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Chapter Three



A rhythmic beeping slowly woke me from rest. My eyes peeled open to see the hottest piece of ass I'd ever seen. Her short blonde hair glowed brightly and her blue eyes sparkled at me. I could get lost in those for hours. She was dressed in a white lab coat that was unbuttoned at the top to show just enough cleavage. I didn't remember sleeping with a scientist last night. But there was a first time for everything.


I looked around and realized I was laying in the middle of a hospital room.


The blinds were closed, only letting in a sliver of sunlight. The beeping noise I heard earlier was coming from the monitor next to me. The room had that classic sterile smell that haunted every hospital. A tube ran from my arm to a IV pouch hanging on a coat rack. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. The doctor noticed me and quickly brought out a pen flashlight.


“Don't try to move yet. I don't want you to pull out your stitches,” she softly said.


What happened to me last night?
I tried to remember but my head was a blank. It felt like another blackout from being too drunk.


“Follow my pen with your eyes.” She leaned in closer and I got a whiff of her addictive flowery perfume. She drew a line across my face with the flashlight and I tried my best to follow it. “Good job, Leland.”


I wanted to hear her moan my name as I plunged into her.


She poured me a cup of water from a pitcher and brought it to my lips. The water rejuvenated my throat and mouth, bringing me back to life. Her hand grabbed my wrist and a static shock jolted through me. My heart raced at her touch.
What the fuck was going on?


The doctor looked confused as she watched the monitor. “We might need to run some tests on your heart.”


“What happened?” My voice was gravelly as the words came out.


Sawyer was standing in the doorway with the rest of the MC. “You are one tough son of a bitch, Leland.”


I tried to sit up but my arms were so weak. “Take it easy,” the beautiful doctor said, lowering me back down onto the bed.


“I'll leave you guys alone to visit but don't strain him too much. He needs his rest.”


“Don't worry, Doc, we'll watch over him,” Sawyer said.


The doctor gave me one last look before she left. I didn't want her to go. The pulsing in my pants was telling me to make her wrap her lips around my length until I flooded her mouth.


Mike, the Sgt-at-Arms, came over to my bedside. He was the biggest out of all of us—almost 6'4'' and strong as an ox. We liked to call him our big oaf.


“What happened?” I choked out.


Big Mike laughed heartily. “You don't remember?”


I shook my head.


Claire came through the crowd and held my hand. She was what you would call our den mother. Her arms were sleeved in tattoos and her long brown hair looked like it hadn't been brushed in ages. She dated Cole, the President, for years and decided to stick around after they broke up. Now she took care of us. “Honey, you were in a bar fight and got stabbed. We thought we lost you.”


The memories of the Stinky Goat came rushing back—the hot redhead, the bloody brawl, the knife in my back. My blood began to boil.


Claire put her hand on my chest to calm me down. “The doctor told us you lost a lot of blood but the wounds weren't serious. You're going to be fine.”


My muscles relaxed and my heart beat slowed back to normal. I lay back down on the hospital bed and let out a sigh. Everything was going to be okay.


Cole came up and shook my hand. His horn-rimmed glasses gave him a sophisticated look while his gray hairs gave away his age. “Rest up, Leland. We want you back as soon as possible.”


“I feel good. Let's go home.” I sat up and the room began to spin—a feeling I was all too familiar with. I stood up and steadied myself. My knees were wobbly and my legs weak. I took a step and Sawyer had to hold my arm to keep me from crashing down.


“What's going on in here?” The blonde doctor rushed into the room and grabbed my arm away from Sawyer.


“I feel good, Doc. It's time to go home.” Her hand on my arm felt nice.


“Over my dead body,” she said with conviction. The doctor grit her teeth and flared her nostrils. This was one woman shouldn't be trifled with. Kind of reminded me of Claire.


I put my hands up in the air. “I surrender, doc. Sorry guys but it might be a couple days until I'm out of here.”


The doctor helped me lay down on the bed, placing my head gently on the hard pillow. Claire came over and kissed me on the forehead, leaving a red lipstick mark. “Get some rest, Leland. And listen to the doctor.”


I smiled at her. Claire really was a mother to me. “Yes, Ma'am.”


The MC left the room, waving goodbye and slapping my legs. The doctor checked my vitals and I stared at her. She had a slender figure but her large white coat hid any evidence of it. Her name plate on her left breast said: Dr. Holmes.


“Your vitals are getting better. But we still need to do some tests.”


“Dr. Holmes eh? Any relation to the famous detective.”


The doctor sneered at me. “Like I haven't heard that one before.”


I laughed and could feel the stitches in my back pulling at my skin. “What's your first name?”


