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“It’ll go away,” Sean said.

“What if it doesn’t? It’s an unusual relationship to start with. If we can handle that, fine. It’s more important that it works on the inside. Kat seems to have gotten over the age thing, so we’ve made progress.” Brody nodded.

She smiled. “I’ve got two hot, young guys and I’ll be called a cougar. I can live with it. If you two aren’t okay with this—I mean totally at ease sharing and being family—then it won’t work. I won’t choose.”

“We’d never do that to you,” Sean said.

“I can’t fix this. I love you both and I want it to work, but you two need to stop hanging out and playing. You need to work through this crap so we can be together.” Kat looked from one to the other.

“How do we do that?” Sean asked.

“Where do we even begin?” Brody shrugged.

Kat had an idea. She played with her Castle phone app. “I have an idea. Trust me.” She kissed each of them on the mouth then dashed for the door.

She closed it behind her. With both men inside, she put her thumb on the door lock and used her other hand to lock the door via the app.

The men tried the door. “Kat, what are you doing?” Brody asked.

“Don’t worry, they’ll let you out for the ball tonight,” she said.

“Let us out now,” Sean demanded.

“No! Figure it out. I want this to work. I want you both but only if we’re a real family and everyone is happy.” She turned and ignored the shouts.

A maid walked up. “Do you need any help?”

“I need them to stay in there until the ball. You won’t let them out?” Kat asked.

“Only you can release them. It’s your wing. I’ll make sure their tuxes are ready an hour before the ball. You’ll want them dressed properly.”

“I’ll meet you here then. Thanks,” Kat walked away with a grin on her face.

* * * *

Brody surveyed the ballroom. It was almost over and all the talking hadn’t fixed a thing. Sean had recounted some grisly details he didn’t want Kat to know. Other men had hit on Sean and he’d defended himself when necessary. Apparently Kevin had spread the word to those who played the game that Sean did too. When Kevin was promoted, Sean had changed who he hung out with and he had blocked out the memories of harassment for a time.

Brody watched Sean dance Kat around the floor. They were a lovely couple, but Kat had already overruled either guy bowing out. She’d locked them in the room so clearly she was serious.

The music stopped and everyone applauded the live quartet. Kat went one way and Sean headed over to Brody. Without a word, Brody walked out onto a balcony that gave them a bit of privacy. The starlit night made him realise just how far in the middle of the country they were. Fresh air and all the landscaped hedges and manicured lawns left him in stunned silence for a minute. The busy hum of his normal life was a world away. Eventually he’d miss it, but right now he was utterly content. The castle was their oasis and beyond its light he could see nothing but darkness. The fact that there was no quick way out would help them face their issues and work together. He had an idea and it might work or might start a fight.

“What are you doing out here?” Sean asked.

Brody leaned on the cement railing. “She told us to talk.”

“We tried that. Men don’t relate like that. That’s not how we fix things.” Sean faced the ballroom and leaned on the railing.

“I agree. Talking won’t work.” Brody turned and hugged Sean.

After returning the hug, Sean’s arms fell, but Brody pressed closer.

“What are you doing?” Sean tensed.

“Proving that you don’t do anything for me.” Brody tilted his head back and looked Sean in the eye.

“Stop it. This is dumb.” Sean tried to get free.

The movement only served to grind the men together. Brody chuckled. “Try anything you want. Men don’t turn me on. You’re safe. We’re safe together. If I could beat the crap out of Kevin, I would. Any guy hits on you, we’ll take care of it. You’re not alone and you’re not in the military chain of command anymore.”

“I know all that. It’s when I’m not thinking that I freak out.” Sean stopped leaning back.

“Are you getting turned on?” Brody asked.

“No.” Sean laughed.

“Me either. Whatever happens while we’re asleep isn’t about each other. It’s about Kat. Not all guys are good. Straight or gay. The guy was a jerk and needed to be punished. That doesn’t make you bad for being touchy after that harassment. Sharing a woman doesn’t make either of us gay. It’s also not an everyday sort of relationship. We can share the woman we love and if stuff touches…it’s not the end of the world.” Brody hugged Sean again.

Chapter Seven

“This is stupid,” Sean said.

