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She opened the other box and found more purple.

“Those are campion. Another rare one but I’m sure you can grow them here. If anyone can, you’ll do it,” Jason said.

She turned in his arms and kissed him hard. “Thank you. I’ll do my best with them, but they’re so hard to make thrive.”

“That’ll be a great challenge. Upstairs in ten minutes.” He smacked her ass.

“I only need two minutes, I need to get someone here to take these to the greenhouse and get working on them.” She blushed and grabbed her phone.

Five minutes later, Jason had given Mrs Caster the instructions for a private dinner in a couple of hours and sat in the bedroom waiting.

“Seven minutes,” he said when she entered.

“Sorry, those are so unusual that I had to give my best employee some added instructions.” She smiled and locked the door behind her. “Did you miss me?”

“I did. Now strip off those clothes and crawl to me.” It was no small distance. His bedroom was a dual suite with a massive bed, sitting area and hot tub plus attached full bath and a walk-in closet the size of the bedroom he’d grown up in.

She removed her clothing, including the lacy thong and bra, and crawled to him in nothing but heels and a hair clip. Her nipple stud gleamed in the afternoon sun. One side was an impressive diamond matching the one on her finger. The other side was a flower. It was uniquely her.

“You were good? Followed my instructions?” he asked.

“Of course. I couldn’t have any sexual fun without you anyway.” Her ass was hiked up and she licked her lips.

His cock grew hard as he saw the slight sway of her breasts. The curves and slight bounce in her body drove him mad. She was perfect for him. He patted his lap as she approached. “Sit here.”

She obeyed and encircled his neck with her arms. “I missed you, Sir.”

He kissed her and fingered her pussy. So wet. She moaned the second he spread her lips. “No playing with yourself even while thinking of me?”

“No, Sir. I did turn my nipple ring so it didn’t heal over and I showered thoroughly but not a single orgasm in a week. You could’ve taken me with you.” She slid her tongue into his mouth.

“I wanted to, but with the wedding, I thought it might cause more stress with last-minute plans. And I wanted to make sure you could handle it well. Your business and mine may make it necessary at times.” He hugged her.

“Now we know we can be apart and loyal without going totally crazy. But I do need a serious spanking. I thought of you naked often. I dreamed you’d come home early.” She plucked the buttons on his dress shirt.

“Is that supposed to be a request?” He smacked her ass. The woman was still in her logical and very controlled mindset. An equal in public worked for him—he loved her success and intelligence—but sometimes she needed to stop thinking so much.

She slid down onto her knees on the carpet. “Forgive me. I’m out of practice. Please, Sir. I need to be spanked and restrained. I desperately need to be reminded of my place in your life.”

He smiled and lifted her chin. The glisten of her tears tugged at him. “I missed you too. I love you. Crawl to the bed. Hands behind your back, stay kneeling.”

“Yes, Sir.” She obeyed instantly and folded her arms at the small of her back.

He grabbed some lengths of rope from the kinky side of their closet and fitted it under her pretty tits and over her upper arms. He tied it snug then secured her forearms so she couldn’t wiggle it loose.

“Stand,” he ordered.

She did it with elegance that had taken practice. Next he bound her knees and ankles. “Kneel on the bed, face down, ass up.”

She worked her way into position and he studied her. Spreading her ass cheeks and pussy lips, he found her wet and perfectly shaved. “What would you do for relief?” he asked.

“Anything, Sir.” She moved slightly.

He trailed his fingers along her spine. “Anything? Don’t lie. I know your limits. What’s your safe word?”

“Peony,” she said.

“Good. I’m glad you thought of me while I was gone.” He kicked off his shoes and opened his fly then pushed his dress pants and boxer briefs to the floor. His belt clinked as it landed and he knew just how hard it was for her not to see him naked now. “Did you think of anyone else?”

“No!” she answered immediately.

“Good.” He believed her. “Were you wet thinking of me?”

“Yes, Sir. All the time,” she moaned.

He smacked her ass with his hand. “So you never acted on it but you kept yourself in a constant state of arousal. Dirty girl. You’re right. You need to be punished.” He massaged her ass cheeks. She had flesh to spare there and he loved it. The woman also had a pain tolerance that let him play.

“Please, spank me. I shouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow.” She wagged her ass at him.

“You decide? You want the pain to feel better. What about my needs?” He rubbed his hard cock over her milky skin.

“Fuck me, please. I need both.” Her body relaxed.

He pulled her legs from under her and let her feet hit the floor. He tested her cunt with one finger and she tightened on him. Finally he pressed into her and filled her pussy in a single stroke. Her moans and whimpers filled his ears as he drove hard and tugged the ropes on her arms so she rocked back towards him.

“I can’t stop, Sir.” She gasped.

He felt her climax hit and reached around to cup her breasts. “Come for me.”

She muffled her screams in the bedding, though no one on the staff would blink an eye over any sounds coming from their bedroom. Her hips pushed back on him for more.

“My sex-crazed slut wants more.” He pounded her pussy and came deep inside her with a grunt. “You’ll have to wait.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly.

“I hope you remembered to take your pills while I was away.” They hadn’t used condoms, except for anal sex, since the engagement. Both had been tested and he loved the idea that she might end up pregnant now that they were down to only one form of birth control. They weren’t trying yet. She didn’t want to become pregnant until married.

“I took them. The wedding comes first.” She tested the ropes and relaxed in them.

“I know.” He cursed whatever man had fathered her and left her. Her parents had never been married and she wanted things done right. Commitment meant a lot to her. “I brought you another gift.”

