Lillian the Vampire The Complete Collection

BOOK: Lillian the Vampire The Complete Collection
Lillian the Vampire The Complete Collection
Alice Marcs
Northern Starlight Young Adult Press (2013)

Here are all seven stories in the exciting new series LILLIAN THE VAMPIRE. Can a young girl desperate to find her place in world survive a real and new change? Can she actually focus on starting a new life by looking to the past? Can she find love where others find darkness?
Lillian just moved to a small town in Indiana. Her parents were determined they were going to do whatever they could to keep their seventeen year old from spiraling out of control. Lillian was deeply hurt by all the assumptions they were making about her Goth look and crazy new friends. She now had no else to turn to and was just raged about leaving everything behind. But somehow, through some coincidence, she receives an instant message on her computer and sees Brandon’s beautiful face for the first time. Lillian decides to meet him but has no idea that meeting Brandon would change her life forever. He offers her a world of no pain and tears. Could this be exactly what she needs, right now? And was meeting Brandon, love at first sight?
From there, in book one, Alice Marcs brings us into the world of teen vampires. This collection includes all seven stories in the Lillian the Vampire Series
1. A Blessed Curse
2. A Thirst for Blood
3. Meant to Be
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. Dagan and Damien
6. For All Eternity
7. From Darkness to Light

Lillian the Vampire

A Young Adult
Vampire Romance

The Complete Collection

by Alice Marcs

rights reserved copyright 2013 by Northern Starlight Young Adult Press

A Blessed Curse

A Young Adult Vampire Romance

Lillian the Vampire Book One

by Alice Marcs

rights reserved copyright 2013 by Northern Starlight Young Adult Press

Lillian sat alone in her room like she always did. She wasn’t always like this, in fact just three months ago she was spending time with her friends, listening to music and doing what a normal seventeen year old girl does. As the first snow of winter began to fall so did her tears. She hated the fact that her parents took her away from all her friends and everything she has ever known. Their excuse was that New York was getting worse and worse, but Lillian knew the truth. The reason they had moved was because she had dropped her old friends and became part of the Goth scene. She was instantly attracted to the entire concept, the music, art, and style of dress; she was captivated from the start. The change was so sudden in Lillian; she went to school one day dressed as she normally did, and when she came home from school she resembled
Morticia Addams. The look on her mother’s face was a mixture of shock and disgust. That was the first of many arguments that Lillian had with her mother, and when her father would join in it was even worse.

Her parents didn’t know what to think about this sudden change and the usual reasons why came flooding in. Was she on drugs? Was she angry and suicidal?  They sat at the kitchen table for hours trying to figure out what they needed to do in order to save their daughter. Lillian’s father came up with the solution, or so he thought. His magical remedy was to move out of the city into a small quiet town. He figured that in a small mid-west town there would be no Goth’s or freaks that could influence his precious little girl any more than she had been. Her mother agreed and they waited for Lillian to get home and tell her the news. Like clockwork, Lillian stormed in the door at three thirty and tossed her back pack on the counter as she sang along with the music she was listening to on her MP3 player. Lillian went to the refrigerator and grabbed a drink and finally noticed her parents just staring at her.

“What are you guys staring at? Oh let me guess, you are going to give me fashion advice.”

“Lillian, sit down. Your mother and I need to have a serious talk with you.”

“Oh great this should be a lot of fun.”

“Lillian shut up right this second and
sit down. I am tired of the way you have been acting and your constant disrespect to us both is getting way out of hand. Your new friends are turning you into something that you are not and it is getting out of control. We have decided that moving is the only option. I have transferred to Indiana and we leave first thing. The movers will be here in an hour to start packing and we leave at six tomorrow morning. We only want what is best for you, and this is the best thing.”

“Dad you can’t be serious? You can’t just up and move us? My life is here, I mean don’t I have a say in this at all?”

Lillian knew by the look on her parents face that it was final, they were moving away and there was nothing she could do about it. She stomped upstairs to her room, turned her radio up full blast and started slamming her dresser drawers and throwing books to the floor.

The tears flowed even more as Lillian remembered that day. She got up and sat at her computer desk, staring at the pictures of her friends that were in small black frames. She touched each familiar face and smiled through her tears, she knew that she would never find friends like that here, this place was to clean cut. She turned on her computer and logged into her Facebook account to see what was going on back home. It was the usual things she read but it reminded her of home. As she updated her status, she received a message in her inbox. She didn’t recognize the name but the picture caught her eye. He was dark and beautiful! She looked at his profile and noticed that not only was he the same age as she was
, he lived in the exact same town! She read the message with a smile; it was short sweet and exactly what she needed. It read:

Hello Lillian! I read your profile and I think you are a Gothic beauty. I know you have no idea who I am but I would really like it if you could meet me and a few of my friends at this local club. It is a teen club so no drugs or alcohol. The music is great and I am sure you will love it. My name is Brandon and here is my cell number 206-555-1176. Text
me, if you want and I really hope to hear from you!