However, it didn’t feel as crazy as it should. Brody clearly wasn’t aroused and neither was Sean. The relief was oddly reassuring. His mind wasn’t in control when his body was experiencing all the friction and heat.

“Kevin never gave up. He kept telling me I liked it and I was in denial.” Sean had never told anyone that.

“I’m a seriously hot guy. If I don’t turn you on, you’re straight.” Brody moved his face in close enough to kiss and then backed up so they weren’t touching at all.

Sean braced his hands on the cement rail. “I know, but I’d never actually tested it. I have a cousin who is bisexual and that always made me wonder. I knew I loved women, but that jackass Kevin got inside my head.”

“Have I evicted him?” Brody held out a hand.

Sean shook it and pulled Brody in for a hug. “Yes, thanks. You’re the only guy who gets to see me naked and you’re not going to do anything. Let’s just hope this cures my weird sleeping thing.”

“I think this time I got through that thick head of yours. We deserve her and she deserves us.” Brody grinned.

Sean glanced out at the dance floor. “Mr Foster is dancing with our woman.”

Brody smiled. “You go get her. My knee is a little locked up. I’ll take over at the end.”

Sean headed out on the dance floor with a new confidence. He’d buried a lot of those fears and feelings for so long that they’d haunted his sleep. Some men would’ve judged Sean for not beating the hell out of Kevin or pushing the report through, but Sean hadn’t wanted his career to go south. Brody had forced all of the history to the surface in a new way. They were family.

He tapped Foster on the shoulder. “Mind if I cut in?”

Foster released Kat and she beamed as Sean swept her into a dance. She looked like a princess in the dark green strapless dress. The view of her cleavage shot arousal throughout Sean’s body.

“Where did you and Brody disappear to?” she asked.

“We tried it your way—talking in a locked room—before, but that didn’t work so well.”

“It was worth a shot. Video games didn’t solve it either.” She sighed. “This is a fantasy. I love it. Whether the relationship works out or not, I got a week of luxury and amazing sex. I really needed it.”

He kissed her temple. “It’ll work. I’m sure of it now.”

“Don’t commit to an uncomfortable relationship for me.” She looked up at him. “I won’t make you miserable.”

“I’m not. Brody just proved to me that I’m not uncomfortable with him really close. It might take me a night or two to truly relax. Maybe it’ll be better at home. Sometimes you have to face it full frontal to be sure.” Sean couldn’t control his sleep posture, but things had changed.

Brody stepped up. “Do I get part of the dance?”

Sean handed her over. The fantasy was perfect, but the true final test would be when he woke up tomorrow.

* * * *

After midnight, the trio fell into bed and as Sean slid the expensive diamond necklace off her and Brody did the same with the fancy dress, Kat felt more herself than dancing in a big ballroom. She helped the guys undress and studied every inch of them. She’d seen them in ordinary workout clothes and saw pictures of them in uniform, but clothes didn’t matter.

They dropped her on the bed and playfully tugged off her satin underwear. This was what she wanted every day! The castle and the luxury didn’t mean a thing in her real fantasy. If she could have these two for the rest of her life, she’d be living a dream.

“You’ve got a far-off look in your eye.” Brody pinned her body to the bed with his. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. I’m right here and I just realised you two are my fantasy and it’s real. We’re going home together.” She wrapped one arm around his neck and the other around Sean’s, pulling him close. She kissed one and then the other.

“You doubted us?” Sean asked.

Brody shook his head. “We don’t give up until we have everything we want.”

The men kissed either side of her neck and moved lower. A mouth on each of her breasts was a new sensation. She stroked Sean’s back and he was at ease. The morning would tell how he’d slept, but she could sense a change in him already. The men were more united than ever. The focus was on her, but she knew that it benefitted them as well.

If this odd family of theirs was going to work, they all had to be on board, relaxed and agreed. Their needs had to be met as well as hers.

Her mind fogged over with desire as their hands rubbed down her body and spread her pussy. Yet another joint venture without the tension and hesitation of before.

Moaning, she opened her legs and tilted her pelvis for more pleasure. She closed her eyes as Sean began tonguing down her body. Brody followed the example and soon they shared her fully. One tongue probed her rear and another explored her pussy.

