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“Men are easy to please,” Brody chuckled.

“It’s fun to watch, though.” She kissed her way up Sean’s body and he grabbed her around the waist and turned her. Brody pressed to her back and she snuggled down between them. When Brody tilted her head so he could kiss her and Sean sucked on her neck, she knew they’d made serious progress. They were men of action more than talking.

When Brody released her mouth, she was speechless for a split second. Taking a deep breath, she had to get the words out. “I love you both. Move in with me when we get home. We can make it work.”

“Move in with you?” Sean asked.

“Well, I’ve got the room. It’s a small house, but still better than an apartment. Or is that moving too fast?” Kat didn’t want to push them, but they’d started this.

“Too fast? We’ve been after you for a year.” Brody nibbled her neck.

“You’re the one who kept us away. We’re never leaving you for a second.” Sean kissed her.

“Good. I don’t know how I could go home to a quiet house after this. But I only have a queen-size bed. We might have to squeeze until we buy a king.” She looked at Sean.

“We’ll be fine. Our first full day back we can get a king-size so you’re not squashed.” Sean shrugged.

“I don’t mind.” She held them tight.

“A little space doesn’t hurt. We’ve been spoilt in the castle.” Brody nodded.

Kat yawned. “You two can inspect the house and decide what manly touches it needs.”

“Bedrooms?” Sean asked.

“Three, but one is set up as an office and the other is pretty small.” Her eyes felt heavy.

“Basement?” Brody asked.

“Full but unfinished. Is that your man cave?” She smiled.

“Maybe a gym. Pool table,” Sean suggested.

“Getting away from me already.” She pouted.

They both hugged her tight. “No way!” Brody said.

“Not a chance, we just don’t want to crowd you all the time either if it’s a small house.” Sean pinched her rear.

She wiggled and inhaled their masculine scents. “Sleep. We can plan and rearrange stuff once we’re home.”

“Deal,” Brody said.

“Our home.” Sean kissed her forehead.

* * * *

A little chill woke Brody. Rolling towards the centre of the bed, he found Kat’s warm curves. The scent of her was mixed with something more. She was pressed to Sean. The heat was great, but Brody decided to test the waters.

Brody reached over and rested his forearm on Sean’s ribs. Not even a flinch. Brody kissed the back of Kat’s neck and she moaned. She shifted between them and Brody watched Sean’s eyes open.

Kat kissed Sean and turned to kiss Brody. “Whatever you two did, it worked.”

“A little male bonding does wonders.” Sean nuzzled her shoulder.

“No playing this morning. We’ve got to pack and make it to the farewell brunch. Home time,” she sighed.

“After all this luxury, home must sound disappointing.” Brody hugged her.

Kat grinned. “No way. This was wonderful. A fantasy vacation, but my real fantasy is going home with you two. Keeping the good stuff, but I’m not this formal and fancy. Plus, the food here is amazing, but I’d kill for a real Chicago deep-dish pizza.”

“Do we get a slice?” Sean asked.

“Definitely! We’ll eat it in bed.” She kissed them and moaned. “Now we really have to get out of this bed.”

“You know, I’ll bet the maids pack for us too,” Brody said.

“Let’s have some shower sex and then get down to brunch.” Sean yanked the covers off them and climbed out of bed.

“I’m glad we’re travelling home together! You two just need to keep your hands off me for the long flight.” She slid out of bed.

Brody followed them towards the shower. “We can sleep on the plane and celebrate our homecoming naked with pizza as soon as we’re back.”

* * * *

By the farewell brunch, the maids had them all packed up and ready to go. Kat had no idea where she’d wear those fancy gowns, but that was part of the luxury prize. The cash prize was going in the savings account. The guys got their tuxedos and some suits as well.

The fancy brunch was complete with china and crystal. Mr Foster and Lady Olive sat there sipping champagne among their guests. Kat and the guys sat down and ate well.

“Was your fantasy successful, Ms Calvino?” Mr Foster asked.

“It was a lovely week, thank you.” She smiled.

“You earned it and so did your men,” Mr Foster said.

