was gorgeous enough they stepped aside.

              Brooke left behind an apricot colored Vera Wang gown, backless with delicate beading around the neckline in front and a sharp slit up the side. I really loved it…but I just couldn’t get into the party mood. I had to have my dress on and be ready for my car at seven. It was five when they all left me alone.

              I retreated to my room and stared at the wall. I loved his eyes, his smell, the way he mumbled and held me in his sleep. The way he was brave and kind and
I missed how I felt when I was with him, free and
I swallowed a sob and patted my eyeliner. It's hard to imagine that I'll find someone like him, who called me on my bullshit and came to my rescue even when I was determined to hurt myself. I was willing to make it work but this time it was
who'd given up on us. I sighed and reached for my clutch.

              The car arrived right on time and took me down to Hollywood. I could see the red carpet chaos as we pulled up out front. As soon as the driver opened the door and I stepped out, flashbulbs blazed around me and I squinted against the lights. I saw Matt and some barely legal blonde stepping out of the car behind me. The reporters went wild then. The timing of it all was fucking ridiculous. I straightened my back and waved to the crowd.

              The reporters near me were always out for blood. “Jacqueline! Are you pregnant? Is it Matt’s baby?”

              “Matt! Who’s the new girl on your arm? Was she one of the ones you slept with when you were with Jacqueline?”

              I considered leaving but I let myself recall Charlie’s words… “You can’t run from your dreams...” My soul ached and I smiled against the pain.

I turned towards the theatre and as I did, I felt an arm slip around my waist. I was startled but not the least bit afraid, the familiar masculine scent greeting me. I turned towards him and faced a loving gaze. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and he looked so good my mouth actually watered. Charlie dipped his head and softly kissed me on the lips.

              “You don’t mind if I crash your party do you?” He tasted so good against me. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

              “I don't mind….baby.... I’m so happy you’re here…but how…?”

              “You’ll never believe it…your Dad called me.” He quirked an eyebrow as he smiled.

              “My- My dad?”

              We floated down the red carpet and they were still taking pictures and yelling things but it was like we were in a vacuum…all I could see or hear was him. “I was moping around the house hating myself when your dad called and told me you were getting an award and he was so proud. I considered watching on TV…but then I wondered if you might need a date. I called your dad back and he already had the flight information ready to go.”

              I couldn't stop the tear that ran down my face. Charlie kissed it away, his tenderness washing over me. “If you still want me…we'll figure this out. I spent the weekend trying to figure out what I would do without you and I couldn’t come up with an answer to that. It's always been inevitable that I'd end up with you. I can't fucking do this without you, Jackie-o.”

              “Me too,” I said, honestly. “We’ll figure it out.” We stopped moving and Matt and his date had to wait while Charlie and I kissed. I hoped the reporters got a great shot of me and my man.



              Charlie held me on his lap in the back of the limousine and we made out like teenagers all the way home. When the limo driver let us out in front of my house Charlie let out a low whistle. “Nice digs,” he said. “Are you sure you’ll want to stay with me in the cabin during our New Orleans time?”

“I’d stay with you in a tent under the freeway,” I told him honestly.

He grinned and put his arm around me as we walked up to the door. Suddenly stopping he looked over at the garage and said, “What kind of car do you have in there?”

“I have a Dodge Charger and a Mustang…why?”

“Let’s go in there….”


He had a mischievous look on his face. “I uh.... have this fantasy….”

I laughed. “Okay,” I said, going over to the door and pressing in the code. “Say no more.” The doors rolled up and he whistled again when he saw the cars.

“Get in the Charger.”

I giggled and pulled my keys from my secret hook. I got in like he told me too and he knocked on the window. I put it down and said, “Yes Officer? Was I speeding?”

He leaned his elbows on my window and peered in. God, this man was fucking hot. “Yes ma’am…you were going wayyyyy too fast.”

I tightened my lips to stop the laugh. “I don’t suppose you could let me off with a warning just this once.”

“I’m afraid not. License and registration please.” I let the slit in my dress fall open as I reached over for the glove box. My entire thigh and the outline of my womanhood were completely visible. I took my time looking for it and finally turned back to him and handed him a piece of paper.

“Wait here,” he said. He walked behind the car and out of sight. I tapped in anticipation. What was he doing?

He came back into sight, his jacket off and a pair of handcuffs swirling off one finger. He was also wearing his leather shoulder holster and he looked so damned sexy. I had my legs wide open and I dropped my hand down between them as he leaned back in the window.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to keep you from giving me a ticket officer?” My voice sounded breathless even to me.

Charlie’s hazel eyes focused on my hand and after a few seconds he pulled them back up to my face. I saw him swallow hard before he said, “I’m sorry Miss…but we have rules, you know?” I shrugged one side of my dress off my shoulder and let it fall so that my cleavage and the top of my breasts lifted up. I bit down on my bottom lip and peeked up at him underneath my lashes.

“I understand, sir.”

“Maybe we can think of a way to work this out….” He suddenly walked around to the other side of the car and pulled open the passenger door. He slid inside and closed the door and then he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. We were both panting and when his eyes met mine, I saw a deep hunger reflected there. I guess he’s really in the mood to play.

“I’m kind of a play by the rules type of guy,” he said, twisting the cuffs in his hand. “You might have to work hard to convince me to let you slide on this one.”

I smiled and reached for his cock. I took it in my hand and felt him shudder. I stroked it up and down with my right hand and I pressed my left hand into the crotch of my thong and felt my own wetness as I rubbed my throbbing clit. “I think I’m up for the challenge,” I told him, feeling so eager to taste him.

He raised an eyebrow and licked his sexy lips. Suddenly he pulled my hand aside and zipped up, casually. “Miss, step out of the car.” I whimpered. His teasing was infuriating.

I could see the mischief dancing in his eyes. I did as he told me and he stepped out too. “Put your hands on the hood of the car please.” Again, I did as he told me to. I felt his hard body press into me from behind as he rolled against my ass before taking one of my hands and pulling it behind my back. I felt the cold steel of the cuffs as he locked one side down on my wrist. He reached up and brought the other one down and cuffed them together, the whole while rubbing up against my ass.

I tried to catch my breath. “Am I being arrested officer?”

“I’m afraid so,” he said in my ear I lay helplessly against the hood of the car. “I’ll need to frisk you now, miss.”

He pressed me down harder into the cold steel of the car and I felt his hands at my ankles. He slid them up slowly all the way up past my knees and over my thighs, pushing the dress out of the way as he went. Then suddenly his big hands were sliding across my ass and then around in front and between my thighs. I moaned and he ground into me again with his hard cock. I pressed back into him and he pulled away.

BOOK: INEVITABLE: An Alpha Bad Boy Contemporary Romance Book
8.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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