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“Wait, your
first time was with a guy?” she asked, confused. She lifted her face.

He nodded.
We exchanged hand-jobs,
moved on to oral sex.
When she didn’t
respond, he elaborated. “I sucked him off.”

unclenched her hands from his arms. What did this mean? “Are you screwing with
me?” The image of him touching another man’s cock flashed through her mind even
as her clit throbbed. She found it unexpectedly arousing.

No, of course not.
I’m bisexual,” he said. “I’m attracted to
both sexes. I like women a little more, but if the right man makes an offer…”
He shrugged. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve had two serious girlfriends.
They didn’t work out.” He picked up her hands and put them back on his
shoulders. “I like when you touch me.”

“You do?” she
asked, still struggling with his revelation. She slid her arms down his,
enjoying his strength.

“Uh-uh, it’s my
turn to ask a question,” he reminded her, settling back a little.

Kaylee twisted
her fingers into the covers. “Okay, hit me,” she said, needing the distraction.
His little revelation felt like he’d thrown a lit match onto her libido. He
wasn’t just older than her, and way more experienced, he’d also done things she
hadn’t even dreamed about. She wondered if she could enjoy kissing a woman if
it were done right, not like the way Hailey had attacked her mouth that one

“Do you like to
touch yourself?” he asked, abruptly pulling her out of her head.

Wait, what? Her
face flamed. “Do you mean…?”

He nodded
meaningfully towards her groin.

twitched, fighting the urge to dive under the covers. She was a grown woman,
for goodness’ sake! And everyone masturbated, right? It wasn’t like he was
going to act all surprised if she admitted to it. She opened her mouth, about
to say yes,
abruptly shut it again as the
surrealism of the situation hit her. Her old teacher was asking her if she
liked to touch herself. She nodded minutely, eyes looking everywhere but into

He chuckled.
“Don’t be embarrassed. We all do.
Even me.”

her gaze landed on his crotch. His thin sleep pants did nothing at all
whatsoever to disguise the massive erection he was sporting. “Oh God,” she
moaned under her breath as she imagined his strong fingers fisting his cock.
What would it look like?

“It’s my turn
to ask a question,” she managed, past suddenly dry lips. She moistened them,
still looking at his lap.

“Okay,” he
said. “Hit me.”

Her eyes flew
up. His were twinkling, their brown depths lit with heat and something more.
She frowned a little, feeling very uncertain, but pushed aside her misgivings.
When would she ever get this opportunity again? “Would you touch yourself for
me?” she croaked. When he went completely still, as if stunned, she rushed on.
“Please?” She could hardly believe she’d managed to ask him for this. “I’ve
never seen an aroused man.”

He let loose a
harsh breath. “Christ. You’re going to be the death of me,” he muttered, but
his hands were going up his chest.

Kaylee watched,
not sure what he was doing, and then he rubbed his palms over his nipples until
they pebbled up.

“Does that feel
good?” she asked.

He quirked an amused eyebrow at her.
“Does it feel good when you touch yourself there?”

Oh, right. It
was his turn to ask a question. She flushed.
She cleared her throat. “Yes, it does.”

He smiled and
flicked his thumbs over his nipples again, then trailed his finger down to the
waistband of his pajamas. “I suppose you want me to take off my clothes,” he
stated. Before she could reply, he pulled off his t-shirt with one swift

Kaylee stared.
She’d spent countless hours looking at him when she was in high school, trying
to imagine what his bare chest might look like. She’d spent countless more
hours remembering what he’d looked like in that tight t-shirt after the day
she’d caught him with his dress-shirt off. Neither her imagination nor her
memory prepared her for the reality. He was hard.
A light trail of hair ran down from his chest to his navel before disappearing
into his pants. She ached to touch him, to run her hands all over that smooth,
muscled skin. When he touched himself again, she jerked her eyes up to find his
gaze locked onto her breasts. She looked down, not surprised to see that her
nipples were erect, too.

“You like
watching me touch my chest,” he said, running his fingers lightly down his

She nodded,
licking her lips. She couldn’t breathe.

“Then you’ll
probably like this, too,” he said, standing up. His giant erection tented his
sleep pants.

Kaylee couldn’t
drag her eyes away. Slowly, oh so slowly, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband
and pulled the soft fabric down. When his cock sprang out, rosy and thick, her
breath hitched.

“Yeah, you
definitely like that,” he said, voice gravelly. He shoved his pants down and
kicked them away, standing in front of her with no sign of embarrassment.

And why
would he be embarrassed?
Kaylee asked herself.
She let her gaze travel up his muscular calves to his thick
thighs. She lingered on the dark thatch of hair at his groin. A tiny,
pearlescent drop of pre-come eased from the tip of his cock.

“Ask me a
question. Anything,” he ground out, hands fisted at his sides.

She looked up
at his face, gathering her courage. “Can I touch you?” She barely whispered it,
but he heard her. The heat in his eyes flared and his erection leaped.

Touch me anywhere you want,”
he rasped.

She shifted on
the bed, swinging her legs over the side. When she reached out a tentative
hand, Hugo bit his lip, as if in anticipation. Kaylee touched his hip, shocked
at how warm he was. She couldn’t believe she was sitting here, almost fully
dressed while he stood nude in front of her.

“You want to
feel more than my hip, don’t you Kaylee?”

She splayed her
hand on his skin, the tip of her pinky just touching the hair at his groin.
“That counts as your question,” she said, startled when her voice came out low
and sultry.

He laughed.
Whatever you say.
you want.”