* * * *

She waited patiently as he dressed, retrieved the box from his bag and returned. He spoilt her and no amount of protesting from her stopped him. The man had tons of money but she loved the whole package—financial security was a new reality for her, but the ropes and the kink were more attractive. He was loyal and kind to employees and staff, as well as to her. He understood her quirks and needs.

When he returned, she straightened her back and offered her ass.

“You need to pace yourself. I have a lot planned for you.” He held out the toy.

The flower-shaped riding crop looked like it packed a sting. Her pussy throbbed. “Thank you. I love that toy already. Please, I need it.”

“You do. Your backside is pale.” He caressed her bottom and bit her hip.

Resting her head on the pillow, she gave in. He loved to play and make her wait. The first crack was light—he was testing it out. Fiona trusted that he’d never touch or play with another woman so he needed to feel the toy out.

“Harder,” she encouraged.

“Don’t play too hard early or you’ll be worn out.” He landed another smack.

She moaned as the sting spread through her body and teased her pussy. “Thank you, Sir.”

He gave her another on the other cheek and finally got into it. The man would never harm anyone, but he enjoyed the play and the sex. He knew how to get her off like no one else. She braced and welcomed every blow until she flinched. “One more,” she groaned.

“Not now.” He rubbed her ass.

She pressed back for added force and he smacked her with his palm. “I love you, Sir.”

He pulled her upright and she closed her eyes, finding her balance. He removed the ropes at her ankles and knees as he kissed her bottom. “Am I red?” she asked.

“Go look in the mirror. Walk for me.” He sat on the bed.

She slowly made her way to the full-length mirror and turned her back to it. Seeing his sexy form and large erection fuelled her lust as she looked over her shoulder. Pink, a good base pink. “You’re too easy on me.”

“I’ve invited Teddy for dinner. I want to leave him something.” He curled a finger for her to come.

She walked slower and took him in. Piercing blue eyes, short brown hair and broad shoulders, with a sexy muscular form all over that made her melt. He was tall and strong with a quick smile. Those mean or serious Doms always made her feel like she’d done something wrong even when she hadn’t.

When she stood between his legs, he lifted the crop to her lips. She kissed it. Jason let it fall on her unpierced nipple and patted her flesh gently. “Want the other one done? You’re sure about the wedding and the piercing instead of a collar?”

“If you want me to wear a necklace, I will, but I love the piercing more. How can you doubt that I want this? I love you. I want to be yours forever.” She knelt without permission and kissed his stomach. Did he have doubts?

“You know I’m serious about marriage. Once it’s done, it’s done.” He set the toy aside and fingered her nipples.

“That’s what I want. We belong together.” There were many possible reasons behind his concern. His parents had split and his father had turned out to be gay. His mother had found someone else eventually but Jason had suffered through an emotional divorce. Or was it her? Her lack of a father often led men to believe she needed a Daddy Dom. “I want a partner. I want my children to have a father, but I’m not a child. I want you.”

He smiled. “I believe you. But I’ve shared you with others. Like I will tonight. I like watching you, but once we’re married, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not in the dungeon or in private. I trust you and them, but marriage can change things.”

She kissed his hand. “I want you. To please you. That little change makes no difference.”

“Don’t you enjoy my friends?” he asked.

She smiled and her cheeks went hot. “I do. I love the role playing and the scenes you dream up. I love your eyes on me as I come on another man. I love letting new Doms practise with a new toy on my ass while you guide them. I love it all, but I love the idea of being your wife and forever sub more. Life changes. We must change and evolve together.”

He flicked her nipple ring and chuckled. “You are very smart. Suck my cock or you’ll be late for dinner.”

Something in his expression told her he wasn’t fully convinced. During play wasn’t the time to debate their marriage. Cold feet were normal, no doubt. She focused on getting him off. Her body craved more sex and discipline but the taste of his cum would soothe her for now.

He left her arms tied but she worked his cock until he fucked her mouth. A wonderful year together meant trust and play. He pinched her ass and she moaned on his erection. His hips snapped and she groaned constantly until his cum filled her mouth. The man could be quiet, grunting and sighing through a release. She savoured the prize and finally swallowed.

“Get dressed in that little skirt suit, fix your hair and be in the private dining room in half an hour.” He slapped her ass.

“No, please. I’m so wet. I’ll stain the chair.” She dropped kisses on his chest.

“You may wear the underwear.” He pushed the few stray red locks behind her ear. “You like playing with Teddy.”

“I do, but I missed you,” she said.

He untied her arms and set her on the bed. “Close your eyes.”

She did and leant back on the pile of pillows. The familiar buzz of one of her toys made her shiver. He wouldn’t eat or fuck her but use a toy, her Dom was such a tease. The little vibe circled her clit and she cried out. Jason chuckled and clicked to a different setting.

“So horny for me. You little nympho.” He pressed the toy to her folds again.

“I am. Wear me out. We have to make up for the lost week.” She spread her legs wider and thrust her cunt forward.

He slid a finger into each hole and let the vibe torment her clit. “Come on the bed and I promise your ass will be red before you sleep.”

This man kept his promises. Teddy was a Dom as well. She’d be spanked and fucked plenty. “Thank you, Sir.” She concentrated on the vibration and his digits working her. The wedding and the future fell away as she began to shake. Her orgasm took hold deep and she relaxed her insides to give him what he wanted.

“Please, oh God!” she screamed as the deep rush hit her tender spots and she gushed. She knew he loved it when she came that way. Female ejaculation sounded so clinical, but he was the only man she could do it with. The high of that release made her open her eyes and gasp for air. Her body throbbed as he pulled the toy away and kissed her slick thighs.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Very beautiful. You get so wet for me.” He lapped up her juices.

“Only you.” She nodded.

BOOK: Kat's Karma
13.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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