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There’s the mellow voice I have gone so long without,” Mitchell said from his end of the phone. Natasha smiled thankful he was not there to see her blush.

How you doing?”Mitchell asked. She could tell he had a smile on his face even without seeing him.

Good,” Natasha replied not wanting to sound too excited. “How about you? How’s Rio?” she asked.

Good, not as good as home though,” he answered. “Eating alone is a bit of a bummer though,” he added.

Thought it was a seminar, why don’t you make a few friends while you’re there?” she asked. She looked over at Rita who had a wide smile on his face. Natasha knew that she could not hide the fact that she was attracted to Mitchell much longer. The placid voice she had while talking to Mitchell was a sure tell all sign.

I don’t like these rich snobs,” Mitchell said causing Natasha to give him a sarcastic laugh.

Rich snobs? Have you met yourself? Your family name is on 300 acres of land and that’s just corporate property,” Natasha said.

I don’t want to talk business right now,” Mitchell said dismissively. “Let’s talk food,” he added.

I’ve never had Brazilian,” Natasha said quickly.

And I’ll make sure you try it one day but today, I’m in the mood for some good old Mandarin pork,” he said.

Well then, order in or just take yourself out,” Natasha said shrugging. Was this all he had to say to her. Not even a flirty, ‘I miss you’? All he wanted to talk was food.

Fine, but only if you come with me,” Mitchell said. Natasha rolled her eyes.

Do you have a super fast jet? Because that’s the only way I’ll get there in time for dinner,” she said with a laugh.

As a matter of fact I do,” Mitchell said making Natasha’s eyes grow wide.”
He has a super jet….no he has a personal jet?
She wondered cursing her average lifestyle.

So what, you are going to send your jet for me or something?” Natasha asked laughing.

Well, I first need to know whether you want to have dinner with me tonight,” he said casually. Natasha looked at Rita and smiled. “
He wants me to have dinner with me,”
she mouthed to Rita.

Sure, I guess,” Natasha finally replied.

Great. I'll pick you up at seven," Mitchell said quickly. Natasha could hear the relief in his voice as he said so.

Alrighty,” she said as she hang up. Rita looked at Natasha and laughed.

Girl, you are rolling high, aren’t you?” Rita asked as she looked at an obviously over excited Natasha.

Oh shut up and help me decide on what to wear,” Natasha said as she led Rita to her closet.


Natasha was not sure of her outfit and she hated this situation. She was never undecided about her clothes. Everything she had always seemed to be a good fit anywhere she went. After Rita left for work that afternoon, she had four dresses on her bed and for the last twenty minutes, had been staring at them wondering what would be best.

Too sluty,”
she thought as she put away a hot pink mini-dress. She looked at the other four and sighed. It was either a short black sleeveless dress that made her boobs put Pamela Anderson to shame, a red strapless gown….”
You are not going to the Grammys Tasha,”
she thought as she put the red gown away.

Now, it was either the black dress or a purple halter dress. The black dress would be an obvious call of attention and that is not what she wanted. She put the black dress away and then put on the light purple dress. She carefully fastened it behind her neck careful not to mess up her straightened hair. She had chosen to wear her hair down in a side sweep. She thought it was elegant and classy. Not too much, just enough to make Mitchell drool.

She giggled at the thought of seeing Mitchell again. It had been so long since he traveled and she didn’t want to be a complete fool in front of him when she finally saw him again. She chose a pair of black dangling earrings which matched her peep toe heels and black Marie Claire clutch.

Slowly, she walked to the full length mirror and checked herself out. She loved what she saw. The dress was modestly short, reaching just above her knee showing off her smooth, long legs. Everything was perfect, she thought as she went down the stairs.

“Oh honey,” her nan, Estelle said as she made her way to the living room. “You look so beautiful,” she added.

Yeah, more than you did on your prom,” her dad said. Natasha smiled.

Thanks guys,” she said before taking a seat.

So this Mitchell, he’s your boss?” her dad, Eric asked putting the TV on mute.
“Oh man, here comes the lecture,”
she thought rolling her eyes.

Yes, daddy,” she said crossing her legs. “Mitchell Schmidt, is my boss at NSCS,” she added looking at him.

I don’t know, I don’t like this whole idea,” Eric said shaking his head.

Come on daddy, you never like anyone male I meet,” Natasha said with a laugh.

That’s true, Eric,” Estelle said looking at her son.

Don’t blame me, Tasha’s my baby,” Eric said in his defense. “I just don’t want you to get hurt again,” he added taking Natasha’s hand.

Oh come on, Eric,” Estelle said. “It’s not like the girl is running off to marry this Michelle….” “Mitchell,” Natasha corrected her with a smile.

Fine, Mitchell guy, any time soon,” Estelle continued. “And besides, I think he’s so much better than that Jay character,” she added. Natasha turned to look at her.

Nan, you never liked Jay?” Natasha asked in surprise. She had always thought her nan liked him.

Oh no, honey,” Estelle said. “I was sure you could do better,” she continued looking into Natasha’s brown eyes making her blush a little. “Well look at the time,” she said. Natasha was not sure whether she was saying that to change the topic or she was saying it genuinely. “Eric, you have to drive me to Chantal’s for bible study. You know I hate being late,” she said grabbing her purse. Natasha smiled. “
It was genuine,”
she thought as she looked at them heading towards the door.

Bye honey,” they called in unison as the door closed behind them.

