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“Yeah, that’s
it,” he murmured as she relaxed into him. He licked her clit softly. “Let go
for me, Kaylee.”

She clutched at
his shoulders, trying to get closer, but her belly had made her rather ungainly
lately. She would’ve fallen out of the chair if he hadn’t been holding her hips
so securely.

“Hugo, God, I’m
so close,” she said, spine arching. Being pregnant had made their lovemaking
even more intense than usual.

“Good.” He
flashed a smile at her before diving in again.

She bit her
lip, giving up to his ministrations,
nearly fell
off the chair again when she caught sight of Darla. Her best friend stared at
them through the glass, a look of surprise on her face. Kaylee went rigid,
pushing Hugo away. Darla had her coat on, clearly about to leave. When she
realized Kaylee had seen her, Darla smiled impishly and offered
a cheeky thumbs
up. Kaylee groaned, mortified, but Darla
headed out without once glancing behind her. Pointedly, she flicked the lights
out on the floor when she reached the elevators.

“Making her
your assistant was the smartest thing you ever did,” Hugo said, standing up and
unbuttoning his pants.

Kaylee dropped
her head in her hands. “I’m never going to live this down.”

“I’ll make it
worth it, don’t worry,” he said as his cock sprang out.

She trailed off and stared at him. “God, you’re
enormous. I’m amazed every time I see you naked. How you walk around with that
in your pants mystifies me.”

He stroked
himself boldly. “It’s all for you.”

She reached
out, but he moved away before she could touch him.

“Stand up,” he

She frowned,
but did as he asked. “Why?”

“Come over
here.” He tugged her toward the floor-to-ceiling windows. “I’m so glad I
convinced you to
work for me.”

She rolled her
eyes at him, but he just smiled and pulled her near the glass. Her office was
on the same floor as his. That meant that they towered over most of the other
buildings. When she looked down, she could barely see the lights of the city
through the falling snow.

beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked.

She nodded. He
drew her bra down over her breasts so that her nipples were exposed. She
shuddered when he held her against the window. The ice cold of outside met her
heated skin, intensifying her arousal.

“Anyone might
see us up here, if they only bothered to look up,” he murmured. “They would see
how beautiful you are.” He tweaked her nipples,
pressed her against the glass again.

trembled, so aroused she wasn’t sure what to do with herself. She wanted him,
but she also wanted him to keep teasing her. She liked that he knew exactly
what to do to her. “Hugo, please,” she begged.

“I know what
you need,” he rasped and pulled her skirt down.

Kaylee froze.
She was totally exposed. He went to his knees and urged her feet out of the
circle of fabric.

“Gorgeous,” he
said, spreading her legs.

She set her
hands on the window, her warm breath making little circles on the cold glass.
“I need more.”

“I’m here,” he
said as he came up close behind her. His thick cock nudged between her legs.
“God, you’re wet.”

She nodded,
trying to go on tiptoe so he would fuck her.

“Patience,” he
said, teasing her clit with the tip of his erection.

She pressed her
forehead to the window and let him do whatever he wanted. She looked down
through the white swirling around them and imagined someone looking up, seeing
them there: Hugo, strong and masculine as he made love to his wife as though
they were supposed to be there like that, on display.

“Yeah, that’s
it,” he said, working his cock inside a little. “I fucking love how good you

She gasped as
he shoved suddenly, sheathing himself entirely. The head of his shaft tapped
her womb. She’d thought having sex while pregnant would be uncomfortable, but
instead it was amazing.
She loved knowing
that he’d spilled himself in her and together they’d created something more
important than the two of them.

“Hugo, please,
,” she said, when he’d held still long enough for her to
grow impatient.

Hugo didn’t
he just began thrusting, slowly at first, then more
strongly. He moved inside her as though they hadn’t just made love that
morning. “You feel incredible,” he said, slipping a hand down to play with her
clit. “Warm and tight and fuck, fuck—” he stuttered, hips jerking as he
suddenly climaxed.

Kaylee clenched
her inner muscles on him and followed him over, crying out as she convulsed on
his fingers and cock. Every time she orgasmed with him, she couldn’t believe
how long the pleasure lasted. Every time he surprised her. He held her up until
the waves subsided, then gently lowered her to the floor where they slumped
into each other’s arms.

“Do you think
anyone saw us?” Kaylee finally asked, kissing his neck.

“Do you really
care if they did?” he countered, smiling into her hair. “All they would’ve seen
was a man totally in love with his wife.”

She laughed.
“They’d be scandalized. You’re supposed to be all stoic and indifferent.”

He scoffed.
“Whatever. They don’t know I’ve had a crush on you since you first appeared in
my classroom all those years ago.”

She pulled away
to look at his face. “You had a crush on me?
know you said you were attracted to me, but a crush?”

He nodded. “I
swear. That’s why I couldn’t keep myself from seducing you in Chicago.”

She narrowed
her eyes at him. “You seduced me?”

He nodded.

“You’re full of
it. I had a crush on you first. And I’m the one that did the seducing that
night,” Kaylee argued.

He shook his
head. “No.”

She poked him.

He poked her
back. “It doesn’t matter what you think. I know the truth.”

She sniffed.
“You had a crush on me. You, the hottest teacher in the school, had a crush on
the nerdiest girl?
No way.”

“Yes, way.”

She rolled her
eyes. “You are so aggravating.”

“I love you,”
he said, short-circuiting her argument.

She huffed,
face going hot. Every time he said those words, she grew flustered and he knew
it, the sneak. “No fair. Now you’re cheating.”

“Loving you is
cheating? Please, tell me another lie,” he said, grinning.

She made a face
at him. “I love you too.”

He laughed and
kissed her until she forgot about everything. Everything, that is, except the
way he made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.


The End



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BOOK: Kaylee’s First Crush
4.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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