“I’d like to thank Lady Olive for some excellent advice. This sort of relationship is complicated, but I think we can make it work.” Kat grinned at her guys.

“We picked the right place,” Brody said.

“You did,” Sean corrected.

“I’m glad we were able to reward your good works.” Mr Foster nodded.

“And it seems that we fulfilled all of your fantasies,” Lady Olive said with a smile.


Six months later…

A three-day weekend in bed wasn’t exactly the same as the Fantasy Castle vacation they’d had six months back. However, for Kat it felt every bit as good. No customs or long flights. Just great sex and togetherness without work or schedules interrupting them.

Momentarily alone in bed, she curled her toes and scolded herself for ever letting them go in the first place. They were perfect for her and somehow made this family. Brody had never had much of a family and now they all had more than they knew what to do with. Sean and Brody had taken over more of Sean’s family business with his dad semi-retired.

Their lives had come together and her sister was jealous. Two hot younger men who couldn’t keep their hands off Kat and if they wanted to watch sports or do a marathon of those gory video games, they had the basement decked out in full man-cave style.

Footsteps in the hall told her the guys were coming. The aroma of deep-dish pizza reminded her of what she needed now. Food! Sean, in nothing but barely buttoned worn-out jeans, set down the massive box. Brody put down plates and silverware. She opened the box and carefully lifted out a stuffed piece of pizza.

For a while the moans were about the food and wine.

“Can’t get this in the castle,” Brody joked.

“Probably not. Too messy to eat and so unladylike.” Kat picked up a string of cheese and dropped it in her mouth before licking her fingers.

“You’re a tease,” Sean said.

She smiled innocently. “Eating with my fingers?”

“I think I’m ready for dessert.” Brody nodded.

“Me too.” Sean kissed her mouth and pinned her shoulders.

“Ice cream?” she asked.

“No, you.” Brody spread her legs.

Sean sucked on her breasts and sank a finger inside her pussy. Gasping, she loved how their sex play had progressed. No pretence or hesitation. They knew what she liked and as wet as she already was, another finger was soon in her future.

The second finger slid inside her as Brody lapped at her clit. Moaning, she rocked her hips for more. Sean didn’t let up, spreading his fingers into a V shape before adding a third. She tried to grab one of their cocks, but both stayed out of reach.

“Fuck me,” she said.

“No, this is the time we’ll see how many times we can make you come.” Brody kissed her hips and went right back to lapping her inner folds.

“Oh God!” she said.

Sean finger-fucked her faster and faster. She grabbed the sheets as her hips snapped to meet his digits. The first orgasm was deep and subtle. She wanted more and thankfully they were in a very giving mood. Brody zeroed in on her clit again as she caught her breath.

“Too fast,” she gasped.

Sean chuckled. “Give in. Give us what we want.”

How could she not? The intense release started behind her clit and the heat spread so fast she bucked and shook out of control. The men held her safely but didn’t let up. Fingers still worked her slit as both their mouths claimed her breasts and pressed her down with their hot bodies.

The breather only lasted a few minutes. The men didn’t move, but Brody’s two fingers slid deep and curled inside her. Kat whimpered and Sean rubbed her pussy rapidly back and forth.

“No!” she said.

The men stopped and she moaned.

“Too much?” Sean asked.

“No, don’t stop. I just can’t. It’s too fast.” She didn’t know how to explain it. They made her come so fast but the feel of them on her overloaded her senses as well. Their heat and scent were like a drug. Their fingers worked her harder and the spark built. In no time she felt like electricity shot through her body as she bowed up to them and her hips pressed down to the bed. Each climax made her more sensitive. She dug her nails into their backs.

Sean slid down her body and buried his face between her legs. Gentle kisses turned to his rough tongue coaxing her juices from her. She kissed Brody and clung to him. “Three isn’t enough?”

“No, I think at least seven before we’ll be satisfied.” Brody grinned.

She groped for his cock and found him hard. “You don’t want me to suck you guys off?”

“Later,” Brody said.