She cocked her head to the side and looked at me funny. Like nobody had every wondered her name before. “It's Constance. But you can call me Dr. Holmes.”


“Well Constance, I'm Leland. It's nice to meet you. Thank you for saving my life.” I lifted my hand out for her to shake. Constance ignored my polite gesture and checked the monitor next to me. She didn't like my defiant attitude.
Not yet at least.


“If the tests look good tomorrow. You'll be able to go home,” Constance said, walking to the doorway.


“Thanks again, Constance.” My smile turned to seriousness. “Thank you again for saving my life. I owe you one.”


Constance was about to leave without a reply but poked her head back in. “Your welcome, Leland,” she said, without making eye contact.


I rested my head against the pillow and grinned.
Who was this woman?





Days passed and I was still stuck in the hospital. I didn't see much of Dr. Holmes except for her to tell me that I needed more tests done. What the fuck could they still be testing?


But Nurse Fiona and I were seeing a lot of each other. She came into the room almost every ten minutes to check in on me. Her short brunette hair was tied back into a little ponytail that let her beautiful face glow. Her playful flirting was more than just flirting. I could tell by her flushed cheeks that I could have her any moment I wanted. Bending her over the small bed and taking her from behind was just what I needed. But I still didn't have all my strength back yet.


The best time of the day: sponge bath.


Nurse Fiona popped into the room. “Ready for your bath, Leland?”


“Do I have a choice?”


Fiona giggled and brought over the sponge and bucket. I sat up and Fiona undid my backless hospital gown. She dunked the sponge into the warm water and ringed it out. Fiona ran the rough sponge across my back, massaging my skin. I let out a guttural moan and shut my eyes. My erection began to grow between my legs as Fiona ran the sponge across my chest. The blood drained from my head and filled my stiff shaft.


“That feels really good, Nurse.”


“Oh does it now?” she replied. “Does this feel good?” She ran the sponge down below the sheet covering my waist. Fiona reached the base of my erection and washed around it. My heart beat began to race, the monitor next to me beeping faster and faster. All Fiona had to do was wrap her fingers around my shaft and stroke me. I'd spray cum instantly all over her hands.


Fiona eyed me deviously, the sponge rubbing up against my shaft.
Oh fuck yes. She's going to give me a handjob.


I waited patiently as her hand disappeared under the sheet. I closed my eyes...a knock at the door interrupted us. Fiona instantly withdrew her hand and grabbed the sponge.


Doctor Holmes walked in. “Everything going all right in here, Nurse?”


“Yes, Doctor. Just giving the patient a sponge bath.”


I winked at Constance. The white sheet barely covered my body—my erection clearly defined. “It might take the both of you to clean this body.” The doctor rolled her eyes. She really had heard it all. I was going to have to take my normal charm up a notch.


“I think Leland is clean enough, Nurse. Mr. Jacoby in room five needs a bath too.”


Fiona sulked as she left the room. My throbbing member missed her already. Constance flicked the light switch, drenching the room in darkness. “Get some rest, Leland.”


I put my hands behind my head and lay on the pillow. “Yes, Ma'am.”


But first I needed to take care of the pressing need under the sheets.

Chapter Four



My stomach grumbled as I made my rounds. It'd been eight hours since I'd eaten anything of substance. But food would have to wait.


Mr. Jacoby in room five was constantly pooping himself but finally stopped. Nurse Fiona would be cleaning crap off the floor for days. I still had a couple patients to see before I could finally take a break.


Leland King was also on the list of patients to see. I operated on him a few days ago and he was the biggest pain in the ass—trying to get up my skirt with every word out of his mouth. My legs would never open for that kind of man.


I opened the door to the oldest patient I had currently. George Kenner fell down in the shower and broke his hip in two places. Luckily his dog barked up a storm and a neighbor called 911.


“Hello George, how is your hip doing?” I checked the monitor and he seemed fine.


“Oh sweetheart, I feel like a million bucks. I could get up and we could dance the night away.” George tried to show me his moves while laying down. “I know a nice jazz club a few blocks from here. They're open pretty late on Saturdays.”


“Maybe another time, George.” I put my stethoscope on and rested the bell on his chest. His heart was old but healthy. “Sounds good, George.”


“Fit as a fiddle, Doc.” His wrinkly skin stretched into a smile.


I chuckled. “I'll check in on you later.”


He blew me a kiss. “Bye sweetheart.”


I left his room and checked my clipboard. Leland King was up next. Flashes of his tattooed chest ran across my mind. Goosebumps formed on my skin and a shiver ran up my mind.
Why was I so scared to see him?


