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Last War

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Vincent E. Heck Jr.



















































































































19-FourSixOh House

Philadelphia, Pa

First publishing September, 2013














The storyline within this work of fiction, is just that – fiction. Despite being inspired by real events, and real excerpts from actual occurrences, the overall story is an adaptation from the creative mind of the author.




Copyright 2013 19-FourSixOh House

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To my entire family:

blood, spiritual, and inherited. And those who have lost loved ones due to senseless acts of terrorism.


There’s always a light to strive for at the end of the tunnel—I promise.




































































This is always fun and agonizing, all together. There are so many people who supported this project. This time, I’m going to try to keep it short and simple.

The people who I could not have done this without:
My family:
Mom, Denise Barr (Heck); my sister Vanessa Williams, and her husband, Brandon; my aunt Darlene Barr; my grandmom, Judy Barr; my dad, Vincent E. Heck Sr. and my best of friends, Shauni McMullen.

Supporting cast:
All of those who helped me research and allowed me to tour their facilities and speak to their people. Over a 3 year span, there are too many names to enter here – and ultimately, it was more knowledge for myself (and my Twitter feed) than I was able to use explicitly in the book. 

Thank you all for your help and support.

Love, V.



























































Department of Homeland Security Mission
to prevent attacks and protect Americans - on the land, in the sea and in the air.

In the center of the seal, a white American eagle appears in a circular blue field. The eagle’s wings break through an inner red ring into an outer white ring that contains the words, "U.S. DE PARTMENT OF" in the top half, and "HOMELAND SECURITY" in the bottom half in a circular placement.

     This feature in the seal, of the wings breaking
through the inner circle into the outer ring, suggests that the Department of Homeland Security will break through traditional bureaucracy and perform government functions differently. As typical with the American eagle, the eagle's talon, on the left, holds an olive branch with thirteen leaves and thirteen seeds, while the eagle's talon, on the right, grasps thirteen arrows.

BOOK: Last War
3.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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