Sean held her hips tighter and worked his tongue up her pussy over and over again. The anticipation of when he’d hit that next most sensitive point kept her on edge. Brody pinching her nipples sent shivers through her. They knew how to keep her off balance and vulnerable. They also knew that she loved it!

The fourth orgasm hit her hard. Spasms shook her from head-to-toe as she held onto the feeling only these two men could give her. The heat and tingling lingered as she caught her breath.

Sean slid up next to her and Brody leaned over and kissed her slit gently. Then cool air hit her most sensitive area. Her skin turned to goosebumps, but Brody spread her folds and blew on the slick skin until she lifted.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Teasing you. Do you think all we do downstairs is play video games and watch sports?” Sean nipped at her breasts.

“What, you have a sex strategy?” she laughed.

Then Brody licked her folds and the heat of his tongue jerked her body up. So sensitive!

“Want us to stop?” Brody asked.

“Never.” She curled her fingers around Sean’s cock. “Three more and I get to play with you.”

“Damn right,” Sean said.

Relaxing, she loved the win-win sex games they liked to play and gave herself fully to their plans. “I can’t wait to see what you plan for our one-year anniversary.”

* * * *

From the notes of Lady Olive

After conducting a phone interview with the trio, I can confidently report another successful fantasy has been fulfilled. They are living together and have dealt with any family fallout regarding their unconventional triad. Kat continues her work and the men are growing Sean’s family business, which he will take over one day. A happy ending!

Also available from Total-E-Bound Publishing:

Devoted to Him

Cheryl Dragon


Chapter One

Surveying his Malibu compound as the limo pulled up the long horseshoe drive, Jason Abbot smiled. He’d hated being away from the calm order of his California life. With the wedding only a week off, he needed to keep his fiancée free of jitters.

She’d never show a hint of panic or stress, and his sub was eager to please in bed. There he could work out all of her nerves, because weddings were stressful times, whether she admitted it or not.

There she stood, poised on the porch waiting for him. Fiona Brandon’s curves couldn’t be missed in the proper skirt suits she wore. Her wavy reddish brown hair was pulled back but he could see her inquisitive brown eyes on him. Over a year ago, she’d been hired to provide his chain of luxury tourist bed-and-breakfasts with custom flower arrangements. Back then she’d worked for a place in Beverly Hills. Now she had her own company. The work and vision had been hers, he’d only encouraged her.

The woman to thank for the match was their housekeeper, who’d originally picked Fi’s flowers for the compound. Mrs Caster stepped out onto the porch and waved as the limo stopped. The round woman took no crap and made no fuss about any kinky games played in private.

The driver opened the door as the staff of maids unloaded the luggage. Jason had two sealed boxes in the car with him. Carrying them out carefully, he glanced back at his friend, who said, “Have a good one.”

Jason nodded to the driver. “Take Teddy home so he can freshen up and settle in. He’ll be back for dinner in a few hours.”

“Later, Jas.” Teddy waved.

“Go rest,” Jason replied.

Fiona waved at Teddy as well. When the limo was gone, Jason followed Fiona into the house and she hugged him tight. Without fail, her mouth found his. “I missed you. Did you have a good trip?”

“Profitable, in the end. Don’t make me drop these packages,” he warned.

She grabbed one box and set it safely on the entry hall marble table, which was graced with a gorgeous creation of hers. Only she could make cactus so dazzling.

“What are they?” she asked.

“Gifts for you. Be careful with them.” He set the other box down and hugged her from behind. Her flared hips and round ass pressed back against him.

“May I open them here or are they private gifts?” she asked.

The woman had self-control and he loved it. She wasn’t a whimpering lost sub nor was she annoyingly bratty. Fi knew herself and her limits well at twenty-nine. He’d never imagined getting married but she had been the one to change that in his mind.

He slid his hand up and pinched her left nipple. The piercing was a gift for the engagement—a proper ring for her finger and the custom stud for her breast. She leant back and kissed his cheek before opening the first box.

“Oh my. These are so rare!” She lifted out the samples of purple lady slipper orchids.

“They are. But that is your favourite colour. I asked them to get me something very uncommon. You can grow your own.” He smiled.

BOOK: Kat's Karma
11.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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