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Authors: Janet McNulty

Tags: #Mystery: Cozy - Paranormal - Ghosts - Vermont

Janet McNulty - Mellow Summers 06 - Where Trouble Roams (9 page)

BOOK: Janet McNulty - Mellow Summers 06 - Where Trouble Roams
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Young Adult Fiction by the Same Author Under Nova Rose


1,000 years before the birth of Amborese is a far greater story. The legend of Tesnayr. Before the lands of Tesnayr existed, there were five distinct kingdoms. Each proud and constantly at war with one another. But all that changed… A stranger washes upon the shores of Sym’Dul, beaten and barely alive; the only survivor of a devastating war in a land far across the sea. Nursed back to health, Tesnayr makes a new life for himself and begins to think that his past is behind him. Then the orcs arrive led by Galbrok. They quickly ravage the land. Faced with a terrible choice, Tesnayr forms his own army to stop them and quickly draws the attention of each of the five kings. Yet, Tesnayr’s past refuses to release him. Can he unite the five kingdoms before Galbrok annihilates them? Can a lone man from across the sea achieve what all believe to be impossible?

Amborese thought she was a peasant’s daughter until one night dark creatures murdered her parents and pursued her into the forest. Saved by a talking cat and her friend Zolo, she fled for her life only to learn that she had a bigger destiny than she once believed. Pursued across the five lands of Tesnayr by an evil wizard’s army, Amborese must overcome her doubts and unite the dragons, elves, dwarves, and the five lands themselves. But will they follow a mere girl?

500 years of peace have reigned in the lands of Tesnayr, but the princess Nylana is forced to watch her brother Galdin meet what all believe to be certain death..


25 years later Nylana is sent on a mission to a neighboring kingdom where she is rescued from slavery by her lost brother. Reunited they travel back to Tesnayr and find that barbarians have invaded from the north and the alliances between the five lands are strained once again. But all is not as it seems as something elusive and more sinister taunts them.


Can Galdin and Nylana solve this mystery
and save the lands of Tesnayr?

BOOK: Janet McNulty - Mellow Summers 06 - Where Trouble Roams
4.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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