She bit her lip
as his words sent a bolt of heat through her. She wondered if he would really
let her do whatever she wanted. She edged her hand closer. When her knuckles
bumped his cock, he sucked in a harsh breath.

“Here. Like
this. Watch what I like,” he said, wrapping his fingers around himself. He
jacked the thick length leisurely a few times,
nudged the tip against her hand.

tentatively ran her thumb over the silky skin. He felt strangely soft yet also
burning hot. He groaned and she jerked away, worried she’d done something

“No, no, that
was fine. Come back,” he said, grasping her wrist and pulling her close again.

She fisted him,
squeezing and then letting go. He shuddered and she repeated the gesture,
ran her palm down the thick vein along the underside.

“God, Kaylee,”
he burst out, swaying. “If you had any idea how many times I thought of you
touching me like that.” He shook his head sharply, as if in denial.

“You mean, in
school?” she asked, flabbergasted.

He nodded
eyes scrunched shut as she pumped his length.
You were so damn pretty, so innocent. You drove me
crazy.” He opened his eyes. “Meeting you again after all this time brought it
all back.”

She licked her
lips, ignoring the way his cock swelled in her hand. “What else did you

His nostrils
flared. “I used to imagine you wrapping those pink, full, delectable lips
around me.”

She stilled her
hand. He’d thought about her lips? Way back then? He couldn’t be serious. “I
wore hideous glasses. They were taped together. My hair was a disaster.”

He laughed.
“And you were funny and really fucking smart, and behind those glasses and that
gorgeous skin and a mouth so lush I used to
fall asleep at night thinking about it.” He put a thumb on her lips.

She nipped at
him and he drew away with a smile.

“I was the
student you were attracted to?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said,
stepping closer. His cock bobbed and would have slid along her cheek if she
hadn’t still had her hand wrapped around him.

Kaylee wasn’t
sure she believed him, but she decided she didn’t care if he was telling the
truth or not. She was here now, with him. She glanced up and opened her mouth,
then leaned forward and sucked the head inside.

Hugo gasped,
hips jerking before he controlled himself. “Warn a guy when you’re going to do
that. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kaylee was too
lost in new sensations to respond. He tasted sweet and musky and slightly
bitter. The head of his dick was hot and smooth. She swirled her tongue around
experimentally and was rewarded with another groan. She pulled back with a pop.
“You like that?”

“Fuck,” he
muttered under his breath. “Are you kidding me? Yes,” he said more loudly. He
spoke the words with such intensity that Kaylee’s courage faltered and she
almost let go.

Except, I
want to taste him again. And I want him to… what? Taste me?
wondered. She thought about it,
thought about having his full lips teasing her nipples, or better yet, her
Yes. That’s exactly what I want.

She licked him,
ran her tongue down the underside. He cupped her
face. “Touch my balls.” When she hesitated, he murmured, “Please.”

Gently, she
touched him there, rolling the delicate sack around on her fingertips. He
shivered and bent over, resting his forehead on the top of her skull. “
Fuck, that
feels good.
Looks good, too.”

Kaylee eyed his
cock peeking out above the ring of her fingers. He was right. The sight of her
hand wrapped around him was obscene.
liked it. She let go and fumbled with the buttons to her pajama top, desperate
to get some cool air on her skin before she caught fire from arousal. Her
glasses slid down her nose and she pushed them up impatiently.

“Here, let me,”
Hugo said, fingers deftly undoing the fabric. When he drew her top over her
shoulders and down her arms, Kaylee suddenly realized what was happening. She’d
never been naked in front of a man before. Did she want this?

“Hugo?” she
asked, tentatively. Cool air hit her over-heated skin.

“Shhh, it’s
okay,” he said, sitting back down on the bed. “You’re so lovely.”

She let him
take off her top,
when he urged her back against
the pillows, he pulled her pajama bottoms down and off. Defensive, she cupped
her hands around her mound, trying to hide her less-than-stellar physique from
his gaze.

“Don’t hide,
Kaylee,” Hugo said, urging her hands away. “I won’t do anything you don’t like.
I promise.”

She looked down
and grimaced. “I really need to lose like, twenty pounds.”

He shook his
head. “That’s ridiculous. You’re perfect.” When he bent down and kissed her
soft belly, she almost died of mortification. He nibbled along her waist,
making her shiver. She had stretch marks on her hips from when she’d gained
weight in middle school. She didn’t want him to look at them.

“Hugo, stop,”
she said, pulling on his hair. He felt so damn good against her skin, but he
was so perfect. She was… not.

“Why?” he
asked, sitting up. His cock jutted out from the juncture of his thighs, hot and

She tore her
eyes away from it. “I’m not the kind of woman you do this with.”

He stared at
her. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She rolled over,
wishing she could just disappear. “I’m pudgy.
I wear glasses.” She
looked over her shoulder at him. “You’re being really nice, but—”

He laughed,
interrupting her. “Kaylee, look at me.”

She shook her

He grabbed her
hand and rolled her back over until she was wedged up against his body. His
skin burned where it touched hers. “If I wasn’t attracted to you, there is no
way I’d be this fucking hard.” He put her hand on his cock.

She couldn’t
help molding her fingers around him again. She loved the way he felt.

“Aw, Christ, Kaylee.”
His hips surged
up, shoving his cock into her palm. “Here, lie down like this.” He pushed her
up the bed,
opened her legs, shoving her hands
away from where she’d gone back to trying to hide herself.

BOOK: Kaylee’s First Crush
2.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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