“It’s so good,” she moaned.

“Don’t get too comfy, you’re doing the work this time,” Brody said.

“This isn’t work.” She grinned.

They moved away, but she heard the rustling of condom packets. No long drawn-out foreplay tonight. They didn’t need it. She didn’t want it. Right now she needed them both as close to her as possible.

Someone grabbed her arm. Opening her eyes, she saw Sean guiding her. Brody knelt and she wasn’t sure this position would work so well. “We can’t hurt his knee.”

“Don’t worry, I can take it. You’re pretty eager now.” Brody pulled her in and she slid onto his cock. Careful to keep her weight off him, she locked her knees and leant forward. They were right, they’d make her do the work this time, but it felt so good!

Sean lubed her ass and teased her a little.

“I’m so ready, Sean,” she groaned.

He believed her and filled her ass steadily until she gasped. “Too much?” he asked.

She shook her head and wiggled her hips. “It feels so good.”

Without another word he advanced all the way and she felt electrified. This position added a new sensation. She was surrounded and filled. Her body pulsed harder when the men braced their arms on each other’s shoulders. They were dead serious about her being in control.

Lifting, she moaned. Her hands braced on Brody’s chest, but she couldn’t put pressure on him. She only needed to steady herself as she rode the two men.

“As fast or as slow as you want. We can go all night,” Sean said.

Her body clenched their cocks. If they thought she was really in control, they were nuts. Her lust and love was in charge now. Rocking her hips, she went up and down on the duo. Sean slid his arms under hers to add support and she leaned slightly. Her insides ached for more and she gave in. Her hips snapped and she slammed down on them harder until they triggered her climax.

Gasping, she tried to keep going to get her guys off, but they picked her up. Someone rubbed her clit and she was helpless against a second release racking her body as they set her on the bed.

“You’re not done,” she moaned.

They kissed her breasts and rubbed her cunt until she came down from the high. When they moved away, she opened her eyes. They’d dumped the used protection and both sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the bed watching her. It suddenly occurred to her what they really wanted. She wanted it too, but Sean had been so touchy about being that close to Brody before that it’d never happened.

Rolling onto her stomach, she crawled to them. She pushed them onto their backs, their bodies lined up next to each other like a sexy wall of hot men. One cock in each hand, she started slowly and teased them. She found a comfortable position and leaned over to suck one and the other.

Both men stared at her and reached out, their hands dug in her hair and teased her breasts, but she had only one thing on her mind. She wanted to taste and explore them. Sucking Sean’s cock all the way down, she watched him as he arched and his mouth hung open. The men’s arms were almost entwined, but they were relaxed and totally hers to play with. The rush of power urged her on. She licked Brody’s cock until he lifted. Then she sucked down to the base and listened to him moan.

The noises from the men meshed as she worked them with her hands. She pressed Brody’s member between her breasts and he fucked them eagerly. Teasing the tip of him with her tongue, she looked at Sean. He stared at the activity without any awkwardness.

Sucking Brody’s tip hard and flicking it with her tongue, she jerked him off until he grunted. The salty cum landed on her lips and chest. She lapped it up and rubbed what was out of tongue reach into her skin. Licking up Brody’s body, she kissed his mouth and then eased over to Sean and kissed him.

“You are a natural at handling two men.” He hugged her to him.

Smiling, she shimmied down his body, his hard cock teasing her as she worked her way to it. He’d always looked down her shirt and given her that thrill of still being wanted. Rubbing her breasts all over his erection, she watched the pleasure register in his face as he studied her.

Brody sat up and took in the view of her. The wild sensation of men observing her pleasure them gave her a jolt a power. She didn’t need to please them both at once. They could enjoy the show or at least the view. It could go on all night long. Stroking Sean’s balls, she tongued the head of his shaft and he lifted slightly to her.

He was close and she wanted to savour it. Flicking him with her tongue faster and harder, she looked at her men as they watched her intently. Sean shouted as he lost control. The line of cream landed on her tongue and she rolled it around. The taste was different from Brody yet every bit as good.

BOOK: Kat's Karma
9.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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