Later guys,” she called back before relaxing in her seat. She took a long deep breath before finally switching the TV back on but she could not really see anything that was happening on the screen. All she was thinking about was Mitchell. How he planned to get her to Rio or whatever. She didn’t care whether he was going to take her to some gourmet restaurant or to some weird park.

All she wanted was to see him. She felt herself getting hotter at the thought of seeing Mitchell again. She longed to run her slender fingers through his luxurious hair as he held her close, close enough to smell his manly scent. Her panties were already feeling a little moist as these thoughts went through her mind. Subconsciously, she leaned on the couch as she brought her hand to the back of her neck to carefully undo the knot that held the dress in place.

The fabric of the dress fell like petals on her lap as she began to slowly rub her nipples against the lace that was her bra. Her other hand also came up to cup her other breast, before she went on to slowly but deeply knead her mounds. She managed soft moans as pleasure shot through her body. She thought of how great Mitchell’s warm, wet mouth had felt on her clit sometimes back and felt a hot surge of warmth shot through her body.

One hand slowly went down her navel and finally her thigh. Before long, the same hand was traveling up her creamy thigh to her now hot pussy. She closed her eyes as she let her index finger make contact with her sensitive bud. She touched herself gain and again until her clit became as wet as her pussy was.

With a gasp, she slipped a finger inside her pussy and then took it out. She reintroduced her pussy to her finger again, this time coupling her index finger with her middle finger. She let a shriek escape her throat as she began to slowly finger fuck herself.

Her juices were now making it easier to move her fingers in and out of her pussy, all the while wishing she would be holding on to Mitchell’s head, or hand….or even his nice tight bread basket.

The pace at which she thrust her fingers in and out increased until it reached a point where she couldn’t take much more. She threw her head back as the pressure inside her built up. She unintentionally slid on the couch, pushing her hips forward making her palm put pressure on her clit. She felt herself give in to an unknown force as she finally lay down on the seat, exhausted, happy, and satisfied. Just then, the doorbell rang calling her out of her dazed state. She quickly sat up as the reality hit her. She was a self sexed mess.

A minute!” she yelled as she rushed to the bathroom. She roughly rubbed her hands under the running water and then wet some tissues to clean the wetness that was trickling down her thigh. She re-fastened the dress behind her neck and then ran her fingers through her hair. She looked at her reflection and smiled.
“You are still perfect,”
she told herself as she rushed back to the living room. She squared her shoulders and walked to the front door. She couldn’t help but smile when she lay eyes on a clean shaved Mitchell.
“Fuck, Tasha! Get it together…!”
she thought as she stood dumbfounded on the doorstep.

Don’t I get a hug?” Mitchell asked with a smile as he held his arms out. Natasha smiled and allowed herself to be locked in his brief but warm embrace.
“He’s really here!”
she thought excitedly as he pulled away. Just then, Mitchell lifted her chin with his finger and brought his lips down to meet her own. Natasha felt herself melt as she responded to his warm expert kiss.

I never know whether to give a girl a kiss at the end of a date,” he said when he pulled away. “I don’t get the whole awkward situation but that’s over right?” he added with a smile. Tasha pulled the door shut behind her and smiled back.

Real smooth Schmidt,” she finally managed to say. Mitchell smiled and took her hand.

Shall we?” he asked. Suddenly Natasha gasped as she caught glimpse of the sleek black limo in front of her house.

A limo?” she asked in almost a whisper. Mitchell smiled.

I figured since I was already back, the jet would have to wait,” he said as he led her to the vehicle. “Besides, limos have no turbulence,” he added with a wink.

True, but limo rides can also be bumpy,” she said as they approached the limo. Mitchell smiled at her.

Yeah they sure do,” he said. “Nice dress by the way. I’m not sure you will be able to keep it on with the bumpy ride ahead,” he said as the limo began driving off. Natasha felt herself blush. She wasn’t sure whether the statement was pun intended or just a happy coincidence. All she cared was that she was in a limo with Mitchell Schmidt, her very own McDreamy.

Chapter 6

As she rode home after the date, Natasha felt more relaxed than she had going into it. One thing she had to admit was that even though he could be cocky, Mitchell had been right. Kissing her at the beginning of the date made her feel more relaxed. She never had to worry that he was leaning in for some action every time he reached for the salt. She took a deep breath as she looked at the buildings speeding by as they cruised down the streets. She was eager to get home and sleep off the buzz that was already working its way to her head.

Hope you are not too tired,” Mitchell said softly. She looked at him and smiled.

I wouldn’t say I am,” she said before looking out again. She suddenly realized that the driver was taken them downtown instead of driving her back home. “Mitchell, I leave way back that a way,” she said pointing in the opposite direction of where they were heading. He looked at her and smiled. Right then, she knew he had something up his sleeve. Whether or not she wanted to know what it was, he did not really care. She saw him smile a little before leaning back on the seat.

I thought you said you were not that tired,” he said reaching for her hand. Natasha looked at him and twisted her head.

Where are you taking me?” she asked looking into his eyes for an answer.

Don’t you trust me?” he asked with a smile.

Depends,” she said. She loved the fact that alcohol made her so chatty. She would have probably not talked this much under normal circumstances. “Do you have any fell good drinks in here?” she asked. Mitchell smiled as he got a bottle of champagne from the limo’s mini bar.

BOOK: Is Mr White Mr Right?
7.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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