Lillian grabbed her cell and the two began to text for hours. She agreed to meet him that night at the club and she was trying her best not to jump up and down with excitement. She went to her closet to find something to wear for the night and as she looked she found the perfect outfit. Lillian decided to wear her black skinny jeans, a blood red long sleeved corset that tied in the front, and her knee high black boots. It was snowing so she knew that she had to have gloves, hat and a jacket which she did have.  Her parents refused to buy her the type of clothes that she wanted, so she would earn money and buy the stuff herself off the internet. Her wardrobe consisted of black and blood red, skulls and band shirts. She reveled in the fact that her parents couldn’t say a word, after all, she bought them all herself.

Lillian got dressed and paid special attention to her makeup. She wanted to look nothing short of perfect for Brandon. She laughed at the thought that she was putting in so much effort to look good for a guy she never met, but he was very cute. With her eyes perfectly smudged and hair twisted in two tight yet messy knots on the top of her head, she was ready to go. She looked at her cell and smiled.  It was time for her to go. She snuck out of her window and started to follow the directions that Brandon gave her. As she walked she smiled from the sound her boots made as they crushed the snow. She looked up into the sky and noticed that the moon was full and had a slight red smoke ring around it. “Blood in the moon” she said to herself and continued her way down the street towards the club. In less than ten minutes she heard the music and saw the lights in the sky. Her heart was beating so fast and she just wanted to run the rest of the way to the club. She sent Brandon a text telling him that she was just down the road and will be there very soon. He responded and told her that he would be waiting at the door wearing a black trench coat that had chains all over it. Lillian picked up her pace and was now just feet away from the front door, and she saw him.

Brandon looked much better in person than he did in his pictures and her heart was now his. He looked at her and smiled instantly. Lillian blushed and walked up to him, and they were now face to face. She was drawn into his stare and the entire world just stopped. She no longer heard the music, what she heard was his voice inside her head telling her that he had waited a very long time for someone who was as beautiful as she was and that he knew that this was going to be for forever and longer. Lillian didn’t know what was going on and nor did she care; she wanted him to hold her in his arms and never let go. What Lillian didn’t know was that the beautiful Brandon had other plans, but one thing was for certain, he would never let her go.

Brandon took her by the hand and led her inside the club. Lillian knew the music was loud, but she was deaf to it. All she heard was his voice inside her head telling her that there was nothing to worry about and that he would hold her for all eternity, then she would soon forget all her pain and she belonged to him. Lillian was in a trance as she was lead to the corner of the club. Slowly she began to hear the music and Brandon was standing in front of her smiling. He wrapped his arms around her and once again his voice filled her head. He told her that she had to want this to happen, that she would have to want to forget her past and be reborn into a world that there was no pain or tears. Lillian slowly mouthed the words yes, and before she knew what happened, Brandon changed before her eyes. His eyes were now black as pitch and his fangs descended from his gums. The last word she heard from his lips was “Vampire” before he sunk them into her neck. Her mind was now flooded with over a thousand years of victims he fed upon, wars of the past, his mortal life and all that he had suffered. Tears flowed from her eyes once again and she was becoming weaker by the second.

Her heart was fighting as hard as it could to hold onto life, and Brandon’s voice once again filled her head telling her to just let go. Her eyes fluttered in her head and she gave in. Brandon held her tighter to his chest to keep her from falling to the ground. Lillian’s heart beat slowed down to the point of her death, and Brandon ripped a gash in his wrist, brought the bleeding wound to her mouth and told her that she must drink. Lillian grabbed his wrist and did what he had told her to do. Her entire body came alive once again and her senses were soaring. As she drank she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful everything was! It was like she was looking at the world for the very first time and it was alive. Brandon laughed as he
read her thoughts and told her that this was the beginning, that there was more to come.

Lillian got her fill of his blood and watched as the wound on his wrist healed before her eyes. Brandon kissed her and they both left the club to an old cemetery that was nearby.

“Lillian I know you want to touch and look at everything and you will have plenty of time for that trust me. But for now you must hunt and I will teach you. After you feed we will rest in my crypt. It is pretty cool and not dingy so no need to worry. Now, ignore all the books that you have read, we love crosses and will not burst into flames if we walk into a church, those are just stories. The sun, starvation, drinking dead blood and having our hearts ripped out is the only way we can be destroyed. I will teach you all that I know. But for now let’s get you fed my love” Brandon said as his arm was wrapped around her waist.

Lillian looked up into the sky once again and smiled at the moon. She knew what had just happened; she knew that she had been given a blessed curse. She knew that she was now a vampire and this made her feel more alive than she had when she was mortal.



A Thirst for Blood

A Young Adult
Vampire Romance

Lillian the Vampire Book Two

by Alice Marcs

rights reserved copyright 2013 by Northern Starlight Young Adult Press

Lillian continued to look up into the night sky as Brandon’s arm was around her waist. As she looked through her new vampire eyes, it seemed everything had a life of its own. The trees were talking, the snow was singing and the cemetery itself was alive! She reached her hand out and touched each and every tomb stone that they walked past. Each object that she touched sent electricity deep inside her new body. It was if when she touched them, she took away some of its life and it was now blended with hers. The smile on her face never went away, it only got bigger. Brandon watched as she looked at and touched everything. He knew that she could get lost in an object if she stared at it too long, just as all fledglings can and have done in the past.
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