I peeked into room three and Mr. King was still sleeping.
Thank god.
I walked in and checked his vitals. Everything normal. Leland was completely passed out. The white sheet covered up his entire body. I was tempted to pull it back just to get one more glimpse of that intricate Rabid Dogs tattoo. Leland rustled and opened his eyes.


“How are we doing today, Mr. King.” I took out my penlight and did a couple eye tests—all normal. His brown eyes burned deeply into mine. They were dark, brooding, and oh so sexy. I couldn't look away from his gaze.


I grabbed his wrist to check his pulse and felt an electric shock. His heart was racing but so was mine.


“Doing fine, Constance. When can I get out of here? The walls are closing in on me and Nurse Fiona checks in every minute.”


“Soon, Mr. King. You almost died and we'd like to keep you under observation a little longer.”


Leland reached out for my hand. “I'd like to keep
under observation.”


I rolled my eyes. His lines were pretty pathetic. “Keep it in your pants, Mr. King.”


“Little hard to do, Doc. Little
too hard.”
I couldn't even dignify that statement with a response.


Suddenly, a whole group of bikers came into the room and began congratulating Leland. I used that opportunity to exit the room. I spotted Dr. Green walking down the hallway towards me and I quickly ducked into room four with a coma patient. If I could go just one shift without interacting with that sleazeball.


I spent an hour in the mess hall, chewing on a poorly made hamburger. I checked my phone and saw a missed text from my younger sister Rachel.


Rachel: I hope that bastard doctor is keeping his hands off you.


When she had dropped out of college, our parents disowned her and I let her stay with me temporarily until she could find a job. Flash forward two years and she was still living with me and had not found a job. I was at my wit's end with what to do with her. I couldn't throw her out on the streets. I was her big sister.


Honestly, I liked having her around. It could get lonely returning to an empty apartment every night. Dating was hard enough and combine that with an eighty-hour work week and your sex life becomes non-existent.


I typed her back a quick reply.


Constance: So far so good. I'll be home early in the morning. See you soon xoxo.


I finished my hamburger and returned to the ER. Everything had been pretty quiet since the car accident from the night before. I checked my watch and realized it was past visiting hours. I would need to tell all those bikers that they needed to leave. I kept my phone close by just in case I needed to call security. Who knew what could happen.


The bikers had already left when I entered. No need for security. But Leland was standing up and trying to get dressed. When would he ever listen?


“I thought I already told you that you weren't leaving.”


“I feel fine, Doc. Fit as a fiddle.” Leland lifted his arm and flexed his bicep. He looked damn strong.


But all it took was a light shove to send him flying back down on the bed. “You're staying here whether you like it or not.”


“Whatever you say, Constance.”


Why couldn't he call me by my last name? I actually did have a thing for Sherlock Holmes—read all his stories more that once. I once wanted to be a detective. Solve crimes just like Sherlock. But I grew out of that phase when I reached high school. I wanted to save people. I made my dream come true.


Leland was one more arrogant remark from being pricked by a thousand needles.
Who did this guy think he was?
The anger in my stomach was bubbling in my throat. He had the same disrespect that I hated about Dr. Green. I didn't even pay attention to his last attempt at getting me in bed.





I spent the rest of my shift checking in on other patients and doing a good job of keeping my mind off Leland. He was so frustrating and I'd only known him for a few days. I couldn't wait until I could discharge him.


I stopped by his room one last time and the door was closed. The nurses only closed the door if they were giving the patient a sponge bath. It couldn't hurt to peek in and get one last look at that sexy chest of his. I knocked on the door before opening it. Nurse Fiona was flustered and dropped the sponge in the bucket. Leland looked relaxed.
Way too relaxed.


I told Fiona to go give Mr. Jacoby a bath so I could be alone with Leland. I approached the bed and could see his erection pulsing under the sheets. My skin became red hot and a desire in the pit of my stomach began to grow.


I ordered Leland to get some rest and left the room before I saw anything more. It had been so long since I was with a man. Six years to be exact. I closed my eyes and tried to remember Kyle from med school. His face was hard to recall but I could clearly see him sweeping all the books off my desk and bending me over. He rammed into me four times before finishing. It wasn't the best but it was all I had. That was the last time I had sex and my body was beginning to rebel against me.


I left the room and wasn't looking when I accidentally bumped into Dr. Green. My clipboard went flying through the air and the papers he was holding fluttered to the ground. I bent down and helped him gather up his files.


“We should do this more often,” he whispered to me.


I huffed and grabbed my clipboard, leaving him in the dust. So much for going my whole shift without seeing him.

BOOK: Leland's Baby
7.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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